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  • Statement by Former Attorney General Ed Meese on New York Terror Trials

    Edwin Meese III, the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy and Chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation as well as the United States Attorney General between 1985 and 1988 released the following statement today on the proposed trials of terrorists in New York City, including confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

    “It is clear that foreign terrorists and terrorist groups have committed acts of war against the United States, and that our national security requires that we respond accordingly. This means that President Bush’s prudent actions and the military response which he led should continue as our answer to these attacks.

    Congress overwhelmingly reaffirmed their commitment to military commissions in 2006, which have historically been the way that we respond to acts of war. To abandon our two centuries of tradition and to substitute some new civilian procedure as a response to such attacks endangers the security of our country and our national interest.

    It was a tragic mistake to decide to abandon the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, which was designed physically and legally to handle these types of cases. It is a further tragic mistake to now bring the detained war combatants into the United States and to employ civilian criminal procedures which were never intended for this type of situation.

    The U.S. Constitution protects American citizens and visitors from the moment they are suspected of criminal wrongdoing through a potential trial. These same protections are not, have never, and should not be granted to enemy combatants in war, since it is clear that regardless of the outcome of the trial, these detainees will likely remain in the custody of the United States.”

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    35 Responses to Statement by Former Attorney General Ed Meese on New York Terror Trials

    1. AmericanMuser, Washi says:

      Many of us in Middle America are scratching our heads with the announcement that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his alleged underlings will be tried in New York civilian courts. After watching and listening to President Obama and Attorney General Holder justify the decision, the reasonable person is left with a very simple question: “Why?”

      It’s easy to get lost in all of the political spinning and back-peddling taking place to justify this decision, but there is only one question that needs to be answered to determine whether or not these individuals should be tried in civilian or military courts. That question is whether the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 was an act of war or a crime. If the bombings were an act of war, then these individuals should be tried in military courts, period.

      Unfortunately, President Obama and Attorney General Holder do not consider the bombing of Americans on U.S. soil an act of war, but a crime instead. This seems out of step with Middle America, which rejects the mental gymnastics required to arrive at the conclusion that the bombings were a crime and not an act of war.

      Like many of the decisions made by President Obama, this one too is rooted in political expediency, rather than sound policymaking. President Obama has shamefully chosen to afford these terrorists all of the constitutional rights reserved to American citizens. These terrorists will now ironically and perversely cloak themselves in the very protections of the U.S. Constitution they are trying to destroy, and turn their trials into a media circus. They will portray themselves as victims of over aggressive interrogators and prosecutors, giving terrorists gasoline to pour on their fire of Islamic extremist hatred around the world as they continue to work to destroy this nation.

      The techniques used by the CIA, FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security to keep this nation safe and bring these terrorists to justice will be in full display in civilian courts and in the media for the world to see, compromising the ability of these agencies to keep Americans safe now and for years to come.

      President Obama and Attorney General Holder have placed New York in the crosshairs of the world’s highest profile assault on Islam, jeopardizing the safety of its residents and ripping the scabs off the wounds suffered by thousands of the survivors of loved ones lost on 9/11.

      What really indicates that this is a political exercise and poor policy is the fact that these terrorists will be completely unable to get a fair trial in New York, since every person in this nation experienced the horror of 9/11 to one degree or another .

      Further, the president and attorney general have given Islamic extremists exposure they couldn’t buy any where in the world—center stage in New York—to parade their message of hatred to the world.

      With the past 12 months as its guide, Middle America is cynical about President Obama’s real reason for trying these terrorists in American civil courts. This administration has been looking into the rearview mirror for the past year, running against the failed policies of George Bush and Dick Cheney, rather than looking forward and putting solid policy solutions on the table for American families. In keeping with their modus operandi, President Obama wants these trials to be an indictment on George Bush and Dick Cheney, around whose neck he plans to hang the fruits of the spectacle that will be viewed by the world when these trials commence. 9/11 was an act of war and these terrorists should be tried in a military court, off of American soil, period.

      A. Muser

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      We are deliberately put in danger! Besides congress, what is stopping us from stopping THIS!?

    3. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Oh come on close Gitmo and bring the prisoners to private industry we can use all the jobs we can get now.

    4. Jill Hetherington says:

      Everything this president does says I hate you America. That's the way I see it. He cares more about terrorists than he does about us.

    5. Anita says:

      I'm glad some one can see the humor in all this…..you were jesting wern't you Nicolai?

