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  • Mr. Attorney General, Where Would You Put Osama bin Laden?

    In today’s Morning Bell, we wrote about the historically bad decision Attorney General Eric Holder made in announcing that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other terrorists would be tried in a civilian court in New York City rather than before a military tribunal.

    Edwin Meese III, the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy and Chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation as well as the United States Attorney General between 1985 and 1988, called Holder’s decisions a “a tragic mistake.”

    In the video below, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) questions Holder on his decision during yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Oversight hearing of the U.S. Department of Justice. His questions illustrate why trying terrorists in civilian court is such a tragic mistake.


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    28 Responses to Mr. Attorney General, Where Would You Put Osama bin Laden?

    1. Barbara Jarrells says:

      This will be a hugh disaster for the state of New York. Why dont the Mayor and governor refuse to let this happen. The citizens of New York should make a stand and call the White House an let them know this is wrong. They deserve no rights. The act was an act of WAR on the USA. I am so angry at and disappointed in the president and his team. They just keep making bad discisions, that the majority of people are against.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      This country fought to protect her people from terrorists and their terrorism from entering this land.

      This administration wants to PROTECT THE TERRORISTS with American, OUR RIGHTS!

      Thank you, Senator Graham, for addressing with direct questioning and with human compassion. You are a man with the right convictions, and a voice of honesty and courage, to tell.

    3. Brian, Moraga says:

      Curious that mighty conservatives tremble in fright at the thought of bringing KSM into NYC. Their nemesis FDR was spot on with "nothing to fear but fear itself." As a New Yorker native, I now discover that although we get accused of soft liberalism, our courage tank is far from empty. Is tough conservative courage just based on fumes? The whole point of trying KSM in Article 3 court is that he is a murderer, not a warrior. The word "enemy combatant" meant battlefield opponent (before Bush 43 got weak in the knees) — not someone who thinks mass murder buys ultimate heavenly paradise. This may be Bin Laden's ultimate humiliation, to see his followers as ordinary criminals. Is this why so few Republican legislators have offspring fighting overseas – their weak fear is all-powerful?

    4. michael Hass, Orland says:

      Since when is the protection of the U.S. constitution afforded to non-citizens? We do not owe these murderers nothing but a speedy death for their actions against innocent citizens. Citizenship in the roman empire was everything. I'm not saying it was a good system, but being a citizen one had rights a non-citizen had no hope of invocking. Its just further proof that the present government leaders have no regard for the constitution. If possible they should tried for treason. We are in a civil war. We need nothing but 100% participation in elections. We need to be more involved in what are representatives are doing. They are trying to ignore us, but we the american citizens can send them packing. We can lay some of the blame on our apathy. Get out and vote! clean out the house in 2010 ought to be our battle cry. God bless America.

    5. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      To Brian, Moraga,

      Your "hero" FDR was one of the reasons that we HAD a war due to his insistence of allowing Hitler and Toto to walk around unchecked (standard Liberal thinking).

      The attacks on the USA in 2001 were an act of WAR, not murder, try to get that straight. You and the rest of the Liberals seem to forget that little item. That day was no different than when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the result of both was war.

      We and the rest of the intelligent World consider this type of attack on unarmed civilians to be terrorism and a crime but because it is an act of war, that makes it a WAR CRIME! Try ti understand in your Liberal mindset, that you do not accord WAR CRIMINALS with the Rights that you afford your Citizens. These people are supposed to be dealt with as the war criminals of WWII in Nuremberg. Funny, we didn't bring those people to the USA, did we? No, we tried them in their own country and dealt with them by the rules of Military Law and the World was fine with that.

      What is it with you Liberals, that you cannot understand this simple concept? What do you consider an act of war? This is not a political arena that we are dealing with, it is an abomination to attack unarmed civilians in the manner that these people did. But I do not expect you to understand this because Liberals are famous for getting the Free World into trouble then crying for everyone to bail them out and stop the Enemy. You have done it throughout History and the problem, the BIG PROBLEM is that we, the Free Citizens, keep letting you do it over and over and over. I guess we are the REAL dopes here!

    6. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      These were men here illegally, with one aim in mind, that was to kill as many americans and cause as much destuction as they could in a short time. As I interpert this it means an act of war. When foriegners go to a country with destruction and killing in mind it is WAR. A citizen doing this is treason and Murder. It'll be a finacial as well as possible physical burden on NYC as well as the whole east coast, our security will be greatly undermined.

