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  • Carbon Offsets Ease Guilt, Not Emissions

    The New York Times reports today:

    In 2002 Responsible Travel became one of the first travel companies to offer customers the option of buying so-called carbon offsets to counter the planet-warming emissions generated by their airline flights.

    But last month Responsible Travel canceled the program, saying that while it might help travelers feel virtuous, it was not helping to reduce global emissions. In fact, company officials said, it might even encourage some people to travel or consume more.

    “The carbon offset has become this magic pill, a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card,” Justin Francis, the managing director of Responsible Travel, one of the world’s largest green travel companies to embrace environmental sustainability, said in an interview. “It’s seductive to the consumer who says, ‘It’s $4 and I’m carbon-neutral, so I can fly all I want.’ ”

    Unfortunately Washington DC is lagging far behind the private sector when it comes to acknowledging just how fraudulent carbon offsets are. The Waxman-Markey cap and tradeenergy tax bill allows for companies to exceed their carbon cap requirements by purchasing two billion tons of carbon offsets; one billion tons for international allocation and one billion tons in the U.S. itself.

    The NYT does a decent job of detailing why carbon offset programs are completely fraudulent, but the utter uselessness of Waxman-Markey does not end there. Not only does the bill create a huge offset loophole, but it also gives away more than 100% of the carbon allowances necessary for the U.S. to meet the bill’s stated carbon reduction targets.

    Even with all of these allowance over issuances and offset loopholes, Waxman-Markey still would do noting to change world temperatures. Climatologist Chip Knappenberger crunched the numbers and found that even the strictest version of Waxman-Markey would reduce projected global temperatures by just 0.044ºC by 2050. That is less than one-tenth of one degree.

    And then there are the costs of Waxman-Markey: $3,000 per year for an average family-of-four almost , 2.5 million net job losses by 2035, and a cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) loss of $9.4 trillion between 2012 and 2035.

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    11 Responses to Carbon Offsets Ease Guilt, Not Emissions

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      The guilty card has always been what this is about. This is a classic tactic of the leftists. Why has political correctness infected our society and military? Because leftists have been "educating" for decades now that to be NOT PC is just mean-spirited.

      There are no losers in sports. Don't keep score. Everyone is a winner. Don't have a sense of humor unless it is Saturday Night Live or David Letterman bashing Sarah Palin and others. Beware of Human Resources Departments or you could lose your job for any number of leftists, PC causes. Get intimidated to where any reasonable person does not say anything for fear of scorn and career ending consequences.

      We wonder why people did not strongly come forth about the Ft. Hood Terrorist Mass Murderer?

      It is ALL about the culture of guilt. This is why our Dear Leader has no problem with constantly apologizing for America and cherry-picks tasty morsels of unsavory historical events that suit his ideology.

      This guilt complex outweighs every good thing America has ever done.

      Make no mistake, there were a lot of guilty people who voted for Obama. Wonder how they feel now?

    2. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      This "Green" movement along with the "Carbon offsets" is nothing more then a great PR campaign and ponzi scheme built in to it. PR kudos for the fine packaging and wrap given to the media to sell. The ponzi scheme to milk the consumer out of billions of dollars. Is it so hard to realize that the Earth has been here for millions of years before our footprint and it will be here long after we are gone. (Our lifestyle is just a blip compared to what the earth has survived before us.)

    3. TonyfromOz says:

      I hope you'll bear with me for a minute and to show I'm not making it up, I'll include links, to the Government's own site the Energy Information Administration.

      I'm concerned here at the statement that Companies can purchase one Billion tons of credits just from within the U.S. At the proposed auction starting point of $50 per ton, (something not mentioned since candidate Obama mentioned it during the run up to the election) then that effectively means it's not aimed at just one Company, because that amounts to $50 Billion, so I would think that would be spread across all Companies.

      One billion tons of CO2.

      This link http://www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf/electricity/epm/tabl… shows how the U.S. burns almost 950 million tons of coal (bottom left) just to produce 45% of its electricity.

      This link http://www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf/coal/quarterly/co2_a… shows how one ton of coal produces 2.86 tons of CO2. Scroll down to the heading ‘Coal Combustion And Carbon Dioxide Emissions’.

      So electricity production in the coal sector alone produces just on 2.8 Billion tons of CO2.

