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  • Have “Crisis” and “Catastrophe” lost their meaning for Climate Change?

    Proponents of reducing greenhouse gas emissions view the upcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen as the point of no return. Gordon Brown has famously said that if an agreement is not made in December it will be “irretrievably too late, so we should never allow ourselves to lose sight of the catastrophe we face if present warming trends continue.” Similarly, COP15’s President, Connie Hedegaard, said that failure in Copenhagen is “not an option” and that the “the sooner we deal with the challenge of climate change, the smaller the risk of chaos and catastrophe.”

    But people become increasingly less concerned about the issue. In a recent poll, Americans ranked the economy as the top priority while climate change ranks dead last. It is not just Americans who are showing a lack of concern; British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has recently lamented that people worldwide are failing to understand the eminent global catastrophe:

    “For too many people, not just in our own country but around the world, the penny hasn’t yet dropped … There isn’t yet that sense of urgency and drive and animation about the Copenhagen conference.”

    The problem with painting doomsday scenarios is that one cannot claim that climate change legislation will prevent hurricanes or natural disasters; furthermore one cannot even claim that cap and trade policies will reduce world-wide emissions. According to Ben Lieberman, Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation,

    “Proponents of this cap-and-trade bill scare us with the usual gloom and doom litany: sea level rise, more storms, more disease. But even if one accepts that litany, how much of it will go away thanks to Waxman-Markey? Proponents of the bill never really address this question, and for good reason. Globally speaking, Waxman-Markey would have a trivial impact on future concentrations of greenhouse gases. The bill only binds the U.S., and the trends in the rest of the world show clearly that emissions are rising. China alone now out-emits the U.S., and it hasn’t just inched ahead, it has raced ahead with emissions rising six times faster than ours. A similar story is true of other rapidly developing nations.”

    So climate change legislation will not reduce world-wide emissions—thereby doing nothing to prevent catastrophic weather conditions, but it is very clear that it will cause great economic havoc. In his speech to the UN on climate change, Obama was right to say that “our generation’s response to this challenge will be judged by history” but these polls show that more and more people are do not want their children to find themselves in an America with higher energy prices, higher taxes, and fewer jobs in return for policies that will do nothing to prevent changes in the climate. That could be the real catastrophe.

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    12 Responses to Have “Crisis” and “Catastrophe” lost their meaning for Climate Change?

    1. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Why don't we Sell China our Clean Coal Technology? And sure, let's get Off The Grid and decentralize our Power Production on the roofs of everybody's house. But honest to Pete! The real Environment (as opposed to Big Al's delusion) really needs Carbon Dioxide because it is really getting colder.

      People all over the World can only assimilate so much BS before credulity breaks. We understand this Con Game all too well! That penny dropping is what we will have left if the Green Crazies get their way.

    2. Ryan Boardman, OH says:

      Sorry I had asked for this yesterday and again today didnt realize you wrote about it today thank you

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      Stop tax subsidies to the cleaner technologies. This was never an emergency and therefore they can use THEIR private money!

    4. Rick Schroeder says:

      The fact that people are becoming increasingly less concerned with this is music to my ears. I've worked long and hard to this end. The "environmentalists" are nothing more than a bunch of con artists and should be jailed. This whole concept of climate change is a lie. I've lived long enough to have seen with my own eyes what kind of farce is being put forth upon the American people and the entire world for that matter. I can't wait for this whole thing to die. I just wish some people would do jail time over it.

    5. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I will never defend so-called “white-collar” criminals like “Bernie Mad Off With The Money.

      But, what this government and many lobbyists are doing to the American People is infinitely worse. It is not just the money, but the deceit and destruction of whatever trust and values are left.

      Then I hear a certain administration official say “We need to trust what they are doing?”

      Is there a legal licensed doctor out there who will volunteer services for conducting lobotomies?

