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  • Obama’s Public Option for Gitmo

    The Obama Administration announced this morning that it intends to ship five Guantanamo Bay detainees to New York to be tried in civilian federal court. One of those men is the September 11th mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad.

    This decision will be seen by many liberals as paving the way for closing the Guantanamo Bay facility. It is also an olive branch by an Administration facing growing criticism from its own party for its failure to move forward on closing the facility by its January 22nd deadline. In fact, the President has been battered lately by the left for staying too close to Bush Administration terrorism policies. So close in fact, that the Obama Administration had announced its intent to continue to use military tribunals despite Obama’s feverish opposition to such an idea during the Presidential campaigns.

    Obama tried to make his case today for this decision by stating that Khalid Sheik Mohammad, one of the four set to be tried, would be subject to “the most exacting demands of justice.” But this move would be anything but justice.

    Civilian courts are horribly situated to handle the prosecution of these types of detainees. Not only there potential security concerns associated with transporting such high-value detainees thousands of miles away, but these five men, charged with crimes related to the attacks of 9/11 would be tried in New York City, the very same location of the attacks. Defense lawyers are sure to argue that the venue is prejudicial paving the way for multiple due process challenges.

    While this decision will certainly appease those seeking to erode America’s ability to prosecute war criminals under a military tribunal, there is no reason to believe a military tribunal isn’t capable of exacting justice on these four suspects. Placing these detainees in a domestic criminal proceeding creates evidentiary, security, and procedural issues. These detainees are not common criminals—but individuals that committed an act of war against the United States. Not only does the law sufficiently provide for use of military tribunals, common sense demands it.

    The Obama Administration’s scattered counterterrorism policies, littered with efforts to placate the left while recognizing the legitimacy of some Bush era policies, are an invitation for terrorists to take advantage of America’s divisions. Obama needs to be clear, forceful, and direct, sending the message that America won’t stand for terrorism.

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    37 Responses to Obama’s Public Option for Gitmo

    1. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      Just annother way for the "terrorists" to "game" the system. This will probably end badly if you consider that the terorists have studied our laws enough to know that if they can get the trials outside of the military courts they stand a better chance of a mistrial due to the evidence and other circumstances. This will be similar to the OJ Simpson trial except give the terrorists a chance to voice their extreemism on a larger stage.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      I'm sure the administration views international terrorist acts committed by radicalized Muslims as some sort of gang warfare. Being the good movie goers I'm sure they are, let's help them better understand what's at stake here. "YOU'RE DEALING WITH DR. EVIL" Only it's no d— joke!

    3. Richard Reinke, Fern says:

      If found innocent by a jury of their peers would they be granted US citizenship ?

    4. Hank Richards, Manag says:

      Let me get this right – Obama is going to bring the terrorist detainees to New York for a trial. The following are 5 effects from bring them to New York – 1) There goes more financial value in the neighborhood but if it devalues further, it will make Detroit look like Beverly Hills – 2) Andrea Mitchell looked sick to her stomach reporting it this morning and thinking about the new neighbors she and 2nd hubby Alan Greenspan would have 3) New York will become a world wide magnet for protest and more terrorist threats as those planners thank Obama for making it easier – 4) Stigma of the terrorists will cause more prominent taxpayers to move to within commute location of work and mandate a requirement for more stimulus $$$ after NT officially declare itself bankrupt – 5) Eric Holder is looking forward to a spirited debate with another Democrat, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, should Clark be able to weasel his way into defending the Sheik and other buddy terrorists.

      Hank Richards from news@pronlinenews.com

    5. Hank Richards, Manag says:

      Let me get this right – Obama is going to bring the terrorist detainees to New York for a trial. The following are 5 effects from "courting" them in New York – 1) There goes more financial value in the neighborhood but if it devalues further, it will make Detroit look like Beverly Hills – 2) Andrea Mitchell looked sick to her stomach reporting it this morning and thinking about the new neighbors she and 2nd hubby Alan Greenspan would have 3) New York will become a world wide magnet for protest and more terrorist threats as those planners thank Obama for making it easier – 4) Stigma of the terrorists will cause more prominent taxpayers to move to within commute location of work and mandate a requirement for more stimulus $$$ after NY officially declare itself bankrupt – 5) Eric Holder is looking forward to a spirited debate with another Democrat, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, should Clark be able to weasel his way into defending the Sheik and other buddy terrorists.

      Hank Richards from news@pronlinenews.com

    6. Phoenix says:

      What a slap in the face to the families who lost their loved ones; including members of NYPD & NYFD. Putting potential jury members, the judge, & other officials in jeopardy all for the sake of pleasing the Liberals in this country. Did any one in their family perish in the 9/11 catastrophy?

