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  • Morning Bell: The Fake Jobs of Obama's Failed Stimulus

    Forget everything bad you’ve ever heard about President Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus. Combing through the data on the $18 million Recovery.gov website, you’ll find tons of Obama stimulus success stories from across the country. In Minnesota’s 57th Congressional District, 35 jobs have been saved or created using $404,340 in stimulus funds. In New Mexico’s 22nd Congressional District, 25 jobs have been saved or created using $61,000 in stimulus cash. And in Arizona’s fighting 15th Congressional District, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending.

    The it-would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-our-tax-dollars-at-stake punch line here is that none of the above Congressional Districts actually exist. Yet those jobs “created or saved” claims still sit on the Obama administration’s official “transparency and accountability” website Recovery.gov. As the Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso points out, it would have been nearly costless for the Recovery.gov site designers to limit the input fields so that non-existent Congressional Districts never made it into the public domain, but for whatever reason the Obama administration chose otherwise. Defending the fake data on his website, Recovery.gov Communications Director Ed Pound told ABC News: “We report what the recipients submit to us. Some recipients clearly don’t know what congressional district they live in, so they appear to be just throwing in any number. We expected all along that recipients would make mistakes on their congressional districts, on job numbers, on award amounts, and so on. Human beings make mistakes.”

    Pound is dead wrong. The problem with Recovery.gov is not human reporting error, but an error of human design. Highly trained professional economists don’t agree on how to tell when a job has been “saved or created,” yet the Obama administration expects a Kentucky shoe-store owner to accurately create such data? “Just throwing in any number.” That just about sums up the accuracy of Recovery.gov. And the usually compliant mainstream press is beginning to notice.

    The Washington Examiner has begun tracking stories from established media outlets on bogus job claims made by the Obama administration and they have already identified 75,343 fake jobs out of the 640,000 that the Obama administration claimed. You can track Obama job fakery from around the country on the Examiner’s interactive “Bogus Jobs” map here.

    The lesson here is that the American people simply cannot trust any stimulus claims made by the Obama White House. Fortunately we have an objective way to hold Obama accountable.

    The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has been collecting accepted and standardized employment data since the 1940s.

    When President Obama was selling his $787 billion stimulus to the American people, he promised unemployment would never rise above 7.8% and that by 2010 the U.S. economy would employ 138.6 million jobs. The unemployment rate now is 10.2%, and with only 130.8 million jobs in the U.S. economy, President Obama is 7.8 million jobs short of what he promised the American people. That makes President Obama’s stimulus an objective failure.

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    65 Responses to Morning Bell: The Fake Jobs of Obama's Failed Stimulus

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I just learned that CT got a big sum sent to the 42nd Congressional District. We only have 5! So where did all that money go?

    2. Dean, Lititz says:

      I remember Ted Kenedy say about W Bush:lie after lie after lie…which is in its self a lie. But I can honestly say about this admin. The lies never stop comming and there is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am so sad for our country.

    3. der schwarze Ritter says:

      Why should the Obama Administration respond to all those negative stories about the failed stimulus package's inability to deliver jobs when it is so much more easier (especially with the collaborationist media) to just make up stories about fake jobs created or saved in fake congressional districts?

    4. Barbara Cassel; Evan says:

      Very concerned about the meeting in Copenhagen in December. My understanding is that Obama will attempt to sign away America's sovereingty through this treaty. Is this correct? Or did I miss something somewhere?

      Just who is he and what is he? Why does he hate this country to much?

    5. John Caden, Islamora says:

      Isn't the Recovery.com website the one that the Obama administration set aside $18 million to revamp?

    6. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      This administration has taken the model of Chicago politics to the national level.

      Whatever devious manipulations occur are a reflection of the men and women this president has invited to Washington, DC. He, and they, are people who share similar values and similar work ethics to push, pull, ram and jam, their vision of America onto the citizens, paying off with political favors and taxpayer money. That is the politics they know from Chicago, that is the politics they are practicing in DC.

