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  • Video: The Cap and Trade YouTube the Obama Admin. Does Not Want You To See

    The New York Times reports:

    The Environmental Protection Agency has directed two of its lawyers to makes changes to a YouTube video they posted that is critical of the Obama administration’s climate change policy.

    The EPA lawyers did take their video down. But not before others reposted it. Watch:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSNQzSjb38g[/youtube]
    You can read an op-ed the lawyers wrote for the Washington Post here. The Heritage Foundation does not endorse the couple’s call for carbon taxes, but their analysis of the futility of cap and trade is dead on.

    Read about how the economists who first thought up cap and trade, do not believe it can control carbon, here.

    Read about how carbon credits are an absolute fraud here, here, here, here, and here.

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    44 Responses to Video: The Cap and Trade YouTube the Obama Admin. Does Not Want You To See

    1. Bill, CO says:

      Cap and trade is futile. It will do nothing to prove the environment, but cause irreparable economic devastation. Write your Senators and speak out against cap and trade at http://tiny.cc/JQTOt.

    2. juandos says:

      There is NOTHING these two PARASITES (a.k.a. government bureaucrats) have to say is worth listening to…

      Real people that have something lose have real jobs…

    3. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Since when can we expect the truth?

    4. Mitch Bogart says:

      Carbon fees with rebates is also wrong. Here's why.

      The idea is to increase the price of say gasoline/diesel/home heating oil while simultaneously giving money back to consumers so they can still afford energy.

      How much will be given back to each person? Based on what, usage? If everyone pays $5/gallon for gas but gets back a $2/gallon rebate, what's the point, except that the government is in the middle to take their cut. You'll get back say $1.50.

      And the government gets more money, why? So they can gradually raise the price (getting more money) to coerce "proper" (reduced) gasoline usage?

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    7. Mike Shelton, Florid says:

      The first 2 parts a acceptable if not completely explained. The last part, "The Real Solution" is flawed. Any time a new bureaucracy is created to take taxes and then give it back to the people it is taken from, most of it remains with the bureaucrats. It is just another way to steal from the producers (working tax-payers) to reward the non-producers (government bureaucrats[thieves].

    8. Gwen, Ocean City, MD says:

      Cap and Trade is just another con being perpetrated on the sleeping American Sheeple by fat-cat politicians and elites.

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    10. dennis.... florida says:

      This whole thing of global warming is nothing but a big con-job so government can get their hands in your wallet. When are these people going to give it up?

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    14. deb, michigan says:

      I'm glad they showed the cap and trade scam for what it is and isn't. But they lost me with their acceptance of 'climate change'. The words 'Climate change' are being used instead of global warming or global cooling because neither is happening but the green energy supporters need to say something is happening to support their call for action! It's smoke and mirrors, watch the "not evil, just wrong" video. To add insult to injury, they suggest raising the cost of fossil fuel through a fuzzy tax and rebate scheme so it is on a level playing field with 'green' energy??? "Back away from the regulations" and let the market and innovation do their jobs!

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    17. Rubicon, Southcentra says:

      Both proposals take money from people & 'allow' the government to give it back to the people, according to the distribution formula the government decides is fair. Another 'redistributive' change that will soak the people while elites get rich.

      As for Gore making money, wasn't it obvious that was his intention? His personal wealth has appreciated from + or – $3 million in 2000 to over $100 million since then. Just when did Al become such a fantastic investor that he understood the system & could accumulate such wealth so quickly? He did not. He got in w/ a crowd bent on Global Warming – Climate Change hype & has made money from the system already operating in Europe. Its a failure there, but no one is telling that to the American public.

      Listen to Lord Monckton. He can show that we cannot change global CO2 levels by more than one degree Fahrenheit, even if we stop living for the next 30 or 33 years.

      I am just as concerned about the environment as anyone else & that includes the rabid enviro nuts out there. That does not mean I think we should cut off our noses to spite our faces. The Cap & Trade scam is just such a proposition.

      The UN IPCC is a political body founded by those who believe in & bent on imposing the principles of one world government. The "REAL" scientists who worked on the reports for the last UN IPCC report, most demanded their names be removed from the document once they realized it was a political document & not an environmental plan.