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Senator Graham verbalized well the fundamental problem of placing these battle field captured criminals within civilian courts. These Islamist detainees are cold blooded murderers. Their barbaric acts were malicious and willful in their quest to terrorize America. This makes them war criminals in accordance with their radical leader's declared jihad against the west. Should the U.S. have tried Japan's recalcitrant militarists in civilian courts for the murderous mayhem they inflicted on Pearl Harbor? Such is the case here.

    8. c.adli Las Vegas,NV. says:

      This man is just a apoppet of The President.What else to expect?

    9. Dr. James Osberg-Car says:

      Ozzy6900 has it right on. The fearless Mr. Moraga should be a good pick for the jury that will try KSM. Perhaps one of his fearless liberal judge friends would like to preside over the trial (which the President and Atty. General have already pronounced will result in KSM's execution)?

      In conclusion, we have a volunteer military.

      Mr. Moraga's insinuation that Republicans are cowards and don't serve in the military begs the question: How many of his ilk are fighting for our freedoms? I doubt that our military is oozing with serious- minded liberals.

    10. Mark C says:

      How can KSM get an impartial jury?!!!

    11. Dee says:

      Where would I put Bin Laden? In the ground.

    12. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      This is the Jihadists putting America "on trial," in our own country. The Jihadists are attacking New York and the American people all over again, with this Obama/Holder action. Anyone with the slightest understanding of the Rules of Civil Evidence, would know these proceedings cannot be processed in Civil trial. It's all part of Saul Alinski's philosophy of destroying stability with absurdity, which creates chaos and stops peoples ability for rational thought, which makes them mallable, complacent. Let's hope Americans flick these attacks off like irritating gnats trying to eat an Elephant.

    13. Alex, Windsor ON says:

      This has mistrial written all over it. Between the Miranda Rights not being read, the President and attorney general already announcing a guilty verdict, and the impossibility of an impartial jury , I think a mistrial is a definate possibility. Then what?!



    15. Larry D says:

      Why would anyone give these Terrorists the satisfaction of becomimg a martyr for the Islamic fanatics by showing their faces to all to see and to idolize? Why should the US or New York waste taxpayers money? Obama has apologized to the world for American evil deeds ??. Let's make sure these terrorists never step foot on American soil and/or their country of origin. Maybe Obama and his “buds” are radicals (fanatics), too.

    16. Bill, Forney, TX says:

      The top prosecutor in the country, Holder, could not say how Osama bin Laden should be dealt with if he was captured tomorrow. If HE doesn't know, how is a corporal on the front lines supposed to know! It was a very poignent moment and showed in a nutshell how President Obama and his administration make decisions… they don't. They do not know what their policy is TODAY! They must first conduct a poll and read the tea leaves to determine what will be well-received by their handlers. After that they will "Monday morning quarterback" the situation and say what we should have done … our enemies are laughing at us.

    17. Normca says:

      You Bush haters need to get over yourselves. You are a broken record. If Bush stood up and said wear green to be faithful to the environment, you Brian would never wear green again. I remember seeing Richard Pearl's head being cut off, that's what these animals do. This show trial is all about getting at Bush. And to me, the country is more important than Eric Holder and his boss. Oh; wait Holder's law firm defended how many terrorists. Where ever liberals live, put KSM next door. B Huessen Obama is all about paying back his buds, which he continues to do [unions, and other donors] and criticizing Bush. The brilliant law school professor has already poisoned the jury with his comment that they are guilty. Another "stupid" comment. Can we get a beer for KSM in the Rose

      Garden ? Anyone who thinks our rights as U S citizens are meaningless needs to go live on an island.

    18. Eddy..san francisco says:

      they do not deserve a fair trial. just a short rope and a long drop.

    19. Brian, Moraga says:

      To Ozzy6900 – Isolationists, led by arch-conservative Charles Lindbergh, prevented FDR from entering WWII until Pearl Harbor, but from 1939 FDR provided military aid to allies, started the draft, armed US merchant vessels, occupied Greenland and Iceland; stopped Japanese trade, and entered undeclared naval war with Germany.

      Although 9/11 can be called either an act of war or mass murder, the right-wing argument insists KSM's NYC trial is too risky. It's fear-based. KSM will say bad things, and that makes some people scared. Will someone try to blow themselves up? That makes them scared. The NYC police will provide world-class security, they're smart and can protect us, but the right-wing is getting scared.

      As for Nuremberg Trials, whose legal basis was Germany's Instrument of Surrender — Nuremberg was the symbolic home of the Nazi Party, where it's biggest propaganda rallies were held. The city was chosen specifically because it was the symbol of Nazism's crimes against humanity – just as lower Manhattan represents Al Queda's crimes against humanity to the entire world.

