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  • Outside the Beltway: $1.2 Billion for Michigan, But No Stimulus Jobs Created

    Last year, with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm standing by his side, President-elect Barack Obama proclaimed the importance of rapidly passing a stimulus package, described his intense focus on job creation, and noted that a new president can have an “enormous impact” on the economy.

    This week, The Detroit Free Press reported that Obama’s stimulus package has “created or retained virtually no jobs” in Michigan, despite $1.2 billion in federal spending and the administration’s report that it created or retained 22,500 jobs in the Great Lakes State.


    One wonders whether Michigan’s governor would still stand by Obama’s side and how she would rate the success of the president’s “enormous impact,” given that her state is currently suffering from a 15.3 percent unemployment rate.

    There’s even more to the story. The Detroit Free Press reports that those who received stimulus funds or who have been promised stimulus funds greatly overstated the number of jobs created or protected. Shockingly, the paper’s analysis also revealed the following:

    Three of every four stimulus grants, contracts and loans approved in Michigan created or retained one job or less.

    Fewer than 700 awards had received some money, and nearly half of those — 327 — had created one job or less, at a cost per job of $2.7 million.

    Some job estimates were wrong: General Motors Co., for instance, reported 105 jobs saved or created for a government purchase of 5,000 vehicles but later said no jobs were saved or created. The City of Detroit reported 342 jobs it now says were projections — not jobs already created or retained.

    The news out of Michigan is a local angle to a mounting national story. An ABC News report reveals that the Obama administration altered its stimulus job growth numbers because its estimates are woefully inaccurate.

    From ABC News:

    The Obama administration, under fire for inflating job growth from the $787 billion stimulus plan, slashed over 60,000 jobs from its most recent report on the program because the reporting outlets had submitted “unrealistic data,” according to a document obtained by ABC News.

    But this isn’t the first time this story has come to light. The Foundry previously wrote about the $25 billion in stimulus funds allocated for energy-efficiency that didn’t produce any of the promised jobs.

    And in California, 26,156 jobs were reportedly “saved” with 268.5 million in stimulus dollars. In actuality, none of those jobs were in danger of being eliminated.

    Given the nation’s 10.2 percent unemployment rate, when will the Obama administration quit playing games with its jobs numbers and be straight with the American people?

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    36 Responses to Outside the Beltway: $1.2 Billion for Michigan, But No Stimulus Jobs Created

    1. Micah, California says:

      Ain't it fricken obvious? All this stimulus money is going to ACORN to build the most massive election fraud campaign ever… you people better wise up to what the truth is.

    2. Scott Vandervoort, O says:

      I am not surprised and I would love this e-mailed to all members of congress. Additional e-mail copies should be sent to those great intellectuals, Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman. Because these dollars were borrowed, those costs are under represented. It would also be interesting to see if those dollars were give to businesses in the form of tax cuts or credits and then determine jobs saved or created!

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      "to move the economy forward," 'is to remove government & it's members, in all areas violating the American Constitution.'

    4. The_Gadfly says:

      Re: One wonders whether… side,

      Given that we are talking about Jennifer Granholm? She'd repeat those numbers with a straight face, maybe even bump them up a bit to make the program sound more successful. That's part of why Michigan is in the mess that it is.

    5. Ben Jenkins says:

      No surprise here. What's sad for me is that so many people refuse to see this and connect the dots. Obama is bad for our country…plain and simple.


    6. Mendy Palumbo, Barbe says:

      Thank you to the Heritage Foundation for providing Americans with a source of truth and knowledge that we otherwise would not find available.

      Unfortunately, the 10.2% unemployment rate could be gauged even higher if you consider those who have taken part-time work which is often not included in the publicized figures. All in all, my estimate is that true unemployment is between 15-18%.

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    8. Grace, Florida says:

      So how about the "fake" districts that reportedly got stimulus money and created jobs. I heard a newsclip yesterday that on Recovery.org there are fake districts in just about all states claiming they received money and created jobs. America, this man and his administration are outright LIARS – we have to stop them in 2010 and 2012 if not before.

    9. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Obama and his ilk are attempting to build the infrastructure that will prevent fair honest elections in the US.

      Look closey at the Al Franken election Math.

      There is no way he could have one the election, but he did.

      Acorn has to be stopped and not funded by our taxes. Acorn is a completely biased corrupt organization aimed directly at creating election fraud.

      Is anyone keeping track of the intentional dysfuntion and Chaos going on in our country since he got in to office?

    10. JP, MI says:

      I have lived in Michigan my whole life, except for 13 months in Vietnam. This state is in the worst shape I have ever, ever seen in my life. And Jennifer Granholm, governor, is every bit the Obama politician. As mentioned in another response, she would stand beside him still and approve his false numbers. Michigan isn't coming out of this economy any time soon, and Obama and Granholm supporters are still burying their heads in the sand.

