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  • In Pictures: Obamacare Puts One-Fifth of U.S. On Welfare

    Medicaid is a means-tested welfare program created in 1965 to provide health care for low income families. Despite the fact that it is one of the most poorly performing of all the federal welfare programs it has become the cornerstone of how health insurance is expanded under Obamacare. The Health care “reform” bills advancing in the House and Senate would expand Medicaid by making this government-run health plan available to all adults with incomes at or below 150% of the poverty line. The change would dramatically multiply eligible recipients, with 46 states seeing increases of at least 20%, including 16 posting jumps of 50% or more. Almost 21% of the entire U.S. population would be eligible for Medicaid and seven states and the District of Columbia would have eligibility rates of at least 25%.


    Go here to see a larger, printable PDF of the chart.

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    39 Responses to In Pictures: Obamacare Puts One-Fifth of U.S. On Welfare

    1. Rick Garner, Marylan says:

      New Blog Post – An Open Letter To President Obama:


    2. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      If Medicaid's held up as the "shining example" of HOW to run a health insurance program, then the "greedy" health insurance companies must be the "shining example of inefficiency." Why? Because in Obama's World, the government can do no wrong. There were those who knew Obama was at

      best, inept, and worst, incompetent. Nobody listened. Now we

      have an incompetent boob in the Oval Office who bows to foreign royalty and kowtows to the Chicoms. Isn't it any wonder he acts like Shakespeare's Hamlet on the world stage?

      Cheney for President. Dick, Liz, or Mary, I don't care. Anyone would be better than MMMM, MMM, MMM, Barack Hussein Obama!

    3. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Saul Alinski must be celebrating in Hell this day, what with all America on the dole his plan is working perfectly.

    4. Colony14Author, Pala says:

      Read The Obama Timeline and be truly frightened:


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    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      Obamacare puts 1/5 of the U.S. on welfare!

      It is irrational, impractical and unsustainable.


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    8. Darrell Mc Neill says:

      Seems like this country is getting dumb and dumber, or maybe I'm wrong. I hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just can't see the tunnel.

    9. Robert Emory says:

      The title "Obamacare Puts One-Fifth of U.S. On Welfare" seems to have nothing to do with the article. The article states that 20% of Americans could end up on Medicaide, while the title says Obamacare puts 20% on welfare — welfare is cash assistance and food stamps. The article says nothing about cash assistance or food stamps. "Obamacare Puts One-Fifth of U.S. On Medicaide" would be an accurate title given the content of the article.

    10. Jack E Lohman says:

      Listen Guys, get used to it. The insurance industry has paid big bucks to shove this down the nation's throat. Only public funding of campaigns will solve the problem.

      See http://www.fairelectionsnow.org

    11. Grace, Florida says:

      OK so we are seeing the first interference regarding healthcare from government by increasing the age mammograms should start. This is just the beginning. I sure hope America wakes up before it's too late.

    12. Jack E Lohman says:

      Grace, that's absolutely foolish. Private insurers are far more restrictive in the procedures they deny, based solely on profits and not medical studies. And if we had a Medicare-for-all system we'd still have that good, old-fashioned system they call "free market." Buy the test on the outside!!! Conservatives should love the idea.

      But as well, Medicare is the absolute gold standard that politicians will not screw with. Expand that to 100% of the population and it will remain safe from tinkering.

      See http://moneyedpoliticians.net/medicare-for-all

    13. Tim Az says:

      In order to qualify for medicaid one must first be on welfare. The redistribution of your wealth is quite popular in highly populated areas. That explains why these areas are the first to go bankrupt. This not always a bad thing because as the money dries up these unmotivated individuals begin to see the things they were accustomed to become fewer and far between. This sometimes creates a motivation for the individual to earn money to live a higher quality of life than the govt. can provide. I suppose govt. sheese gets old fast.

      How's that hope and change working out for you?

    14. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      We need term limits for Senators and Representatives, as well as campaign contribution limits.

    15. Dan, Philly says:

      "Jack E Lohman:Private insurers are far more restrictive in the procedures they deny, based solely on profits and not medical studies. And if we had a Medicare-for-all system we’d still have that good, old-fashioned system they call “free market.” Buy the test on the outside!!! Conservatives should love the idea."

      Sorry you are wrong.

      Medicare denies claims at a higher rate then ALL private insurance and more than double the rate of the average private insurance.

      What you need to do is get rid of the state restrictions on insurance. Allow all the private companies to compete everywhere and rates will drop. You don't even need to have a "public option".

    16. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I will never defend so-called “white-collar” criminals like “Bernie Mad Off With The Money.

      But, what this government and many lobbyists are doing to the American People is infinitely worse. It is not just the money, but the deceit and destruction of whatever trust and values are left.

      Then I hear a certain administration official say “We need to trust what they are doing?”

      Is there a legal licensed doctor out there who will volunteer services for conducting lobotomies?

    17. Jack E Lohman says:

      Tim, that hope and change is working out about as good as our unfettered capitalist system is. And oh, the Bush tax cuts and deficits Cheney said were not a problem.

      The bottom line is that we have a corrupt political system that transfers wealth… most recently from the poor to the rich. No company and no country can sustain employees who give corporate or government assets to outside interests for cash bribes.