      What is important now, is for voters to recognize the sleaze and deviousness and remove them from office next election. I trust the minority party will have it's act and candidates ready by then.

    7. Mary Konyndyk, St. P says:

      We have an opportunity to turn up at the polls and vote for a real change, back to a representative government. This ship has to be turned around. May God have mercy, take the blinders off and bring us men and woman of integrity who love the rule of law, our constitution and our United States of America.

    8. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      MORE GOOD NEWS — General Motors Co. is expected to fully repay the $6.7 billion in U.S. government loans on its books by 2011, four years earlier than required.

      GM is to begin paying the U.S. Treasury Department $1 billion each quarter, beginning at the end of December.

      File that under – Things Murdock's bunch AND THE HF – DON'T WANT YOU TO TALK ABOUT.

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      General Motors Co. is expected to fully repay the $6.7 billion in U.S. government loans on its books by 2011, four years earlier than required.

      GM is to begin paying the U.S. Treasury Department $1 billion each quarter, beginning at the end of December.

      File that under – Things Murdock's bunch AND THE HF – DON'T WANT YOU TO TALK ABOUT.

    10. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Liar, liar, pants on fire! Go sit on a telephone wire!

    11. Doug Gerbing Seattle says:

      Every day anyone who is paying attention is faced with new levels of frustration regarding the direction our government and country is taking. If you can find it read the letter to Glenn Beck from the women in Arizona. It would be difficult to state any clearer how people in our country our beginning to feel regardless of if they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents. I wish that I had written it.

      It is referred to as "the letter everyone is talking about" Look it up, read it and lets all get on board to rebuild our country.

    12. Doug Gerbing Seattle says:

      Every day anyone who is paying attention is faced with new levels of frustration regarding the direction our government and country is taking. If you can find it read the letter to Glenn Beck from the women in Arizona. It would be difficult to state any clearer how people in our country our beginning to feel regardless of if they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents. I wish that I had written it.

      It is referred to as "the letter everyone is talking about" Look it up, read it and lets all get on board to rebuild our country.

    13. Doug Gerbing Seattle says:

      Every day anyone who is paying attention is faced with new levels of frustration regarding the direction our government and country is taking. If you can find it read the letter to Glenn Beck from the women in Arizona. It would be difficult to state any clearer how people in our country our beginning to feel regardless of if they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents. I wish that I had written it.

      It is referred to as "the letter everyone is talking about" Look it up, read it and lets all get on board to rebuild our country.

    14. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      I believe Obama is the most covertly and overtly corrupt and dishonest President this Nation has ever known. Still worse are his 'handlers'. He is their puppet and is led by his nose. Without someone's speeches which he reads from his teleprompters and which make him sound eloquent, he is not very articulate. He doesn't seem to know what the word "truth" means.

      He has never worked for any private business but always served on some committee or worked for some organization that existed off tax dollars. I truly believe he has no sense of the value of money because he has never had to sweat to earn any, as the rest of us have done. He's been on the public teat in one way or another all of his life. He has produced nothing except discord in his entire life. Now he is wreaking havoc on our Country as "President", a title he neither earned nor deserves.

      If he isn't impeached or forced to resign, then surely he must not be re-elected as President nor hold any other public office.

      He is not worthy of any public trust!

    15. tom irwin says:

      All these fake stimulus jobs, some in districts that don't exist,is this not fraud?

    16. Prevailer76AZ says:

      "Created" seems to be the key word here. If you don't have facts, make them up. The stimulous package is a joke. How can Biden and others stand before a group of people he swore to serve and with a straight face declare something he knows is not true?????

    17. okiejim says:

      It is the old communist and nazi propaganda trick. Tell a lie enough times and the masses will start to believe it. The Obama Administration is beginning to be the "boy who cried wolf too many times". The intelligent citizens no longer believe them, but the "Acorn" masses are still eating the words of Obama and his Chicago gang up like candy. Fortunately, the conservative message is beginning to catch on.

