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  • Morning Bell: A Deathblow for Obamacare

    Standing in the Rose Garden on November 7th, President Barack Obama celebrated the passage of the House health care bill claiming: “The Affordable Health Care for America Act is a piece of legislation that will provide stability and security for Americans who have insurance; quality, affordable options for those who don’t; and bring down the cost of health care for families, businesses, and our government, while strengthening the financial health of Medicare.” Quite a bold statement if true. But a report released Friday by the non-partisan and independent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency in charge of running Medicare and Medicaid, blows the lid off of every one of Obama’s claims. All of the following quotes are from the report itself:

    Health Care Costs Increase: “In aggregate, we estimate that for calendar years 2010 through 2019 [national health expenditures (NHE)] would increase by $289 billion, or 0.8 percent, over the updates baseline projection that was released on June 29, 2009.” In other words, Obamacare bends the cost curve up, not down.

    Millions Lose Existing Private Coverage: “However, a number of workers who currently have employer coverage would likely become enrolled in the expanded Medicaid program or receive subsidized coverage through the Exchange. For example, some smaller employers would be inclined to terminate their existing coverage, and companies with low average salaries might find it to their – and their employees’ – advantage to end their plans … We estimate that such actions would collectively reduce the number of people with employer-sponsored health coverage by about 12 million.” In other words, Obamacare will cause millions of Americans to lose their existing private coverage.

    Millions Pay Fines Yet Remain Uncovered: “18 million are estimated to choose not to be insured and to pay the penalty associated with the individual mandate. For the most part, these would be individuals with relatively low health care expenses for whom the individual or family insurance premium would be significantly in excess of the penalty and their anticipated health benefit value.” In other words, 18 million Americans will either face jail time or be forced to pay a new tax they will receive no benefit from.

    Millions Lose Medicare Advantage: “Section 1161 of Division B of H.R. 3962 would set Medicare Advantage capitation benchmarks … We estimate that in 2014 when the MA provisions would be fully phased in, enrollment in MA plans would decreased by 64 percent (from its projected level of 13.2 million under current law to 4.7 million under the proposal).” In other words, 8.5 million seniors who currently get such services as coor­dinated care for chronic conditions, routine eye and hearing examinations, and preventive-care services would lose their existing private coverage.

    Millions Placed on Welfare: “Of the additional 34 million who are estimated to be insured in 2019 as a result of H.R. 3962, about three-fifths (21 million) would receive Medicaid coverage due to the expansion of eligibility to those adults under 150 percent of the FPL.” In other words, more than half the people who gain health insurance will receive it through the welfare program Medicaid.

    Seniors Access to Care Jeopardized: “H.R. 3962 would introduce permanent annual productivity adjustments to price updates for institutional providers… Over time, a sustained reduction in payment updates, based on productivity expectations that are difficult to attain, would cause Medicare payment rates to grow more slowly than and in a way that was unrelated to, the providers’ costs of furnishing services to beneficiaries. Thus, providers for whom Medicare constitutes a substantive portion of their business could find it difficult to remain profitable and might end their participation in the program (possibly jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries).” In other words, the Medicare cuts in the House bill are so out of touch with reality that hospitals currently serving Medicare patients might be forced to stop doing so. Thus making it much more difficult for seniors to get health care.

    Poor’s Access Problems Exacerbated: “In practice, supply constraints might interfere with providing the services by the additional 34 million insured persons. …providers might tend to accept more patients who have private insurance (with relatively attractive payment rates) and fewer Medicaid patients, exacerbating existing access problems for the latter group.” In other words, those 21 million people who are gaining health insurance through Medicaid are going to have a very tough time finding a doctor who will treat them.

    Reacting in part to Friday’s CMS report, Robert J. Samuelson writes in today’s Washington Post:

    The disconnect between what President Obama says and what he’s doing is so glaring that most people could not abide it. The president, his advisers and allies have no trouble. But reconciling blatantly contradictory objectives requires them to engage in willful self-deception, public dishonesty, or both.

    There is a reason why as more Americans learn about Obamacare, the less popular it gets.