      I've heard some describe Afghanistan's political system as organized crime. Is ours any different?

    18. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      So that nobody can buy or sell without having the Mark of the B. Medecine is also in the field of buy and sell.

    19. Jack E Lohman says:

      Dan, I won't debate you on who denies the most procedures, but having been on Medicare for six years and never having had a procedure denied, and being a Medicare provider for 20 years before that, my experience has been more positive with the non-profit Medicare system than the privates.

      But the idea that insurers will "compete" is dangerous. If forced to do so they will cut payments for health care long before they will cut back on executive salaries and bonuses and shareholder profits, or broker commissions or campaign contributions. The insurance bureaucracy waste should be eliminated, not expanded.

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    21. Bobbie Jay says:

      "Welfare" is any government handout paid with tax dollars!

    22. Joseph Blazewicz says:

      Commenting sound like the same commentary as driving a vehicle. We have no rights in this world anymore. It a bunch one way and no way thinking. Enough said.

    23. Voice of Reason says:

      Good Lord, what is this author, Conn Corroll an expert in fiction? I do don’t where to begin with this scare tactic mentality? This is not worth the effort…

    24. Takuan Seiyo, Nara, says:

      As usual, what passes for conservative analisys of these things is race-blind, or, to use a more accurate term, self-blinded. But the colored minorities are very much race-conscious, and they have carried The One in a joyous conga line into the White House with the specific agenda of implementing the above picture.

      This is not merely putting "one fifth of U.S. on welfare." This is putting roughly 13% of the population of Mexico on U.S. welfare. It's also a vast further redistribution of income from American whites to American blacks.

      It's all in that map. One just has to remove the willful incapacity to read that map.

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    26. John W Ross says:

      It is amazing how many people think it was wrong the way GW Bush lowered taxes. If people were a little more informed they would find out that the top 25% of taxpayers pay 85% of all income taxes. Any tax cut must benefit these top 25%. This is NOT giving tax cuts to the rich–It is giving tax cuts to the people who pay the taxes. Otherwise you basically have welfare and if you want this then keep supporting Obama. Besides it is known fact that when high taxes are cut—this always results in increased revenue. When Reagan cut high taxes, the revenue doubled.

    27. Tim Az says:

      Jack E Lohman Just exactly where did the poor obtain this wealth that was taken from them? Never Never Land. Capitolism works just fine as long as the moral component remains intact. What we have now is the results of the liberals long fought war to demoralize America. By claiming that the words freedom of religion really mean freedom from religion. Liberals know that destroying everything that is the basis for moral behavior results in the destruction of a free society at every level. The intent is to replace freedom with socialism or communism or any dictatorial govt. that does not require moral behavior to function. They just want to feed their evil desires without consequence. Basically hell on earth for everyone. I do not except your offer.

      This is their hope and change.

    28. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      The simple fact is that Bush's tax cuts were REAL tax cuts; those saying otherwise will soon feel the impact when Obama and congress lets them expire.

      Record revenues poured into the treasury.

      The problem, as always, is that we SPENT more than we brought in.

      Let's also remember that congress has the power of the purse. Both sides can share the blame.

      What is indisputable is that THIS president and liberal congress is raising the spending to unsustainable record levels.

      Keynisan economics do not work. Couple this fact with corrupt politicians who will not conduct investigations while they are fleecing us, and it shows why the approval rating is 14%.

      With advanced technology and instantaneous mass media, these politicians can no longer slide and hide as well. The more they show contempt for Americans, the larger this storm will grow and – it's about time.

    29. Jack E Lohman says:

      >>> "Capitolism works just fine as long as the moral component remains intact."

      Tim, you assume that 100% of our people are 100% honest ALL of the time, and not wanting to get ahead at somebody else's expense. That's a wild and foolish assumption, and inconsistent with the real world.

      Our country is going down the tubes for one and only one reason: our politicians are paid (in campaign contributions) to deregulate vital industries (letting them run on the honor system) and support unfettered globalization (ie, sending jobs to India and China so their contributors can pocket more wealth).

      Take the blinders off, Tim.

    30. Voice of Reason says:

      Exactly the point Mr. Carroll…

    31. Tim Az says:

      Come on Jacko if these indsutries were so deregulated and undertaxed why would they have to move off of America's shores just to maintain a profit. Do you really think the owners like having to fly back and forth from America to elseware to run their bussiness. When they should be able to have a business nearer to home where they could watch their kids grow up and enjoy their families. Or are you so obsessed with fulfilling your wants and desires through everyone elses wallet that you would use govt. officials to steele money that you just don't think you should have to earn? Grow up and quit being lazy intelectually and otherwise. It's time your skin was in the game.

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    33. Betty, Orlando says:

      The fugures aren't complete. It doesn't show Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and all those Us territories of welfare or are all of them covered already?

    34. Mike AZ says:

      I want to see a law passed that requires all Congress members who vote to raise costs taxes, spread the wealth etc to first have to impoverish themselves to be an example when they pretend to say "we must help the disadvantaged." We are a generous society that gives much of our personal resources. Let those in Congress give all of their personal resources first when they want Cap and Trade, Welfare, Gov paid abortions.

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