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  • 440 Phantom Congressional Districts Get $6.4 Billion According to Recovery.gov

    The government’s Web site that is supposed to tell taxpayers how their stimulus dollars are being spent, and which spends $84 million per year to do so, shows that $6.4 billion of the stimulus has been spent in 440 congressional districts that don’t exist, according to a report by the Franklin Center, as reported by Watchdog.org.

    The site, Recovery.gov, reports, for instance, that North Dakota’s 99th Congressional District has received $2 million in stimulus funding. But North Dakota has only one congressional district. The nation’s capital now contains 35 congressional districts, according to Recovery.gov.

    For those keeping score at home, there are really only 435 congressional districts, so adding 440 new ones effectively doubles the size of the House of Representatives. By the way, Recovery.gov also reports that the $6.4 billion spent in those districts has created 30,000 jobs, which works out to almost $225,000 per job created. Various news reports, however, show that many of the estimates of “jobs created or saved” are bogus, so that number, too is in doubt. (See the Washington Examiner’s map and chart tracking jobs created claims.)

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    54 Responses to 440 Phantom Congressional Districts Get $6.4 Billion According to Recovery.gov

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I will never defend so-called "white-collar" criminals like "Bernie Mad Off With The Money.

      But, what this government and many lobbyists are doing to the American People is infinitely worse. It is not just the money, but the deceit and destruction of whatever trust and values are left.

      Then I hear a certain administration official say "We need to trust what they are doing?"

      Is there a legal licensed doctor out there who will volunteer services for conducting lobotomies?

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Is a criminal investigation pending? If Alex's report is accurate, then it's time to revisit 18th Century France. In other words, heads need to start rolling.

    3. William Trueman, Met says:

      When I first heard about this report on World News with Charles Gibson, I was shocked but after due consideration, this is just one more event in a long list with the Obama administration not to trust them with our Nation's Health Care. I have never seen the government manage something that has gone "RIGHT".

    4. Darlene, PA says:

      Anytime Gov. is in control of anything there is corruption. Too big and no oversight. Hey after all it is just our money what do they care.

    5. Dusty, UT says:

      This is disgusting! Didn't they spend some 18 million dollars to build this website? What a joke! How could a site cost that much to build? Does the site come with a couple mansions and a Ferrari at each mansion??

      I just built a site for $150 bucks and I'm not even that awesome on the computer… My site is: http://thedailyzing.com/

    6. foc says:

      and soon running your healthcare :) Remember no more breast exams until 50 !!! Saves millions and takes your from that line to the "End of life" line…. see the government saves so much !!!

    7. Greg B, NY says:

      I want to see who the checks were written to, what addresses the checks were sent to, and how many votes in the last two election cycles were cast in them. This is illegal if there were actual people cashing those stimulus checks and claiming they were doing work (maybe the new districts were found by ACORN??) and it is equally illegal if the Administration thought it could pad these numbers and report them to us. I am incensed. J. Hughes, heads should start rolling on this. This is premeditated perjury, designed to wrongly support the stimulus debacle and future proposals by this administration, and the approvals for this kind of lying start way up there. J.C. Hughes, you're right. This is "Heads gotta roll" stuff. In Obama's own words, "What do they think we are? Stupid??"

    8. Joe V Chicago IL says:

      I don't know what to say anymore, maybe Chicago corruption at work. Man I hate that I voted these people into the White House. It has been lies from day one. We really need to vote out everyone in control of congress in 2010 and 2012. I'm a democrat but man all these slanted lie's make me sick!

    9. Steve, Panama City says:

      Phantom Congressional Districts $6.4 Billion looks like a slush fund, smells like a slush fund and walks like a slush fund. Hmmm. They sure have gone high tech. They didn't think anybody would see $6.4 Billion? What a bunch of Godless ___________!

    10. Brad, MS says:

      And these are the same people the liberals want to control healthcare and every other aspect of our lives? Not if I can help it. I'm voting against every incumbent who has been in Congress more than one term. I don't care how good they say they've been. I'll write my own name in on the ballot if I have to in order to vote against the self-serving incumbent Washington bureaucrat thieves whose only goal is re-election to another term.

    11. Henry S, Morristown says:

      I would like to see legislators held accountable for their actions in the same way we hold corporate executives accountable for their malfeasances and misfeasance’s. Take away their income and pensions and leave them penniless. It would serve them right for what they have done to us.

      It is those incompetent boobs in Congress that have spent money that we don’t have on programs that we don’t need and which are not even constitutionally authorized, year after year. They should be put on trial like the thieves that they are, and they should suffer the consequences of their individual decisions.

      I doubt that the Constitution has any provisions for this, but they have clearly not obeyed the Constitution for years. It would serve them right and it would send a message to any other pretenders that they cannot step on our liberties lightly.

