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  • Morning Bell: Reagan, Obama and the Berlin Wall

    On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin and said: “General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

    On November 9, 1989, just two years after Reagan made his Brandenburg Gate speech, the people of Germany did tear down “this wall” and in so doing they freed hundreds of millions of people from the tyranny of communism. Reagan by no means single-handily brought about the fall of the Berlin Wall, but his leadership against despotism was widely recognized by the victims of communism. When he visited Poland in 1990, a dissident leader presented Reagan with a sword explaining: “I am giving you this saber for helping us to chop off the head of communism.”

    But the leftists in America do not want us to remember Reagan’s role in history. That is why President Barack Obama (the same man who found time to jet to Copenhagen at the drop of a rumor that his presence could win the Olympics for his hometown of Chicago) could not be bothered to attend the 20th anniversary of the wall’s fall last night. Instead, President Obama taped a video message that completely failed to mention Reagan or British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

    More than petty partisan slights are at stake here. President Obama’s refusal to recognize the role President Reagan’s and Prime Minister Thatcher’s leadership played in defeating despotism goes to the core of Obama’s foreign policy priorities. Heritage scholar Nile Gardiner explains:

    Barack Obama simply does not view the world as Reagan did, in terms of good versus evil, as a world divided between the forces of freedom on one side and totalitarianism on the other. For the Obama administration the advancement of human rights and individual liberty on the world stage is a distinctly low priority, as we have seen with its engagement strategy towards the likes of Iran, Burma, Sudan, Venezuela and Russia.

    We commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall to celebrate the collapse of communism, to honor those who died resisting communism, and to resolve that never again will peoples and nations allow so evil a tyranny to terrorize the world.

    Yet, at a time when the United States currently faces challenges as complicated as those confronted by Reagan (war in Afghanistan, the global fight against Islamist terrorism, the rise of a nuclear-armed Iran) Obama is bent on apologizing for our nation’s actions, betraying Cold War allies, and dithering on troop deployments.

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    37 Responses to Morning Bell: Reagan, Obama and the Berlin Wall

    1. Andrew, New York says:

      Keep up the good work. President Reagan would be proud.

      Eventually the obvious will be exposed, that the agenda in this administration leads to the glory of itself and is envious of the esteem held by patriots of old. He can make a more outstanding mark by trashing what has been and establishing "change."

    2. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      This administration is headed by political thugs from Chicago where position means pushing and pulling hard, the strings of power, to get what is wanted.

      This President is not interested in recognizing the achievements of former presidents because to do so will allocate attention on a different philosophy, a different style of leadership, contrasting his philosophy and style. His failures will magnify against the backdrop of men with greater stature and greater successes. He does not want to be compared because he is incomparable!

    3. William Downey NC says:

      While some form of engagement is critical for balance, it can be carried to extremes. Engagement with the Soviet Union prior to the fall of the wall included cultural exchanges and diplomatic discussions. Yet throughout that period we never lost sight of the fact that Communisim was and is the enemy of our society.

      The present administration however has openly accepted Socialist thinking. It is a shame that many people who voted for the President failed to read his book, in which he openly admitted to seeking out socialist thinkers. Many of his propellor heads who are now Czars openly avow socialist tendenciec and continue to openly pursue policys designed to silence critics.

      Historically many people ignored the writings in Mein Kampf, and no I am NOT comparing Obama with Hitler, merely pointing out that our failure to pursue information in order to cast intelligent votes makes us prey to ignoring the facts of recent history, resulting in an administration that is deaf on the true nuances of international policy.

    4. Ken, Atl says:

      Das Leben der Anderen – please purchase this film…

      To all people who think the government can do a better job at running your life, please see what an all obsessive government can do for you. Don't forget Castro is still in rememberance of these policies.

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      It had to come down from INSIDE,

      AND Gorbachev was inside.

      Thank you, Mr. Gorbachev

    6. jim toledo says:

      Each day that passes is another day of mistakes, errors in judgement, and failures on the part of this administration. It's hard to believe that we still continue to mock the success of the past and all of the signifigant things we've done to make the world a better place. It's too bad that the major achievement of this president will be failure on virtually all fronts.