    11. Tom Padamonsky, Okin says:

      What happened to the 1.2 billion they received? Who is accountable for it? Why is the Governor asking people to write to their Senators asking for more money? Before she gets anymore, she should be held accountable for her 1st stimulus. Where is the transparency Obama kept promoting throughout his campaign? Transparency should also be at all levels of government not just the federal level.

    12. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      It is time to stop looking at how many jobs were created or saved and start applying the old adage "follow the money". It is highly likely that significant dollars were directed towards cronyism and political payoffs. As Micah writes, Acorn was the probable target of millions if not billions of our dollars. It is time for Heritage and others to look into individual grants. Union leaders and far left groups with farther left agendas are now down waist deep in our money, ready to bank roll Obama's reelection campaign with recycled stimulus money. Again, follow the money, we need to know and watch those who receive and those who give back.

    13. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      It is time to stop looking at how many jobs were created or saved and start applying the old adage "follow the money". It is highly likely that significant dollars were directed towards cronyism and political payoffs. As Micah writes, Acorn was the probable target of millions if not billions of our dollars. It is time for Heritage and others to look into individual grants. Union leaders and far left groups with farther left agendas are now down waist deep in our money, ready to bank roll Obama's reelection campaign with recycled stimulus money. Again, follow the money, we need to know and watch those who receive and those who give back.

    14. Tim Az says:

      I think Jennifer Granholm would stand next to Mao-Bama given the opportunity. Certainly she's due for a very liberal promotion for doing her part to liberate private wealth from her citizenry. After all Janet Napolitano did the same thing to Arizona and look where her promotion led to.

      How's that hope and change working out for you?

    15. Suzi Washington says:

      Fox News is reporting this morning on stimulus money saving jobs in congressional districts that don't exist. Where is that money actually going? And these are the same people we trust to give us health care…

    16. Red Pants, Silver Sp says:

      Obama? More like No-Jobs-Created-Ma! Keep up the good work, Mike!

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    19. Mark, Lansing Michig says:

      In her re-election campaign of 06, Grandholm promised "in 5 years, you're going to be blown away". And for her good work, she will probably join the Obama admininstration when she terms out next year, then everyone will be blown away.

      Mark from Michigan

    20. joan, connecticut says:

      Recently, the major news networks carried a story about Detroit Michigan, and free money handouts. The lines were unbelievably long with people waiting for the cash freebie. When some were asked where the money came from they replied "From Obama's stash." Others in the line sang Obama,Obama,We love Obama. Sure they do! Anyone, who gives people free money, is going to be their Hero. The pity of it is that the money is from USA taxpayers,some of them having their own struggles. What was the reason for giving the funds? Could it be for future loyalty on election day?

    21. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Oh, the Governor will stand by him. Check out her background and ideology and it is very clear.

      The main problem with Michigan is Detroit. The labor unions and that "community organization" we have all come to love and respect, has a vice grip on the city – and there are a lot of democrat votes to be gained.

      I am from this region and when I left, I never looked back except to check out the football scores. Nevertheless, there are good people there but they have no voice.

    22. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      There is so much corruption today, makes Huey Long look like a saint. Here in Virginia absetee ballots were no sent out in time to count, this happened two years in a row, it also happened in other states. I just read where 330,000 DEAD people voted?? I wonder what party is behind all this?? If you have to steal your office this makes you a thief, in NY they swore in the rep. before the votes were certified, now it appears the election may be so close as to have a recount. I wonder who REALLY WON in 2008, guess we will never know as the Atty. Gen. is one of the thugs.

    23. mike D. Beverly Hill says:

      The entire car industry has seen a seismic shift. Due to the Clunkers program destroying low priced cars, dealers have no more cheap inventory for the average Joe's out there. Banks and Credit Union's are becoming reluctant car dealers now with a surge of repossessions (see http://www.repofinder.com ) and are selling cars commission free all day long. Just another reason the Clunkers program is backfiring on the car industry. Just let the free market be free.

    24. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      If Michigan got all this mopney why does she continually push to raise our taxes? The only sign of "stimulus money" I see is a new parking lot on the corner of Plymouth Rd. and US 23 soutbound in Ann Arbor. Now that is money well spent.. NOT!

    25. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Reads like they're documenting the "yard sale" of the American economy.

      Here's an idea: let's all get together and start our own district. We wouldn't need representatives, either. (Who needs a Congressperson when you already got the dough!) So, and then, don't know about you, but I have friends …. You wouldn't believe their spending sprees! My, but they're good at it! And their families: never a credit-card they didn't like!

      Now, wouldn't that be stimulating? Real stimulating? Just a thought!