    7. Diana Coley Lindsay says:

      I am a mother, have two sons (one still in the Army reserves. He figures he will be shipped to Afghanastan after the first of the year. I understand how a mother would feel if her son was held in prison in another country for years. However, in this case and those of other confirmed cases of terrorism, they should never have been held this long, they should have been executed years ago. This new administration is weak, and hardly supportive of our men and women in uniform. Let the military handle the military. They have kept us safe this long, what has Obama done but apoligize for our freedom and for those that keep us free. I say keep them in Gitmo, they do not belong with civilized beings.

    8. Dan Kennedy, Seattle says:

      This is part of Obama's strategy of making sure that his base on the left gets all the details on our security operations in open court. Of course, terrorists will also get the information in discovery and testimony. Devious, dangerous, and dumb!

    9. Mark, Virginia says:

      The first question is does a US court have jurisdiction to try a person for acts they committed in Iraq? Since their master minding did not occur in the US I fear the court will need to rule they have no jurisdiction on this case. The second question will be was a crime committed? So was it illegal to plot terrorist attacks against the infidels (USA) under Iraq law before the US occupation? I am afraid the court will find for the defendant on this one too. The next question will be of due process. I doubt the soldiers who captured these people read them their Miranda rights on the battle field or allowed their lawyers to be present during the water boarding. How can a US court rule they have received due process? There are acts of war and criminal act; these are two very distinct acts. An act of war may not constitute a crime. These people are enemies of the US and should be held as prisoners. Prisoners of war receive no trials. THIS IS A MAJOR BLUNDER BY OBAMA!!!

    10. Art Diamond says:

      This is insane!!!! This move by Obama almost makes healthcare reform seem like a good idea in comparison!! I wonder how the loved ones of the 9/11 attack victims feel about this? Do you think Obama cares? I think that appeasing his supporters on the radical far left and friends in the ACLU matter to him more than the salt that will be poored into the open wounds of the loved ones of the victims. We're in for a rough 3+ more years!

    11. Bobbie Jay says:

      As he diminishes Christianity, this country has made exception to the people of the Muslim faith where everybody else follows the rules and reprimanded if not followed. IT'S CALLED DISCRIMINATION.

      He is setting this country up for the Muslim defeat of the western world.

    12. Jeff Ford, Lebanon T says:

      This is just incredibly stupid! This isn't a criminal case. It was an act of WAR! I wonder what Holder is going to say when the case gets tossed!

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    15. tony, mi. says:

      one might forgive that spirit within barry that detracks from those guidelines from the founding fathers.but allowing fanatic's of the sad and sick culture of islam to enter back to the area of thier evil deed is an absolute nosethumb job to those who suffered the loss of those innocents who lost thier lives to the insane beliefs of this ungodly act.obviously obama and his ilk who have not allowed themselves the opportunity to serve the nation in a more humbly position as in military service to realize a more honest position in servitude,as opposed to finagaling bucks from the taxpayers to broaden his selfish lifestyle, and/or education has had not the opportunities of self sacrifce ,to procure for himself a more conservative estimation of the world around him…one who is a true believer and who must for survival takes anothers life, prays and respects that life to hopefully looks for compassion from that entity who will judge all, for sins we all make against our fellow man…personally,i would be a whole lot more comfortable with a david petraus or one other equal to a petraus in the office of president rather than a community organizer although barry might be a decent kid ,(he has shown by his wrong decisions he is just that) this good land today with its many threats needs a man who has been seasoned with leadership qualifications,and where best to find them ,than from our own military,and especially one who has exhibited much compassion for his troops,as well as his apparent honest evaluations pertinent to those many decisions he must decide upon.leadership is not something you are born with or that hollywood like adulation can hopefully create,totally honest leadership is best built with trial and error,and the dawning upon an individual that without the historical and biblical wisdoms allowed men,mankind is ultimately doomed to failure..this day washington,

      lincoln,men of proven honor are sorely sought in these trying days to lead this ONCE good land.

    16. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      By the time this "criminal" circus trial is over, how many classified intelligence gathering methods and procedures will be exposed? How much more will Islamist terroists learn from us? How many people will be in danger both domestic and foreign?

      Government officials are notorious for leaking classified information. Therefore, I do not feel comfortable with the argument that sensitive information will be conducted in a "closed door session". When we have former officials who get caught stuffing classified documents in their pant legs, etc. (i.e. attempted theft) AND nothing happens to them, then excuse me for being pessamistic. YOU AND I WOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR MUCH LESS! WE MAY YET BE LOCKED UP FOR A LOT LESS!

      The __ hole already confessed – period. He is NOT a U.S. Citizen. He is an Islamic Jihadist TERRORIST. His act was not a CRIME but an act of war – terrorism. We have a military tribunal system in place. Since Obama and Holder are the new bosses, they can demand it be commenced right now.

