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  • Video: Obamacare is Not a Good Fit for Women


    First Lady Michelle Obama’s video on health care reform raises important issues about female patients who are falling through the cracks of the U.S. health care system. It’s not a perfect system, but Nina Owcharenko explains that ObamaCare would take women and the rest of the country in the wrong direction. Having to depend on politicians or faceless bureaucrats to make decisions about their care doesn’t empower women or improve their health care situations. Plus, the Obama health reform agenda isn’t what women want. A majority of female respondents told the Independent Women’s Forum in a recent survey that they don’t think government-run health care is best for them or their families.

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    12 Responses to Video: Obamacare is Not a Good Fit for Women

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Very well put. Thank you.

      This has to stop! There are much better solutions that are ignored for much too obvious reasons of take-over! The concerns of the people are ignored. Must KILL THE BILL!

    2. Jill, California says:

      Having experienced government-run healthcare (Workers' Comp) after being injured in the line of duty as a volunteer firefighter, I can attest to what a bad idea it is.

      The government can and will deny and delay care at every turn, resorting to illegal conduct to do so, because it knows it can get away with it. There's no oversight. I filed complaints with every agency I could think of at the county, state, and federal level. I had proof positive that the county employees made fraudulent statements to deny my claim. (That is a felony.) No one, not at any level, would punish the wrongdoers. I, the injured worker, am the only one who was punished, because I was unfortunate enough to be injured and stubborn enough to fight the corruption within the system.

      What should have been a minor injury became a major nightmare. It has already cost taxpayers more than $30,000 in medical expenses alone. (And since I now have permanent damage in my knee because of the mismanagement, it will continue to cost the taxpayers money.) Lord only knows how much tax money was wasted in legal expenses, because I kept fighting the county's illegal conduct.

      At least if an insurance company is out of line, one can complain to consumer protection agencies and maybe get help. Or one can sue. But no one will protect us if the government steps out of line. And we can't sue the government unless the government first gives us permission to do so.

      Government-run healthcare is bad medicine.

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    4. J Paul from DuPage C says:

      The government has already tipped its hand with the recent announcement that it really isn't necessary for women under 40 to have mammograms.

      The current administration and its Democrat majority in Congress have repeated over and over that there should be no fear of rationing under the proposed government run national health care plan. This would be laughable if it weren't so serious. Of course there will be rationing, but those covered under the federal employees health care plans (the president, all those in both houses of Congress and all other federal employees) will not be affected, so they don't worry about this.

      Those in Congress who promote national health care point to the success of Medicare. Yet every year after Medicare was first made effective, the government has increased the deductibles and limited the amounts it pays to doctors and hospitals. Leaving greater and greater amounts to be paid by those on Medicare. It is this annual reduction in Medicare benefits by the government that forces those on Medicare to purchase Medicare Supplement plans, which have to pick up those amounts Medicare no longer pays. This in turn forces the insurance companies that sell Medicare Supplement coverage (including AARP) to increase the rates of Medicare Supplement coverage annually.

      With this history of annual Medicare deductible increases (benefit reductions) what makes anyone think that the government won't do exactly the same thing once it controls all of health care.

      Every year, more and more doctors refuse to take on Medicare patients because Medicare pays doctors only about 70% of their usual and customary charges that doctors charge. Insurance companies pay doctors 100% of usual and customary physician's charges. When the government takes over all of health care what is to stop them from using the same reduced payment schedule for doctor's charges that they now use for Medicare?

      Every year for the past fifty years, both state and federal governments have passed health insurance laws and regulations that require the benefits of group health plans be increased and that eligibility for coverage under those plans be expanded and broadened. Of course those covered under these plans may believe that such expansions of coverage and eligibility are fair and necessary. However, many do not believe that there should be any increase in cost associated with these increased benefits and eligibility.

      When coverage and/or the eligibility for that coverage is increased and broadened, of necessity, more claims will be paid out either by those insurance plans, whether they be fully insured or self insured by employers or unions. The more the claims paid, the higher the premiums must be to support those additional claims.

      The politicians so willing to curry public favor by demanding health insurance plans continually increase benefits and eligibility are typically the same ones who are so quick to point the finger of guilt at "the greedy insurance companies" for increasing premiums to cover theses expansions.

      It will be interesting to see who these politicians will blame when they have put all of the private health insurance companies out of business. When there are no more hea;lth insurance companies left to sell Medicare supplement coverage, where will those on Medicare turn to fill in all the gaps in coverage and those deductibles that Medicare keeps raising?

      It will also be interesting to see how much the government will expand coverage and the amounts payable to doctors when it is the only one providing such coverage.

      It will also be interesting to see where all the phony concern and crocodile tears on the part of Obama, Harry Reid and Pelosi will be when you and your loved ones, who may contract breast cancer, that they will need to wait 6 to 9 months for their turn to get a CT scan, or a PET scan, or radiation therapy, or that since they are so old, they really ought to consider taking pain pills in stead of treatment.

      Yes, this situation does occur presently among those who, due to choice or chance, do not have health coverage. But, do we scrap a system that currently serves the needs of 90% of our population because the needs of 10% aren't being met? Illegal aliens need to go back to their own countries and petition their own governments for health care. Those who choose not to buy insurance should be left to their own fate. For those who are legal U.S. citizens who are truly indigent, there is Medicaid. For the working poor, who cannot afford health insurance, a government health insurance program could be established exclusively for them, in a manner that Medicaid was established for the truly indigent.

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    7. Rayford Davenport says:

      If the government furnishes health care. Why would add that coverage to your auto insurance?

    8. Ralph S, Chicago are says:

      I am in the health insurance business. Not to be overly simplistic but I could write a 20 pages outline that would do volumes to fix many of the ills in the insurance industry today. A tremendous place to start are about 17 federal laws that need to be either eliminated or changed………….NOT 2228 PAGES OF NEW ONES.


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    10. Daniel Yount , Tulsa says:

      You cant give money to a company who makes money from not giving you care. That is what the government is for. I am for a single payer method, not Obama's plan which only gives money to private care. I am for choice not limiting your options. Our government is charted to be for the people and by the people for common defense and general welfare. Which if you look up in the constitutional dictionary is health by assurance(federalist papers) on clause 8 for contracts for science and useful arts of which medical is both. Insurance companies are by a few of we the people our government as assurance is by all of we the people whom participate. Not to mention insurance companies have a long list of issues they wont cover. I know this because my sister has a box "full" of denial letter from a private insurance company.

      So please give your money to a company that makes money from keeping us safe and in good care the U.S government as they are charted to do so, if not make it so. I do.

    11. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Government needs to get out of regulating the health insurance business. The free market needs to run the health care business, it would be a lot cheaper.

      We don't need more government control. They are all corrupt to the core! Health insurance will double under the government control. I can't afford it!

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We all know that one size does not fit all, and that Obamacare will fit no-one, ever. If Socialized Medical Care was so wonderful, then why do all the citizens from Foreign Nations that have it come here for Medical Treatment, if they can afford it?

      If there is no profit to be made in Medical and Drug reseach, there will be no Medical and Drug research.

      If we send all Illegals out of our Nation, we will find ourselves in no need of Obama Care.

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