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  • Obamacare: Reid’s Secret Bill to be Unveiled Soon

    The health care reform debate in the Senate may start this week – at least procedurally. Today or tomorrow, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is expected to move to proceed to either the House passed Pelosicare bill or another tax bill (either an AIG Bonus tax bill or the Uniform Services Tax Bill) in order to start the procedure for a full Senate debate on Obamacare. Although the procedural process will start this week, the full debate on Reid’s bill will not commence until after the Senate’s Thanksgiving Day recess.

    Today or tomorrow, it is expected that Reid release both the text of his legislation and a score from the Congressional Budget Office finally to other Senators and the American public. Dan Perrin of the HSA Coalition has written about the Reid bill as a hidden “Vapor Bill” and calls it “all hat, no cattle.” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said over the weekend on Fox News Sunday that “we know it’s been in Harry Reid’s office for six weeks and the other 99 senators have not seen it.” The bottom line is that Senators will be voting to proceed to a bill on Friday that they have yet to see and will have little time to read before the first critical vote. Sadly, the secretive procedure used to roll out this legislation has severely restricted the rights of Americans to participate in this process.

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    28 Responses to Obamacare: Reid’s Secret Bill to be Unveiled Soon

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I will never defend so-called “white-collar” criminals like “Bernie Mad Off With The Money.

      But, what this government and many lobbyists are doing to the American People is infinitely worse. It is not just the money, but the deceit and destruction of whatever trust and values are left.

      Then I hear a certain administration official say “We need to trust what they are doing?”

      Is there a legal licensed doctor out there who will volunteer services for conducting lobotomies?

    2. Darlene, PA says:

      The only time people hide things is because they are trying to get away with something.

      How about being open and above board about this.

      I for one am sick and tired of the sneaky way Gov. has been handling everything for a long time.

    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Lieutenant Colonel A.B. West, in his letter titled Tragedy at Ft Hood stated “Our Congress should suspend the insidious action to vote on a preposterous and unconstitutional healthcare bill and resolve the issue of ‘protecting the American people’.” He expressed my exact thoughts about the U.S. Congress' legislative overreach and Obama administration's misplaced priorities.

    4. Terry, Northern Ca says:

      They are a election away. They have over stepped, and we will have to undue what they think they can due. If you want to be a communist you are free to leave. If they keep it up, may be forced to leave.

    5. Roger S., Ma. says:

      "Fog comes on little cat's feet…"

      And they complain of the lack of public trust!

      Too bad this bill is vapor already. — Any way to heat that flask in Greid's hand?!

      Public lack of trust needs to be converted into public "thrust", next November, at the polls!

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      Are we in "duh" zone? Reid is going to tiptoe to Obama and slip it under the door two days before midnight? DON'T WORRY, I PROMISE I WON'T TELL ANYONE!

      Whoever doesn't see through ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT CORRUPT AND CHILDISH BEHAVIOR, GREED AND INTOLERANCE, CONTROL AND POWER, is obviously apart of it or "stupid" like Bill Maher admitted. It needs to stop, now!

    7. Paul Terry Stone says:

      Seems like Congress members would vote against anything that they can't read and study. Otherwise they can't responsibly represent those that they are supposed to represent.

    8. Marcia, New Hampshir says:

      The Obama administration and the liberal Congress are determined to bring this country down!

    9. Norbert, Pa says:

      All the more reason that ALL congress and senate members should be limited to two terms – just as the highest office in the land

    10. Rob D. ID says:


    11. ROY, ORANGE CA says:

      Talk about Transparency. This bill is so transparent it is invisible. What a farce everything has become!

    12. charlie mississippi says:

      Election day can't come fast enough

    13. Ed, Kenmore, NY says:

      Reid and his cohorts seem to be interested in demagoguery for the sake of an agenda far to the left of mainstream America. Hence, we recognize his need for stealth voting without even reading what you're voting on…an incomprehensible thing to a group of first graders! But, truth and the democratic process doesn't matter to this tribe of misguided liberals, nor to his commander in chief, apparently. I would suggest that impeachment is a necessary consideration when government leaders at any level hijack common sense, railroad reason, and divert constitutional process…and these are not opinions, but in-your-face observations. Is there no person or governmental process that can stop this huge leak in political and moral integrity before next fall's elections?

