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  • Outside the Beltway: Tea Parties Aren't Stopping for Holidays

    While Americans prepared for Thanksgiving feasts and hit the malls on Black Friday, the Tea Party movement lived on in the streets of St. Louis and in the small towns of Arkansas to protest Obamacare, rampant government spending, and the massive expansion of the federal government.

    According to the St. Louis Conservative Examiner, 4,000 “Tea Partiers” gathered on Saturday in downtown St. Louis’ Kiener plaza.

    From St. Louis’ Fox2now.com:

    As the Examiner reported:

    The protesters were quickly energized with waving flags and signs adorning issues most important to them. Rationed health care, czars, corruption, and increased taxes were many of the protests discussed and displayed.

    Fox2now.com also found that the protests weren’t just about health care:

    Protester Jane Petry says,” Losing the values of our country, not following our constitution anymore, and health care, the government thinking they can take that over.”

    Protester Joe Wilson says, “I don’t think the government should be spending more money than it brings in. That’s not the way I live and I don’t think that’s how the government should operate.”

    St. Louis is the latest in a series of Tea Party rallies that have been sweeping the country. Three hundred miles away in Harrison, Ark., 200 protesters gathered at the Boone County Courthouse on November 20 as part of the Americans for Prosperity bus tour against federally-run health care.

    From HarrisonDaily.com’s report:

    “No one here is against health care reform,” Teresa Oelke, the state director for the Arkansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity, told the crowd of about 200. “We just believe there is different way to get there.”

    The “Hands off my health care” bus has made about 60 stops around the state, and, according to Oelke, more than 25,000 people have signed petitions against a federally-run health care system.

    It seems that even through the holiday season, the Tea Party movement is going strong.

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    19 Responses to Outside the Beltway: Tea Parties Aren't Stopping for Holidays

    1. Bob McCarty, St Loui says:

      Many more reports, including video, are available at http://bobmccarty.com/category/politics-and-gover

    2. Dan Curran says:

      Iowa County Wisconsin Tea Party to Stop the Construction of a New County Building

      The Iowa County Board of Wisconsin on October 20th, 2009 voted to approve a new County Social Service Building for 6.4 million dollars. The vote was 11 in favor and 10 opposed.

      The current building where social service is located is approximately 10, 000 square feet; the new building is approximately 30, 000 square feet. We are not _opposed_ to a new facility or a different building. We

      feel that the people of Iowa County should vote to decide; based on cost, size, and status of the economy.

      The County _Board_ met on November 10th, attended by over 100 people expressing clarification of the details regarding the new building.

      People were allowed (per _unwritten_ board rules) to make two minute_ comments about the building. The board listen_ed_ to the comments without responding to them. One of the board members made the comment that it is a done deal.

      Findoff the general contractor had already moved into the building site; job trailers, Lull lift, forms, and fenced the complete site for security reasons. This was prior to the November 10th _Board_ meeting.

      Two points of interest; the building permit from the City of Dodgeville was issued on November 9^th ;( after the general contractor had mobilize to site) as of this date the bonding to finance the project has not been approved by Iowa County Board, it was deleted from the agenda on November 10th because of legal reasons.

      On November 12th a group from Iowa County met to discuss if there was any way, stop the project or get it to referendum for the people of Iowa County to vote on. A person from the group contacted the County and Municipalities Associations of Wisconsin to determine if there was any recourse. We were informed if we got a petition together referring to the statue provided we could force it to referendum by the county voters. We had a local law firm review the wording of the petition for

      accuracy. We had thirty day suspense from the October 20th date to complete the petition.

      Based on the 2006 governor’s election with _9,047_ votes, we had to get 10% or _950_ valid signatures from Iowa County residents.

      We started the petition drive late Friday night. The people who signed the petitions were from all areas of the county. We had people call, email, and drive to sites to sign. On Thursday November 19^th we turned in to the Iowa County, County Clerks Office petitions _with_ 2151 signatures.

      The Law Firm for Iowa County reviewed the petition and stated it was not valid because of the state statues we referenced was not the correct one.

      We feel if 2151 valid voters signed a petition in a county of 22,000 people to go forward with the building is complete disregarded for the citizens.

      The building is currently on hold per the county chairman.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Beautiful video! Beautiful people!

      St. Louie, You Guys Are Absolutely FABULOUS!


    4. Paul Terry Stone says:

      It's a sad day when the government has degenerated to the point that the Manhattan Declaration has to be issued encouraging civil disobedience if doctors face being forced to perform abortions.

    5. Kathleen Newberry says:

      Thank you, Patriots! Keep the faith! Now is not the time to give up!

    6. Laurie, Hudson Wi says:

      To fellow Wisconsonian Dan Curran and the courageous people of Iowa County Wisconsin.

