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  • We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering America's Founding

    This is the first of a five part series.

    In the midst of frenzied efforts to remake our nation—of endless government initiatives involved in virtually every aspect of our daily lives—Americans are increasingly concerned: How did we get so far off track? And how can we get America back on course? Matthew Spalding answers these questions in a new book, We Still Hold These Truths, by looking to the timeless principles and practical wisdom that have been the source of America’s monumental success.  An expert in American political history at The Heritage Foundation, Spalding calls for a great renewal of these unchanging principles—and a new appreciation of their preeminent status in our nation’s life.


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    13 Responses to We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering America's Founding

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      It's just sad that the American government chose to cower from the strength of the American Constitution. Only to descend weakness on the American people.

      All the American government and it's leader, need to respect and uphold the true meaning of the American Constitution and for the better of all mankind, 'change" back what they have destroyed.

      The American members of government MAJORITY are accountable for being or playing DUMB! WE'RE SICK OF THE GAMES PUT ON OUR LIVES!

    2. Emily, Columbus, Ohi says:

      I beleive everything Mr. Obama(I can not even say president anymore) does and says is caculated and planned. I do not beleive that he wants to uphold the constitution. He said that he wanted to fundamentally change America. We the people did not expect a deliberate distruction of the constitution. We have to pay attention and watch what the left hand does or we are going to loose our country as we know it. You have to realize that he wants scocial justice and he wants American to fail and to give what he beleives we have taken. This is a planned and caculated strategy. This is the only conclusion that can be derived from his actions.

    3. MaryAnn, USA says:

      It's a mistake to blame government for the movement away from our priciples and values. Our constitution was not adopted by the government, it was adopted by we, the people. We are a people with a government, not a government with a people. We the people have moved away from our principles, and we have elected representatives that reflect that movement. We delegated our responsibility to the government, not realizing or forgetting that it is natural for freedom to regress and tryanny to expand. We have reaped our own destruction. It will take another movement by the people, back to an understanding and appreciation of the values and principles of our founding, to set America back on the course of freedom and liberty.

    4. JAB, Spring Lake, MI says:

      It is not too late to send a message to our elected officials. The entire US Congress is up for reelection next year. We also must be activist, and encourage our fellow citizens to subscribe to "The Foundry", read as many of the recent books written by Conservative authors, Liberty and Tyranny/Mark Levin is a good one. Listen to Glenn, Rush, Levin, Hannity, etc. Hold meetings in our homes or public facilities that allow gatherings. Political party affilliation is not important. Read the Constitution to/with your children, and in groups. Vote for CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES, IN ORDER TO REGAIN OUR lIBERTIES. Bod Bless America!!!

    5. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      My 12th gr-grandfather was Richard Warren, he left his wife and five daughters in England July 1620 to sail to an unknown place, He was one of the first to set foot on what today is Plymouth, Mass. He was one of the first signers of the Mayflower Compact, his grandson, Benjamin Church fought to save the colony from and Indian known as King Phillip, he is credited with ending this fight, the family thru the years has names like Ross, Burr, Munro(Monroe) Luce and other's I cannot recall without all my paper work, one was a signer of the Dec. Of Ind. Obama is a digrace to these pioneers and he has set out to destroy what they founded, he called the Constitution as outdated, it's them the liberals who are out of step. God Bless .and Protect America

    6. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      A few weeks before the presidential election in 2008, I heard the replay of an interview with Barack Obama by the local Chicago PBS station. This interview took place in 2001 or 2002, and very clearly showed Mr. Obama’s lack of respect for the Constitution of the United States. He stated that it was a ‘flawed’ document of ‘negative rights’, specifying what the government could not do to its citizens, but failing to guarantee anything that the government must do for them. As a conservative, I thought this statement to be absurd. The Constitution guarantees “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Anything beyond that would require government to infringe on the rights of some citizens in order to give benefits to others.

    7. Marilyn, Johns Creek says:

      Boy MaryAnn, you are so right. Until we as a nation of people recognize that our abandonment of our principles and values have caused this decline we are now seeing, we have no hope of getting our country back to the freedom and liberty that you mention.

    8. Christine, Salem Ind says:

      My husband and I fully understand the corruption in the White House. The being bought-off by lobbyists, the caving in to arm-twisting by Pelosi, Reid and others, and now Bill Clinton to tell the Senators to hurry up, and shove this HR3962 Health Care Bill down the throats of Americans before they have too much time to fully comprehend what this will do to America. Our President lied about transparency, not raising taxes, not increasing the deficit, lower insurance premiums, etc.

      But what scares us even more, is the vast number of friends and relatives we speak to about this Obama debacle, that he is going to "fundamentally change America" and they haven't got a clue what is going on in our country-they ask us, "what are you talking about, I didn't know that, where did you hear this, what is Cap & Trade, what is a VAT tax."

