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    Congress doesn’t want you to know it, but they are about to raise the debt limit because they’ve spent the full $12.1 trillion allowed on their taxpayer-funded credit card.

    They’re hoping you won’t notice because they’re trying to sneak the increase into some other “must-pass” measure, such as the upcoming defense appropriations bill. But if you do notice (please do notice because it will be expensive), they are hoping you will forget by Election Day.

    Democratic leadership’s new plan, as espoused by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), is to increase the debt limit by more than is necessary in order to dodge another increase that would otherwise be required next year. As Reuters reports:

    The No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives said on Tuesday he supports raising the United States’ debt ceiling to a high enough level so lawmakers will not have to boost it again before the November 2010 congressional elections.

    Raising the limit will saddle future generations with debt and come at the expense of taxpayers. As such, this important vote deserves open debate and shouldn’t be buried in an amendment of a 1,000 page bill or managed arbitrarily for the sake of electoral math.

    If Congress seriously wants to avoid another debt limit increase, it should give spending cuts a try. Over the next few decades entitlement programs—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—will double in size and cause the national debt to reach 320 percent of the economy (from 56 percent today).

    Reforming entitlement programs would be a far more responsible way to control escalating debt than trying to spend another $1.5 trillion while no one is looking.

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    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      How can these politicians smile about anything they are doing?

      They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Bernie Madoff's antics pale in comparison to the money being spent by these people.

      Millions of us pleaded, tried to educate, and warned those of you who voted for these congressional liberals + Obama the danger of them running the whole show. The writing was on the wall if anyone would have "listened" and "understood" what they were saying and what they meant.

      Now look what you have done.

    2. Tony Moon says:

      The debt ceiling was raised seven times during the Bush administration, with a Republican Congress most of that time. This can't be saddled as a "Democratic Leadership" issue. George Bush never saw a dollar he didn't mind spending.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Nice one, Nicola.

      Who are these overpaid, dilapidated members really working for?

      Cut their pay and get rid of ALL "lives can and have and will do it for themselves" programs. NOTHING NEEDS RAISING MONETARILY!


    4. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      The thieves in Washington are at it again. Stealing our money, our children's money, our grandchildren's money. What the idoits don't think of, when our country can't pay our debt back, their going to be broke too!

      You know, it's to bad our congress is so corrupt. They could help the American people with this socialist administration. But instead they are very glad to help him. Where is our Supreme Court when we need them!

      Time to take our country back!

    5. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is no different than all the stimilus money they have already wasted.By the time the 2010 elections come around the people will forget what kind of debt we have. All the American people want is a hand out, not a job or the responsibility of makeing their own decisions to better themselves. THIS MUST BE THE NEW AMERICAN WAY, OR IS IT JUST "HOPE AND CHANGE" THE OBAMA WAY????

    6. Tom /Georgia says:

      The Congress of the United States is by far the largest and most lucrative organized crime syndicate that has ever existed on this planet. Unless you consider calling Congress organized to be an oxymoron.

      GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House).

    7. Steve Jones, St Pete says:

      How in the world can this government, under direction from either party, dictate rules regarding corruption to Afganistan, when they (our government) are among the most currupt on the face of the planet? CLEAN HOUSE! ELECT A CONTENDER!

    8. Tim Az says:

      Mmm MMm MMMM thats the sound of the liberal elitists squeezing money out of a generation yet to be born.

      Does anyone have any hope and change left to spare?

    9. Clif Albino ,New Ber says:

      Do Not Vote For An Incumbent! ! !

    10. Clif Albino ,New Ber says:

      Do not vote for an incumbent

    11. Texas Conservative says:

      Kay Bailey Hutchison has voted 9 out of 13 times throughout her career to raise the debt limit. She is also the current "oinker of the month" for her earmarking by CAGW.

    12. Bubba Gump, Louisian says:

      We need to vote them ALL out–the good with the bad–because Congress should not be a career.