      Actually, why doesn't the "Guv" just recall all that stimulus "funny money" and lower taxes in the same amount? And, pledge to keep it that way for the next, say five, years? Wouldn't we be "on a roll" soon? I think we would; especially if they also cut a lot of the reg.'s now de-stimulizing so much. Ah, I know why not: a lot of their "friends" would actually have to DO something for the money, something more than just standing there and "cashing in". That's why!

    26. Phil Z Marlette says:

      My understanding is the amount spent of the "stimulus" bill was enough to give a tax rebate of over $6000 to every American family. If that had been actually done, think of the stimulus that would have occurred!

    27. Chuckles, Lathrup Vi says:

      Great post, Mike!

      We all need to understand that the lousy economy is the source of Obama's ability to seize power and bring about socialism. His administration will not seriously address the economic issue at the level of the populace until he has accomplished more of his objectives.

      Billions earmarked to create jobs has a convincing ring to it but the money is not being effective. News of how the economy is improving because it is worsening at a lesser rate is of scant comfort to the Detroiter who lost his job, saw his house auctioned for $500, and may get free health care instead of food and shelter.

      Until the Obama administration's work is done, good economic news from his administration will be via smoke and mirrors. I have to believe that Obama got what he wanted for the billions he spent, which was no jobs, no economic improvement, and some credit for trying.

      Give up on thinking that the guy who never ran a lemonade stand has the savvy to make jobs or save jobs.

      Obama's biggest business deal was giving millions of Annenberg (who was a conservative) money to Ayers for his experiments in socialistic education.

      Yes, I would say this to my dear departed mother at the dinner table and she would agree.

    28. John, Colorado says:

      It was all money down Democrat ratholes.

    29. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Welcome to reality Michigan! I'm always reminded of Harry S. Truman's Statement,"How many times does a man have to hit you in the head with a shovel, before you figure out he ain't your friend?"

    30. Ron Kuban says:

      Michigan, due to corruption, the unions, lobbyists, the MEA Union(teachers) and government waste( let's build the same road we built two years ago) and the inability of congress to get along on anything, and of course the union 'fat cats' lining their pockets with union workers dues, and voting for them,asthey see fit regardless of workers wishes, which is and has been standard practice for years, Michigan, not by much, is the leader of the pack, in front of New Jersey, California, Illinois, the home of the annointed messiah, our shameless socialist leader, and many more that I can't even think of, there are just too many, all with their hands out,(saving jobs), under the assumption of helping the people, especially the middle class which no longer exists, a socialist must and the first priority on there list toward complete socialism,Marxism, Fascism or whatever you prefer to call it.

      For this reason, I have left the state, much, much too depressing, but unfortunately, Florida,where I have come to temporarily, has joined the list and is catching up rather quickly, so where to next. Maybe should have just gone to my first choice, Central America, where I cannot understand the language, therefore I do not know what is realy happening, for the moment anyway.

      I love you Michigan, but you are leading the way toward the destruction of this country I love.

      Wake up people, it may seem so but it is still not too late to stop them, for it is they who wish for change, a change the are getting because there are so many out there that just do not get it, and if they do, shame on them, for we must add them to the list that must be stopped as well and it must and can be done. Just think and act with your mind, do not listen to those that would destroy this country, imperfect, yes, much more perfect than "they" would have us believe.

      Pull together "NOW" before it is too late.

    31. Ron Kuban-Florida( P says:

      I hope you received letter I already wrote and hopefully submit button worked but even though my words were meaningful regarding the por state of Michigan led by another foreigner, I annot rewrite, except to say, the corruption in the state has lowered the standards of a once mighty state,which now leads the way toward the "Change" our current -ahem-Leaders- in this country for selfish reasons wish to lower America's status as a once proud leader of nations in this world.

      To put it simply, we must pull together and stop it in it's tracks before it is too late. It is not too late, especially if those with their eyes closed would open them and see what id trul happening. It is all a power grab led by someone, who has chosen the weak and is guiding them toward some sort of agenda, once again, with power being the sole cause, using religion as usual as a reason.

      If you received the other brief memo I wrote, feel free to delete this.

      Ron Kuban

    32. Tim Az says:

      As to why taxes are still rising in Michigan. I'm sure Granholm has never worked harder in her life for anyone. Obviously you just have'nt been paying attention enough to notice the stimulating she has done for you. Now its time for you to return the favor through higher taxes.

      How's that hope and change working out for you?

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    34. Eddy..san francisco says:

      let's all pray for Obama…. Psalm 108-109 is a good place to start.

    35. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Let's also pray for America and our "Republic".

    36. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Well, I guess all is now well in Michigan. Obama's Stimulus money has created enough new jobs to rehire all those who were laid off.

      I don't want to hear anymore from MIchael Moore about how tough these are in Michigan. Everything is now fine.

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