      God help us! We need to keep informing the vast numbers of these clueless Americans and awaken them, that their beloved country is being dismantled block by block before it is too late.

      We have written all 100 Senators in the past two days telling them no to pass HR3962. That we are holding you responsible to do so, and to start this legislation over again, after the first of the year, and this time legislate a Health Care Reform Bill that is: OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE! and it has to be readable and posted on the internet for "We The People" to read for no less than two weeks.

      If you choose to disregard us, you will be voted out of office on election day of 2010 and 2012.

      All of you reading this should take the time to do the same, it's the only voice we have right now. Do it-before it's too late!

    9. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Although I never agreed with Mr. Obama's stated politics, I never until now suspected his motives. Early on, I felt Mr. Obama was inexperienced and naive and would possibly grow up while on the job. This man fooled a lot of people in his quest for the Presidency.

      Now, after watching in shocked disbelief his actions belie his promises, his apologizing for America around the world, his embracing of socialist and communist dictators, his one deception after another, his fawning over our Middle Eastern adversaries and snubbing of Isreal, his disdain for the U.S. Constitution and its provisions to limit government, and his reactions to those who disagree with him I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Obama's motives are sinister.

      Take a hard look at him today. This is a man who wants to strike the word "terrorism" from the U.S. lexicon, preferring the euphamism "man-made disaster". Here is a man who has stated that the Constitution is a document of "negative" rights, in that it limits the governments rights. Where I went to school, we were taught that the purpose of the Constitution WAS TO LIMIT THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENT. Maybe that was one of the school days that Mr. Obama was experimenting with marijuana and/or cocaine.

      This is a man who warns us not to jump to conclusions about an American Muslim, an officer in the US Army, who corresponds with members of Al Quaeda and a radical jihadist imam, complains to fellow American officers that it is wrong for American Muslims to be fighting against other Muslims, says that all Muslims should stand up American aggression around the who, and who ultimately jumps up on a table, screams Allah-hu-Akbar and shots 43 fellow soliders, killing 13 — until ALL THE FACTS ARE IN. And that same man, not six months ago, goes on national TV to say that a local police department "acted stupidly" when they responded to a call from a neighbor that someone was trying to break in to a black Harvard professor's home. In other words, do as I say, not as I do.

      This is a man, occupying the office of President of the United States, who wants to subrogate U.S. soverignty to the United Nations. A man who feels its ok for Iran to develop nuclear power plants, but not for the U.S. to do the same.

      Until this man can be voted out of office, we must vote to eliminate the Democrat super majorities in the House and Senate. We must restore checks and balances in government. He and his majority are bankrupting our country, all in the name of helping the poor. Unemployment doesn't help the poor. His Stimulus bill certainly didn't help the poor and neither will Cap & Trade or his ill-conceived health reform bill. Higher taxes on businesses will only result in more job losses and combined with higher taxes on individuals will reduce discretionary spending and continue the death spiral of the U.S. economy.

      A recession can be defined as a situation where your neighbor loses his job. A depression can be defined as a situation when you lose your job. And recovery can be defined as the situation when Obama loses his job.

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We the people made the mistakes. Now it is the time for We the people, to correct these mistakes. We can remove each and every politician who does not know the Constitution and its amendments by heart, much easier than passing any Legal Bar exam. We can have each and every State in our Union become Sovereign, and answerable only to those Laws metted out within the legal for corner confines of that grat document, meant to control the powers of the Federal Government.

      We can have a majority of our States' Attorney Generals bring forth Obama to the Supreme Court for failure to unhold his Oath of Office, and as an example the yeilding of part of the United States Power to a Foriegn Authority, forbidden under our Constitution.

      All these things we can do without blood.

    11. Bobbie Jay says:

      The Constitution was created, not adopted. All leaders of this country are expected and were trusted to understand and uphold the true meaning of the American Constitution, at their own word. Under oath.

      We can not control their actions or decisions. We are not responsible for the infiltration of the dismantling of the true meaning of the Constitution. Who knew the president believes and wants socialism for a free people? (not enough) Believes in the opposite of the American Constitution? (not enough.) Who knew previous leaders would weaken to infiltrate this destruction of America behind our backs? (not enough.)

      They get paid for their time destroying America. We get paid doing an honest days work, something they want to control, with our money.

      They have all the time in the world. Ours is limited by their incompetence, ignorance interference, at our expense.

      As we know the elections of this country have lost all integrity. They are fixed and easy to fix. Which is one of many ways evil prevails. Obama has many connections in most states of this country, in and out of government. Not to mention around the world. Many Americans are easily influenced by him and many are the beneficiaries of this collapse of freedom. May we insist and see to it, honest elections. May those who do not respect, or see the truth, one day, before it is too late, do.

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    13. Willam says:

      If our leaders would all abide by the Constitution, it would not matter which party was in the majority at any given time. This is what the People must insist on – a return to good government by the Constitution, as bequeathed to us by the Founders. http://www.good-gov.com

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