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  • Tax Terrorists, Not Americans

    As President Obama pondered anew his strategy for winning the war on terror in Afghanistan, the antiwar crowd unleashed an odd new tactic to force a retreat: a tax. Not a new tax on the terrorists which, while obviously uncollectible, would at least be properly targeted. And, thankfully not a new tax on the men and women leading the fight. The far left, as explained by Senator Levin in a November 20 interview on Bloomberg Television, is targeting Americans making more than $250,000 with a new surtax.

    As with most slippery slopes, Politico reported this morning that some policymakers just introduced a “Share the Sacrifice Act.” Going a step further than Levin, this bill would tax middle-class households earning between $30,000 and $150,000 and force them to pay 1% on top of their tax liability.

    The left’s approach to tax policy is nothing if not consistent. When it comes to taxing family farms and small businesses, investors and professionals, their approach is reminiscent of a famous poem, “How can I tax thee, let me count the ways”.

    The President has proposed higher taxes on those who have had the audacity to succeed in his budget. The House and Senate have proposed to tax them in their health care reform bills. Then there’s the cap and trade legislation; and now, they propose a new hypertax to cover the costs of the war to secure America against terrorists.

    The left has long proposed raising taxes to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, not because the wars are imposing a great burden on the economy or are particular consequential for the deficit. After all, Obama and his Congressional allies appear to be doing everything they can to increase the deficit, and are succeeding by last count — $1.4 trillion in 2009 and more expected for 2010.

    The primary purpose in proposing this war tax seems to be bringing additional pressure on Obama not to escalate in Afghanistan and forcing conservatives to take a public position. For now, thankfully, the President is having none of it. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said on November 23, “No, that is not a specific proposal that has been talked about in a meeting that I’ve been at.”

    The only question policymakers should be asking is: “How do we successfully win this war?” Failing to fully resource the strategy presented by Obama’s hand-picked war General and not approving all necessary reinforcements could jeopardize success on the ground. As General McChrystal has warned: “Failure to gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum in the near term—while Afghan security capacity matures—risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible.” By shortchanging his commander, President Obama has greatly increased the risk of failure, not only in Afghanistan but in the struggle against Islamist revolutionaries in neighboring Pakistan. It could result in a downward spiral of security in Afghanistan: a resurgent Taliban, eventual collapse of afghan government, an even bloodier civil war, renewed humanitarian crisis, and a refugee exodus. Resorting to half-measures would be courting disaster.

    Congress should keep their focus on the safety and security of Americans instead of diversionary debates on war surtaxes.

    Heritage National Security Research Fellow Mackenzie Eaglen contributed to this article

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    24 Responses to Tax Terrorists, Not Americans

    1. Kristina, Gloucester says:

      The far left policy on war is no war at any cost! War is a horrible thing and should always be the last possible solution, but it should still be a solution. Without it, you only have peace by tyranny, terror and fear. It should not be easy for those who intend to do evil to get away with it.

    2. Scott, Arizona says:

      If a war is a solution that benefits all then why would anyone object to a tax. If you wnat fight it, pay for it. We'll see how quick the sheeple of this country stand idly by.

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    4. Adam says:

      Tax the Terrorists? Let me know how that goes (even the lame attempt to clarify your message as "better targeted").

      The war tax is BRILLIANT. People want to send America in to kill. People say it has to be done to create a "safer world", then take it right out of our pockets. I can't WAIT to see how important people think this war is when they start yanking an extra 10% from their paycheck. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!

      Does everyone get the in 10 years our debt will be $40,000 for every man, woman and child in the US?

    5. Norma Camlin, Fl says:

      Peole have too soon forgotten 9/11 and the other various terror attacks on USA soil. We need to maintain a strong military force at any cost. We need to fight against terror attacks constantly. Mr Obama needs to step up to the plate and be a real Commander and Chief. He needs to reevaluate his priorities to protect our country and support our troops. I am sure he could cut some of his other less important programs to fund necessary protection of the US. without that the other programs are pointless.