    14. philip says:


    15. Max, Texarkana, AR says:

      We need to vote out every Senator and Representative who vote for ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. They should be replaced with patriotic and conservative people who will support and defend our Constitution. By the year 2014, we will have our United States back under control.

    16. Tim Az says:

      What else could it be but Pelosi's bill with dingy Harry's endorsement on it. Why do you think no one can be allowed to gaze at it until its ready to be voted on. With the intention that no one will have time to dsicover this before it passes. How deep is their contempt for the American people?

    17. Nick, Los Angeles says:

      While we busy ourselves with the debate over b.hussein's health care bill, please keep in mind one very important fact that's never presented to the American people: b.hussein's health care bill is not about health care, it's about control.

    18. Jeanne, Minneapolis says:

      It seems that the louder we scream the more cotton they put in their ears. When are they going to figure out that they work for us and stop this madness – 2010 is comming, and I for one will be voting them out!!!

    19. Gray_Stroke in the R says:

      past performance keeps them going….they know the American has a zero attention span…..look most of you all have been voting for these Marxists for years……I saw through this over 14 years ago and vote only for the conservative but now there is nothing left to vote for but plenty to vote against…IF you people can remember that far back in November….Ha…my bet…the polls have shown that there will only be a 20% turnover……sad that means 80 percent of these crooks will be back……thanks Amerika………thanks a lot……

    20. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      As I see the more absurd the healthcare bill the angrier people become. The best outcome will be for Congress to ignore us which will cause a massive backlash in the voting booth. The worst Congress can do is give us compromises that appear to appease us which will translate into voter apathy. Keep up the good work Pelosi and Reed – you are really staring to p–s me off!

    21. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      When will the call come for a special investigator to investigate what amounts to fraud, influence peddling, and flat out failure of our representatives and senators to do their business in public? These blatantly Unconstitutional actions are patently in violation of the fundamental law and DEMAND a full, public, Watergate style examination–and possible impeachment and imprisonment of these power-mongering thugs.

    22. John, Colorado says:

      Reid is a shallow, insecure little man that can't handle the light of day let alone the light of truth when it is cast upon him.

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    24. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Congress may trust what they are doing, but the American Citizen will never trust those people again.

    25. Theresa - Minden, NV says:

      The healthcare system may need overhauling, but certainly not at the expense of the taxpayer. Those of us considered Middle Class are certainly irked at the attitude of Congress saying those who do not have a means of livelihood should be taken care of by those members of society who have worked and planned for the future. Most people act responsibly; however, there are too many who want the government to do everything for them. The handouts are getting ridiculous!!!!

    26. John Cincinnati Ohi says:

      It is too bad that we must deal with a bunch of American hateing legislaters like this. I hope we all remember this on election day. There are those of us who have fought and others who have died to protect our great country and its constitution. And, we get this.

    27. carol new orleans says:

      cannot wait to vote all of these power-hungry

      socialists out of office, while we still have a vote..

    28. carol new orleans says:

      Our senator, Mary Landrieu sold out for her twenty pieces of silver still citing Katrina as her reason..she has had no intention of doing anything but going along with her deceitful dems on DC..Louisiana crooks are just right out in the open and in your face about it, whenever they dig into the pockets of America..they usually do it this way, except in the case of Billy Tauzin and the big pharma deal he sealed with a handshake when he and Obama met behind closed doors during this health tax mega event of the democats doing.

      In the meantime our Natioanl Security is hung out to dry under the sky of doublespeak and euphemisms.. The Fort Hood terrorist may plead an insanity defense..what a great precedent..murderous terrorists who wage war against the innocent on our soil are going to keep the liberal trial lawyers in this country fat forever at our expense..we will foot the bill now for an invitation to terrorists to declare open season on our shores..This is change alright

      and the hope certainly doesn't rest in the suits in DC who are setting us up.

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