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  • The Senate Health Bill: Not the Lesser of Evils

    No one knows for sure how Senator Reid’s health care bill (HR 3590) will impact any particular person or group, but this much is fairly certain: it will cause health insurance premiums to increase faster—not slower—than they would have otherwise. Even the Congressional Budget Office, Congress’s non-partisan accountants, says that premiums in the “public option” of Sen. Reid’s bill would turn out to be higher than premiums in typical private plans today. Thus, there are ways to “bend the health care cost curve” downward, but this bill does exactly the opposite.

    While Reid’s plan, like all of the leading pieces of legislation, clearly seeks to expand coverage, he joins these other plans in failing to contain health care costs. These plans do little to address the issue of rising costs within the system, which is critical to actually ensuring access to healthcare services. Reid’s bill does not take into capacity constraints — and vast inefficiencies– that already exist in the healthcare delivery system, and it is uncertain if legislators understand exactly how these bills will affect physicians and hospitals.

    Remember that government today spends $0.57 of every health care dollar on its own programs, Medicaid or Medicare. Medicaid and Medicare already have huge rate-setting power in health care, and determine to a large degree the delivery of healthcare—including, in many respects, adding to the inefficient delivery of healthcare. So, it is highly questionable whether Reid’s bill will move the US in a direction of addressing the problems in the inefficient delivery (and financing) of health care.

    Sen. Reid holds out a laudable goal of assuring that all US citizens have access to affordable health care coverage. However, if we only accomplish this and fail to rein in costs, then “real” health care reform is only being pushed later into the future. It is important for legislators to not think they are closer to patients and individuals than physicians and hospitals, and to remember that the long-term is quickly becoming the short-term. In other words, expanding fiscally draining government programs that are in dire need of reform will never be the right solution, and could seriously frustrate the whole enterprise of health care reform.

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    29 Responses to The Senate Health Bill: Not the Lesser of Evils

    1. Samantha Jones, Colu says:

      I truly hope that the Senate will think and inform themselves heavily on the consequences of this bill. If they do not, the people will suffer the consequences of their ignorance, and our country will take another turn for the worse.

    2. charle tallman st. l says:

      The bill should be stop cold, fix what is wrong first just like immigration,social security, medicare, medicade ,pork barrel projects,leftist groups like accorn.Prove that the politicians can do something right before they get anymore money.

    3. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I don't think Senater Reid cares what his health bill will do to the costs. This bill has nothing to do with health. This is a bill to take over more of our economy to the path of socialism!

    4. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      A thinking Senate is a novel conception. We are asking a group of people who spend more on social programs then they do on National Defense, to not support National Health Care! Like asking frogs not to eat flies.

      Now if we carefully explain to the frogs, that if they continue to eat too many flies, they will be removed and replaced with frogs that eat less flies and forage for other foods, and learn to curtail their hunger, the results may surprise both us and the frogs. If not, all frogs look alike.

    5. David Barth, CFA, Ju says:

      The arrogance of legislators introducing legislation they do not read, cannot understand and loaded with corruption is, among many, reason enough for a National Congressional Term Limit Referendum.

      Aside from the fact that special interest get incumbents re-elected 98%, if one is not corrupt when he or she gets to Congress they will be soon by being required to playing the pork barrel/log rolling fraud.

      Any legislation over five pages long should be suspect.

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Don't we get it yet? Regardless of wheather or not the bill is Reid's Senate bill or the House version, it amounts to the same outcome. No one knows what is in these bill nor what it will do to our economy or health care needs. These bills are approx 2000 pages each for the purpose of hiding the true nature of Obama's grand scheam to destroy our way of life. The Democrats continue

      NOT to address the major problems in our present

      health care system. The are not interested in a real fix because their entire aim is to follow Obama's plan to turn this country into a socialist state.

    7. James A, Canyon,TX says:

      Idealogy triumphs common sense or fiscal responsibility. Since Harry Truman's turn at socialism, and before that the Progressives, idealogy has been the weapon of choice. Based on idealogy, not fiscal soundness or integrity of the programs, winning is all that counts.

      What happens is of not concern or consequence to the Dim-Dems and the fabulous Obama. Politicans, driven by idealogy, think not of the future but of the moment, the sound bite.