    18. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      Promise anything and everything, deliver nothing, or, how to overthrow a free nation and install Marxism. There isn't a single aspect of America that isn't under attack by the Obama administration: the legal system, the economy, the military. By creating this exploding CHAOS people lose the ability to think, to function. This is basic Communist/Facist psychology, and it seems to be working to maximum effect.

    19. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      Obama is a gutless wonder. He should be put behind bars with all the rest of his crooks and nuts he has appointed.

    20. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I will never defend so-called “white-collar” criminals like “Bernie Mad Off With The Money.

      But, what this government and many lobbyists are doing to the American People is infinitely worse. It is not just the money, but the deceit and destruction of whatever trust and values are left.

      Then I hear a certain administration official say “We need to trust what they are doing?”

      Is there a legal licensed doctor out there who will volunteer services for conducting lobotomies?

    21. JL, Wisconsin says:

      Yeah, that's just like all the BOGUS votes that ACORN and the SEIU, etc. fabricated to get this JERK elected! There is no end to Obama and his administrations' lies; add congress to that list. Best thing to do, dump the whole damned lot of them!

    22. Mislead again in PA says:

      OK when reports about monies spent are faked, there are usually some actual disappearances of monies to accompany them. Is anyone going to demand – "Show me the Stimulus money or the holding cells of the offenders"?

      US Senators please read.

    23. jim toledo says:

      So, how can anyone with any intelligence believe anything this administration or the President says? I guess I just can't believe there are 48% of the people that actually still think that Obamacare or the House health care bill is good for America? Have we actually become that stupid, blind, or just numb to see what is going on? Why would anybody think going to jail is a good alternative to having health care insurance or being forced to pay a fine?

    24. Wm. J. &Mary E. says:

      We personaly do not believe anything coming out of

      this govt. It seems people pick and choose what they want to believe.This is an intolerable situation.The taxpayers pay the salaries and the bills and we should be getting alot more truth.

      Mary E. Miller

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    27. JZ Chesapeake VA says:

      “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”

    28. Ron Derry NH says:

      Trying to fond hope when all the government seems to be able to do is fraud the numbers, embezzle the funds and extort value from the present and the future makes me wonder what happened to decent Americans?

      How anyone can support fraud worries me.

      Even more to accept it and to allow it to continue shows the general irresponsibility of moral obligation that has overwhelmed the left.

    29. John, Arizona says:

      Ken Jarvis: And how many jobs did GM save with all their bail out money? How many jobs did they create? How many dealerships got eliminated because of their politics? How many people got put out onto the street instead of being tax paying contributors to the USA?

      Get a grip, Ken, and quit drinking the kool aid!

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    32. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Ken Jarvis – I live and work in Michigan and GM is a long way from being solvent. They went from a 55% market share to about a 19% market share over the years. Ford did a massive amount of restructuring years ago. Thus they declined the bailout. GM failed to see the light. The question remains: "does GM have the necessary corporate culture to make the necessary changes to compete in the global market?" Many of us have serious doubts. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

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    34. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      A question for your Constitutional Lawyers. If Obama signs a Treaty that has a carbon tax in it and the Senate approves it, is it Constitutional?

      I thought all taxing bills must be started in the House Of Representatives.

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    37. Jim U.- New Haven says:

      Hey, Ken Jarvis. That's as close to speechless that I've seen from you. Can't you just admit that you made a mistake last November???How much more evidence do you need?? This man and his administration are doing irreparable damage to this country.

    38. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Reads like they’re documenting the “yard sale” of the American economy.

      Here’s an idea: let’s all get together and start our own district. We wouldn’t need representatives, either. (Who needs a Congressperson when you already got the dough!) — And then, don’t know about you, but I have friends …. You wouldn’t believe their spending sprees! My, but they’re good at it! And their families: never a credit-card they didn’t like!

      Now, wouldn’t that be stimulating? Real stimulating? Just a thought!

