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  • Morning Bell: A Victory for Democracy in Honduras

    After casting her ballot for former Vice President Elvin Santos of the ruling Liberal Party in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Sunday, Erika Rodriguez told the Miami Herald: “I don’t even care who wins. This is the first time you are going to see all Hondurans celebrating — anybody’s victory.” So despite the fact that her candidate lost to cattle rancher and former congressman Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo, Rodriguez joined millions of other Hondurans last night to celebrate a peaceful and successful democratic election.

    The turmoil in Honduras began this summer when then-President Manuel Zelaya attempted to hold a referendum to gauge public interest in changing the constitution. As a leftist known for his ties to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, many democracy advocates in Honduras alleged Zelaya was following in Mr. Chávez’s footsteps and attempting to change the law to stay past term limits. Deeming this was a violation of Honduran law, the Honduran Supreme Court and Congress ousted Zelaya before his term was up. Rather than side with the democratic institutions of the land, the Obama administration surprisingly backed Zelaya’s demand for a return to power. For four months, U.S. diplomats bullied and hectored the interim government of Robert Micheletti to return Zelaya to power — despite an August report from the Law Library of Congress that concluded that the Honduran government had every right to depose him.

    Thankfully, the Obama administration eventually realized the error of their ways and helped broker a deal between Zelaya and the interim government on October 29th. The critical point of the pact was the recognition of a truly Honduran process for resolving the political crisis – yesterday’s presidential election. But Zelaya has since backtracked on his word. Speaking from the Brazilian embassy yesterday, Zelaya told CNN: “Absenteeism triumphed. … These elections don’t correct the coup d’etat.” According to the Miami Herald, Zelaya supporters told registered voters to stay home, and some went as far as planting minor bombs throughout the capital to create a climate of fear.

    Despite these threats of terror, the Honduran people defied Zelaya, Chavez, and leftist Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (whom President Barack Obama loves), and participated in the elections in overwhelming numbers. About 61% of Hondurans turned out to vote in the election yesterday, compared to the meager 46% that turned out to vote in 2005.

    The elections were monitored by over 600 observers from at least 31 countries who visited 75 different polling centers and interviewed thousands of Hondurans. The Washington Senior Observer Group, of which three Heritage scholars participated, released a statement saying in part:

    We witnessed the enthusiastic desire of thousands of Honduran citizens to cast their ballots. Many took time to thank us for our presence today. Without exception, they expressed confidence in the electoral system, pride in exercising their right to vote, and a profound hope that their election is a decisive step toward the restoration of the constitutional and democratic order in Honduras.

    It is now time for Zelaya to honor his side of the October 29th agreement and accept the legitimacy of Sunday’s elections. Furthermore the Obama administration must assert itself to make sure Zelaya does not derail the electoral process and steal Honduras from its people.

    Quick Hits:

    • President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Sunday that Iran’s government will build 10 new sites to enrich uranium.
    • The front runner to take Ted Kennedy’s Senate, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, issued a statement today pre-emptively opposing sending more troops to Afghanistan.
    • According to Gallup, more Americans (47%) would advise President Barack Obama to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan compared to only 39% of Americans who would reduce the number of troops.
    • Also according to Gallup, more Americans (49%) would advise their member to vote against Obamacare, then would advocate a vote in favor of the bill (44%).
    • Business owners tell USA Today that despite being flush with cash they are avoiding expansion and job creation because they are worried about government policies that could saddle them with new costs.
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    22 Responses to Morning Bell: A Victory for Democracy in Honduras

    1. Barb in New York says:

      Do you really think Zelaya will honor anything? Obama has no business in this anyway. Unless, that is, he's planning to fashion his position in the USA after him. Hmmmmm.

    2. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      If we can get ACORN voter fraud under control, maybe we Norte Americans can regain our Constitution.

    3. LeRoy Reed says:

      Our government Nd Obama are nothingbut a bunchof communist fools.They hate our constitution!! Obama lies every time he speaks!! We recall others in this administration for it, why not him????

    4. Al Reasin says:

      Another black eye for Obama's foreign policy ideas.