    6. Joseph Picone says:

      We need to "hammer" home the fact that Al Gore has made a huge bet in "Green" technology and stands to make tens of millions on these investments. Al Gore makes the prepostorous claim that none of these investments have any bearing on his "sincerity" and "concern" over the global warming issue. Al Gore is a master at the big "con" and a hypocrite of the 1st order. If we can completely discredit and lambast Al (big carbon footprint) Gore, we can go a long way to burying Carbon Tax legislation.

    7. Scot,Hoosier land says:

      This is the classic story of the boy crying wolf.You can cry wolf only so many times before we become tonedeaf.

    8. Roger S., Ma. says:

      I have a mind to give that "Brit-wit" Miliband a piece of my mind! To begin with a question: How come GB first lost an empire and then, despite after a half century's shrinkage to more manageable size, still cannot keep its economy from tanking? I'll even supply a ready answer: too many and too costly government programs.

      Now, to seize his metaphor. If "the penny hasn't dropped", could that be because people have come to appreciate that it might be their last; that they desperately need to hold on to it instead of feeding it into the slot machine in a new global government's "Casino Royal"?

      So far the only people anyone has seen displaying any "…sense of urgency and drive and animation about the Copenhagen conference" are those who stand to be the house's croupiers and card-sharks at its roulette and black-jack tables: Representatives of nations expecting transfer payments; Folks heavily invested in already government subsidized "green" technology; "Scientists" anxious about future grants; Professional political lime-light seekers; Generally, those eager to obtain somebody's last penny.

      If Miliband even slightly believes that the "general public" is so dumb as to not see through, but instead participate willingly, even eagerly, in this modern "emperor's new clothes" game, then "milli" must be roughly the size of his intellectual bandwidth.

      Most peoples' pennies have remained buried deeply in their pockets because they have been astute enough to recognize that so many "warring" scientific sub-factions prove that the science of global climate change is anything but settled. To see that far, not even the most derelict panhandler required advanced scientific education. Hearing the solid "thunk" of the next penny dropping into his cup sufficed for him to decide that before he would remove it to hand over to a government preaching "fire and brimstone", at least the sky would really need to fall just a little bit. The Gov. would have to PROVE that a little rain shower were more than a little rain shower. Barring that, the penny would remain right there, where some generous soul had dropped it. Smart choice, especially for a panhandler!

      The rest of us need to have at least as much sense as that penny pincher. A "penny saved is a penny earned" and not letting a one drop is the easiest means to save them all! Saved pennies amount to dollars, and someday millions. It will be easier to confront the real problems of climate when one is rich rather than poor, the cup full instead of empty! The Copenhagen delegates could do worse than seek advice from the city's panhandlers? Indeed, they could scarcely do better!

    9. Roger C. Fike, Virgi says:

      If climate warming is in fact true, then why were the summer temperatures lower than previous yrs. Why in yrs past were the temperatures in the winter colder than yrs past. If you question this ask the people in the New England states who constantly receive record snowfalls. We do know that the sun spots/flares have a lot to do with the cycling of our Earth's climate. So I am a proponent to let Nature take its course. I do agree that we should begin to alter our use of fossil fuels and develop alternative energy sources. We have the technology and the people to make the changes, so lets let the people do so and not let the government pass laws and bills that will not have any bearing on climate change, except on our pockets and the money we work hard to make and support our families.

    10. Sebaneau says:

      Who will punish the warmist liars once their hoax is exposed?

      They have already inflicted billions in losses on their victims.

    11. R S. OH says:

      Only two times in the last 600,000 years has CO2 been as low as now, so this "progressive warming" disaster is a non-event. In the 20th Century(that's a 100 years) the earth's temperature increased .5 degree F. Where's the emergency?

    12. Josiah, Zambia says:

      In Africa, The EU and the UN are forcing countries here to buy into the climate change and still "global warming" hysteria. If a country here does not line up with the UN and EU and their equivelents then they say, "You can not have any money to help your country." Remember, this is all about money. Period!! You get charged a carbon tax for flying somewhere and who gets the money? If scientists were in the front leading the debate then maybe we would have something. But when politicians and UN officials are leading the way, watch out.

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