      Actually, why doesn’t the “Guv” just recall all that stimulus “funny money” and lower taxes in the same amount? And, pledge to keep it that way for the next, say five, years? Wouldn’t we be “on a roll” soon? I think we would; especially if they also cut a lot of the reg.’s now de-stimulating so much. Ah, I know why not: a lot of their “friends” would actually have to DO something for the money, something more than just standing there and “cashing in”. That’s why!

      Concerning GM: I'll believe it when I see it. Solvency, that is!

    39. Bobbie Jay says:

      was it really worth the time, paperwork and money, Ken? Will you take that in cash or check?

      We also have to hold accountable ALL members, in each and every state involved!

      How could anyone acccept "create or save" in the first place? They're "just words" that mean NOTHING…

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    41. Crane, Louisiana says:

      The Lies just don't stop. How much longer can we

      tolerate more lies. One can chalk just so much up to Human Error. Human Error has never been an out for mistakes made at the local level with government funds. A local Program is audited inside out, then audited by more auditors, then auditors audit the auditors. Any kind of mistake results in funds being paid back to the Federal Government. Why doesn't Washington have to be audited and account for their expenditures and data they manufacture? Where are the Checks and Balances there?

    42. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I have a suggestion for a solution. We have all been venting of all the wrongs committed by our current crop of Politcians, and I do believe there is a way out of this.

      As I've said numerous times, All States must become Sovereign, owing allegiance only to the Constitution and its Amendments as written.

      The purpose of this is in the 14th Amendment which basically says that all States must follow the Constitution, Amendments and Bill of Rights.

      Now, as Sovereign States, the State interprets the Meaning of the words as written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Any arguements from the Federal Government must therefore be taken by them to the United States Supreme Court for Decision, instead of the other way around as it always has been. It is an abstact idea, placing the onus on the Federal Government instead of on the Citizens, but it should work.

      In order for a State to become Sovereign, it must change its own Constitution, through the Initiative Process, as most State Politicians are unwilling to do so.

      This is an expensive process, as twice as many signatures and more exact wordings are required for the petition for ballot, around $500,000.

      I propose that each member of Heritage, we have a half a million now, donate $1.00, each month for a year or so, to the Heritage Foundation to be used specifically for States to become Sovereign. I believe that there are already twenty nine Soverign States at this time.

      Our group is the only group large enough to accomlish this with relative ease, and with the potential of great results, or at least great confusion on our opponent's part, the Federal Government.

      With sixty six percent of the States calling for a Continental Convention, each State would send three members elected by its Citizens to represent them. With a seventy five percent yes vote, new Amendments can be passed. New such as regular audits of the Federal Funds. Placing further and more exact controls on the Federal Government. We can do all this because we are a Republic, a group of fifty Independent Nations United under a Common Charter, the Consitution. It is time to remind the World of this fact.

      I would appreciate feedback and reply to this suggestion.

      Thank you.

    43. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is another example of the lies that the dems and obama are telling. They really believe they are the only ones with the answers, and that all the trouble is a result of the Republicans. The whole thing would be funny if not for the fact that the people are sucking up this junk and believe every word that comes form the "ruler's" mouth.

      I think this country is going to change, and not for the good. Yes we have "hope and change" I just hope the change is not to the socialist or communist way of life. The American people need to get off their butt's and vote in 2010, and the Republicans need to get good candidates for the job at hand.

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    45. J. White, retired [c says:

      Finally!!! Some folks are waking up to the fact that the Empty Suit is a pathological liar as are all of his 'buds".

      Watch a flock of starlings as they wheel and turn as if they were one bird. Now, watch Queen Pelican [Pelosi] and [dirty Harry] Reid and other dimwits ae they wheel and turn in unison…the only difference is the birds actually know why they do that.

      "Saving jobs" what a horribly cruel joke on some Americans who were BS'd into voting for this man/child of no account and NO experience. Down South we'd accl this person: "a no account" Passing off any things that develop to his staff; and, throwing them under the bus.

