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  • Morning Bell: The Impending Obama Borrow and Spend Disaster

    Speaking at Georgetown University on April 14th, President Barack Obama promised: “We cannot rebuild this economy on the same pile of sand. We must build our house upon a rock. We must lay a new foundation for growth and prosperity — a foundation that will move us from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest.” Nice words. But the Obama administration actions have produced all sand and no rock. From the Wall Street Bailout, to Cash for Clunkers, to Obama’s failed stimulus, this administration has been all about borrowing and spending. And as the New York Times reports today, it will not be long before we begin paying a real price for these policies:

    With the national debt now topping $12 trillion, the White House estimates that the government’s tab for servicing the debt will exceed $700 billion a year in 2019, up from $202 billion this year, even if annual budget deficits shrink drastically. Other forecasters say the figure could be much higher.

    In concrete terms, an additional $500 billion a year in interest expense would total more than the combined federal budgets this year for education, energy, homeland security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    $700 billion a year in interest payments alone. That is more money than our entire defense budget for next year including the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And that is a low end estimate. As Heritage fellow J.D. Foster has previously noted, governments around the world are also furiously borrowing, feeding a global debt bubble that will eventually force the U.S. Treasury to pay much higher interest rates. And much of the debt we took on this past year is coming due soon. The NYT reports that to take advantage of low rates today, the Treasury issued a huge amount of short-term debt. Treasury officials estimate that about 36 percent of the government’s marketable debt — about $1.6 trillion — is coming due in the months ahead. The Concord Coalition’s Robert Bixby comments: “The government is on teaser rates. We’re taking out a huge mortgage right now, but we won’t feel the pain until later.”

    The American people are rightly concerned about this impending disaster. According to Rasmussen Reports, deficit reduction has remained the number one issue for voters ever since President Obama listed his four top budget priorities in a speech to Congress in February. Forty-two percent (42%) say cutting the deficit in half by the end of the president’s first term is most important, while only 24% say health care reform should be the top priority. Despite the clear wishes of the American people, the Senate voted Saturday night to move forward on a $4.9 trillion in new health care spending. The leftist majorities in Congress say that they will follow with the promised spending cuts and tax hikes to make their bill deficit neutral, but nobody believes them. According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll only 19% of Americans believe President Obama’s promise that health insurance reform will not add to our federal budget deficit over the next decade. 72% of Americans tell Quinnipiac that Obamacare will only add to our nation’s record breaking $12 trillion national debt.

    There are a number of highly credible conservative plans for reducing our national debt. But Congress should take a tip from the medical profession on health reform and “first do no harm.”

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    58 Responses to Morning Bell: The Impending Obama Borrow and Spend Disaster

    1. Billy, N.Carolina says:

      I would love to comment but I can't think of a clean, nice way to say what I feel about this topic.

    2. William Downey NC says:

      First we are not building on sand, just quicksand.

      Second it goes to prove the adage that when a politician's mouth is moving he's lying.

    3. Nick Sertell, Green, says:

      People must grasp what a trillion dollars amounts to. Our Congress talks like a trillion here, a trillion there, soon were talking real money.

      A dollar is 0.0043 inches thich. A stack of one trillion dollars would measure 67,866 miles. Further if you drove at 65 mph it would take 45.5 days nonstop to cover the thickness of a trillion dollars.

      We have a national debit of 12 trillion dollars without national healthcare.

      Congress MUST stop driving us to the poor house.

    4. Ed, ohio says:

      if you are assuming the national debt will be above 18 trillion by then, then you are falsely assuming the interest rate on our debt will only be about 4%….that is way too optimistic…..after the US gets a downgrade from Moodys, Fitch, S&P….etc etc….and we are viewed as a bad debtort nation….then rates will skyrocket and could be near 10% or higher….thus spiking the annual interest payments far above $1 trillion dollars to maybe as high as $1.4 trillion dollars per year….nearing our annual GDP…..yikes!!!

    5. Jackie, Maryland says:

      What can we, as citizens of our country, do about all this "spending into debt"?

    6. Ken St Louis says:

      As somebody said, if you think health care is expensive now, wait until its free! Its amazing to me, that we have so many fools and dolts in Congress. Why and how did they get there? How do we get them out of office? Its obvious that the dumbing down of America is pretty well complete.And on top of all this, we don't have one, not one State congressman or senator with the guts to introduce a bill in their state ot begin the process of seccession from the Union! Union, what union, we have a dictatorship on our hands!