    Quick Hits:

    • Commenting on President Barack Obama’s meeting with Emperor Akihito of Japan, an academic with expertise about the Japanese Empire tells ABC News: “The bow as he performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms….The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part.”
    • Thanks to conservatives in Congress, President Obama has been “hobbled” in his search for a global warming treaty.
    • The government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims including medical treatment showing little relation to a patient’s condition, wasting taxpayer money at a rate nearly three times that of the previous year.
    • Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury and Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush Tony Fratto explains why President Obama’s trip, and his “new engagement” with Asia, ignores the achievements of many past U.S. presidents.
    • After $111 billion in bailouts for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Housing Administration is also close to a taxpayer bailout.
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    76 Responses to Morning Bell: A Deathblow for Obamacare

    1. juandos says:

      Robert Samuelson over at the WaPo has a few choice words about ObamaCare: Obamacare: Buy now, pay later

    2. Chris, Biloxi says:

      What I haven't seen from anyone, or heard either, is what effect all of this is going to haveon the retired miitary and their Tricare insurances.

      Anybody got any ideas?


    3. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is just another time when he fails to tell the truth. People need to wake up and smell the BS of obama, pelosi and reid on this issue. We do not need this type of health care. Look at the other countries that have enacted socialized health care and see if you want the same. I still believe that obama is setting himself up as a "dictator" and the American people are blind to the effort. I also know that I will be labeled a "racist", terroist, or un-American because of this. That is just fine by me. I fought for this country and never looked back. Many have died and bled for this country and our freedoms, will all be for naught????

    4. NeoConVet says:

      Much has been written about the House Health Care Bill and the Medicare problems, but nothing is said to my knowledge about the Military Retired Veteran who's TriCare healthcare is tied directly to Medicare payments. IF hospitals, Dr's etc begin to refuse Medicare….they also refuse the Veteran who served with the promise of healthcare in our retirement. Not all of us live in proximity to a Military Base or VA facility. The priority of care in these facilities for non-combat injury is low.

      The second blow comes as the dollar value declines and the Military Pension's fail to keep up.

      Once again the promise of a nation is forgotten for expediency by a Congress and WH.

    5. Barb in New York says:

      Another big "Dah". Lets toss the whole thing, or better yet lets toss out this administration and it's Congress.

    6. Mike, North Dakota says:

      Wait a minute!

      As I read the document, it says HR3692 will result in FEWER uninsured AND it will reduce the federal deficit!

      It also says more people would get Medicaid coverage.

      I am confused.

    7. jim toledo says:

      I still can't find the provision in the Constitution that says the government can force us to buy healthcare and I surely don't see where it says the government can send me to jail if I don't? I fear this administration and Congress will do whatever it takes to get this bill through the Senate regardless of the cost; it really isn't about the care we receive, it's about the governments ability to control tha segment of our lives. Has anyone in Congress or the White House signed up yet?

    8. Lowell - Anderson, I says:

      I would like to know just 'how the AARP explains these health bill facts to their members?'. Does anyone know just how the administration continually gets the ARRP in their vest pocket although the bill obviously seems to work against senior benefits?

      They have a page on their web site dedicated to 'mythbusters' regarding the "Health Care Reform Bill", I suppose they will in some way rationalize or at least 'normalize' these facts.

      I am retired and 67 years old – this is just one of many reasons that I do not support the ARRP. I suppose there could be similar reasons that many doctors do not belong to the AMA group.

    9. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      "…18 million Americans will either face jail time or be forced to pay a new tax they will receive no benefit from."

      This alone is a total violation of the Constitution that it cannot pass! The people pushing this Bill will not be affected as they will not be using this Health Care that they are forcing down OUR throats. This is a blatant violation of their oaths and their offices. All involved need to be FIRED! We have the power to do this!

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Everyone needs to understand that the entire farce of "health care reform" is not about providing more or better health care!

      It is in reality another attempt by this Marxist Administration to grab more power for itself and more control over peoples' lives. This should not be allowed. Marxism, with all its tentacles, must be rooted out of the USA.

      I agree with Rush Limbaugh. If Obama succeeds, America fails.

      Obama must not be allowed to succeed in any of his "plans" to "fundamentally change this Country".

      If he loves Marxist Socialism so much, he should pack his bags and move to Cuba Or Venezuela and leave us in peace.

      This President is just plain NO GOOD!

    11. Roxanne, Greensboro, says:

      Won't the government just FORCE the doctors to take patients enrolled in Obamacare? I pray we can stop this takeover.

    12. Don, Michigan says:

      Everyone was told about the health care debacle and would not believe it. Did they really believe that #44 was for them? What a rude awakening! Cap and trade will be the next debacle on his agenda. It is amazing how many believe all the BS that is out their on this also. Wake up Americans. Obama is dangerous. He is leading us to the new world order. Watch for copenhagen in Jan. This will tell the story.

    13. Sharon Torgerson, Mi says:

      Powerful information, and I appreciate the work Heritage to gets the facts out and document the process.