      Denigrating liberals may feel good, but center, right, and left are part of the same country. The small minds on both the right and left extremes scream that their opponents cause all the world's problems. In fact, its extremists of any ilk who are most destructive.

      To Jeanne — if an illegal alien commits murder, he is tried in court. Justice is not reserved for citizens, as Michael Hass suggests. Your call for a civil war is extremist poison, the kind of statement you'll hear the Taliban make.

      JC Hughes asks if Japan's military leaders should have been tried in civilian courts for Pearl Harbor. In fact the International Military Tribunal for the Far East was formed to try high-ranking officials in Japan itself — as at Nuremberg, the court was symbolic: the War Ministry office in Tokyo. The US chief prosecutor said "war and treaty-breakers should be stripped of the glamour of national heroes and exposed as what they really are — plain, ordinary murderers."

      Dr. James Osberg — my grandfather, father, brother, cousins, all served in the military. I worked in Africa to end two civil wars. The services are not uniformly Republican. More to the point, some Republicans call anyone against their agenda unpatriotic. But the fact is very few Republican legislators have kids in the services.

      Alas, if people with such strong political opinions served in Afghanistan, they'd probably realize how silly they sound.

    20. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Brian, no where did I say or support a NEW cival war, and sir I had family in WWI and WWII, in fact there are three graves in SEc. 12, side by side. One is my Brother in law, the others his first cousins, all were fathers who left small children, I know the PRICE of War. I do support a NEW Revolution, the kind fought at the POLLS, with VOTES, the first shots have been fired and "WE THE PEOPLE" will prevail, Proud to be a descendent of the Mayflower, a signer of the Constitution and kin to 5 Presidents and born in NYC. God Bless this country and keep her safe. I still do not see the advantage of trying terrorist in NYC or on main land USA.

    21. John Rosky Andover, says:

      Presidet Obama swore an oath to defend this country and has not done anything but apoligize for it. He has already had a terrioist attack a on America and can't even call it what it is. When will people in this country understand that he is not for America but for destroying this country.

      We would not be exporting our dollars for foreign oil if his idiots would let us drill and keep our money and jobs in America.

      I wonder if he thinks that all the cars on the road today will be turned into electric overnight because he declares it.

    22. Bobbie Jay says:

      What do you have against Conservatives, Brian? Their respect of the founding? Any murder of mass can be called a mass murder. 9/11 was an act of terrorism.

    23. Normca says:

      Did you leave anyone out ? Everything is not Republican or Democrat. Who has more sons in Afghanistan ? "Kids" don't fight in war – trained, mature men do. KSM confessed in a previous military trial that had been sanctioned by the supreme court and the congress and he asked for the death penalty. No one that you barked at mentioned patriotism. Patriotism is expressing and acting proud of one's country. The Marines and soldiers in Afghanistan and who have been in Iraq are proud patriots; not silly. That is what I love about Libs – when facts are not on one's side, libs revert to calling names and lies. Peace has never been arrived at by diplomats. Peace, in real history [what history school books leave out today] has been archived through war. The 8 paragraph diatribe above attacks others for their opinions, [but its Republicans who excoriate people who disagree with them], right ?

    24. mary, ohio says:

      In the WHITE HOUSE

    25. Jerry from Chicago says:

      What's everyone so worked up about? There are no acts of terror any more, only man-made-disasters. Obama said so and Holder swore to it.

      So we are going to bring a few of these disaster-makers into the big apple. The district attorney could have them do a "perp walk", that's if Erick Holder and the ACLU don't think that would be too demeaning. Speaking of the ACLU, I'm sure they would be willing to handle the defense of these guys 'pro bono'.

      By the time the ACLU gets done putting the CIA, FBI and the Bush Administration on the stand and demonstrating all of the torture techniques they employed, maybe we can get these guys to accept an out of court settlement of a few hundred million apiece, with the apologies of the court.

    26. Mexican American says:

      The currrent President and Attorney General are failing the Unites States of America. Together they are making a mockery of the Judicial / Executive / Legislative Systems. I am extremely dissapointed with the current administration and pray for real leadership for our Great God fearing country.

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    28. Judas, Houston says:

      Bin Laden was killed shortly after the initial invasions of Afghanistan. When he was supposedly trapped in the mountains, and the US "took it's eye off the ball". His death was the reason for the pullback, therefore giving "deniablity" to the US forces as to his whereabouts. His image was kept alive in order to pursue a "profitable" long war and to have a boogyman that can make "appearances" when needed.

      That's why there has been no "intelligence" on Bin Laden for years, because there is none to be had. His fate is already known.

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