      The UN people refused to withdraw their names. Now those same scientists have signed the Oregon document (over 30,000 actual climate scientists) debunking the UN & GW/CC alarmist claims.

      If President Obama wants to base his decisions on actual science, he will need to throw out the politicians & legislation & look to those who have no financial interest in whatever policies we accept. Fat chance since the GW/CC agenda is all political & he buys into it since it gives power to the government & the UN!

    18. Mike Fone, Cincinnat says:

      There is no scientific data that indicates anything but minor if insignificant temperature increases due to CO2.

      Where is the Global Warming in this third coldest October on record?

      Nature produces 97% of CO2 and man-made sources account for 3%

      There have been ice-ages with CO2 rates 12 times higher than current amounts.

      Solar cycles have a scientific relationship to temperatures.



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    20. Bobbie Jay says:

      Coming down to a compromise. This is nothing but a money game. The people's money, the government's game.

      The eventual transition, without cap n trade, is okay with me as long as it is between proper business heads and not the tax payers. Especially, when we have an option to stop importing foreign fuels! Use our own available and in abundance resources!

    21. Michael Long says:

      That YouTube video is well & good, but I am not willing to agree that CO2 is a pollutant! It is a natural by-product of life itself. As a christian, I think God has it figured out & we are not going to be the cause of our own destruction by simply existing.Man's effect on "Climate change" is in fact negligible. It is the natural forces of the sun ect….

    22. Don, Michigan says:


    23. Tim Az says:

      These two clowns are upset because the energy companies would make tens of billions more in profits through cap&trade. Their solution is to put the profit in the hands of the government through a tax and sibsidize scheme. I wonder would this tax only apply to those who choose to use fossil fuels or everyone? Would the subsidies go to only those who use green energy leaving the government with a hefty percentage of the tax revenues? We the people can no longer allow the government to use the false argument of climate change to further enslave us. For those who believe they are causing climate change let them practice their green lifestyle. But do not let them force their choices upon us. That would be a dictatorship.

    24. D.Mac, NE says:

      Cap and Trade is another way for the government to hand out favors to cronies and lackeys. It would be interesting to know how many carbon credits will be given to friends of the administration that they can in-turn sell to assist with campaign funding or just lining the wallets of the elite. This is just another reason to be afraid of this administration and its policies.

      It’s a scam…..

    25. Michael W. says:

      These two are big time liberals. I can see it in their faces. There is no global warming. We need to disband the unCONSTITUTIONAL EPA. While we need to derail cap and trade, we need to get back to drilling oil HERE. We have enough for thousands of years and it's in OUR gulf. We need to start over with all new senators and congressmen. I volunteer.

    26. Charles, The Republi says:

      To the San Francisco lawyers: DRILL! BABY DRILL!

    27. Alan, Canada says:

      Well said, Mike Fone.

      These two folks have good intentions, and it's admirable that they chose to speak out at risk of their jobs, but we would be dead wrong to accept their clumsy compromise solution because by doing so, we validate the unproven premise (ie: religion) of AGW.

      Any compromise with a falsehood is a defeat. And liberty and wealth are always lost in the process.

      Those stubborn things known as facts continue to tilt the argument in our favour. Now, more than ever, is the time to stand up and say NO to any government or anyone attempting to push this crap on an unsuspecting and sadly uninformed populace.

    28. lawrence Varick says:

      the muddled thinking in part3,uses the premise that changes in CO2 concentration affects Global temperature. This has not been proved.

      By changing the "Fear Phrase" from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change",are they implying "Cooling" to be a danger? They say that increases in CO2 concentration will increase the global temperature. No problem.If the earth starts to cool, we increase CO2 emissions to keep it warm. Brilliant!

    29. philip says:

      There is scary legislation coming our way. It is extremely important to know the truth about the green environmentalist movement- for these people, environmentalism is their religion.

      I'm not "blowing smoke" on this (pun fully intended). I have done some research on this and I would like to share what I found on the EPA's own web site. Their own graphs show that air quality has improved dramatically since the 1970's. This is on the EPA's own site.