    7. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      The noise heard about higher taxes, excessive borrowing, huge deficits and the impending economic calamity when hundreds of billions of dollars are due just to satisfy 'interest due' on loans, is a reflection on the leadership we voted for in the House of Represenatives, the Senate and the President.

      "We the People" must look upon that mirror and recognize that the political parties are failures because they provide us with mediocre candidates. We must accept that failure as our failure. The time for a third and fourth party has come and until we recognize that the democrats and the republicans exist only to serve their party's interests and not our country's interest, we will get another Obama.

    8. Cheryl, Michigan says:

      Although this president bugs me for a number of reasons, his speechwriters' misuse of Biblical passages, originally given to lead people to salvation, to mislead the collective unconscious into buying the hooey he's hawking makes me downright nauseous. You don't turn "sand" into "rock" by just saying it's so, for one thing, and for another, the "rock" referenced in the original passage referred to Christ – not Obama.

      Further, if he really intended to make a substantive change in how sturdy America's financial foundation was, he would quit piling mountain after mountain of new debt onto the American people.

    9. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:


    10. Lee in Tennessee says:

      I cannot understand why Washington will not listen to the vast majority of the American people like myself! Folks, we are giving "it" away! Just sittin' back and handing it to the outside world! What is "it" for those who still can't figure "it" out…well, "it" would be our Freedom, what our country was founded upon. We are lazy and passive with our thoughts and actions.

      We just experienced Veterans Day. Again, do you not understand what these men and women have fought and died for.

      If someone needs to stand up and lead the citizen fight, (and everyone seems to be WAITING on someone else to do this) well then I will do it. I am not going to have my America be taken away. I am free, American, Christian, married with a loving husband, two incredible kids (the kind of person liberals want to see vanish).

      Call me crazy, but I like my healthcare that I work hard for, like my lifestyle and don't want government telling me how to get up and put my pants on everyday.

      Please tell me what to do or how to help MY AMERICA survive…if not for me – for my kids. Our kids won't even be able to grasp what we have done to them and their futures.

    11. Gerald Burton, Color says:

      In my view,Americans are drowning in these huge, out of control financial numbers,as well as what it means next year…through the next century. Although, extremely crucial, I for one am numb with numbers. I want to hear about the real threat to our Country's Soverenighty and lost, as well as pending loss of liberty, and for numbers, the increased cost of living to individual Americans as a result of this lawless,socialist administration,…and let us hear it loud and often.Infractions of our Constitution should not be ho hum, another day.

      Thank You.

    12. Popham says:

      We all need to understand what has been clearly voiced in these few commentaries. This once great

      nation is on the abyss of fiscal instability.

      We must, at all costs stop Congress and the Senate

      from passing this dangerous piece of 'legislation'.

      The American people ARE finally starting to be aware of what is really going on in terms of the

      left wing's socialistic agenda.

      The 21st Century American Revolution is at hand.

      It may actually occur BEFORE the 2010 elections,

      during which we must vote out members of both parties, who for the past thirty years have been

      dragging this country down to where we find ourselves today. May God bless America. We're going

      to need all the help we can get.

    13. joan, connecticut says:

      The methods, used to sway votes by Senators and House members, would be considered criminal if the same methods were applied by street thugs. The money promised for a vote is a bribe,clear and simple, and yet it is acceptable in this den of thieves. They strong arm anyone who dares to not vote the party line,and threaten that any legislation they propose in the future will not be put on the agenda. Pelosi and Reid, made huge promises and deals using taxpayer money. YES! The very same taxpayers, who have openly expressed their views about unwanted health care fiasco, and the burdens it places on them and future generations. The mafia, as bad as it was, had a code of honor,and would not harm members families. Our politicians have no such code. Shame on them!

    14. HARRY,TEXAS says:

      Hey,you people dead to everything around you whats going on,This dumby will,lie,lie,lie.Talking is useless.They are not listening to us,no matter what,well,when they come to try to enforce their socialist rules on me,they just made the biggiest mistake.I'm tired of it.Now,Heritage,you think,I'm to rightwing radical for you,and your foundation,then,I don't think,I fit in with ya'll.