      Longdrycreek Ranch

      Texas Panhandle

    8. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      It AINT about healthcare people, get it through your collective hard heads! Its about CONTROL!!! End of story!!! Govt control of your health means govt control of EVERYTHING!! We need to take them and their co-liars in the media DOWN NOW!!! We should be going enmasse to MSM and PROTEST their daily Lies and Spins and their ON COMMAND belittling of conservatives and Christians, the ones which built this country! Show me a SOCIALIST or an ATHIEST who actually contributed to the building of our ONCE-GREAT country! Show me a lunatic lefty who is a HERO! There aren't any and never will be! They TEAR DOWN, they BUILD NOTHING,unless you want to include FEAR, MISERY, DISPAIR and RACISM, at those they are MASTERS!

    9. Louis Faulkner Daven says:

      It is quite obvious that Senator Reid is not really serious about holding down the cost in care and finding out why Medicare and Medicaid are being robbed of money everyday with false charges that no one seems to want to stop. Also paying 300 million dollars for a vote in LA is criminal.

    10. John Smedley Madera says:

      Politicians continue to do two things; continue to criminalize more and more activity and spend money like it is falling from a pinata.

      On medical care (not health care, we should get the term right), between medicare, medicaid, CHIP, tri care, and VA, in 2008 the us gov't spent $939 billion.This provided coverage for 127.4 million people. Now, if you estimate the U.S. population at 308 million people, that amounts to 41% of the population already covered.Now this begs the question, why do we need to upset the whole apple cart? Is it because the gov't is providing care to more people than they can afford and need to extract more money from us to help pay for it? Or, is health care reform not about health care but more gov't control over our lives? or maybe it is both! What about if you live in this country, you are mandated to pay us for insurance or we will through you in prison!!!. Sounds kinda like the mafia is running the country now.

      Just my thoughts.

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    12. Mary Lambert, Palmyr says:

      Speaking of drinking the kool aid. Personally, I think there's something stronger in the glass. The Congress seems to have totally lost it's mind when it comes to this past year's bills they've tried, and some successfully, to pass. I'm wondering how much longer before we have a revolt on our hands. I also want to know how one Senator can decide to spend $300 million to pay for a vote. Isn't there a law against that, also? It would be easier to swallow if they had to pay the same price we do, but of course that would never pass the smell test. And believe me, it does smell.

    13. mike ,fresno,ca says:

      What do you expect from a guy who a couple of years ago had a $1.2 miiiion over sight on his income tax reform or who just about every member of his family is a lobbyist.

    14. Roy Callahan, Gaines says:

      Has anyone checked the Constitution lately? Where in the Constitution does it say government has the right to establish or fix health care? Check out Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. It was never amended. Could it be what's going on is Unconstitutional?

      While you're at it, check out the 18th and 21st Amendments. Understand what happened there, look at the the difference and figure out what's wrong with Congress fixing health care. Use your heads.

    15. Rita, Virginia Beach says:

      I've read all of the comments above and agree with all of them. Idealogy does trump common sense or fiscal responsibiility. In Washington, the only game in town is power — the pursuit of it and the retention of it. To retain that power they attempt to enslave the electorate. All you have to do is follow the money. In the case of health care reform the Congress is playing to its major political supporters, mostly trial lawyers and unions. And it not uncommon at all to pay for votes, like the $300 million paid to Louisana for Mary Landreiu's vote. It's about bringing home the "pork." In the House, Nancy Pelosi did the very same thing with a number of representatives to get their votes. This happens behind the scenes frequently with the following question: "What do you need for your state/district in order to get your vote?" Raham Emaneul, the president's chief of staff and the leadership of the House and Senate guaranteed whatever a Member needs will be done for their vote, if not in this bill, then another. Power and money! I like the idea of a National Congressional Term Limit Referendum that David Barth mentioned above. I don't think that can be done by referendum. If I understand it correctly,there must be a Constitutional amendment. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina has begun an effort to term limit Members of Congress through a Constitutional amendment, but it must be passed by two-thirds of the states. So, you must look at who controls those states; i.e, the governors. If you want to get behind this effort, then you must make certain in the next election that you vote for the Republican candidate for governor. Otherwise, Democrats who hold the governorships can block the amendment. The party in power in the White House and the party in power in Congress should not be held by the same political party. We need a balance of power. When you vote in the 2010 election, please remember: ELECTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

    16. Frank, Hampton, VA says:

      I agree with Mary, a revolt may be looming on the horizon. Of course, a constitutional convention would be prefered with several amendments to the constitution. Term Limits amendment, Taxation amendment, and a Balanced Budget amendment with line item veto are desperatly needed. Getting 2/3 of state legislatures to call for one is a tall order. Getting 3/4 to ratify any amendment prohibiting career politicians or their behaviour may be a pipe dream. It will take a real grass roots movement putting pressure on members of the state legislatures to effect this outcome. It can be done, however, revolt may be more likely. Didn't our founding fathers say it is the right of the people to altar or abolish an opressive government?

