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  • In the Green Room: Michael Barone & Ramesh Ponnuru on the Rising Tide of Conservatism


    For Michael Barone and Ramesh Ponnuru, conservative principles remain empirically true despite elections. The growing revolt against tired tax-and-spend policies embodied in the Tea Party movement and recent electoral wins for conservative candidates seem to indicate Americans are remembering their conservative heritage, the one that understands the growth of government inherently restricts personal freedoms.

    “I’d say conservatism is in the early stages of what could be a robust recovery,” said Ponnuru, a National Review senior editor. “I think there remain some very strong conservative impulses on the part of the public, and the material to build a center-right coalition is out there.”

    Barone, one of conservatism’s stalwarts, borrowed from Mark Twain: “The rumors of the death of conservatism are greatly exaggerated.”

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    18 Responses to In the Green Room: Michael Barone & Ramesh Ponnuru on the Rising Tide of Conservatism

    1. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      I have no skepticizm about the Obamanationalists agenda. I do not believe one word from the mouths of Obama, his czars, cabinet members, Liberals and Progressives in Congress: reprobates all! They are criminals, who are violating the Constitution of the United States of America.

      Wanna know how I really feel?

    2. Reagan Reep, Jackson says:

      What can we do as nation to stop these failed policies and downright criminal acts toward the Constitution?

    3. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Yes, we are of course sick of tax and spend.

      But what we really have here is socialist revolution taking place right before our eyes.

      Everything we love about this great country is being taken away by these playground wimps and America hating traitors.

      Oh I think conservatism is on the rise but I also see independents, middle class and moderates rising up in our own political revolution.

      By the way, we want Obama out, but we don't want some far right politician in there either.

      I think it is about time we elected a moderate independant thinking woman.

      I like it.

    4. Boyce Robbins Easley says:

      How did we elect this man? He had no experience at anything to qualify himself for any elected office, much less the Presidency. This presidency puts all other terrible administrations in the shade- move over Buchanan, Pierce, Fillmore, etc.

    5. Jim Wilson Dallas Te says:

      Could not have said it better myself…….2010!

    6. Robert Turner,WA says:

      Some reconize what is happening in the USA, many don't or don't want to face the reality. The question is who is really willing to make a stand and go to battle? Many bragg that the government will have to pry their guns from the cold hard hands. When push comes to shove, I really doubt that this kind of courage will prevail. I have made an oath to myself that I will fight to defend the constitution and the USA even to death. This government must be stopped and now. The only way is for the people to take away the money and not pay any more taxes to them.

    7. Bette, Bridgewater, says:

      I would like to know when (today being not soon enough) these criminals in the Whitehouse are going to be impeached and thrown out of office for good !

    8. Bill P says:

      And I hope all of thsoe who have shared, and those who may yet share their comments are politically active!!! Free speach requires making a whole lot of smaller speeches!!

    9. MrShorty, Arizona says:

      Jeff B, WA

      I agree completely. Over the last year I have lost total confidence and ANYTHING a Democrat says. Unfortunately, that feeling is beginning to roll over to past friends that maintain a strong commitment to the Democratic Party. This growing divisiveness is beginning to tear our Country apart. Far from the promises of Obama during his campaign to bring us together, I now am beginning to feel dislike and hatred where before it was just disagreement and indifference.

    10. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      Conservatism is the sain and strong backbone of America'glory. As Bob Marley states:

      Two thousand years of History

      Could not be wiped so easily

      We however still need a more connection with the Essential Knowledge from which our Founders Fathers nourrished themselves in order to renew these timeless principles and continue the magic which sustains our miraculous successes, successes which are what is attacked, not by these mere leftists; they could not stand it, but those behind them, our true Enemies.

    11. David F. Murray, Bel says:

      They can mess with all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but they are trying to mess with all of the people all of the time.With the threat of International Islam without, and pervasive socialism within, a generation of Americans who were never tested, are being tested now. The arrogance to pass major legislation before the electorate has a chance to read it, boggles the mind. This reads like Germany in the 1930's. We didn't learn it so we have to repeat it. Tragic.

    12. Bud b-California says:


    13. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      It seems Obama meant "Destruction," when he says "Change." Our American Dollar is being intentionally destroyed, our military betrayed, our legal system rediculed on the world stage with Obama/Holder putting Bush/Cheney and the CIA in an absurd un-winable sham trial against radical Islam. The only good thing is the American people will get to see the depth of evil we have allowed to infest our capital.

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    15. Corky says:

      Everybody in this Country should just stop paying taxes until these fools in Congress back to hell off……..

    16. Judy, cape cod says:

      I had a bad feeling when I witnessed Obama's inauguration in January. Something in my gut felt "I don't think this is going to be a good 4 years.". This administration is doing too fast too soon. The liberals seem that they have been waiting for this moment and have been preparing. Pretty darn scary. But, we will prevail. Because we are Americans and we will stand strong for our freedom and liberty.

    17. Rayford Davenport says:

      About Bob of Portland, Or, The left has made anyone right of center look like a right-wing extremist.

    18. denver oklahoma says:

      Call these degenerates what they are, not what they call themselves. They are repressive Regressives. They see themselves as progressive, when what they want to do is regress back to the feudal system. We, being their serfs and they, the elitist ivyleague boobs the ruling class. That,like the fantasy of global warming, is what comes from having a disproportionate ratio of ego to intellect and doing too much recreational pharmaceuticals instead of attending class.What we have is the result of fifty years of divisive, hate-filled class-envy tripe,poor education in civics and history and a total lack of moral clarity in the judicial branch in too many places and instances. The ACLU should have the same social standing as the KKK. They don't contribute any more toward social unity or harmony than that illustrious group. The Bail-out,Buy-out & Stimulus were all just pay-offs. Paulson & Geitner both should be tried for criminal malfeasance and treason for what they both did when they had grave responsibilities to their presidents and the American people.Colossal greed and avarice will destroy us if we don't turn back toward a higher level of purpose and honest self-worth. A lineworker who demands pay that raises the price of his product beyond his customer's ability to buy it is not just stupid, he's irresponsible. Anyone who wants a free ride in life is likewise stupid and irresponsible. We all need the best from each other. And everyone needs the opportunity to be the best they can be. you will never realize that in a tightly legislated,regulated society conceived by the miniscule minds in Washington. One must have a higher purpose than their wallet to lead a nation.

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