      Mean while here at home, we citizens have seen the following: the fraudulent data and lies that have led to Cap and Trade being passed in the House with skyrocketing energy prices promised by our President; the unconstitutional mandates for a government insurance program that will cost trillions in new taxes, restrict American’s economic freedom and civil rights and add to the deficit once it starts paying benefits yet does not cover all the people or actually offer tort or any other reform; the call for an immediate passage of a stimulus bill to avoid an economic catastrophe that has created few jobs, but has lined the pockets of special interests; the TARP program that was used to bail out big business and filled with earmarks instead of purchasing the government caused mortgage derivatives as required by the legislation; the takeover of banks and automobile manufacturers to the illegal determent of private and pension bond holders; the passing of a Hate Crimes bill that further divides America; the quadrupling of the deficit. All of these actions and others, with their predictable results, were not what was promised in 2008 and this is becoming ever more obvious to the people of America regardless if government keeps giving us talking points and lies with the 4th estate ignoring the truth. Then to really anger the American people, Congress exempts itself from the rigors of legislation as with the proposed healthcare bills.

      Americans, take care and be safe.

    5. Gary, Fort Worth says:

      Great to see this victory in this small country despite a meddling Obama, Brazilian and Venezuelan administrations.

    6. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      American citizens need to take a lesson from these people. We have the priviledge of voteing in all elections, and take it for granted. This "for granted" is what has us in the mess we are now in. The politicans know that they only have to convince 30% of the people that they are telling the truth, and they get elected. That is the sole purpose of "hope and change" and we all see where that got us. We need to turn out and vote in 2010, vote by numbers that have not been seen in a long while. The dems and obama have to go or we turn into a socialist style government.

    7. Charles Walther, Tex says:

      Why don't we follow suit, oust Obama for all the law breaking he and his cronies have done, and elect a president who is interested in restoring Democracy to America?

    8. Tater Salad says:

      Now that the Honduran elections are complete, the next to get defeated is Barack Obama himself. This left wing loon who is a pure socialist and hates capitalism is a cancer on the American way of life.

    9. Rebecca B, Idaho says:

      It goes to show that when the people get involved Democracy is restored, protected, and allowed to move forward. A great lesson for all the world, especially for us in the USA.

    10. Christopher Popham S says:

      Good for Martha Coakley. Now if she would just

      have the same attitude towards re-thinking the

      health care bill, then I might consider voting for

      her. The conservative candidate for Massachusetts

      in this U.S. Senatoral race is an inspired man with

      considerable experience. His name is Scott Brown.

      I'll be voting for him however.

      Gallup polls? Leftist propaganda. Feed us those

      percentages, favoring the agendas of Congress and

      the Administration. My poll indicates that 55% of

      law abiding Americans want us out of Afghanistan

      and postpone or reform the cruel mandates of HR3590. If interested, see my latest article at
      http://www.breakingnewsjournal.net entitled

      "America Then and Now".

      Good luck America.

    11. Dusty in Chattanooga says:

      FINALLY! Someone who sees the Honduran "coup" for what it really is: a Constitutional reaction to an illegal presidential activity, and yet another example of Obammunist meddling where they're not wanted!

      The Honduran Constitution plainly states that any activity in support of extending the term limits of the President would be considered as treason. Zelaya, apparently believing the stricture didn't apply to him (where have we seen THAT attitude before?), tried to hold a referendum on increasing his own term as President. Hence, he committed treason and should be removed, the same as America would (should) have removed its OWN liar-in-chief during the Clinton impeachment trial. But that would have required us to live in a just world with good conscience instead of "The Party" the rule of the day.

      Shame on our own "snooze" media, and may God bless Honduras. May He use them to teach Americans a lesson in good government.

      Dusty in Chattanooga

    12. jim toledo says:

      Also, according to Gallup, more Americans (49%) would advise their member to vote against Obamacare, then would advocate a vote in favor of the bill (44%). Here's a simple question, who comprises the 44%? I can't believe we have that many uninformed or plain stupid people who think this is a good idea or think that they are actually going to get 'free health care'. Those that need the health care and can't pay, today, don't vote, so, who are the 44%? I'm curious and confused how anyone could actually think this bill would be good for anyone except the government?

    13. Helen, Denver says:

      When will someone in the media ask Obama and/or Clinton the question point blank…why were you on the wrong side to begin with?