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      The following is the letter I sent Levin, Stabenow, and Dingell concerning health care reform today. The bullet point is my now seven year old daughter and her quality of life:

      Social Security will be spending more than it takes in by 2017 – according to the Social Security Administration . And you want to take over health care?

      Your efforts to control health care and create entitlement programs is flat out wrong. I must protest in the strongest terms the Health Care Reform legislation you and your party have proposed. Thanks to Congress’s spending spree our country is nearly bankrupt. Your proposed health care legislation will send us over the edge and trillions of dollars of liability is the result. The problem is that you and I will be long gone but my now seven year old daughter will inherit your debt that she will not be able to pay when she is our age. Her standard of living will be far below yours or mine. For this, I hold you in contempt.

      Another has said:

      "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the rich out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply the wealth by dividing it." Government does not create wealth – capitalism through entrepreneurialism creates wealth.

      Your legacy will be the tipping point for the end of our society. Tytler was correct. Our government cannot last. His predictions are coming true:

      “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship”.

      In addition, understand that I cannot absorb the tax increases your legislations have created. When my taxes are increased I pass these costs to my customers – and the inflationary economic death spiral resumes. Congress is unconcerned about this given you exclude yourselves from the consequences of your legislations until you are voted out of office. History proves that it may take decades for the negative consequences of any legislation to become evident, i.e. the notion of making homes available to people who cannot afford them and the recent mortgage crisis.

      You are heading us down a path of economic destruction.

      I have previously written you July 23, 2099 protesting this legislation. I proposed changes to the health care system that benefit all. If you will listen I will again provide these concepts that will resolve the current problems our country faces, including health care, the economy, and energy. Let me know.

    16. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      I do not think the People" have any idea of the depravity and depths to which this Administration and Congress are willing to go to to insure victory for their socialist power grab.

      Note th $300Million openly declared "bribe" of the Louisiana Senator. How much more "in-your-face" can they be? This is 'criminal'. This is also only the tip of the iceberg. The advertised location of the funds, in this case Medicare, may change but the real source is the "slush fund" (aka Stimulus II) which currently has about $500 Billion available for the 2010 election.

      Note also, we have our own Marie Antoinette of "let them eat cake" fame. Pelosi Has gone over the edge. If she doesn't like the question or anything else said in her Royal Presence she just tells them to shut up and she moves on. This is what Representative Government has come to?

      Ried has repeatedly said that "he" will get this health care bill passed regardless of the publics opinions.

      Obama has simply lied about the bill's contents and intent time and time and time again.

      Where in the h**l is the outrage!!!

      Just a Thought: given the abrupt seating of Burris and Franken (note: Ried also said that he would not seat Coleman until he (His Majesty) was satisfied that the outcome of the election was "FAIR", give me a break!!) and other Congressional seating shenanigans is it possible that Pelosi/Ried could simply refuse to seat any new congress person who doesn't meet their template or whose election is close enough that ACORN and the courts could get it changed. hmmmmmmmmm???

      I think we are due a "Constitutional Crises". Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch than our current gang of "criminals'. Where is RICO when you need it??

      PC is Thought Control


    17. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      This is the same man that made my Alma Mater cover the cross, I guess he did not want to lie with Jesus looking on, and oh yes Washington is built on marsh land, it should be sinking under all the debt that THIS PRESIDENT has incured.

    18. Barry Wynn Rex, ga says:

      The Obama administration is trying to fundamentally change how Americans live our lives

    19. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Bill North Carolina,


      The ironic thing is that the perpetrators of this economic and fiscal crime against the American Taxpayers will be long gone by the time the REAL IMPACT is realized.

      They will be multi-millionaires with nice fat pensions, and secure both in home and person.

      Many will undoubtedly become lobbyists and further fatten their personal fortunes. All of those government contacts DO come in handy, don't they?

      The worst thing is that they will blame everyone but themselves for destroying the opportunity for millions.

    20. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama isn't even building on sand, or quicksand. He is rebuilding on foam, a mixture of hot air and elastic slime.

    21. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Those of us with critical reasoning skills and a consistently complete synapse understand the dynamic difference between what our “Doofus-in-Chief” (DIC) [Obama] says to the public at large and what he [as well as the other “Pirates on the Potomac”] do. The only instances where the two (speaking & doing) consistently coincide is when he is speaking to SEIU or ACORN! There have been only one or two other instances when our DIC experienced a slip of the tongue when he uttered phraseology including his concept of redistribution of wealth (campaign time with Joe the Plumber) and one or two other times since when he apparently thought nobody was listening or recording.