    7. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between Ronald Reagan and Barack

      Obama. Ronald Reagan saw the world as it was at the time and wanted to change it. The Cold War, at that time, was in its

      forty-second year. Reagan, like Kennedy, saw the Berlin Wall

      as an eyesore and an impediment. And Obama? Obama probably sees the Berlin Wall as "the good old days" of socialism. Given the choice of tyranny or freedom, Obama would probably choose tyranny____he's in good company.

      The Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales, and Manuel Zelaya. At least Jimmy Carter, arguably

      the WORST President in U.S. History, made a pretense of being for human rights. Reagan was the biggest champion of human rights. Obama doesn't care if he gets re-elected. Obama wants to turn us into either a socialist, or a communist, state. Maybe he wants to be President for Life.

      I don't know. He's making this country the laughingstock of the world. China owns our debt, the dollar's going into the crapper, American sovereignty's going down the drain, and we could become, in the words of Senator Judd Gregg, "an

      economic banana republic." What do ALL banana republics have in common? A military dictatorship. Is that next? Maybe, and if it does, George Washington will be rolling over in his grave.

    8. Shawn, Ind. says:

      "soon the time of honoring yourself will come to and end" (this was a line from the movie Gladiator) 2010 cannot get here soon enough!

    9. Glass, Georgia says:

      I am astounded that people even bother to try to rationalize why Obama did not attend the awesome ceremonies and events that shine a light on the struggles of the worlds people for freedom. Obama and his Chicago Marxist-thug friends want to bring America and the world under Marxist rule. It is obvious that they want to be in power for their life and beyond. Like his friend Chavez.

      Obama dose only what comes naturally to him. He, himself is a lie. He believes that he is the great deceiver..only he has been deceived. He is lying about everything!

    10. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Gorbachev was not the one that "took down the wall". It was the people that wanted "freedom", spured by preasure from Reagan that forced Gorbachev to relent.

      Obama is not making "mistakes or errors in judgement". Don't we, and the rest of the world, now see exactly what is the Obama agenda? Obama does not want freedom. He continues to shun any symbols of a free people. He want total control, the same as his communist cohorts worldwide.

    11. tom irwin matawan, n says:

      Its time for the sleepy heads to take a cold shower,have a mega mug of coffee, and maybe they'll be able to see that Obama is not wearing the same uniform as us.

    12. jim smith says:

      America is currently run by Islamo Fascist, ideology-driven control freaks who reject democratic principles and tradition. They have subjected liberals and other quacks to participate in their jihad or else. Voting them out of office and introducing a method for keeping it that way is our one clear mission. After that, we must become truly vigilant and mindful that our domestic enemies are today's politicians, government bureaucrats, college faculty, kneecapping unions and their bosses,the aclu and other monoliths.

    13. Greg, Toronto says:

      “President Reagan helped as much as any president to restore a sense of optimism in our country, a spirit that transcended politics — that transcended even the most heated arguments of the day.”

      -Barack Obama, June 2nd, 2009

    14. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      Our "freedom" is being destroyed, from the "inside." And, since there is no one to come to our "aid" if we don't protect what was paid for by the earlier T party generations, we will become slaves in our once free nation.

    15. michael, harwinton, says:

      We must not forget the role Pope John Paul played in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    16. Reaper, Bandera, TX says:

      Unfortunately president obama also felt that it

      wasn't a priority to immediately go to Ft. Hood.

      I don't know of any other "President" as Commander

      in Chief that wouldn't have rushed to the side of

      murdered and wounded soldiers. Where is his so called commitment to support our soldiers??? He is

      definately lacking in the qualities to describe a

      "Leader". The voters are already making their sentiments known in state elections.


    17. Carol Bee, Salt Lake says:

      In relation to the story about Secretary Arne Duncan being involved in persuading Democrats to vote for the Health Reform Bill and possibly using federal funds to bribe congressmen, I found it very disturbing to read last week that Nancy Pelosi had added $6 billion in the bill for that very purpose–to bribe those congressmen and women who were not for the bill to vote for it. Is this legal? It certainly doesn't seem so.