    14. Mike Rodd, Novato, C says:

      As long as society isn't willing to deal with the Zelaya's like Castro, Chavez etc and deal with truth of what they really stand for, eg., but continue to be more concerned with "not-offending-anyone" or be more concerned about tolerance and political correctness our society will continue to sink further and further into chaos and financial ruin just like the third world countries those left-wing despots represent. You cannot have freedom and liberty without the right to speak your mind which may offend someone, but that is what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees. But "Socialist" like Zelaya donot believe in our system of government. Most Americans don't either.

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      From USA Today:

      "Businesses appear no more likely than consumers to go on a holiday shopping spree.

      Although they're flush with cash after slashing costs during the recession, a disappointing report last week suggests many companies seem poised to make only minimal purchases in coming months. In interviews, several said they're worried about the strength of the recovery and government policies that could saddle them with new costs."

      Absolutley. I declined buying equipment that would slightly improve what I do because of the political environment in Michigan. If the adminstrations had any business background they would "understand" the USA report. I suspect they are looking at business cash reserves as a tax source. If the adminstrations (state and federal) want me to spend money for equipment then let me expense the items rather than depreciate them. Otherwise, I will hold onto the money until business people are in the administrations.

    16. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Ortega/Castro/Chavez/Zelaya Axis of Evil, is broken. Zelaya tried to extend his term in office unconstitutionally. Since the Honduran Constitution doesn't provide for impeachment, what the Honduran Supreme Court and Honduran Army did, was perfectly legal. Maybe this time, the

      Honduran Congress will amend the Constitution to provide for

      the impeachment of the President. The Venezuelans tried the same thing and failed with Chavez. Now Venezuela's the new

      Cuba and Chavez's idol, Simon Bolivar, is rolling over in his grave.

    17. Betty Childers, Hous says:

      Hurray!!! for the Honduran people for standing up for their constitution. Americans must take note and be prepared. Thank you HERITAGE GROUP, for being there to support the Honduran election. Good Job!!

    18. dlh8 says:

      Great to see that Hondurans weren't discouraged by the lack of support from the US government. Congratulations to them for their election. I hope we can elect someone in the future that loves the USA and will fight to preserve freedom instead of taking it away.

    19. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I'm happy to see that Honuras had an honest election, inspite of Obama's best efforts to prevent it!

    20. mindy from chattanoo says:

      At least Honduras is living according to their Constitution…it will be refreshing when Obama, Pelosi and Reid remember that the USA has its own Constitution and they are suppose to abide by it not their own agenda.

    21. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      To answer Ed of Toledo, there are those amoung us who think they are intitled to what you and I work for, without having to lift a finger. Since FDR instituted Welfare it's been a way of life for some, therefore when they hear free medical, free rent, free food they jump with joy. Our country was founded on hard work, if you didn't work you did not eat. The only exeption were the infirmed and elderly. Today if you don't work you get rewarded off the backs of those who do work, TAXES.

    22. J. White, retired [c says:

      Good for the Hondurans- and a pox on the entire Obama administration- a real "ship of fools".

      The Empty Suit's arrogance knows no bounds; ergo, HE must be impeached for traitoring this nation and making every effort to destroy its very fou dations by arrogantly ignoring OUR Constitution….

      Do not be offended by the following words; but, they are logical:

      The selfish generation was engendered by the truly "Greatest Generation"….by giving their offspring "eerything" that they did not have growing up in the FDR-produced "Great" Depression. The next generation- the 60's drug scum were raised to expect everything to be handed to them….; then there is the present generation….just following along on the same pathway, so, it should be of no surprise to anyone with an ounce of common sense or who is in touch with reality to understand why they voted for the Phony in the White House.

      They were raised to not lift a finger, but to be over-indulged by their equally mentally deficient parents.

      Liberalism is a manifeastation of the works of Satan….what other system advocates death to the unborn, the elderly? minorities as advocated by the evil witch- Sanger who started Planned Parenthood….and she is a member of the same group which was almost totally wiped out by the Nazis— is this not insane?

      Here mindless ally- Ginzburg [former ACLU Nazi]on OUR Supreme Court- is also in favor of reducing those who are in her arrogance- "inferior">

      Will it take another attack to wake people up?

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