    12. Hazel Clemons, Vienn says:

      Why doesn't our repesentatives in Congress investigate what is going on with how this money is being spent? I agree that we need to vote and clean out the self-serving incumbents and start with a clean slate. I have not trusted Obama since before he was elected and question how he got into office and with the people he surrounds himself with leaves more questions.

    13. KEITH MACON, GA says:

      How far is this going to go before it's so obvious to even the far left sees what is going on. This is just another link in the chain of actions by this administration to systematically destroy our country.

    14. Pat,MS says:

      Who picks up the tab for Michelle to fly all over the world with her 20 assistants that have work tirelessly to get her camera ready? Maybe Obama is including them in his bogus count.

    15. curtis, texas says:

      this is what happens when the media turns their heads and ignores liberal corruption. they helped obama get elected and they will do what it takes to keep him in office for 8 years.

    16. Jim, Indiana says:

      Still the campaign mode — Make up lies people want to hear and say 'em loud and often!

      This administration has no connection at all with the truth.

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    19. Dave Brown says:

      And some people want to hand over the best health care system in the world to these idiots???

    20. Kess IN says:

      Big Gov big mistakes. They did not know we can read and count. May God help us all

    21. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Reads like they’re documenting the “yard sale” of the American economy.

      Here’s an idea: let’s all get together and start our own district. We wouldn’t need representatives, either. (Who needs a Congressperson when you already got the dough!)

      (Also, and BTW, was the "site administrator" borrowed from ACORN? Could we too "borrow" him?)

      On balanced second thought, J.C.Hughes so far has the best idea. They should thank their lucky stars that guillotines have become a tad "unfashionable" these days; a simple "firing" will have to do. Then again, old-fashioned cruelty did have its selling points!

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    23. John, Texas says:

      I am glad folks are finally seeing our Government for what ii is, and pretty much has always been. The Government is just getting more blatant about it, and the more control of your lives it gets, the less they will care if you know. It is time to get rid of Democrats AND Republicans. They are one and the same in the end. It is time to put some folks in all the offices that believe in our Constitution and the freedom of the people, not the freedom of the government.

      Where do you think that 6.4 billion went to? Senators and Represenatives pockets? In a round about way? To friends of theirs? Its somewhere and the people need to know where it is so criminal action can be taken

    24. Dave, Idaho says:

      OK. I am from Idaho, the most conservative state in the union, but even we are smart enough to know that there is not going to be a fairy godmother wave her wand and change these people in Washington. It would be too much to ask, to have her wave her wand and make them the opposite of what they are, and turn them into honest representatives of the people with the best interest of the people and the country in their actions. Good Luck!

    25. Greg B, NY says:

      I hate to think this, but how did these districts come into being? Was it through new voter registrations? Registrations of phantom voters in these districts…who overwhelmingly voted for Obama? Ballots delivered to the FEC by ACORN employees? Please tell me I am being way too suspicious,or have the causality wrong…

    26. Mike, Dothan, AL says:

      A mess that was preventable. If the mainstream media had been honest with the voting tax payers of this country; if Americans every where would just read the Constitution they would see how corrupt our elected employees have become and how "We The People" the Employeers of those thiefs in Washington can take charge of OUR Country once more. The question is; Are "We The People" going to let this continue?

    27. Richard, Oklahoma says:

      The problem exists because of the disconnect between taxation and representation. The US Stakeholders Movement (http://www.ustakeholders.org) explains this.

    28. Christy NJ says:

      What happened to "Nobody messes with Joe"?

    29. Jim, Portland, IN says:

      Who did this tallying? Sounds like the same ACORN "paid volunteers" who registered all those O'Bama voters!

    30. Anita Chateau Califo says:

      Wow, What's next? It's time to vote these people out. How can they possibly run Health Care. Get real people this Government is bleeding us dry. Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi and Reed must go. Vote out all the corruption NOW!!!!!!

    31. Robert, Orangeburg, says:

      They simply can not understand the revolt. Whether it is double speak, spin, semantics or flat out LYING they believe YOU will accept it. The government is so disconnected from the average American. I mean, hiding bills, policies, etc., from the average citizen shows the level of hubris that has become commonplace in Washington. I always wondered how these hairbrained schemes and policies ever passed muster with the American public. Now I know. THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM. YOU HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE EQUATION. They will do whatever they like because they count on their secrecy and apathy from those who will bear the brunt of the consequences of these policies.

    32. David Allen, NC says:

      This is another indication that those in government care not about we the people, but rahter about themselves and the money and power they can accumulate for themselves

    33. Voice of Reason, Suw says:

      Although you and I may not be addicted to runaway government spending, we as fellow Americans bear the burden along with our foolish something for nothing brethren. As a nation addicted to spending is it time for us to model real change after the 12 Step Community? First thing they do in rehab is ask the addict "What was the straw that broke the camel's back?" In other words how did you end up here? Without first understanding that how can you build a solid foundation for recovery?