    6. Paul Terry Stone says:

      It seems that the left considers raising taxes the way to deal with anything they don't want. The "war tax" is supposedly the fiscally responsible way to cover war expenses; however, fiscal responsibility is not considered concerning the Health Bill and other large expenditures of this administration as well as it's detrimental effect on the nation as a whole.

    7. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Still overloading the system I see.

      Would someone take those Cloward Pivan handbooks away from Obama and his communist friends?

      They are so transparent and predictable.

      Stand by…

    8. Dennis Idaho says:

      To provide for the common defense is one of the primary responsibilities of our federal government. To stop an enemy before he can fulfill his threats to kill you is good defense.

      The constitution does NOT give the government the authority to control all social, economic, and environmental aspects of our nation.

      The taxes that I already pay should go first to defend the people of this nation from enemies "foreign and domestic", then promote the "general welfare" (a condition in which anyone may with effort prosper).

    9. Tom, Pinole, CA says:

      At this point in our History, the only real solution to preserving our Republic and freedom for everybody is to WIN this war and get rid of ALL Islamic Terrorists. To make concessions and forgive these bastards for prior war crimes against the US will give these people continued permission to maintain their evil agenda.

      It's easy to go back in history to prove and verify my statement. Part of the answer is the education of those involved, but the answer at this moment is to destroy the enemy before they destroy us. That's the way war works, and we're at war.

    10. Jack, Aurora, Ohio says:

      America has never turned it's back in our history.

      Why start now, unless we want a socialistic country and controlled communistic state led by the liberal and dovelike left.

    11. Martha, Louisiana says:

      The war the Democrats are fighting is against the life, the freedom, and the faith of the American people and they will piously USE anyone and anything in order to to gain power over them- just like they have done in everything else they want. The last thing they are concerned with is the welfare of anyone except themselves, which is why they make themselves exempt from EVERYTHING they promote. This is just another excuse to tax the few remaining working Americans for something they are against and can't change-yet. Wake up people! If you cannot see the underlying goals of this administration and its party, you will suffer the most-in your heart and quality of life. This is exactly what the founding fathers fought against and today, though few know it, but may soon experience it. There is evil in this world. You either allow it and are destroyed by it; fight it, sometimes dying doing it; or choose to become part of it. Thank God for those who protect AMERICA everyday, whether others who criticize them appreciate it. My mother would have said this to me at the dinner table. I thank you for allowing me to say it here.

    12. loves Dogs says:

      You are idiots for even thinking about taxing anyone . It all depends on where you live as far $250,000 a year and what all you have to pay off. Like 250,000 worth of student loans you morons for those that chose to go to college and make something of themselves in the medical profession and now have these huge debts to pay off. You democrates have really proven to me what morons you all are and that we diffently need less lawyers in the world and politicians who claim to be there for the people of this country but are in reality there for THEMSELVES AND THEIR POCKET BOOKS. JUST like all the guys out there with the ponzie schemes. Taxes AMERICANS DO NOT NEED

    13. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      My question is. Where is the l.4 trillion dollars? We already will be taxed enough with this new administration wasting tons of money. These people have no business running our country. These same people can't even pay their taxes. Our troops are now paying the price for the corrupt people in Washington.

      Now they want to tax us some more? I don't think so, we are going to rebel!

    14. Perry OK says:

      Soon we shall all be required to SHARE all we have with, everone. For a greater cause of course!

      There were actions required after the tea party . So ready yourselves to vote this next year. Start now preparing your list of who has been naughty and who has been nice

      The only sad truth to this little simple reminder is. We are talking about the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Land of the free. Only as long as we care enough to keep that freedom.

      I LOVE this country, but I am shamed by our leadership.

      It is time for


    15. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Kick out all the Illegals, and used that money!

      Bring back all the jobs from China and use that meney to generate income tax.

      Get rid of the stupid falicy of Gobal Warming, go back to Natural Fuels and Million can go back to work, and there is even more revenue. Use our own resources! We got them, lst us us them!

      Feed our own, before we feed others.

      House our own before we house others.

      Educate our own before we educate others.

      Import only on a balance of export.

      Do not pay for crops not needed, no more subsidies.