      This is NOT about showcasing America's legal system – the world already knows about it.

      This is a continuing vendetta about the past -but only the Bush Administration "past".

      Meanwhile, we are told that "we all have to tighten our belts". The only place I see a belt tightening is around America's neck. How much will this farce cost – 100 million? 200 million? Oh well, no problem. The American taxpayer will pick up the tab. This may get people killed. No problem, our system can handle this. We do not need to do THIS to prove that point. We know our system can handle it.

      Will it last 4 years? We are giving a worldwide stage to this monster. This is not about justice. This is about once again showing the world how bad we are, while they laugh at us, and many plot against us.

      They rightfully did not release pictures as to NOT inflame the world Muslim communities, remember? Oh! Many wanted to release them.

      Just what the ____ do they think THIS is going to do? This will certainly make us safer with Wabbahist-educated fanatics who will want to make their mark on the way to virgins and water.

      All of this leads to one conclusion. This is liberal nasty politics pure and simple. There are many reasons why they are doing this, but as President Harry Truman (D) said, "The buck stops here".

      Is it NOT ironic our President is overseas setting record travel and travel-spending on a Friday and the AG makes the announcement, saying it is his decision, blah, blah, blah. Give me a break. Obama can play attorney and blame Holder if all this implodes but it is Obama's responsibility. There is no way he did not bless this.

      Anything bad that comes out of this is HIS fault and responsibility. If HIS advisors are behind this – it is still HIS game.

      There is NO upside to this – none, except another opportunity to screw up America and apologize some more.

    17. daryl says:


    18. Fran Fuller, NY says:

      President wants to put them in an Illinois, maximum security prison, after they are covicted, he is so sure they will be…People in politics in Ill. don't agree. Three other states have offered to take them. One being Hardon, Montana. sound familiar? It was a brand new prison built a few years ago, never used… with a man in uniform with a badge and brand new SUV. None of the local police claim to know who he is. Or, who paid for the fully equipped Prison. think it was on Fox News, showing the inside with all equipment.

    19. Fran Fuller, NY says:

      Have you all read, on this Heritage Foundation site about Great Britian's problems with terrorist. Find the site and at the bottom under Citations and Appendix click on that and see Britians Policy on how to deal with terrorists. It is similar to our Fairness Doctrine. Get to know them be friends, understand them.

    20. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Civilian courts or not they are moving Gitmo to Illinois and creating 3,000 jobs.

      Never been a fan of prison jobs but I think the military has better things to do with the 2 wars they are in now.

    21. Jill, California says:

      On the bright side, Obama is fast proving to the world that he and the liberal Democrats must be removed from office as soon as possible. Before long, he will have alienated people from all parties.

    22. Kathy, AZ says:

      This is so crazy! Why would the Obama administration even consider this possibility. Can't understand their thinking on this matter. These terrorists are not U.S. citizens so why do they have the same rights???!!!!

    23. Kathy, AZ says:

      Is Obama a true Muslim? Wonder with this decision. Go to youtube and search and you will find several opinions.

    24. Jimmy Stille, Georgi says:

      I remember so well Jimmy Carter's lack of fortitude and what it cost this nation. With Obama we are walking this same path, only this time our leader is more than sympathetic to our enemies.

    25. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This is a slap in the face to all that paid the ultimate price for 9/11. He is intent on paying for all that was done to us, by giving all the same rights as Americans have. This is just plain wrong.

    26. Roscoe Wallace Jr. says:

      Giving detainees the same rights as american citizens certainly shows how the current crop of elected officials view our rights.

    27. philip says:


    28. Tim Az says:

      Think of it this way. This is Mao-Bama lopping off another finger from the hand of the American people. How far will he progress in this sadistic hatred of all things that made America great before we can render Mao-Bama impotent?

    29. Carol, AZ says:

      The act ot terrorism is a act of war.

      The miltary court sys should be handling this trial and is should of been done in Gitmo years ago.

      Now , years later this trial will be a media circus not unlike the O.J. trial.

      The decison to locate the trial in N.Y. gives open access to every nut case who can get a ticket to N.Y , to make a statement.

      This was such a stupid breach of security to N.Y I can not understand how N.Y agree to it.

      What could they be thinking?

    30. Debi, Buffalo NY says:

      Terrorists already ADMITTED (confessed), proudly, what they've done; why are we spending what will turn out to be millions of our tax dollars putting on a show trial???????????????? This is OUTRAGEOUS!!

    31. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Obama coud not have assured those Terrorist a more certain Freedom unless he gave them a Presidential Pardon!