    6. Harry K, WI says:

      How much incompetence warrants treason? Mr. Obama seems to keep doing all that he can to place the American people in harms way. He has sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution, but doesn't appear to be aware of his powers and duties. He seems to be an empty suit, with no intelligence and is only a front man for some game that someone is playing on the American people. This is no game. Time to wake up and quit playing some role and start building America back to what it should be: the light of the world. We used to lead the world, now the world looks down at us as a backward country. Why? Look at our "Leaders". Would you really want them to decide your future?

    7. Robert, Orangeburg, says:

      The new term being coined about President Obama is he is the first "Post-American" President. That is, his "loyalty" is to the world. He is the leader the WORLD wants for AMERICA. He is NOT the leader AMERICANS want for AMERICA. His "constituents" are the citizens of the world, he is a UN Secretary General sitting in the oval office. The administration's policies thus far border on treason; burdening the country through debt from health care, climate change etc. legislation. His subserviant behavior on the international stage, coupled with his fondness for international law (as opposed to his duty to uphold the US Constitution)make him the most dangerous and irresponsible figure to ever lead the nation. Please (not that any of you would) do not give him the benefit of the doubt on anything. He is a "true believer" and devout disciple of the radical left.

    8. Sandra, Texas says:

      By all means, protect these terrorists at all cost. I don't, and haven't, understood the Obama Administration's logic in this matter. Maybe there is no logic.

    9. Rayford Davenport says:

      Nothing this President has done so far makes sense.Why expect anything different now?

    10. Doug Warner, Cabot, says:

      The people on trial will not be the terrorists, it will be everyone but them. It is a blatant attempt to divert attention from the issues such as health care, Afghanistan, economy and Iran and most importantly, the Major Nidal Hasan case. Something people don't know, yet, is that Major Nidal Hasan was an attendee at the George Washington University proceedings of the Homeland Security Policy Institute and was a part of Obama's Homeland Security Transition Team. His name is listed on the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute report entitled "Thinking Anew-Security Priorities For The Next Administration" a procedings report of the HSPI Presidential Transition Task Force. His name is on page 29 as an attendee at the conference. This is why Obama didn't want an investigation and this is why Obama is trying these terrorists in New York. He wants to make everyone think he is tough on terrorism, he wants you to watch the media circus and not watch the Fort Hood investigation. He is clever but he still doesn't get it that our patriotism will make us watch both issues closely. I just hope someone brings to light the connection between Major Nidal Hasan and the Obama transition team.

    11. Tim Az says:

      Simply put this is Mao-Bama and freinds water boarding the Amercian people who dared to engage enemy terrorists on their own soil. After of course they struck us first on our soil. Evil is truly blind. These fools would destroy themselves in order to inflicked pain upon American citizens. I guess that makes liberals supreme masochists. The evil within them blinds them to the fact that when they attack America they attack themselves equally and undiminished. They are no different than an organ who's survival depends on the bodies existance.

    12. philip says:

      Just another way for the Obama adminstration to defeat america with total disrespect of the military and the security of our country. We are loseing america with every move the demcratic liberial congress makes.They have no respect for the 911 victims or thier famlies.Obama Polosi Reid and congress have no values or respect for america

    13. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      I would like to state the following as an addendum to A. Muser's eloquent comments. President Obama, by his decision to try the KSM and his associated terrorists in U.S. courts, has taken the position that 9/11 was a criminal act. Therefore, how can he legally justify the current military action in response to a criminal organization? Since he now claims it was not an act of war the U.S. must proceed with the immediate removal of all troops from the Afganistan theater of action.

      This is the house of cards he will use to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan while protecting his position with the hard left and claiming he didn't loose the war. Rather than making a hard decision requiring a principled stand he fabricates his own "easy way out" exit strategy.

    14. tim - nicholson pa says:




    15. Carl T (Phx, AZ) says:

      You ALL are right. O and his Adm have done NOTHING to make us safer. Their distain for America is evident in everything they do. Thank God this year is about done.

      Remember this about 2010……

      2010 CORRECTION Day, NOT 2010 Election Day

      O is even worse than Jimmy Carter

    16. Judy K., Los Angeles says:

      Everything this president does speaks volumes of his dis-like and disregard for this amazing country of ours.He is a fool and a dangerous one at that. His policies are socialist and the people he surrounds himself with are socialists. They have all learned at the feet of Sol Alinsky,a radical and a communist. He is putting America and our way of life in danger.