      We must not forget that our DIC’s actual objectives includes bankrupting the United States of America, creating more so-called “free” entitlements [primarily to enlarge the liberal/progressive/statists/democrat party base] but also in an attempt to secure future such politicians successful elections, remove our nation’s Christian based roots and values and position himself for a position of greater responsibility and authority within a global government.

      That is why we need to obtain and keep the four “G’s”. They are God, guns, groceries and gold.

    22. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Sad to say, but our Nation is being run by pimps, prostitutes and pigs. Are there any people out there who find this situation disgusting, dangerous and destructive? Time is running out for the America most of us know and love.

    23. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The whole campaign was on "hope and change", now lets all hope we can afford this change that the dems and obama have brought about, but we must remember that all this is "Mr. Bush's" fault. The dems and "the chosen one" declared this to be true and who are we the common people to say different. We must vote in 2010 and do so in big numbers so that we get both parties attention and they all see that we must go back to the basics of what made this country great.

    24. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I was in Maine over the weekend and my mother saw a cartoon in USA Today. Obama was in China and the Chinese

      President, Hu Jintao, was saying to a reporter, "This Barack Obama, he manages our Western holdings." If it wasn't so funny, it would be sad. That's how the Chinese view us. The

      dollar's going into, if it isn't already in, the crapper, China, Russia, Brazil, and Venezuela, would love to see the dollar replaced as the world's reserve currency, and we have no leverage over the Chinese, which we used to have. Now they just laugh at us.

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    28. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The day the Lord returns is very close. Even the secular humanist can see it coming. they call it "the end of the Age" or terraforming or some such nonsense. The fact of the matter is, all of this is leading to the events describes in revelations.

      "The blood shall run as deep as the bridle on a horse" Everybody should read a little for a bedtime story every night, so you will sleep well.

    29. John, Arizona says:

      Where Oh where is Ken Jarvis when it comes to talking about the debt that his pals Obama, Reid and Pelosi have piled up, and want to CONTINUE to add more?

    30. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The thing is God will hold everybody responsible for their actions But you cannot impress anybody who does not believe God exist with this fact. Nobody who believes in God would do any of the things these people are doing

    31. Ron Derry NH says:

      Apparently a world laughing at us is what the liberal call peace.

      It won't be so funny when the government pensions dry up as the job market keeps collapsing and tax revenues get smaller and smaller and smaller…….remember all these so called dolts running us into the ground have college degrees in something called legal lying and fantasy managing only a meager handful

      actually have studied economics or had real jobs.

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    33. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      Good letter ben arbor.

    34. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Have you in any way ever met, seen, heard, and even suffered the consequences of anybody so willfully blind and determined to do what they want, without any regard for the needs, not to mention the wants, of anybody else, including anybody else whom they are supposed to be serving, not only without any regard for the consequences of their actions but in fact deliberately manipulating everybody and everything for their own agenda?

      Yes, actually, chances are that all of us have met, seen, heard, and even suffered the consequences of such beings.

      In fact, what was once our original Republican form of government, by, for, and of we, the people, particularly in this case our Federal government, is full of such beings, such as Obama ruling from the White House and his Comrades ruling from Congress, and everywhere else where they and those of their ilk have been and are spreading their so-called “Progressive” government elitist and statist power and money-grabbing ways like mad power and money-grabbing despots grabbing as much power and money as they can, as fast as they can, not only without regard to any freedom, livelihood (business and job), and even health and life-destroying consequences to anybody else, but with every so-called "Progressive" government elitist and statist intent to do so, including manipulating those very same destructive consequences in order to get as many people as possible as dependant upon them as possible, and so assuring themselves of that much more power.

      In short, we, the people of the United States, and other freedom-loving people around the world, are witnessing, and are and shall be suffering, the consequences of the most practically blatant, "forked tongue" (double-talking, duplicitous, two-faced) and "hell-bent" grabs for power and money by Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and those of their vote buying and selling so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" government elitist and statist ilk, in the history of the United States of America.

      The bottom line is: For far too long, we, the people of the United States, have allowed such so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" government elitist and statist power and money-grabbers to get into and stay in power, and so it is that now both we, the people of the United States, and people around the world, are suffering and shall suffer more than the financial consequences of our allowing such power and money-grabbing elitists to get into power.