      Added to this is the emissions from the Natural Gas fired sector shown at this link http://www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf/electricity/epm/tabl… shown in MCF (1000CuFt) and that number is almost 7 Billion MCF.

      Each MCF produces 122 pounds of CO2, so the total CO2 from this sector is 430 million tons of CO2.

      From petroleum generated power the emissions amount to a further 80 million tons.

      Added together we now have around 5.4 Billion tons.

      The electricity generating sector accounts for (up to) 40% of all emissions so now the total CO2 emissions for the US from all (man made) sources amounts to 13.5 Billion tons.

      If stated as above, Companies can purchase 1 billion tons, then is Waxman Markey just giving away the remaining 12.5 Billion tons.

      So then, I was just wondering if Messrs Waxman, Markey, Kerry and Madame Boxer might tell the public just which areas will be targeted for the 1 Billion tons, and when will they be zeroing in on the rest, and for how much, and knowing that electricity usage is a discretionary and is a captive user, requiring that electrical power absolutely, and for all the time, then how is this iniquitous new and huge tax going to reduce those emissions.

      Once people become aware of the huge numbers involved in this whole sorry saga, the intent of an emissions trading scheme becomes more transparent.

      It's just a huge bucket of money, and you know what they say.

      "Never come between a politician and a bucket of money."

      Sorry to take so much space.


    4. TonyfromOz says:

      (Lucky I came back and checked. Might a Moderator adjust that earlier post addition error there by cutting and pasting the following in place of the area starting ….. Added together … up to the ending … 12.5 Billion tons. Thank you.)

      Added together we now have 3.4 Billion tons of CO2.

      The electricity generating sector accounts for (up to) 40% of all emissions so now the total CO2 emissions for the US from all (man made) sources amounts to 8.5 Billion tons.

      If stated as above, Companies can purchase 1 billion tons, then is Waxman Markey just giving away the remaining 7.5 Billion tons.

    5. Richard Sandve says:

      Al Gore is not green, but he is sure making a lot of green on all the carbon offset companies he owns!Worthless!!!!!!!!This is The inconvenient Truth!

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      By this point in time, we should all understand this entire "Crap and Tax" bill is not about "carbon offsets". It's not about the World's environment. It has nothing do do with any

      of this absurd "green movement" that is diverting

      our attention away from the real agenda of this

      administration. It is about CONTROL AND POWER of

      every aspect of our lives. Obama and his lackeys

      want only one result, TO DESTROY OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. To drive this country into SOCIALISM.

    7. Tim Az says:

      I think the followers of the enviro-religion are able to easily understand your analogy. But the enviro clergymen know their policies for what they truly are. These enviro policies are simply put a remission of sin for those who choose to engage in capitolism that begets freedom. If the enviro-flock were to understand this. The flock would shrink even more than it has already.

      How's that hope and change working out for you?

    8. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      When you have Senators such as Debbie Stabenow (D MI) state that global warming is real because she feels the increased turbulence when flying to Micigan and Representatives such as Conyers (D MI) who states "who reads the bills – they are too complicated" (or words to this effect)then you know we are beating our heads against a brick wall. I am starting to get a really bad head ache.

    9. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Ben C, Ann Arbor,

      I feel your pain Ben C. I know many fine people who still live in Michigan.

      On top of all this, U of M is having a tough football season!

      How do these people keep getting elected?

    10. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Why is it bad for there to be an private sector enticement for renewable energy credits?

      If you pollute simple pay 50 dollars a ton to someone that doesn't.

      Once you guys start figuring in the true cost of cheap energy maybe than you can start to understand how this can work.

      Until you stop excepting dirty fuels as an acceptable infrastructure there really is no need to discuss it any further. We are no longer in the industrial age of fossil fuels. We are in the Information age of Green Energy. Wake Up……

      I am more than willing to sacrifice dollars to make this a better place for my children.

    11. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Nicolai,

      Thank you. You will be a perfect comrade. You see nothing wrong with wealth redistribution. What do you think our tax system is? The problem is how MUCH is EVER enough? You may fall for and believe all this nonsense.

      Over a hundred million of us are sick of the continuing corruption and fraud. Not a penny more until they stop the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

      Your last sentence is the oldest socialist cliche there is. It is a favorite tactic to try to stop an argument you cannot logically defend.

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