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  • Asino: The EU’s €7 million Blogging Donkey

    Ask any person across Europe their top priority right now and they’ll likely say “it’s the economy, stupid.” Soaring unemployment, failing banks and massive government deficits continue to dominate the news headlines in several EU countries as ordinary people worry about their jobs and futures. As people tighten their pocketbooks, it is increasingly obvious that international institutions aren’t doing the same. This week, the EU’s Court of Auditors refused to once again sign off the EU’s budget – for the 15th straight year. For 15 years, the EU’s own auditors have not been able to give the EU budget a clean bill of health.

    British think-tank Open Europe has just released a report, “50 examples of EU waste” listing EU projects which defy common sense, and in most cases, even belief. For example, as part of its 2008 €7 million ‘Year of Intercultural Dialogue’ initiative, the EU commissioned a project named “Donkeypedia”, where a Dutch donkey named Asino blogged his way across the Netherlands, talking to school children about the concept of European identity. Also in 2008, nearly €200,000 was spent creating a network of EU puppet experts in the Baltics. Let’s hope Asino doesn’t apply for more tax-payer’s cash for a rendez-vous with the Estonian puppets.

    Open Europe’s report reveals the systematic and pointless nature of EU spending in several areas. EU ‘Structural Funds’ now join the Common Agricultural Policy on a growing list of immoral and unjustifiable budget lines administered by the EU. €45 billion a year of Structural Funds are allocated by Brussels to ‘share the wealth’ among EU member states. In reality, rich countries get almost as much of these funds as poorer ones and wasteful or corrupt spending has become notorious.

    There is a much simpler way to do things. If the UK wants Lithuania to receive more foreign assistance, why doesn’t the government just send the money to Vilnius directly? Cutting a check to Brussels which is then mismanaged, misallocated and spent on projects outside of Britain’s control makes no sense. As part of David Cameron’s six point plan to preserve British sovereignty and repatriate key powers from Brussels, he must withdraw Britain’s contribution from wasteful budget lines such as Structural Funding where Britain could better manage its own money.

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    3 Responses to Asino: The EU’s €7 million Blogging Donkey

    1. Tim Az says:

      This can't be! We are told by our Govt. elitist that EU socialism is the next best thing to communism. That we should embrace this socialism and burn our constitution. Our govt. elitists sware that the people living under the EU are having more fun than a human being ought to be allowed to have. Would they lie to us?

      How's that hope and change working out for you?

    2. Ross writes from Bra says:

      I don't understand why UK ever joined the EU. It has been an absolute financial and economic diaster. The EU is Europe's last gasp of life economically, culturally, and politically. Unlike the USA, political correctness and socialism has a significant head-start in destroying the birthplace of western history, philosphy, and culture. Until the EU is either reformed or eliminated, European nations will continue to die of stupidity.

    3. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      Romanticizing life in Europe has always been a fun pasttime on both side of the Atlantic. A colleague of mine recently opined that the Europeans were more healthy because they bought their food fresh daily and consumed it right away. Economies of scale aside, what she didn't realize is that most Europeans do this because they can't find apartments big enough to hold much more than a dorm-sized refrigerator and pantry. They only buy a day's worth of food at a time because they've no place to put it.

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