    18. Evan, Anchorage says:

      Why isn't anybody in up-roar over the latest bill giving money to people who have lived in their house for the last 5 years. Why isn't the Hertiage Foundtion stomping their feet—maybe because it was a republican idea. Anybody who has lived in their house for 5 years probably does not have a sub-prime mortgage. What a waste!!

    19. Loves Dogs says:

      For me at 64 I wish the real truth of Obama and Pelosi and all the henchman would come out so that people could see and understand that these people are not doing any of what they're doing because they want betterment for the poor but only to continue to be in POWER and get their-the poor–support for votes. Obama to me is simply someone's mouth. He IS NOT A REAL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And every AMERICAN out here has been FOOLED BIG TIME by this imposter…..and all the people that stand behind and beside him…….including the Clinton's. How sad Billy boy has to come out of hollywood and speak to people about a healthcare that SHOULD NEVER BE PASSED. NOTHING IS FREE. NO ONE WILL GET IT UNTIL 2013 AND EVEN THEN IT WILL DESTROY PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE.

      I have come to realize that Democrats are nothing more than self serving liars. They are about nothng other than themselves—self serving hypocrits.. They are very bad people—-let me say this batch in office now—the socialist that want to destroy this country.

      Go live else where if you hate this country this much….

      Obama honors NO ONE OTHER THAN HIMSELF.

    20. American Patriot, CT says:

      Wonder if Reagan had a teleprompter.

      I think obama did not acknowledge the tribute to this great man and the results of his fantastic leadership because they probably could not find a place to hook up his teleprompter at that site so he chose to stay hidden in his white palace. If he even had the intelligence to realize what a great man Reagan was he would be even more overwhelmed than he is with the recognition of how far over his head he is. He should be eternally thankful to the God which he does not believe in that the liberal press keeps his incompetance well hidden, reporting as if he was a real Harvard graduate at a time when Harvard graduates had to be smart rather than politically correct. What a joke. If only we could again be blessed with a political leader with Reagan's ability to lead rather than someone who follows terrorists and bows to their principles, lest we hurt their feelings and anger their gods. Of course it would be an even harder job to awaken the Americans with dead minds to appreciate the need of such a great leader. The last election proved their lack of awareness. How else would someone with so little knowledge and ability to lead and absolutely no experience except what he has learned at the knee of terrorists and anti Americans become president of a country which he as only the desire to destroy.


      Obama's moronic message only goes to prove he is number one, an ego maniac for trying to make about himself and two, he is weak and petty. He should be impeached. And Comrade Ken, I see you are still in a coma.

    22. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Ken Jarvis,

      I'm glad you have so much faith in communists.

      The Arms Race destroyed the Soviet Union and thus its satellites in Europe. At the same time, it rebuilt the American Military which had been reduced under Jimmy Carter. Thus turned out to be a good thing when a little conflict like "Desert Storm" came around. But I digress.

      Don't fall for revisionist history. You may have to dig a little bit but the truth is there.

    23. Dot Gavin, Pas. Md. says:

      President Reagan made mistakes like any president. But when he made a mistake he said he made a mistake. He always praised and gave gratitude to this country and supported our troops. Our present occupier of the White House always lambasts our country at every opportunity and seldom praises our country. He embarrasses us each time he speaks in another country. Its a wonder he did'nt take credit for knocking down the wall himself. He is ready to take credit at every opportunity but takes blame for nothing. This president is a truly arrogant, self indulgent,

      self serving leftist. I give all the credit for the taking down of the wall to Reagan and Thatcher! Obama did'nt go there for the 20th because he could'nt do it without mentioning a much greater president then he could ever be!

    24. Erich, Arizona says:

      Daily I have to talk my shelf in to shrugging off this administration's blunders, errors, lies, and treasonous efforts to destroy our country. 2010 cannot come soon enough for me and I hope everyone of us will do our part to bring justice to every one in the congress who helped Obama further his agenda. I did not vote for that man but I blame my self for him getting elected because I did not do my fair share to campaign against him. I will never make that mistake again. I will always be actively involved in every election in the future.