    17. Mike Winsauer, Kings says:

      If I imagined myself as a president of the U.S. who wanted to destroy the country and all its traditions, its triumphs and successes, I would probably do all the things Obama has done and plans to do.

      It seems so clear that he and his henchmen do not represent the majority of people in this country and their core beliefs.

      How's all that hope and change workin' out for those of you who voted for this Obamanation?

    18. Dan Faucette-PA says:


    19. Tommy..........Alaba says:

      Holder couldn't carry the dirty socks of a real AG….and that's not saying a wkole for Obama…..i think he has no clue of what the right thing to do.Ihave just lost my job,and he keeps saying "jobs i have saved or created" as far as i'm concerned he hates America,and Her way of like.Every where i look to find a job…..they are laying off Americans……we need some REAL people in office.not game players,tax cheats and crooks.

    20. Nancy, Michigan says:

      I agree with Mr. Meese enemy combatants should never be afforded the same trial by jury that American citizens are. These are matters to be handled by the Military courts. Our "Commander in Chief" should know and support that thinking. The government spent something like 30 +/- million to build the court house at Gitmo to process these cases, now they will have to spend another 75 million +/- that the City of NY is asking for for security during the trial, plus the cost of the trial itself. What in the world is Obama and Holder thinking with? Problem is they are not thinking. It's that 15 minutes of fame! So lets just spend more money that we don't have. This is a travisty, and a slap in the face to all American citizens. Not to mention this is against the Constitution! Wake up Washington and be careful! I believe they call this high treason. We as Americans are sick and tired of the madness and stupid decisions coming out of this White House.

    21. BigJoe, TN says:

      The morons that are in charge are like a teenager with a credit card. They have no concept of the consequences of their actions. The leadership of the democrats coupled with the knowledge that there are 60 million other morons in this country is making it more difficult each passing day to be a proud American. We are the laughing stock of the rest of the world who generally holds America in contempt. WAKE UP AMERICA.

    22. Matt - Atlanta, GA says:

      You think those New Yorkers are still gleeful for Obama? That old wheel rolls around again…

    23. Lee, Texas says:

      Please pray for Obama. Psalms 109:8

    24. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      How is this "on the job training" coming along for you President Obama? As I see it: not so good.

      The good news is that the backlash in the next election cycle should be profound. Can't wait.

    25. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      He is inviting the next terrorist attack, he is going to cost New York money they don't have and it's also going to cost the US. Try them in Military tribunal and then the firing squad.

    26. Harry Snyder Mich. says:

      H.S. to H K; I agree with the assertion that BHK is an empty suit, following scripts written by his handlers. Only 40-something, he hasn't the background or education to fill the position he….enjoys. (Double entendre deliberate).

    27. Doug Warner, Cabot, says:

      Lee, I pray for Obama every night…I pray that he doesn't screw things up so bad that the next President, someone who cares about this country, can't fix it.

      Look, plain and simple, decisions being made by this administration are not in the best interest of the country. We can rant and rave all we want, express our displeasure on the internet and even drink beer with our neighbors and try to fix the world. It helps us let off steam but we all need to take some of this energy we have, get on the internet with our Senators and Congressmen/women and let them know that they work for us and regardless of the party they are in, if they don't represent us, the people who they were elected to represent, we will find someone who will.

      Edwin Meese said, and I will paraphrase here, The Declaration of Independence was written to free us to make our own decisions as a nation. The Constitution was written to compliment the Declaration of Independence. They were both written as a proclamation representing the people…the people of the United States, not the people of some terrorist organization who fly planes into skyscrapers and then brag about killing 3,000 innocent non-combatants.

      We were attacked by Al Qaeda…they didn't rob a bank, steal a car, counterfeit our money, the attacked us and killed 3000 people. It was premeditated, planned over years and carried out by people who want to see America, as well as Isreal and the entire Western civilian destroyed. Sorry Mr President and AG Holder, that isn't a crime, that is a war. Just because they aren't from a particular country and just because they committed the act on our soil doesn't change the fact that they in fact declared war on us…and we are now fighting a war on terror. You both need to defend our country, make decisions based on the best interest of our country, or turn it over to someone who will.

    28. RE Ward, Raleigh, NC says:

      So tell me, how is that hope and change working out for you and your family??

