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  • A Leviathan of Land: Perspective on the Size of the US Gov't In Pictures

    With the takeover of health care and frenzied government growth front and center, many are wondering when we will – if we haven’t already – reached a tipping point that fundamentally alters America. Much of what’s been done is described as a temporary fix. However, as President Reagan noted, “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program.”

    With this reinvigorated discussion of how big is too big, it is worthwhile to remind Americans of just how massive the Federal government already was before our current woes began. There are few more striking measures of the government’s size than the land mass of the Federal estate. The vast majority of federal lands fall within one of four agencies: the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Agriculture’s US Forest Service. At over 258 million acres, the Bureau of Land Management alone is bigger than France and Germany combined. When combined with the other aforementioned agencies, the land area is equal that of ten European nations as shown in the accompanying graph (click it to see a larger version).

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    9 Responses to A Leviathan of Land: Perspective on the Size of the US Gov't In Pictures

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      With the exception of the nation's forest and park services, Texas retained ownership of its land when the republic entered the union. Management of same falls to the state's general land office. In addition, Texas maintains a separate uniformed militia which answers only to the state. The rest of the state's populace is available to provide any necessary armed response in an emergency, whatever the cause. Spread the word throughout the Beltway's granite halls "Don't Mess With Texas".

    2. JOE NONNEMAKER PA. says:

      the more they get the more they want, the more they take,and the cycle continues, it will only stop when we live like the peasants of europe from the middle ages

    3. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      The FERAL (sp!) government needs a reset. I the process, maybe these lands should revert to: the states and/or the Native American tribes….?

    4. Tom Messerschmidt, C says:

      If there is any doubt what is in store for the United States see where the tyranny of the socialist government of California has taken it. We have the highest income, sales and corporate taxes, we are massively in debt, overwhelmed with regulation and have one of the highest unemployment rates. Beware!

    5. Terry says:

      jc, take my word for it, Nobody will invade texas.

    6. Eddy..san francisco says:

      you forgot to say California has the "best" senators and congress woman money could buy."Fiendsteen",Boxer, and "stretch Pelosi" we keep paying and paying and paying, when will we get our money's worth? maybe we're getting paid in illegals theres enough to go around.

    7. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I remember when Mary Bono was voting on taking more desert land in California. I called my daughter and told her, "soon you will be unable to ride bikes in the desert, the federal govenment just took the land". Mary Bono needs to be replaced, along with Boxer and Feinstein! They all want us under international law!

    8. George, Maryland says:

      If these weren't federal lands, they would have been ruined. We learned that a hundred years ago when the eastern forests had to be bought up and given national forest status, after they had been logged-off and the bare watersheds were flooding regularly.

    9. Jerry from Chicago says:

      When it comes to government control, there is no such thing as too much with the current Obama crew.

      I'm reminded of the James Bond family motto, "The world isn't enough."

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