      From what I hear the state of Wisconsin is in no economic position to be building any buildings at the county level or any other. Not to mention that the amount of social service being provided already is a big part of the economic problems of Wisconsin and the United States. I am all for supporting people to get back on their feet but I am not in favor of long term support that enables people to continue to make irresponsible decisions. Nor am I in support of giving social services to illegal immigrants who came to this country for the purpose of taking advantage of our generousity.

      Fight the good fight!

      Laurie Voigt

      Hudson, Wisconsin

    7. Conservatives United says:

      Dan Curran writes:

      Iowa County Wisconsin Tea Party to Stop the Construction of a New County Building

      We understand this type of action. We used to live in WI, with its liberal left leanings, and TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THE RULE OF LAW.

    8. LouisL cesar F LEVY, says:

      Tea parties are the backbones of this Second American Revolution I sense. Keep Up guys, we'll meet soon.

    9. ACE SEZ---Bishop, Ca says:

      Nothin' new in politics at every level of Gov't

      City, County, State or Feds but it does seem that the elected officials (at all levels) have become more arrogant and disdainful of the voters concerns and defying the majority–the very folks that put the clowns in office –clowns that promised to represent the voters–could it be we have voted for too many law school graduates–every one knows about lawyers–their lips move, they are lying.

    10. Tammy Wells Anchora says:

      "The democracy will cease to exist when you take from those who are willing to work and give to those who are not."

      "To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

      Both POWERFUL quotes from Thomas Jefferson; a true patriot, wise far beyond his time.

    11. Chris Blake, Greenwi says:

      Does anyone have a link to the a website for a teaparty group around upstate New York or the Albany area? I'm interested in getting involved but don't know where to start.

    12. Boz Levesque says:

      Thank You all for what you are doing. I agree 110%.

    13. Pat Smith says:

      There will be no reform about their plan, it will destroy the best health care in the world. Doctors and nurses won't be trained because they are the smartest and most competent, they will be chosen to be trained by racial diversity. So much of you care in a hospital depends on good nurses and good doctors. Hospitals won't be allowed to expand, no new drugs will be developed, medical devises will be heavily taxed, illegals will get free care, they won't have to pay for it but we will big time. Premiums will go up $5,000 and if you can't pay you go to jail. How in the world can anybody believe this is going to be good for us. They already started the rationing by saying women don't need mammograms or pap smears. My Daughter is a doctor and has seen women in their 20's with breast cancer. Please people fight this, your life depends on it.

    14. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Chris, go to Freedomworks.org or teapartyexpress.org or 912project.com. Some times your local newspaper will advertise when, where a tea party is going to be.

      We have just began to fight. We will not stop until we have thrown all the self-serving people out of Washington! We will take our country back!

    15. Perry OK says:

      Would it be to much to ask for?

      To be held accountable for all monies and the balances that go with it. Every working person knows how to manage there budget.

      Know the constitution and guard it with all your being. Maybe your life.

      Lead by example. Not bob for brownie points.

      Remember who pays for all your expenses!

    16. John Clancy, Wyan.MI says:

      Read Sara Palin's book and Huckabee's Do the Right Thing. You'll realize that the elites in the media and in Washington, including Republicans, are arogant and oblivious of the people who sent them to serve.

      We need to support genuine conservatives in 2010 to take back our country.

    17. judy, new jersey says:

      Judy from NJ

      I want to get intouch with any NJ tea party that has a schedule on when they will be marching. Please send info to

      nursejudymac@aol.com Let's get ready to rid our state of our two corrupt senator's that voted to do in our senior's that worked all their life to be able to retire and have good health care. Also they are voting for cap and trade when they know climate change is a lie. Let's make congress take the same health care, its against the consitution to let one group have great health care and we have to pay top dollar to get rationed care. All seniors form a group and let's find out what we can do legally to stop them. They, the democrats are putting us into slavery while they live high off the hog on our money. Don't wait until they start to give our hard earned money to people that never work

      we are already paying their way, now they want more of our paycheck?

      let's get them out rally rally make them hear us!!!!

    18. herbert stamper says:

      welfare was not enough,government housing was not enough,food stamps,STILL not enough. the state of california still has not learned a lesson,and they are broke. NOW they will break the nation. we must now pay for healthcare insurance? NO ! i will not. i do not care what the loons passed last night,i dont care what the muslim mafia leader signs into law today,i WILL NOT. how long before we have to buy them cars? will toyotas be ok? maybe caddilacs? no!!! enough is enough,and i will not support their agenda of tearing down the country.

    19. herbert stamper says:

      by the way,if congress,senate,or the userper is reading this,please be advised,that i am NOT going to pay taxes,i am NOT supporting abortions, and you can jail me,but i will NOT bend,much less break.

      charges of treason should be brought against ALL who went against the majority. the people spoke,and these loons willingly went against the founding fathers,and the constitution. they should be tried,convicted,and death penalty should NOT be taken off the table.then,and only then,will AMERICANS be assured that this kind of tyranny will think before it raises its ugly head again.

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