      Remember this is what sloth, complacency, and indifference brings.

    25. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is a disaster in all ways for the USA. He serves World Socialism, not this Country.

      He would destroy America to bring about global Socialism and have us bow to the U.N. (that Useless Nuisance of an organization).

      He and all his cohorts are just plain no good!

      Mr. "President" tender your resignation!

    26. dennis.... florida says:

      Sound's like Obama is trying to rebuild the Berlin Wall in America?

    27. Pingback: AntiObamaBlog.com » ‘Reagan, Obama and the Berlin Wall’

    28. t kulcsar says:

      This bill is not about health care,it is about control of our lives and liberties,and will soon result in care rationing.I'm a senior citizen and it scares the hell out of me,as it should all others.And if you don't think so you need to remove your head from the hole.

    29. kevin south lyon, mi says:

      Barack Obama is a disgrace to the office of the President of the United States. I can't believe that no one hasn't suggested that he be removed from office. His refusal to acknowlege Ronald Reagan, applogize for country's so called mistakes and the most recent outrage is that he is so bent on maintaining his political status that he won't call a terrorist a terrorist. Disgusting!

    30. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      I cannot hardly bare all the things this adminstration is doing to our great country.We are not going to take this forever.We will vote them out for good.Obama needs to resign from office and leave our country.I donot think he belong here.

    31. dennis.... florida says:

      I don't think Obama is going to resign, however, in 2010 we can make his life unpleasant.

    32. frank z says:

      While you are patting Reagan on the back, remember, his increase in social security tax hurt all Americans, his star wars plan to let large co's get larger has provided the present financial disaster to be born, and his tax cuts helped the wealthy the most. Let's look ahead, try to correct our past mistakes and return this country to hard work is rewarded not smoke and mirror schemes.

    33. Art, (Toronto) says:

      I do not going to discuss about left or right wing of political spectrum. Reagan's contribution to the fall of the Berlin Wall was significant, but there were other external forces that led to this collapse, the Solidarity movement in Poland started it. The United States supported Solidarity to bring down communism in Poland and in the region as well. Obama absence was notable, he was too busy to participate, well leaders of 27 European Union countries found the time to participate. Leaders that come from the right and left wing of political spectrum.

    34. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Art (Toronto),

      You make my point.

      Ronald Reagan was THE significant factor. Margaret Thatcher provided solid support. Pope John Paul helped as well.

      The Reagan Admin supported the Poles and the arms race led to the collapse of the Soviet Union as they tried to keep up with us.

      You bring up a good point when you say 27 countries "participated", whatever that means.

    35. Ron Derry NH says:

      Those who strive to accomplish tasks by doing what they say are always an offense to those that all they do is say.

      Great leadership is the fortitude to move toward freedom, liberty, civic voice and independence by supporting those that would move toward that cause and fight against those that would resist that freedom. Reagan, Thatcher and all the people who moved in that direction in those days were representative of the best of mankind…..One can not take that away even with trillions of dollars of debt and fine speeches…..with no accomplishments but cheap verbal assaults on a countries pride and historic dignity.

      I hope we never have to say, in the past tense that "America once stood for something"……..because I know we once admired our great men and did not add shame upon our nations burdens, when at times we fell short…..but that was yesterday, when men knew what doing was…and what just talking was.

      Apparently now you can win a peace prize just for mentioning it while those that act for peace rot in Jails. It is strange times indeed.

    36. denver oklahoma says:

      the regressives create crises to make a pretense at solving them. This time they have outdone their capacity to make even a concealable pretense. Between the industrial destruction of Cap&Tax and the burden of Obamacare they will transform us into a third-world country…but then I think that's what they have in mind.Sorry, Countess Pelosi, Baron Reid wer'e not interested.Besides:"You reap what you sow"we country folk have lived by this natural law for several generations now, and find it unerring. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RETIREMENT YEARS(they may be repealed!)

    37. Bill, Long Island says:

      How strange indeed… The two guys who were all over that cop up in Mass. and suggested that the criminal justice system is broken and plagued with problems relating to racial prejudices are now hitting the circuit with the message that the system is perfect and will allow for a fair trial for all…

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