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  • Guest Blogger: Rep. Dave Reichert Says Trade is Best Stimulus

    President Obama’s trip to Asia this week comes at a critical economic time for American workers. With unemployment eclipsing 10 percent, it’s clear that the stimulus package passed by Congress has so far proven ineffective in getting Americans back to work.

    Free trade, a pillar of economic recovery that has been overlooked, plays a pivotal role in growing our economy and creating American jobs. Opening new markets to trade is a proven stimulus and job creator that comes without a several hundred billion dollar bill for taxpayers.

    Among the many stops on his trip this week, President Obama will visit South Korea, a critical trading partner for the U.S. and one with whom we’ve had a free trade agreement pending congressional approval for more than two years. This visit presents the President the perfect opportunity to convey to the world that the U.S. remains open to global trade, and to assure American workers we will continue to support them and pursue every opportunity to create jobs and spur innovation.

    Whether large or small, American businesses across the country produce the very best goods and services, but 95% of our customers are outside of the United States. Their customers are not only on Main Street but in ports, cities and communities across the globe. We can create U.S. jobs by knocking down barriers between the products and services and those who demand them.

    Just as enacting pending trade agreements can stimulate job creation, inaction can result in further job losses. America cannot afford to stand on the sidelines and fail to act while our competitors forge ahead to open new markets to benefit their countries, citizens and economies. A recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce study revealed that we could lose 350,000 American jobs if we do not enact the US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) before the European Union implements an agreement of its own.

    America must not just participate in the global economy; we must lead the global economy. Thus far, this Administration’s trade agenda – or rather, its lack thereof – is disappointing. In fact, this Administration’s only significant trade action was to impose a protectionist new tariff on tire imports, while pending free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama continue to languish without congressional consideration.

    Our lagging economy demands action, and a robust trade agenda will deliver a much-needed shot in the arm.

    While meaningful debate over trade often falls victim to partisan politics that distort the issues at hand, the Administration should heed to the voices recognizing the role trade plays to stimulate economic recovery. On November 5, 44 House Democrats and 44 House Republicans from all regions of the country joined Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) and me in urging the Administration to prepare the KORUS FTA for congressional consideration.

    These supporters note: “Trade, especially when fair and with a close trading partner, is integral to our economic recovery strategy. …we are concerned about the potential impact on U.S. competitiveness and jobs by not moving forward on KORUS.”

    The U.S. must continue to push for free trade agreements that can stimulate job creation across the country. Americans are seeking proven, common-sense solutions for economic recovery that will stabilize and secure our workforce.

    Foreign markets demand U.S. goods and services and capable workers stand ready to produce them. Let us act now to remove the barriers preventing American employers from engaging new customers around the world, and once and for all recognize that free trade is the crucial economic stimulus that can no longer be overlooked.

    The views expressed by guest bloggers on the Foundry do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heritage Foundation.

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    7 Responses to Guest Blogger: Rep. Dave Reichert Says Trade is Best Stimulus

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      Thank you so much, Mr. Reichert. May many more open their eyes to this reasonable, non-intrusive to the taxpayers, POSITIVE FACT!

    2. Tim Az says:

      It's sickening how these politicians only post content that we all know, Including the politicians themselves that they will not have to do anything about for three more years. They are a bunch of sorry appeasers who should be talking about how we are going to enforce constitutional authority within the white House, Senate, and the Congress. So that those who represent the people have no choice but to uphold their oaths of office under penalty of law. No matter how much they hate the constitution.

    3. Phil, Bainbridge Isl says:

      What I would like to know if why Mr Reichert voted for the cap and trade…

    4. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      The reason Mr. Reichert needs to keep repeating the obvious is because it IS NOT obvious to far too many of the electorate.

      It's like if Obama keeps apologizing enough for America, many more of our citizens (like automatons) will actually believe that America is not exceptional in the World's history.

      Right now, it is the far left wing. Most people KNOW that American is special.

      MOST people also know that taking more money away from small businesses in the form of taxation and penalties will result in MORE job losses. This is common sense.

      Thus, the majority of the American people should be outraged. Why are so many quiet?

      Because it has NOT affected them yet – but it will.

    5. Dave Kasold says:

      Dave Reichert made an unforgivable vote to pass cap and tax, a mega government interfering "pay to play scam" that will fleece us all. Should the Senate pass it also not only will we be left paying for a scam that preserves nothing environmentally, creates as many jobs as the stimulus did(none) we will be even more energy dependent than ever and will depend on those who hate us for our energy needs. Our manufacturing capabilities are half of what they were since WWII and cap and trade will further damage this. We are not going to have anything to sell with government continuing to tax and regulate business in every imaginable way, free trade with others is good if you're in the position to trade anything.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Free Trade means Chia gets the jobs. Stimulas means the Federal Government owns more of the Private sector. Cap and Trade means more taxes based on a theory that was proven to be wrong in 2005.

      Common sense dictates, build the Wind Turbines here if you insist on having them, it creates new industry, and jobs! Each of those jobs create five other Service jobs, thus eliminating unemployment, food stamps, stimulating the housing market, et al.

      Stop the removal of hydro electric dams. That is the purist energy there is! by removing them, aside form having to use other forms of energy that is not free, you have thousands of metric tons of silt that will flow downstream and the Cities relying on those rivers for water, will have none, and there will be no fish. There will also be no farms, because there will be no irrigation.

      Free Trade does not mean the Federal Government can give our jobs to China for cheap labor. The Federal Government is to assure that our Republic remains capable of attaining the highest level of living possible, not lowering our living standard to the rest of the World's.

    7. jakeear says:

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