    17. Norma Link, Lakewood says:

      In Colorado we have a Senator who says he will vote for the healthcare bill, even if he loses his job. They are dismissing the Tea Parties and other conservative movements. The election in NY where Hoffman came close to winning is a beginning, and will give courage to others to vote for someone other that the party line. Many people want to but believe they will be throwing away their vote or helping someone win that they don't want to win.

      I agree that both the House and Senate bills are unacceptable. I know more about the House bill and one of my elderly friends who read about it said, They wouldn't dare pass this as the American people would not stand for it. I think they are hiding a lot of things we would not stand for in those 2000 page plus bills written in 'legislative language'.

      Since they are determined to pass some healthcare bill, we need to elect people who will repeal it.

    18. duelles, santa fe says:

      These goons took an oath to uphold the Constitution. By virtue of the fsct thast they support a bill which WILL require me to purchase a product is unconstitutional.

      Impeachment shall be the next step in health care reform.

    19. Jill, California says:

      Amending the Constitution might be a good idea, but this may be the wrong time to attempt it. Just as the President and Congress are trying to ram through legislation that the people don't want, they could force through Constitutional amendments that support their evil intentions. Then we'd be worse off than we are now.

    20. Herbert Rowlett, Tx says:

      This Health Care Bill isn't about health care. It is about total control of the American People. If we have another election we can through the weasels out of office, but best we don't elect more of the same. I'm hoping and praying we have another election.

    21. Prevailer76AZ says:

      We are already witnessing the effect of even the possibility of the health care bill passing. Today's AZ Republic has article stating several health facilities will no longer take Medicare payments…among them The Mayo Clinic's Arrowhood Family Practice in the West Valley. Other health facilities mentioned are also in the west valley, all near Sun City where all residents are senior citizens. Who will be next?

    22. BT, Port Allen, LA says:

      Didn’t our founding fathers say it is the right of the people to altar or abolish an opressive government?

      Yes but we have to be very careful. Look what happened in France with theirs. A revolution should be a last resort and look who our founding fathers were? Do we have anyone like them to lead us now?

    23. judy, new jersey says:

      I think this health care is about government take over. THEY want to decide who is going to GET CARE AND WHO IS not. I think they will try to take over the minds of our children they already want to come into your home to tell you how to raise your kids. Also did anyone notice they do not respect women by extended mamograms alot of my patients would not be alive if they had to wait until 50yrs. Also what about tax on doctors that do plastic surgery? Isn't that prejudice? After they tell you what you can eat, drive, what doctor you will have, what you will pay for rationed care, whats next, while they do anything they want, they will have the best, is this what is called spreading the wealth? OH! I forgot and you will be without money because after all you need to support the people that just don't feel like working. Maybe you could work two jobs. I remember in obamas campain speech he said you will just have to do without pizza on Friday

      nights. And can you believe people still voted

      for him. Now it all makes sense. I hope voters

      wise up the next time around. VOTE THEM ALL OUT




    24. Rayford Davenport says:

      The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    25. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      I think the key issue is Health Care for all the People who want it. There is a lot of noise in the Blogisphere from folks who have the audacity to manage their own risk. Citizens are Sovereign here. I am the closest thing to a King there is in America. I say no.

    26. Tim Az says:

      Trying to determine the degree of evils is a fools errand. Why should anyone embrace evil at any level? Because it better to court evil than to do nothing? Thats what the elitists keep telling their constituents.

    27. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      For those groups and politicians who support a single-payer system.

      Does anybody wonder how much money in tax revenue the government will loose if private health insurace companies go out of business, because it has been replaced with a single-payer system?

      Simply put: when private companies profit, so does the government because they can collect taxes.

      Even with a government option in place, it will hurt the private insurance companies and some will go out of business. This will be a loose-loose for the companies and goverment.

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