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  • Iran’s Foreign Minister Rejects Nuclear Deal

    Today Iranian Foreign Minister Manochehr Mottaki publicly rejected the U.N.-backed proposal to send about 70 percent of Iran’s known supplies of enriched uranium out of the country. Mottaki suggested that instead Iran would exchange its low-enriched uranium for an equivalent amount of slightly higher enriched uranium, but only on its own territory. This clearly would be unacceptable since it would put Iran closer, rather than slightly farther away from, acquiring sufficient quantities of enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon, if the uranium were to be further enriched.

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner recognized this reality and said that he was disappointed that “There is a clear and negative response from the Iranians.” But there has been no public reaction from the Obama Administration yet. Although the talks have focused on a side issue of what to do about Iran’s stocks of enriched uranium, even if a temporary solution was found to address this issue, Tehran adamantly rejects any halt in its uranium enrichment efforts and continues to stonewall IAEA efforts to find out more about its suspect nuclear activities.

    Despite Tehran’s repeated failure to meet deadlines for an acceptable diplomatic resolution of the problem, there are bound to be yet more calls for the Administration to bend over backwards once again and allow Iran to buy more time for its nuclear program. This would be a grave error. It is time to accept Iran’s “no” as a “no” and not become bogged down in endless diplomatic haggling on peripheral issues as Iran runs out the clock. But unfortunately, the Obama Administration is not likely to admit anytime soon that its engagement policy with Iran has failed.

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    10 Responses to Iran’s Foreign Minister Rejects Nuclear Deal

    1. Ed kentucky says:

      What did you expect?

    2. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      The obama administration was expecting sunshine and lollypops in the land of make belive he sees Iran as.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Only the weak hide their faults and failures, stealing other peoples time and money… unfortunately, the weak population gained undeserving positions of authority, by deception and cheating.

    4. Cheri, Las Vegas says:

      This is what happens when you have a president who thinks like a diplomat instead of a leader. He thinks the solution to everything is talk, talk, talk. The next thing we may hear is that the USA has no right to interfere. We certainly wouldn't want to be viewed as bullies, now would we? And while he is mired in this situation, of which he hasn't come out with an opinion, our guys are dying in Afganistan while he can't make up his mind whether to support them or not.

    5. Albert Campbellsvill says:

      Turn Isreal loose on iran,they know how to take care of business.

    6. Terry Dolven- Arizon says:

      How many deadlines has Obama given Iran? This is just another example of his incompetency at the expense of U.S. and world security.

    7. philip says:

      cowards thae no action

    8. Tim Az says:

      I'm thinking just maybe Isreal will send them a care package sometime after the 2010 election. When we have frimly put Jack back in his box and the liberals can no longer turn the crank for the remaining two years. Mmm MMm MMM

    9. Ali, Tehran says:

      When former President Bush declared in the year 2002 that there is some unelected authorities in Iran who have stand against the Iranian desires for a better life, and then put the Islamic Republic in the Evil Axis, he knew exactly what he is saying and doing.

      I remeber that date many people and politicans around the world were disagreed with this bold decision. But as time goes by the world understood more and more that the Bush's decision was quite right.

      The fact is that the iranian regime will not give up of his military nuclear program at all, and unfortunately there is no deserved leader such as former president Bush in the USA to stop iranian regime.

      Please do note that if iranian people have awakened to get their rights from this tyrranic regime today, this is quite the result of the Bush administration's policy not the engagement policy of Obama's administration. Former president Bush was the president who thought beyond the horizen. I wish to have such leaders in my country someday.

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