    32. Edite , Canada says:

      It is my firm opinion that these terrorists(renamed criminals)who are going to be tried in New York City are jumping for joy at the lunacy of this President and Attorney-General. It will take years to bring these men to any kind of "justice". These cases will be dragged out for years and during this time they will have the platform to spew their venomous ideology around the world and it will embolden their fellow ideologues in furthering their cause by hook or by crook. New plots will be hatched to horrify Americans and no criminal judge or jury will have the guts to sentence them to death for fear of retribution at the cost of their own lives. Just what is it that the White House does not understand about the above scenario.? To whom have they pledged fealty? Certainly not to America or Americans because that is what it smells like? It is definitely not to those 3000 Americans who died or to their families. It is not to the police, firefighters, medics or anyone who worked to help people and later those who took great pains to remove the mortar and steel from the site of the Twin Towers. It is not to the thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers who were exceedingly traumatized that day by what had happened to their city and people. Nor is it to the brave souls who crashed Flight 93 into a field in Pennsylvania so as to guard the White House or the Capitol Bldg.The Pentagon has been reconstructed where Flight 11 crashed into it but no memories have been erased from the minds of those who endured that day nor from those who lost loved ones on the plane. To deliberately re-open wounds that have yet to heal is diabolical and insidiously evil in spite of what Holder blurbs on about America's justice system needing to be seen and heard. This man is spouting absolute trash talk in his efforts to convince Americans that he is doing the right thing. It is impossible to think that prisoners of war( who are not deserving of the tenets of the Hague Convention)can be considered and treated just like your average joe criminals like carjackers, thieves, rapists,etc. By attempting to satisfy one left wing group of Democrats who want Guantanamo closed, a worse can of worms is being forced on New Yorkers. It is entirely plausible that Obama will be a one-term President. In that case, the terrorists will win again because their trials will continue to be delayed. The only place these terrorists should be tried is in a military tribunal setting, and now, not next year or the year after that.We all know what they did, so what is the holdup? Holdup, oh dear, that sounds positively criminal. And please, continue to refer to these animals as terrorists, because that is just what they are, in spite of Obama's efforts to dumb down what they really are.

    33. Anita Chateau Califo says:

      I want to personally thank those STUPID people who voted for Obama. They have thrown America down the river. He doesn't listen to us at all. Mr. Obama must step down Now!!!

    34. Kevin Kozlowski, IL says:

      The Dem's are adamant about two things – Closing the detention facilities at Gitmo, and making sure that those held there get a civilian, not a military trial. The option of providing a civilian trial, while the detainees were continued to be held at Gitmo, was never even discussed. The logistics for this option may have been challenging, but not impossible.

      Is it possible that once the detainees are removed (and possibly sent to Illinois), the Navy and Marines will be next? Dem's can frame the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base as a budget issue. They'll claim that it provides no significant strategic interest and costs too much money. Once the base is abandoned, the terms of the land lease state that the lease is officially closed.

      Returning Guantanamo Bay to Cuba could be Obama's olive branch to Fidel and Raul Castro. Obama may view normalization of relations with Cuba as part of his legacy. Plus, this will serve as political payback to Con. Luis Gutierrez and the like (Latin-American Socialists) for their support.

      If all of this comes to fruition, then it will further affirm my claim that Obama is the "Second Coming of Jimmy Carter." (Remember the Panama Canal?)

    35. Tim Az says:

      This isn't about the terrorists. Mao-Bama doesn't care about them one way or the other. This is a backdoor way to put George Bush, Dick chaney, and the CIA on trial for fighting terrorism against the will of the liberals in govt.. Through discovery during these trials. National security will be destroyed by exposing the methods used so effectively to stop terrorist attacks on American soil. They will expose the names of everyone that kept America safe during the Bush years in an attempt to generate public outrage to support future trials of the people who dared to keep America safe from terrorism. This is liberalism exacting its cruelty on American citizens for supporting a war that was brought to us on our soil. That America chose to fight under the terrorist's terms. Instead of grabbing our ankles and making a lot of noise.

    36. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I will never defend so-called “white-collar” criminals like “Bernie Mad Off With The Money.

      But, what this government and many lobbyists are doing to the American People is infinitely worse. It is not just the money, but the deceit and destruction of whatever trust and values are left.

      Then I hear a certain administration official say “We need to trust what they are doing?”

      Is there a legal licensed doctor out there who will volunteer services for conducting lobotomies?

    37. Mrs S C Thompson, Al says:

      Bringing these terrorists to New York City is an instult to the city and th people who lost loved ones on 911. This group has not mercy on our people caught, they cut our heads off if caught doing anything they disapprove of. This is hightly

      insulting to the people of the New York and Americans as a whole and should be stopped at once!!

      They deserve nothing but punishment and should get

      harsh punishment for what they did on 911. Gitmo was great place they never have had it soooo good!!! It is too good for them!!. Stop the nonsense and let the military decide the punishment!We do not need the expense for giving them anything they are Terrorists!! Thank you.

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