    35. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Trouble is: too many "clunkers" in Washington, and too little cash! — Too much "hope", too little "change"; or wouldn't that read more accurately the other way around? — No economy ever did well running on wishful thinking, or the "old college try".

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    37. John, Colorado says:

      We should declare a year of jubilee with regards to the Fed. We should take our currency back from their control, and nationalize their assets to boost, and use those assets to pay off the national debt.

      Of course, Congress being broke means there's a whole lot it can't do that might be worse. But still, why should a handful of super-ultra-rich families who created the Fed in the first place, be allowed to control so much wealth and have so much control over the US and other nations?

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    39. Prevailer76AZ says:

      How much of the power grab being inflicted on the American public will we tolerate before more than lip service and tea parties are the extent of our response? While the nay-sayers tilt at windmills, the perpetrators continue on with their goal of completely obliterating any and all freedoms we thought were guaranteed by the Constitution. Why is the document that has up to now made us the strong nation envied by the World no longer considered of importance. The current administration walks all over it daily. And then that little pip squeak Reid claims he created the latest in the health-care reform boondoggle in just 3 weeks time. The terrorist trial venue is moved to NYC; a decision that is another slap in the face to all Americans and especially those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack. And we just sit by and allow this bunch of miscreants continue their plan to bring our nation to total ruin. What was it they said about a shame to waste chaos? Instead, they have added to it again and again.

    40. Judith in Michigan says:

      Ben of Ann Arbor:

      Good letter, but I'm afraid it will fall on deaf ears. I live in Detroit, have sent umteen hundreds of e-mails to our two illustrious senators, my reps. plus every single senator in congress and many other reps in various states. I call offices and get hung up on. One especially rude young man was from M. Landrieu's office (LA). I immediately called back and said my piece. Always respectful, to the point but stern. (Didn't she just take a $300 Million "bribe" to vote for cloture Sat. night?)

      I feel that since what they do in congress affects me, I have a right to voice an opinion. My favorite response is from Pelosi's office which said they do not respond to out-of-state e-mails. Duh! They just had!!

      The Democrats are being mistaken for being stupid. Don't believe it. They know exactly what they are doing. Cause financial chaos, buy voters, take control. Taking steps to curb the carnage would not advance their agenda.

    41. Bobbie Jay says:

      The government can't do it efficiently or reasonably. The evidence is in over 2000 pages of overreach. Get them out of individual, PRIVATE health. The government cuts costs by eliminating areas substantial to health! Screenings of preventative measures are being cut not increased as government stated. Too much dishonesty, deception, corruption, bias, discrimination, racism, more potential for fraud, violation, leading to, well, government already caused this to be a crisis…

    42. sherry, massachusett says:

      If they pass the health bill, God help us all, will those crooks up in Congress be exempt from the bill. I mean, are they just more special than us who elected them in the first place? Will they have a panel to decide what kind of treatment they should have or have at all? I doubt it.

    43. Mike, North Carolina says:

      (Quote): "nationalize their (the Fed's) assets"?

      "a handful of super-ultra-rich families who created the fed"?

      News flash! Not only is the Fed a creature and creation of anti-freedom and free market, pro-big always disasterous, freedom and prosperity-killing central government planning and control, known by all of its' aliases and schemes (including "Progressive"), including those such as Woodrow Wilson, but also in fact "nationalizing" anything is a central theme and practice of Communism/Communism/Progressivism.

      But of course such people and things, including Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Barack Obama, the Fed, and other such people and things, all feature such an agenda and effect anyway, which makes putting them in power so very much like putting thieves in charge of everything including the bank and the hen house.

    44. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Correction: but also in fact "nationalizing" anything is a central theme and practice of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism

    45. jim toledo says:

      Growing up in the sixties was tough, but, as a grown up looking at what these folks, still, are trying to do today, is just insane. It's obvious that some, probably about 20% of that generation, haven't grown up and lack the 'common sense' to determine the difference between what is right and wrong and lack the clarity to see the world as it is. What we have allowed the Liberals to do in the areas of education and welfare reform is something we will regret for time to come. The arrogance is astounding and the results are minor at best. Hopefully, 2010 will start the rebirth of our nation.

