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  • Reaction to the President's Afghanistan Speech: A War to Be Won

    Tonight President Obama outlined his plans for operations in Afghanistan. The President was right to call the U.S. mission a “war of necessity” in March, and that America must “finish the job.” But even after the commitments from the White House tonight, grave concerns remain that this administration is willing to do all that is needed to win this necessary war.

    It is inexcusable that President Obama has taken this long to make a decision. Given that he has been in office over 10 months; the many months General McChrystal has been in theatre; and the critical situation on the ground, the delay has put the mission in graver jeopardy and left American lives unnecessarily at risk. It seems clear that the president has spent months trying to craft a politically acceptable strategy rather than really focusing on the military mission. We have grave concerns that the Administration has inadequately resourced General McChrystal’s strategy, and that the Administration has not dedicated sufficient energy and priority to building-up U.S. forces in the region—which further jeopardizes the ability of our troops to execute their mission.

    It has been widely reported that General McChrystal’s original assessment for the number of additional troops to achieve the maximum chance of success was between 60,000 and 80,000. The President’s decision, although certainly better than no new troops at all, falls short of that original assessment. We hope that the President’s plan will succeed, and should do everything in our power to ensure that it does. But if it does not, then we must remember the choices that were available to the President for this fateful decision. He had the chance to turn this war around; if he does not, the result will be his responsibility alone.

    Some may argue that if the president does not fully resource his strategy, that “if we’re not in to win, then we should pull out now.” That is a false choice. We must be in to win and do whatever is necessary to win. This is not an “optional” war in which a pull out will be cost free. A pull out will be exceedingly dangerous to the nation, possibly leading not only to renewed terrorists attacks on the American mainland but also to the destabilization and the possible fall of Pakistan into the hands of extremists. We should never forget that Pakistan has nuclear weapons.

    The president has spoken. It is now the responsibility of the Congress and the American people to press him on his responsibility to win this war.

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    7 Responses to Reaction to the President's Afghanistan Speech: A War to Be Won

    1. Sean, Detroit says:

      I was there, I saw what Afghanistan has to offer… there will never be a effective Afghan Army because there is no National pride. Obama stated this wasn't our responsibility – so I guess now when American is attacked… we aren't responsible for defeating them. This man makes me sick… he is out of touch and he will put us in a worse situation than we already are.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      The President and congress have shown many occasions of threatening and removing freedoms and liberties of individual American lives. Many occasions of neglecting protection and safety of America on the back burner.

      What he said today, could've been said ten months ago. As the President and government members only know how to twist the truth and blatantly lie at their convenience, to protect their agenda, they hide from it or deny it, no matter what the consequences to innocent others. I believe the lapse in action is intentional.

      God bless our troops!

    3. Trey, Texas says:

      I agree with you that we must get the stomach to win this war in Afghanistan, but the problem with this: "Some may argue that if the president does not fully resource his strategy, that 'if we’re not in to win, then we should pull out now.' That is a false choice. We must be in to win and do whatever is necessary to win." Is that we much some how convince Obama to grow a pair and a stomach to win the war, but it don't look like he's any where near growing a pair. If he can't grow a pair, then anything less than winning the war would be worthless and our troops mission would go down in vain.

      Let's pray 30,000 troops is enough to win the war! So that the troops can finally come home (hopefully we won't leave them their as long as we have in Germany).

      I am a Conservative. I just believe in doing what is prudent.

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    5. Paul Bishop says:

      Why would we put our troops in more danger and ineffectiveness?

      This is the result of a lack of number of troops. If you are

      going to fight a fight, it should be fought to win. I wash my

      hands of this military suicide. This war is to be fought by

      the military and it's leaders, not politicians.

    6. Michael Hoyes, VA says:

      First, he should/could have stated that he would continue and enhance the efforts begun after 9-11 by keeping the pressure on (instead of yet another "blame" lecture…the issue isn't what he thought about Iraq…by the way, he NEVER admitted that the surge there, which he was against, worked…he is a small, but egotistical man).

      Second, let us say you and I are boxing and before the 15-round match I tell you that the third punch I will throw in the first round is a left jab, and that I only plan on being in the ring for 3 rounds. What kind of stupidity is that? The man is an embarrassment, and I am looking forward to him only being around for one term…he should not have been there in the first place.

    7. Dexter, San Francisc says:

      We now have a government, at all levels, that is only interested and able to count the number of times you flush the toilet and how much you can be taxed for it.

      They think they own the water, the toilet and us.

      Time to take all those actually pointless jobs away, since they only become squabbling meddlers using the time and our money against us.

      In other words:

      We must unite against the Political Class.

      That is not the Change they Hoped for, but yes, we can — before 2012, before they print any more money.

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