      However…..what practical difference will it make (i.e., are you sure it means the "death blow" for the plan)if obama can still threaten and pressure enough Congressmen to vote for it?

      I have not noticed that either documented facts or true math have any noticeable impact on this administration.

    14. R L Light, Bristol, says:

      All this information on health care it's increased cost and limited service projections is true. There is one additional problem that can be just as devistating to care. Many doctors are saying they will close their practice plus there are not enough primary care doctors to supply care to the increased enrollment. Even IF the costs were less the service just won't be there.

    15. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      We can all expect Obama to come back and say this is all not so.

      Another example of his willingnes to tell "The Big Lie"

      The Big Lie, you ask? is "The principal that when one lies, one should lie big and stick to it. You must keep up your lies even at the risk of looking rediculous". J Goebbels, 1941

      The concept of the big lie has some validity because most people would not have the audacity to tell a big lie and would in fact be ashamed to do so.

      It would never come into the citizens heads to fabicate colassal untruths and therefore would not believe that others (Obama) could have the impudence yo distort the truth so infamously.

      Even though the facts which prove something to be so are brought clearly to their minds, the Big Lie creates doubt and uncertainty and people continue to think there might be some other explanation other than the facts and truth.

      Some examples of "Big Lies" are, "you can keep your doctor", "your health care costs will not go up", "we support small business", "your taxes won't go up", "Global warming", "I support a free market economy"

      While this worked well in the 1940's, 50's and 60's, most Americans will always look for the truth and see the transparency of the concept of the "big lie"

    16. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      If Congress is going to exempt themselves from Obamacare coverage isn't this a violation of the "spearate but equal" clause found unConstitutional in the civil rights movemen?

    17. JD Hawkins, Florida says:

      When everyone finally "gets it" and understands that this is part of an underlying agenda that as nothing to do with impeoving your healthcare, it might just start to make sense! Wake up sheeple and realize these constant lies and blatant misrepresentations ARE the plan and it is all about POWER!

    18. Linda Lovelace says:

      A deathblow for obama's hijacking of healthcare. When the wonderful democrat from chicago input an amendment that taxpayer dollars wouldn't pay for abortion obama was fuming. That is a wonderful democrat. As a result the bill will fail. I'm glad to see that even some democrats believe in the sanctity of life. you can't be a catholic and support abortion pelosi and kennedy, you just can't be. Hey, did you know that a mother's life is endager 1/10000 or .0001% of the time, BUT THE BABIES LIFE IS ENDANGERED 100% OF THE TIME.

    19. Benjamin Marcoux says:










    20. Howard Murdock says:

      If Obama is not Impeached ASAP this nation will cease to exist.

    21. Mary, WI says:

      This administration is relentless with all the "change you can believe in". Anyone that voted for this man has been fooled. It's so apparent. The change he has in mind for America is a weak, poor country where people are nothing more than serfs of the powerful politicians. "IF" we still have the right to vote next election vote them ALL out and start fresh perhaps with a third party.

    22. Cindy Hanover says:

      Hi Mary from WI. A third party is not the answer. Don't split the vote. The only choice is a republican that is conservative and not a meely mouth conservative. Mike Huckabee would be okay. I would like to study his stance on the death penalty to insure that he has not only a bark but a strong bite. Also Mary, If you remember Bill Clinton we only have Ross Perot to thank for 8 years of Bill. So Mary please, don't waste your vote on a third party because america can't afford 4 more years of barac obama. I hope that america can make it through the next 3 years of barac. See Mary back when I went to college the communist were handing out communist literature while standing on the sidewalks now they made it to the white house.

    23. Jack Ashcraft says:

      This is scarry stuff maybe we should adopt a government run plan like all other developed Countries in the world have. I like the way the French do it especially. Two months paid vacation, unlimited sick days that can be used for children, child care for working parents. Health care is no good if it doesn't reach the workforce. Of course the only way to obtain this is to pay our political representatives more than the insurance company and big pharma lobbies do.

    24. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama and his friends are pushing more States to become Sovereign and to Honor their allegiance only to the Consititution of the Unitied States and the Boundaries set forth thereinn as Laws to contain the Powers of the Federal Government. To reinforce the fact that we are Fifty Independent Nations United under a Common Charter, the Constitution and its Amendments, not the Federal Governments laws, statutes, revised amendments taxes and fees, that fall outside the boundaries set forth in our Charter, as a Republic, as Nation of Laws.