      Go to this link read the brief intro and then click on the, "current status of air quality" link. I believe you will be shocked to see that they know the truth but promote the lie.

      Go here: http://www.epa.gov/airtrends/sixpoll.html

    30. Alice says:

      Anyone who believes that mankind can destroy the earth through "greenhouse gasses" has been smoking too much wacky weed. The arrogance of our "world leaders" is mindnumbing!

      It's not nice to fool mother nature – she will get even. And "you" (mankind) are powerless against MOTHER NATURE.

    31. Melissa Dallas,TX says:

      This is depressing. No one in Washington is to be trusted – but least of all Al Gore. He is a real parasite. Cap and trade must be blasted into the strotosphere – never to return…..

    32. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      As many have said above, the first two segments are very well done and interesting. I have a problem,as do others, with their solution. 1)I am not convinced that we have a handle on what, if any, significant man made contribution is involved; 2)mankind has a bad record on trying to play mother nature and an even worse one on paying back "to the people" (rebates); 3) Having artificially raised energy prices, it is an assumption that "green energy" will come down to competitive levels – if it was such an obvious source of energy that is affordable, private industry would have done so by now. Either the technology doesn't support that assertion, or government regulations/mandates prevent it. Spain and others in Europe have found "green energy" to be a job killer and cost prohibitive solution. Combining energy and "climate change" together,most likely, ensures that neither will have a good solution. Let's solve the energy problem first – that is doable and necessary if we are to reemerge as a prosperous nation.

    33. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Amen Mike – solar flares have muuch more to do with our climate than humans – but you can't tax the sun.

    34. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      All Cap and Trade, all Carbon Taxes and fees, are based on lies and fears, capitalized by Al Gore, a relatively broken down politician until he shouted, "The sky is falling!" And who is now a Billionaire as a result of his pseudo science.

      To be taxed on a lie, is akin to being taxed on a breath.

    35. R. McCloy FL says:

      Fone is right. Wake up people, India, China, you can't see the blue sky. Greening is a money making project. Check out Author Bjorn Lomborg of "Cool It". spend our effort and resources on getting rid of diseases in 3rd world.

    36. Larry, Easley, SC says:

      You can produce all the videos you want, but that will not make a flawed premise true. The carbon con needs to be exposed for what it is – a money-grabbing scheme in search of a problem.

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    38. Cheryl, east Texas says:

      EPA hasn't (at least not yet) squashed the video "Not Evil Just Wrong". This DVD was produced in direct response to and to highlight all of the errors in Al Gore's film. Check it out at http://www.noteviljustwrong.com.

    39. unhappy,missouri says:

      I want to say that I am sick to death of the cap and trade; USA needs jobs; not our politicians

      coming up with stupid ideas in Washington; a few years ago we were going to freeze to death due to another ice age now we are going to burn up due to green house effect—get real; go out and live in the real world where we have to pay bills and try to feed our families.

    40. JAQUEBAUER, USA says:

      The goal of the global warming alarmists, the UN and socialist governments is to create a one world government, with laws, police, prisons, and an army that will control the worlds resources, hence the people.

      The start of this plan was the European Union, next will be North America, which has begun under the guise of the Security and Prosperity agrement or "SPP."

      If obama, our illegal marxist president signs the UN treaty eon climate change, he will have placed the US under UN control, superceeding the US Constitution. This must not be allowed to happen.

      While I may be deemed a "nut case" by some, there are many that believe as I do.

      Obama and the Marxists in Congress have lied to us about the Waxman-Marky bill and they marginalize any dissent, as "nut cases."

      If you care about this country then you know that path that obama and his marxist advisors have placed us on is to turn the Unites States of America into a socialist state. He has made progress, as indicated by the take over of private corporations, and repeated violations of the Constitution–all without challange, other than some lip service.

      The time is to step up and stop obama is now. A real president does not bow to anyone……obama bows to everyone.

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    43. Monty Arch says:

      I am bothered by the lawyer's premise that global climate change is man made. This is a false premise, so there is no solution.

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