      Second, we, the nation-addicted have 2 choices for recovery. Like a heroin addict we can choose the so called easy path of methadone treatment. Not really clean, not really hopped up, it is a miserable existence for the methadone user. More like the walking dead than the living. Legal, but is it really the wise path for the long run?

      The other choice is a tough choice, but is it not the wisest one for long term success? It is cold turkey. Suffer the shakes, chills, near death illness. Sure enough within a week the patient is beginning to think clearly. His color returns, life returns to his eyes. He has hope. Perhaps he doesn't have all the answers, but he begins to move forward to a new future of sober living.

      It is time for America to sober up and face the brutal reality of where we are, but without losing hope. After all America, this is America. Have you forgot what we have done? And what we can do? Is it time for us to build a grand coalition of positive, creative free-market, free-people solutions?

      Oh, by the way, most addicts never volunteer to get sober. Usually someone does an intervention. Maybe the Chinese will do us a favor and quit buying our debt. Oh, that would be bad you say? Would it? Wouldn't it require our politicians to finally do something?

    34. David Allen, NC says:

      This is yet another indication of what our government thinks of WE THE PEOPLE. Their only interest is in themselves and the money and power they can accumulate for their own personal egos. The present administration has completely nullified any check and balance system our government ever had and we are now at their mercy. God will prevail over the non-believers and the tyranny that has infested our lives.

    35. Tim Az says:

      I agree we should remove all retirement and health benefits from all past and present Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents for squandering the peoples money. How much could we save with this spending cut. The payoff to the American people would be that these fools would have to experience the chains they have placed on the rest of us. What a delicious prospect. Yes I think it's time to put these elitist's skin in the game.

    36. philip says:

      Here we go agin. Criminals at deciving lieing marixes Obama presidential demicrat libeials smoke and mirrors they will do any thing to destroy america,as far as they are concerned we the people do not exsist, to them we are just unamerican because we are against their socialist agenda. How can we exspect any more from this admiditration but behind closed doors of smoke filled rooms but faceless discisions and unconstitutional laws and taxation. WE NEED TO VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT

    37. Tom Waterloo Iowa says:

      Are you happy now. I'm so glad that Obama has brought out the transperency in government so we can all see where our money is being spent. What a crock. These fools have all got to be replaced now, either by vote or by impeachment. Anyone of them can be removed for crimes of higher than a misdemenor. All we have to do is find out who got the monies sent where and who received it, and convict them of money fraud and theft and send them packing. I'm betting there are alot of friends of congressmen and shell companies out there that got the largest share of this.

      Simplicity, it's the easiest thing to do.

    38. Tom B. says:

      Why can't all of this comments from the citizens be published in a newspaper?

    39. Tom B. CA says:

      It seems like there are a lot of folks that hear this good information from the Heritage Foundation but is there not a way to make it more public? In my local newspaper I have not seen a word about these phantom districts.

    40. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      The people running our country right now, are a big joke.

      These are the same people who want to run our health care.

      I don't trust them as far as I can throw them!

    41. Zeke, MN says:

      I wonder if some of the money is going to build, "An internal security force, as big as, and as well funded as the Military"? You can buy a whole lot of muscle with that much money.

    42. dave, dayton says:

      Someone once said, " A little revolution is good now and then, don't you think?" It will take a real revolution by voters next year to get the idea across. Maybe, just maybe, enough voices heard in Congress will get their attention. Doubtful, but maybe if we deluge them with mailings, E-mail and phone calls they'll get the idea. I'm lucky, mine sees through them and votes no every time. Keep up the fight Mike!

    43. JGalt, Orlando says:

      The whole business about jobs created or saved is one big joke. The only number that really matters is 10.2% unemployment. Here is an article that explains this point well:

    44. Renee, CA says:

      Many years ago, I considered myself a Democrat. Then I considered myself wise for choosing candidates with the most integrity, not understanding that a president can't accomplish much if the Congress is controlled by the opposition party. Now I'm just embarrassed that I ever voted Democrat – IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! Chicago thug politics is now controlling the Democrat Party. We need to VOTE OUT every one coming up for re-election IN 2010! LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

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    46. M. L. Anderegg, More says:

      Checking recovery.org congressional district by congressional district for each state and territory, I did not find 440. What I did find was that the state of NJ outshown them all for "errors": 18 disbursements to non-existent districts totaling more than $102 million!!Only a couple of states DID NOT have millions of dollars in "unassigned congressional districts" allocations. I'm going back now and checking the registry of the Congress to see which congresspersons' districts got the "biggest haul." Not because I wonder who but verifying what I suspect.

    47. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Figures! First they creat money out of nothing, and now they create districts out of air!

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    53. JD, Phx says:

      if any of you actually care about facts

    54. Ivy Oshiro says:

      Major thanks for the blog article.Really thank you! Awesome.

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