    25. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      The increases don't even come close to addressing what will happen when hyper-inflation begins to kick in. Seems like everything is in today's dollars.

      With Obama's insane doubling or tripling of the money supply, idiotic redistribution of wealth and feeding the corruption which feeds him, ALL projections of costs – even ten years out, are meaningless. If the Progressive (Revolutionary, Distructionist Reprobates) have their way, all this attempted remaking of America is just a distraction to the larger agenda… America is under attack from domestic enemies, with global backing.

      Until we FIX/SAVE OUR government, the rest is wheel-spinning.

    26. Billy Ford, Coweta says:


      What do the Democrats recieve after they have pass these costly, Health Care Bill, Cap and Trade Bill, bail out all

      the left wing friends and crooks? They have to know they will

      be kicked out of office and they will destroyed chances for other Democrats.

      History will not be kind to these Democrats.

      This just doesn't make sense. Do they really believe most Americans are that stupid.

      I can't wait to vote next year, no Democrat will be safe and some so call consevatives.

    27. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Every patriotic American with reasonable critical thinking skills who has seen FNC and read the Heritage Foundation’s studies/articles concerning the so-called health care reform bill (and the nebulous cloud of one allegedly still in the senate) knows certain truths to be self evident.

      We begin with the fact these bills have absolutely nothing to do with fixing any of the known or perceived problems with our current health care system. The next fact we know is that the result of these bills includes the creation of numerous new problems that we as a nation and you and I as citizens do not currently have nor do we want.

      If one is willing to use “the backwards planning process” [were one usually starts with the desired result and plans each preceding step to prepare for the next intermediate step] as an analysis tool relative to these so-called reform bills; then perhaps we can determine, or identify their objectives.

      Obviously many of us have as we understand at various levels that their objectives include enlarging their own grass roots political base by giving away our hard earned money to those who either able to work but unwilling to work and, more importantly, the ten to twelve million illegal aliens in this country. They also want to move this country more towards the always failed system of socialism as they see that as a goal established by their Progressive predecessors from many decades past (universal or nationalized health care). Universal or Single payer or Nationalized or Socialized or PUBLIC OPTION is the ever so elusive crown jewel of socialism. The Progressive’s in this country see no reason why a country as rich as ours cannot simply provide so-called “free” health care to its citizens (and illegal aliens). **By the way, the Germans are now (as this comment is being written) in the process of stopping their form of universal health care in favor of a free market based solution.**

      The Progressives/Statists want to create another huge entitlement that will encourage the unproductive masses to vote for more of those kinds of individuals at future elections and then enslave them through the system of socialism they are creating.

      Just as a reminder, this year the Progressives (many times called Statists) have been ramming unnecessary and unwanted horrendous legislation down our throats since Obama was inaugurated. They include the fake stimulus bill (we know it as the, “Porkulus Bill”) in which $787 billion was passed without even our elected representatives having read it and for which most of the money is not even scheduled to be released and spent for two or more years after the day it was signed into law! (A review of the WH visitor logs illuminates one glaring consistent visitor, the president of SEIU. Wonder why certain things were in the bill that did not make sense?) Another such item in which they rammed through was the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) headed up by the two very prominent elected representatives who forced caused the problem with subprime mortgages, Fannie & Freddie and the derivative debacle, Senator Chris Dodd (D) and in the House Barney Franks (D). Of course that included the bailouts of AIG and all those banks that left their common sense banking practices and ethics behind as pressured by the aforementioned individuals and ACORN.

      The next two most destructive bills on the way are the health care reform bill and the cap and trade bill. We neither need nor want these two pieces of un-American legislation as they do nothing to improve our great nation and nothing to improve the conditions for citizens like you and me to thrive. Both bills do however greatly damage us (the country and its citizens) beyond the point of financial ruin and security.


      The solution includes doing everything possible and necessary to kill these two bills before they get anywhere close to being signed into law!! That means becoming knowledgeable about these as well as any future such excrements of legislation, supporting those organizations (such as the Tea Party and Project 912, the Heritage Foundation etc.) who can both help us understand these lengthy thousand plus page bills so we can bring enormous pressure on our elected representatives and the WH, and identifying the elected culprits who are hell bent on destroying our great nation and doing whatever is legally allowable to remove them from office; impeachment proceedings and voting them out of office if impeachment is not doable. Remember to support and encourage your elected representatives provided they are voting against these terrible pieces of legislation. It would be of tremendous value if, in this effort, an agency such as the Heritage Foundation or perhaps a watchdog group would post the names of the bills and the elected representatives by state and district with their voting record. Of course, since Obama routinely voted, “Present”, we would have to know who these unproductive representatives are so we can target their loss of employment. Keep in mind to question with boldness, speak the truth without fear and always seek out the truth