      Create Tort Reforms and stay our of Medical Care!

      Stop price fixing the cost of milk, and allow the Free Market dictate the cost.

      No more Teachers Union, they are paid through taxes and therefore should not be allowed to vote on anything connected to their paychecks, as they are to large a block vote! Ditto with all Government Unions.

      Get rid of all the litttle boxes on employment applications, Government cencus, et al, that ask," are you white, black, hispanic, asian, other?"

      We are all Americans and as so we will best figure out was is best for us all, not the Government.

      That alone will create more than enough excess for the War Funds.

    16. Tricia, Arizona says:

      To Scott in Arizona…It's easy for people who don't pay taxes to say they don't mind taxes…Do you pay taxes?

    17. Ross writes from Bra says:

      These "political leaders" are disgusting! The quicker we "fire" these "hired help", the better! The more I learn of their shannihgans, the more disgusted I get!

      I believe firmly that the role of government at national levels is guard the shores, deliver the mail, and the keep the hell out of my life.

      State government should set educational standards, promote business, and protect the family unit.

      Local level governments should be the same as the state's plus finance the schools systems, fire protection, and law enforcement systems. Also to enact laws based on the morals and mores of the community.

      Unravelling this nation's Liberty Garden of the noxious socialist/big government weeds and restore our God-given individual liberties and rights will take time. This mess did not happen in only one administration but began during the Teddy Roosevelt presidency by Progressives and has creeped along until the 1960 when socialism growth acceleration and our liberties really started to disappeared even faster.

    18. Conservatives United says:

      Lynn B. DeSpain writes:

      Great Post. You left out one important thing. Get rid of ALL of those in Washington, that is both party's.

    19. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      Term limits for all.

    20. Tucano Fulano, USA says:

      Tax and Tax and Tax = Waste and Waste and Waste. These idiots overlook the fact Wall St. $'s, Main St. $'s, "Elm St." $'s are all $'s that belong to individuals, not to the US government apparatus, and certainly not to a particular political party. Such marxists, and that is what they are, ought to be stood up against a wall and …

      These parasites want all the benefits of being an American citizen without sucking it up and living within their means.

      ?? a Ponzi sceme ?? Oops, sorry – but no jail time for congresspersons pulling off far worse than Madoff ever did.

    21. John, Ca says:

      Obama will not support the troops, because he wants America to fail and the muslim radicals to win. That is why all of his policies from foreign to domestic, hurt America. The only thing lower than Obama's approval numbers is his head when he bows to other world leaders.

    22. Bill MN says:

      instead of taxing hard working americans who actually produce, how about a tax on those who don't. Instead of stealing from the producers to pay the nonproducers keep all money meant for redistribution. Thats right no more not paying taxes and getting a big check. Which brings me to another point. How come people who have medocre skills at best become millionaires while in office. A simple solution would be confiscation of all assets when sworn in, at the end of term however much the economy grew their wealth grows. A man like our VP could never be more than middle management at best but somehow all those years of supposed public service has made him a multimillionaire. We used to have these things called journalists who would investigate stuff like that. They must be extinct or paid off.

    23. Harry Snyder Mich. says:

      It is an awful thing to think or say—-but almost everything the Democrats do or say indicates that they want the U.S. to lose in southwest Asia. just as they did in southeast Asia. cut off the funding; refuse to send sufficient forces to theater, and in the process give encouragement to the enemy.

      We lost BIG in S.E. Asia, in money, people, and status or standing worldwide. Losing in S.W. Asia would make our country a nonentity in world politics; we would have no standing (except rhetoric) and our citizens would be in peril everywhere unless they were properly P.C.

    24. duelles, santa fe says:

      Scott of AR: Since we are all created equal, there might be a law that states that whatever one American is taxed so are all. Whatever one American is given so are all.

      You are a proponent of inequality, class bias, intolerance and as such are unamerican.

      Our Congress is equally unamerican by exempting themselves from programs such as Social Security insurance which is not insurance at all.

      The statist, non taxpayers and Congress have no idea of the anger that is building up and being directed at them.

      BTW, Merry Christmas! CAPT USAF

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