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    30. Larry D says:

      Let's face it, Obama doesn't care. He was a known radical leftist, but he was able to decieve the uninformed, the ignorant, and the gullible to vote for his leftist agenda. Unfortunately,there still too many of these people totally dependent on the government for support.

    31. Doug Warner, Cabot, says:

      Larry D,

      Obama DOES care, just not about you, me or anyone else who doesnt' agree with a huge government takeover, a socialist economic society and a near communist government where if you agree, you prosper and if you disagree, you fall into disparity.

      I challenge anyone to list one thing that Obama has done that has made this country any better…one thing. You can't.

      ALL POLLS show that since he took office the country has become more divided. Yet he promised unity. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are legislating behind close doors and Obama is bringing in Bill Clinton to do the same, yet Obama promised transparency. Our troops are waiting for a command decision…still…yet Obama claimed he had a plan and that the war in Afghanistan was a war of necessity and was the right war. Obama took over banks, auto companies, started limiting income of the successful and increasing taxes on peole under the $250,000 he said wouldn't be taxed more, yet he claimed he didnt' believe in socialism and redistribution of wealth. He and his croanies still atack Sarah Palin, yet his family is out of bounds. He said during his campaign that we needed a civilian force to compliment our military…compliment? Or did he mean keep in line our civilian population who disagreed with him. Did anyone see the SEIU beat the crap out of the black man at the Tea Party Rally? Nothing happened to him. Did anyone hear about the Black Panther who stood outside the polling station with a night stick threatening people? He was relieved of all charges…interesting isn't it. Suddeenly it is like we are in a communist state where public opinion is a crime…unless it fits a certain mold. That isn't what I served 28 years in the Air Force to defend…that isn't what the Constitution calls for. Obama doesn't care about you, me or the guy next door. He cares about the unions that support him, he cares about the uninformed voter who thinks its cool to et a text message from him and votes for him although they don't have a clue what he represents or stands for. They voted for him because he was cool…they didn't know he was going to raise their taxes and they didn't know they would be standing outside UCLA or UC Irvine today protesting because the college rates are going through the sky. They voted for a cool guy because they were too ill informed, and some just didn't care, that this Obama guy was going to employ communists, marxists and socialist in the White House, a slap in the face to the millions who had served and died to keep those very types out. He is a disgrace, yet he smiles in his continuous television photo opportunities when he purposely monopolizes the air waves while he says nothing, just keeps his face on the TV where so many people see him but don't really know him.

      He smiles while he knows in the back of his mind that he is doing what bin Laden couldn't do…he is weakening this country to a point that we may not be able to turn it around. 2010 is a last hope. The Democrats must be taken out of a super majority, if not out or a majority together. Then, the Republicans need to wake up and remember why they were soundly defeated last year and get back to the things that put them in power before…honest, conservative values, national defense and the one thing that Obama has destroyed most of all, national pride.

      We the people must remove Obama and the Obama-crats before they allow us all to be taken over by greed, deceit and China.

    32. Bobbie Jay says:

      We need productive jobs. NOT GOVERNMENT MAKE-WORK!

      here's an idea from the illiterate, lets bring terrorists over here so we can create AN INCREASE IN TAXES FOR MAKE-WORK WE WOULDN'T OTHERWISE NEED!

      Our Heavenly Father despises evil. It would be against His Will to pray for it… pray for all to find heart in the human: personal responsibilities,freedom, decency and abilities inspired by our Brother of the middle east, Jesus Christ.

    33. Bob Aitken Houston T says:

      We have elected a Saul Alynski Big Govt Statist to the highest elected office in the World. We also have Statist Big Govt. Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi doing his bidding. This show trial is a way to rub George Bushes nose in it. It may backfire because the American people are tired of the game playing going on in D.C. This whole agenda is pitting the people who pay taxes against the ones that do not and want more. This childish, devious action will do great harm to the greatest freedom loving country and by the way still Christian In the world !!

    34. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      Doug Warner, and everyone else here….your comments are great!!! You are well informed and we all care for the future of our country. Lets hope the Big Zero doesnt do anything stupid enough that cant be fixed. However it seems it will head that way. 3 more years is enough time to destroy all that we have fought and died to build, and Obama and his pals obviously have the money to buy anything they need (Louisana purchase etc). I am afraid that the stupidity of the people who put him in office (and 90% of them are still humping his leg for thrills) have led us to a path of doom. Maybe we will all see each other on the battlefield when push comes to shove.

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