    28. GraceD, Brooklyn, NY says:

      Alert! Tell Congress to Stop Socialized Medicine. Today, Mon, Nov 16 is a national protest against government run health care. We only have the smallest window of opportunity left to persuade Congress to vote NO on the Reid bill as it may be debated as early as tomorrow, Tues, 11/17. Please include in your efforts the Blue Dog Dems whose votes are crucial. This bill needs to be on moral grounds, anything less than that will simply postpone inevitable statism. The best argument to that effect is Dr. Leonard Peikoff's article _Health Care is Not a Right_. Please go here http://tinyurl.com/yftbpn4 for the

      article as well as a listing of Congressional members to contact. **November 16th – Blitz Congress!**

      If you can't fax the file, please fax a personal note letting Congress know you will not stand for government run health. If they vote YES on health care, you will vote NO on them.

      care. If they vote yes, they will be out of a job.

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    30. ann kitay fult says:

      I said it 2 years ago and will say it again – all you will get from Obama is communism. He moved a lot quicker than i thot he would but he is right on schedule. What is most frightening and disconcerting is the lock-step of the Democratic party. If this is intelligence – higher education – elitism – then spare me!

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    32. Ron Derry NH says:

      We are in an economic tail spin and an era where lying is considered a tool to enslave people against their will through monetary extortion.

      I am sure that it will not stop or cease to aggravate our already poor economic situation, but the left isn't going to stop until they wrap our country into a corset so tight that no semblance of American enterprise won't be affected by government control.

      Any one still believing Obama Pelosi and Reid can be stopped by a little dilemma like the truth is missing their point. THEY DON'T CARE!

      The three Stooges are on track to take over every sector of this country and hand deliver it tied up in bureaucratic nonsense to the world leaders and financiers they serve.

      All we can do is get ready for a long sordid fight to take our country back from the socialists before it collapses from the shear magnitude of stupidity we need to support just to break even.

      One thing we must agree to do as hopeful and true Americans is not to become naive and silly and begin believing in the fantasy that some how the Marxist/socialists will release their grip on the agenda they serve and retreat from their offense against Americanism.

      They are not embarrassed to be who they are…no American should therefore be embarrassed to fight back in defense of their heritage to save it from Marxism's socialist defeatism and debt enslavement.

    33. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      We don't have to wait for the 2010 General Elections to make our point against those who don't listen to the public outcry against Government take over.

      In the 2010 Primary election all we have to do is not vote for any Incumbent or Candidate who voted for or is in favor of Government Health Care, Cap and Trade or Amnesty for Illegals.

      If there are no candidates on the November ballots in favor of these attacts against our Country, then none can be elected.

    34. ann kitay fult says:

      I wrote exactly what I meant. I consider my life – my liberty – more valuable than the price being offered – thus I respectfully decline any further government control over my well-being, my thoughts ,my rights as a 73 year old American citizen. Thank you, Sir!

    35. Gary Marchinke says:

      The late Bob Novak said it best. "Always love your country, but never trust your government." November of 2010 will be a repeat of 1994. It will be a blowout. It cannot come soon enough.

    36. Revolution Now says:

      I think what these people have done in just 9 months is cause for our military to go in and arrest all of Congress and reinstate the Constitution… really. This is our only hope.

      Our military however, will never do this as it is corrupted by the euro-trash that now control us and their puppet Obama.

    37. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      These people who have no clue about the basic concept of FREEDOM need to run into a brick wall, called The American People. Let's turn this disasterous nightmare into a renewal of individual rights.

    38. Tom63, Houston says:

      I spoke to a surgeon last weekend that is a neighbor. He told me that he will be forced to close his private practice that he has had for over 35 years if obummercare becomes law. If too many other physicians do the same, how will obummer's grand plan to give everybody healthcare work. Doesn't obummercare assume that there will be enough physicians to treat 300 million or so people?

    39. frank renzo mechani says:

      It is time to get this whole administration out of office.

    40. samuel says:

      The great Health Care Bill is one more big joke for the AMERICAN tax payers. Someone needs to explain how you can furnish free medical care to millions and it not cost trillions of dollars.

      America is broke. medicare is broke, medcaid is broke, social security is broke. So now the big lie is the government wants more on the dole of the government. It will pay for abortion, how many lives has been killed through abortion? Yet this same left wing nuts open our borders to allow billions of illegals into our country. Mexicans, islams muslim, africans. But we will continue to kill our babies in america.