    13. Dave, Arkansas says:

      These people spend our money as if they were at the crap table in Las Vegas. They work for us and they must be held accountable next November. Although, George Bush spent like a drunken sailor, those in Congress at least made him go through the exercise of increasing the debt ceiling on an annual basis.

      Does anyone in Washington do anything for the good of the country.

    14. Stiegov, Colorado says:

      Tony, what a lame argument. Everyone demonized W. for all his transgressions and evil deeds, yet Obama, his administration and this horrific congress get a pass because "W. did it". Grow up and look around you at a country in decline because of our combined government.

    15. Kent, Wyoming says:

      Hey Moon, two wrongs never make a right! I will be the first to admit that Bush was not a true conservative; i.e., loved to spend. But this President I know will far surpass, in spending, that we will ever have!!!

    16. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Time to cancel the credit card.

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    18. Angelus Novus, Las V says:

      Its time to acknowledge that Congress and big government are the real enemies of the People.

    19. Denise Utah says:

      The Banksters are the ones REALLY running our country. Get rid of the Federal Reserve system and get back to the Constitution. Vote for freedom by buying gold and silver today!!!! The Bankers hate gold and silver because they can't print it out of thin air. Frustrate their plan and buy precious metals today!!!!

    20. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Tony Moon,

      I am not going to defend that Bush overspent, even with record revenues pouring into the treasury. I did not see the liberals complaining about Medicare Advantage and other social programs that Kennedy supported. They were more than happy to spend. The Republicans lost their way – and they paid for it.

      Now, we are all paying for it.

      At least I knew Bush was not a Saul Alinsky advocate. Bush did not want to "re-invent" our REPUBLIC into a socialist/marxist anti-capitalism government.

      Bush did not have a chip on his shoulder and have to apologize for America's perceived shortcomings. Bush certainly never bowed to anyone – it's beneath the dignity of the Office of the President.

      I suppose you still believe in global warming, eh?

      You cannot reasonably compare the spending, borrowing, and printing This President and Congress have done and continue to do with the Bush era. AND, they have quadrupled the debt in less than a year!!! AND, they are not finished yet!

      Your tired argument sounds like Obama whining about Bush did. Did you ever hear Bush whine about Al Queda's rise during the 1990s during the Clinton administration?

      Wonder how many left wing liberals serve in the Armed Forces? Yeah, just as I thought.

    21. GO PIGGMIES, Cow Tow says:

      I would only try to tell you that all though we elect the political shabby of the day. It is in the nature of the beast to commit and do such things as this article clearly articulates even from a "Right Wing" perspective. I suppose that if Pro is the opposite of Con then it can only be determined that the Congress is the opposite of Progress. Good Day

    22. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      BLAME BUSH isn't that getting a little old? The Bush administration did spend way too much and I agree with that. This administration has out spent him in the last year, he was there for eight years and had a Democratic Congress and Senate for 4 of those years. So blaming it all on Bush is just stupid, get over it. These people are in charge NOW and just look at what they are doing. Is anyone watching the pocketbook of America, it looks empty to me.

    23. Brenda, Arizona says:

      Freed Of Speech: You took the words right out of my mouth. It is no longer Bush who is President in case anyone noticed. Obama is spending so much more in one year then Bush did in eight. What gets me is that they don't even stop to think about what this is doing to our country. They are so self absorbed in the Obamacare and the cap and tax they do not care what the rest of the country thinks. If these same people are re-elected in 2010 then shame on us for not taking back our country.

    24. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The picture shown above looks like Mr. Hoyer and Ms. Pelosi is auditioning for a part in a new vampire movie. They are both notorious blood suckers and should have no problem getting the part.

      Who do those people think they are fooling. They have no concept of a "debt ceiling". They are pretty damned good at spending our people's money.

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    27. gennywefner says:

      I think you are right. But you should cover more on this topic.

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