      Want jobs? First impeach this thing. Second, cut all corporate taxes to 2%; reduce the EPA staff levels by one third; and, making sure that they cannot force another single whacko idea on US industry; then take NAFTA and turn it into toilet paper and send it to Clinton- the hillbilly boob who signed it..AND, last but not least make it a crime for any lobbyists to approach or contact our elected officials. Make them- the congress- surrender every dime they have ever gotten from this band of thieves.

      That's a start….but cutting taxes and keeping the environmental whackos out of the picture is a good start. Based upon my experience since 1967 when the power companies wherein I worked as an engineer. I have met very few- whether consultants or regulatory types who did not live in an unrealistic world of "what ifs" aka fantasy.

      AS the Empty Suit likes to run our nation down and is trying to BS the Chinese, lets apply with the same fervor any environmental regulations as the Chinese do– toys made of lead??? Hmmmmm?



    47. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Lynn B.: Sounds like a GREAT idea. Probably also very close to the original intent of the Founders! I'd say: make that two dollars: one for HF for legal research and logistical support; and, one for a to be newly founded PAC in each state. New supporters of each PAC would contribute $$$ and volunteer time as needed. Not impossible at all. Get the "Tea-Parties" organized to a more long range purpose. When do we start?

    48. Bobbie Jay says:

      I like your suggestion, Lynn B. DeSpain! America cannot allow this display of indignant representation. And their sick way of thinking.

    49. Rick Garner, Marylan says:

      Check out this new blog post – An Open Letter To President Obama:


    50. Darvin Dowdy - H says:

      Can we also talk about the hundreds of thousands of jobs that were swept offshore/out of country during the Bush Admin? Oh, and the millions of jobs stollen by invading illegals due to the lack of border enforcement during the Republican reign?

      Why won't HF cover these facets of the problem? Fact is, neither political party is very attractive among working Middle America right now. Darvin Dowdy

    51. Bobbie Jay says:

      Good one, Darvin. The democratic, Bush administration. Where democrats forced companies the choice to move overseas where the companies didn't have to deal with democratic stealing sprees and their unfair tax increases, regulations and mandates. How about government fixing it today, instead of using it as their only means of fault while making it worse?

      The democrats insist they "won." Yet, I am wondering what it is they've "won?" The opportunity to destroy America? They sure aren't making any efforts in fixing it!

    52. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      About the failed stimulus, we’ve also heard about this phony website – recovery.org – which includes not only the fake data on jobs saved, but also congressional districts which don’t exist. Thus I’ve decided to use Rush Limbaugh’s technique of demonstrating absurdity by being absurd: “Hey, I live in NY’s 78th District, on the 17000 block of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. My friend lives in Connecticut’s 42nd District, about 10 miles south of New Haven. Our jobs were saved by stimulus money. We love to work, then come home and see mermaids outside our windows.” BTW, has Obama told us the total # of jobs saved in all “57” states?

      Back to reality, The Great One, Mark Levin, made a good point on the radio last week. We hear all the BS about jobs being saved, and now locations or districts that don’t exist!! If private sector corporate executives set up a phony website, or gave such phony reports to the SEC, they’d go to jail for fraud and perjury!! Even if some people don’t know their district #, shouldn’t a legitimate website be able to determine it based on address and zip code? Not only do politicians avoid jail for this kind of fraud, but people are stupid enough to elect and reelect them!!

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    55. john fedup says:

      give the policies a chance i live near dc and the 1st year of presidency is usually priors policies senor bush in our case. i have never heard so many distortions from the conservs whats up? many of you obtained wealth from set aside programs and begrudge anyone else its like the dirt poor officers wife who becomes nobility after wed to gov benefits and pay lets have a little compassion ok you are putting the cart before the horse. this mess did not happen overnite and will take time to fix lets work together

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    63. Datinnoth says:

      Very nice Blog, I will tell my friends about it.


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