      Everyone's taxes will double. They will have to double to support a free social health care bill. You will wait months for care. The eldery will suffer. Yet we continue to keep our borders wide open for everything to enter America.

    41. Kim . Columbus says:

      Another untruth, illegals will not have healthcare. They already do, they carry CareSource and Molina insurance cards, yet they don't speak English(we provide a translator$$) and they have no SSN#. Others give false names so as not to pay or get a bill, again we pay.

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    43. Rich Florida says:

      Lowell Anserson, its on fox now AARP will get 12,000,000 people to pay them for the donut…So we used AARP for seniors help on what is going on that would hurt us…Now they are going to hurt us for the Almighty Dollar Bill….How could they support that reductionfor the elderly…

    44. Jean P., Baltimore M says:

      WHERE is this report on the referenced website?? The only thing I find there is a report SUPPORTING the bill! You discredit us all by posting incorrect information.

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    46. Bobbie Jay says:

      Lynn B. Despain, says it BEST!

      Did you guys pick up on Oama's title "the affordable health care for America act?" That's an admission, this isn't just for AMERICANS!!!!!! ONLY THE EXPENSE WILL BE FOR AMERICANS!!!!!

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    48. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Senators! Tear Down This Wall!

    49. Diann Colorado Sprin says:

      Relative to the question about Tricare and other military health benefits, I've asked a Representative and he reports that Democratic dicussions in the House indicate that the military health care system will be transferred into the government option, thus saving billions of dollars. If there is no government option, military will be transferred to the Medicaid program, which will reduce costs to the Federal government, and transfer much of the burden to the states. How's that for honoring our military?

    50. Merle Scoggins TEXA says:

      About military retired medical care for those over 65 Simple You were shunted into Medicare by Bill Clinton without notice. (I know because I was in the midst of a cornea implant gone bad when Wilford Hall kicked me out and told me to find a doctor. I lost an eye because of that.)

      Much later Congress enacted a bill that gave you Tricare For Life a supplement to Medicare. Medicare pays first and TFL supplements.

      If doctors refuse (and our doctors have already told us they cannot afford to treat at below costs) to take Medicare patient RESULTS NO MEDICAL CARE PERIOD..

    51. ann kitay fulton, tx says:

      Principles. Something often overlooked in our anxiety to cope with the unthinkable. The greatest problem I see is the willingness to squabble over exactly what this health bill should cover or should not cover. This is compromise. The whole concept of universal coverage is anethema in a democratic republic – once a principle is compromised it ceases to be a principle.

    52. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      I visualize Obama care as a trip to Hell whenever I have to go to a doctor, too many patients, too few doctors. I expect, at 92, to be shipped to the hospice instead of a costly procedure that would keep me going a precious few more years. I was looking forward to a tranquil old age. Obama has been the ruination of that dream. Every idea he spawns becomes my worst nightmare. Now I am doubtful my funds will last my lifetime.

    53. Pat Smith says:

      My Daughter is a Pulmonologist and Critical Care doc. Today they started forcing all doctors to enter all of their orders on the computer. She wakes up at 5:30 am to start her day, she has been woke up 4 times in the night to give verbal orders to the nurses. The computer orders can't be done by a nurse, this will add another 2 hours to her work day. What is being sold as a time saver in reality will take more time away from her caring for patients. When the computers crash no care. Doctors and hospitals will have to spend millions to implement all of this. Many older doctors won't be equipped to comply with this and will quit. Here is another form of the rationing that will take place plus the government will know every bit of your health history, no more privacy.

    54. Pat Smith says:

      Obama is also planning on giving free training to doctors and nurses. It will probably be a bigger affirmative action plan. There will probably be very low requirements to train. I don't think most of these people will work that hard, Medical School and Residency training is geared to be only for the best and the brightest. You can't imagine how tough it is unless you've lived through it but it is meant to turn out competent physicians. So you want your doctor less than qualified? I'm sure the curriculum will have to be dumbed down.

    55. Caroline Bell says:

      It is a deathblow for healthcare. The terrorist from guantanamo are eligible for this new healthcare nationalization. But, the reason for the terrorist being eligible for a trial in NY is:

      1. barrack doesn't respect the US constitution.

      2. He wants to hold a public trial to grand stand. barrack thinks the american people are to stupid that he is only holding a public trial with cameras in the courtroom in order to win votes for the 2010 election. Believe me, I have the inside scope the judges for the terrorist trial are already preselected to hand out the death penatly to the terrorist.