    46. Prevailer76AZ says:

      I realize calling Reid a 'pip squeak' probably kept my comments from being used. However that is how I and most others see him. How can this devious little man have attained so much power? All the heads of state have next to nothing to offer in goodness of character or ethical behavior. Their method of governance is 'bribery, punishment and reward'.

    47. Al Badger Winchester says:

      If he wants to build it on Rock, why doesn't he donate his head as a cornerstone! I thought we would never elect another President as bad as Jimmy Carter. I was obviously very wrong!

    48. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I have a friend who points out to me that the cruelest most heartless thieves I know are conservatives The hard part is, he is correct there should be some way to get rid of those types.

    49. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Ben, Ann Arbor has the exact point. These Democrats fully intend to destroy America and call it "Progress." That's why I say the lawlessness of NOT hanging traitors is the lawlessness behind all the lawlessness in America. These guys are serious, they really do want to bury you – - and your little grand daughter too.

    50. Roger S., Ma. says:

      John, Arizona: Was kinda thinking the same thing. Good ole Ken! Maybe he's just out for some fresh "Cool Aid"? Or maybe his swine flu shots? Either way, we "need him back": He's the only one who can explain this Gov. crapola so mixed up, even professional cool aid drinkers know he's gotta be wrong.

      Ron, Derry: I wouldn't mind so much that the world is laughing at us if I weren't getting the idea they're expecting us to join them. That really p's me off!

      John, Colorado: You mean the Fed still has assets? Like, What?! All I ever heard was they have 9+ Trillion in liabilities and couldn't survive a corporate audit even if they bribed the auditors. — Maybe I missed something and we just retreated an actual inch from the abyss?

      Aw, shucks, where's Santa when we really need him? — No, Al Gore is wrong. The N.Pol hasn't melted. — But, where is he, Santa that is?

      Right. He's in hiding this year. Doesn't like cold chimneys! Not his style! Nor houses where the kiddies don't mend or wash their socks! Also not his style! And debtors, now they really tick him off! People who don't pay for their presents! Credit default swappers, and over-maxed! Definitely not his style!

      Can't stand lazy Democrat elves, either! Seems the elves are running his shops now! It's a disaster! Nothing works, and no one's working! Can't even get one to put fresh runners on the sled! And the paperwork for the new engine. Oh, brother: ever'thaing in triplicate, and a thousand pages! 'Cause he was "emitting" too much! Someone said! Just like them chimneys used to!

      That's what they said, anyway. Some doofus even wrote a book about it, then made a film! Now all the kids think he can't come anyway 'count of the snow in Greenland melted. What a crock! More snow this year than ever!

      Then that panel said he was too fat! A burden to society! 'Cause fat ain't healthy! Another crock! "Dang, that's my trademark, he's thinking, no kid ever believed a skinny Santa!" And the eggnog: "double bad" said the lady from the health board. "Bad for the liver, bad for the vessels." — "But, I been doing this for a thousand years, even two thousand!" — "Nope",she says, "you gotta live healthy now. You belong to society" : "Here's a new form 1040 for the "new" Bummer Care Health Package. Return it before Easter, or we'll have to lock you up"!

      Rumor has it he's considering early retirement, he's been so upset! The elves can keep his shop, and the sleigh. Good luck to 'em! They're gonna need it! Especially when they move to China, like they all voted! Come to think, "good riddance"!

      Can't blame him now, can we?

    51. Butch, Northern Cali says:

      How could this not have been titled Borrow and Spend and TAX TAX TAX the remaining hard working Americans out of existence?

      How smart do you have to be to not spend more than you earn or as is the case with government confiscate through taxes?

      Obviously, you have to be smarter than past or current Members of the House of Representatives or U.S. Senators.

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    53. Glen, Cincinnati says:

      There are only 136M taxpayers left, and if YOU are still one, your share of just this $700B interest LIABILITY is

      $5,147 per year per taxpayer, or

      $ 430 per month per taxpayer,

      unless you want special financing with that, including a devastating balloon payment…

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    57. George Swallow, Danv says:

      Fellow voters:

      Lets stop wringing our hands making worthless attempts to be heard. lets Mobilize. Goal to move Obama, Pelosi, Ried out of office by referendim. Freedom and the Flag as our Hallmarks. Raise a billion to buy Fox News to gather our forces and to physically haul this bunch out of the country never to be allowed back here. They are all traitors of Freedom and the Constitution. Never before have we had reason to do this since the U.K. ruled here. Stop crying, start screaming!!!

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