      3. With a military tribunal there is no pomp and circumstances and the votes that the democrats can get along with the grand standing of the terrorists on TV in front of the American people. A military tribunal would only shoot the terrorist between the eyes and the only grand standing would be asking the terrorist if they want a blindfold and/or a cigarette. No pomp in circumstances here nor vote getting by the democrats.

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    57. Jean P., Baltimore MD: we linked to the CCMS report almost a dozen times. Here it is again: http://republicans.waysandmeans.house.gov/Uploade

      thanks very much,

    58. Jack D. Ripper says:

      Obama, voted, in 2002 as a Stae Senator, to deny Medical Assistance to a Newborn that survives and ABORTION. How in "GOD'S NAME" did this man get into the White House?

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    60. Dink Foree, Texas says:

      How about an amendment to the US Constitution…

      "Congress shall make no law that applies to any citizen of the United States that does not apply equally to all US Senators and Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to any US Senator or Representative that does not apply equally to all citizens of the United States. All existing laws and regulations that do not meet these criteria shall be declared null and void!"

    61. Donna James Iowa says:

      I read all the comments and I too think we need to get rid of obama and all of the congress people by firing them and getting them out of washington, how do we all go about doing this??

      I will surely do my part in getting this done and soon.

      Donna James from IOWA

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    64. Bonnie Becker Califo says:

      As a registered nurse, I see the writing on the wall as healthcare declines in quality and the ability to attain needed examinations and medications. Near the beginning of this year, Medicare began declining to pay for pain medication to re-fill pumps for those in chronic pain (example: Cancer). They are now refusing to pay for the doctors who do this procedure. Rationing has already begun and will only get worse if we keep these radical government people. We need to fire all of them and hire some that have the best interests of the people and who are willing to tell the truth.

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    66. Doug Veinotte - Mass says:

      The 31 Page Report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services should be required reading for everyone who will be voting on Health Insurance Reform. What can we or the Heritage Foundation do to make sure that happens?

    67. Freedom of Speech, T says:


      Also add, "No federal government employee or elected official can act as a lobbyist upon leaving office for a period of 20 years. No family members are allowed to negotiate for any government contracts or act as lobbyists for a period of 20 years. Government service is not intended for enrichment. The honor of serving and a government pension is adequate compensation from the American people."

    68. JMontoya, NM says:

      I knew this was coming, right from the part of the presidential voting process where Hilary had the majority of popular Democratic votes, but Obama suddenly had the Superdelegates in his pocket. Without the superdelegates, he would never have won the Democratic nomination. Also, when I was told to my face that if I chose not to vote for a black man, that made me prejudice. All the people who voted for the man were manipulated by the Obamachinery. Everything he has done since taking office has been toward the good of everyone EXCEPT the American public.

    69. curt L. Columbus, O says:

      As long as congress is more afraid of Obama Inc than of us, reports like this one will be ignored like we are ignored. And they are obviously not too worried about reelection. THAT is what worries me the most!

    70. Maria, Dunnello-FL says:

      An article in a Marble Falls, TX local paper, the River Cities Tribune, published in the 17th of August. It was written by our former county judge, David Kithil. He voiced his opposition to HB 3200, and gave EXACT SPECIFICS, to include page and paragraph in the bill on why this Health Bill is BAD.

      Thomas Edwards, editor of the River Cities Tribune, was contacteed to get legal permission to quote David Kithil's comments. Permission was granted, so here are excerpts from the article, giving EXACT pages and paragraphs in the bill and why it is so bad. You can forward this to all of your email contacts. I think Judge Kithil hits everything right on the head,and the opposition you may encounter cannot argue over these points:

      JUDGE KITHIL wrote:

      "I have reviewed selected sections of the bill and find it unbelievable that our Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, could come up with a bill loaded with so many wrong-headed elements.

      “How many of us believe our federal government can manage a new program any better than the bankrupt Medicare program or the underfunded Social Security program?

      "Both Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible for the financial mess of those two programs.

      "I am opposed to HB 3200 for a number of reasons. To start with, it is estimated that a federal bureaucracy of more than 150,000 new employees will be required to administer HB3200. That is an unacceptable expansion of a government that is already too intrusive in our lives. If we are going to hire 150,000 new employees, let's put them to work protecting our borders, fighting the massive drug problem and putting more law enforcement/firefighters out there."

      NOW, here comes the good stuff:

      JUDGE KITHIL continued: "Other problems I have with this bill include:

      ** Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.

      ** Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual's bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.

      ** Page 65/section 164: The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN).

      ** Page 203/line 14-15: The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax. (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?)

      ** Page 241 and 253: Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors' fees.

      ** Page 272. section 1145: Cancer hospital will ration care according to the patient's age.

      ** Page 317 and 321: The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception.

      ** Page 425, line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on Social Security will be required to attend an "end-of-life planning" seminar every five years.

      ** Page 429, line 13-25: The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.

      HAD ENOUGH???? Judge Kithil then goes on:

      "Finally, it is specifically stated this bill will not apply to members of Congress. Members of Congress are already exempt from the Social Security system and have a well-funded private plan that covers their retirement needs. If they were on our Social Security plan, I believe they would find a very quick "fix" to make the plan financially sound for the future."

      Honorable David Kithil

      Marble Falls , Texas

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    73. Grace, Long Island says:

      For doctors: Please take this short (seven question) survey and leave a comment on how the proposed Health Care Reform bills will affect your profession. No spam and you will remain anonymous on the website; only the site owner sees your, limited, informaiton. Let *your* voice, the most important and forgotten one, be heard. Comments are welcome from visitors but only doctors may vote. http://doctorsvote.com/

    74. Pingback: Pratts Pub » Obamacare H.R. 3962 – Health Care Costs Will Go Up

    75. Tristan, NY says:

      Finally got the time to look up the Health Bill. This is what I found regarding Kithil's comments.

      Illegals (p.50):

      Quite vague in the bill, could be interpreted as non-discriminatory on health issues, but I understand he could interpret it this way. Should definitely be more precise.

      Electronic funds control (p.58,59):

      Also too vague and I would agree with him that it sounds like payment control.

      Subsidized for union retirees: p.65

      Conflict of interest for me here. Sounds good to me.

      Tax: p.203

      Not sure why this is a big deal or if I even understand it but it looks like it is a way to calculate eligibility.

      Physician fees: p.241/253

      He seems wrong here. It pretty clearly states that a "conversion factor" will be used to determine each specialty rate.

      Cancer hospital: p.272

      That's a big, clear lie. It (for once) very clearly states that the cost of treatment of a cancer patient will be will be compared to the same cost at other hospitals to prevent certain hospitals from overcharging.

      Hospital Expansion: p.425

      He is not saying everything. This restriction is in ONLY for hospitals owned by a physician. They do not want a single physician/businessman to build a hegemonic care center based purely on profit.

      End of Life planning: p.p.429

      Here again a complete re-interpretation of the bill. The bill states that would a patient not have seen a doctor in the last 5 years, the doctor needs to clearly state to the patient all their rights and options. Very different than the nerve-poking terms "end-of-life seminar".

      Government choose end-of life doctor:p.429

      I absolutely do not see this in this paragraph.

      …It took me an hour to go through this, and it is all in very dry legal lingo. Nothing most of us will go through the pain of doing regularly. This judge knows that and that's why he very loosely bases his facts on the bill and rephrases sentences to strike an emotional cord. Very dangerous. There is a huge amount of propaganda and facts twisting on both sides. I think it is good to be informed but these days I absolutely do not trust politicians and even less Republicans. But since we can't go through all the bills, we do indeed have to listen to both sides and at the end choose a voice we can agree with. I quickly get the big picture of someone's agenda these days. When this judge opens her letter with some bonehead recommendations, he clearly shows that he has an agenda and that he does not prioritizes enlightening us with facts.

      His input?

      Put money to fight drugs instead:

      The Bush administration has spent billions already for 8 years. Results? Jails overcrowded with small time offenders (corporate handout), and Mexico almost under martial law because the drugs lords are so powerful. Want to fight drugs? Make pot legal and tax it like tobacco, that'll be enough to fund a health care reform. Kids can already find pot anywhere anyway so that's really not the issue.

      Hire more firemen and cops:

      ??? How will that help provide health care? Sounds like an argument from a 4 year old.

      Protecting borders:

      Sure you can waist a massive amount of money to do that, it might work. You can call Israel too, they'll have good tips on walling in a country… or you could simply have a sustainable income wage enforced by raising minimum wage or taxing the hell out of companies who go take jobs abroad. How about parity? Charge companies the difference in wages when they go to China and put it in a fund to pay for unemployment? The only reason why there are illegal immigrants here is because people are willing to hire them for pennies. And yes, people do need to feed their family, nothing wrong with that. Just because we have the good fortune to have been born here does not give us the right to lecture others.

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