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  • Morning Bell: Who is the President Calling "Extremist?"

    Following last Tuesday’s election, the last thing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wanted to do was allow Members of Congress to go home and talk to their constituents about the $2.6 trillion health care bill she was marshaling through Congress. The centerpiece of Pelosi’s trap and pressure campaign was a Saturday address by President Barack Obama in the Cannon Office Building, where Obama warned Democrats: “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit [Democratic voters] and it will encourage the extremists.”

    The extremists. That is how the President of the Unites States describes Americans who do not want to see the federal government control over half of all health care spending. And just who are some of these extremists? Looking over just today’s papers we find:

    • Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria: “Obama’s message to the country appears to be, “We have a dysfunctional health-care system with out-of-control costs, and let’s add 45 million people to it.” Americans see a health-care bill that has been produced by the old Democratic machine rather than the new Democratic technocrats — more Lyndon Johnson than Larry Summers. It might be the only way to get a law passed, and it might please the party’s base, but it will dismay independents.”
    • The Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt: “Health-care reform should not add to the deficit. It should control health-care costs. And, once reform is passed, the government will get serious about deficit reduction. Unfortunately, the House bill fails his first test.”
    • Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT): “If the public option plan is in there, as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote.”

    Everybody listed above acknowledges we desperately need to fix health care policy. They just do not believe that the House plan is the best way to go about doing so. Conservatives have our own, patient centered, vision for health care reform. There has even been some legislation introduced, some better than others, that reflect this vision. Supporting health care policy that empowers patients, and not a new Health Czar, is common sense, not extremism.

    There is a reason the leaders on the left are desperate to keep Members of Congress in Washington and away from their constituents. If they had to face real Americans, defenders of the House health care bill would have to defend the facts that their bill:

    And that does not even include the possibility that Obama’s Health Czar would use the authority granted in the bill to use the public option to destroy private health care entirely. Perhaps most striking about the President’s performance on Saturday is that he opened his 20 minute health care pep rally with some remarks about the tragic shootings at Fort Hood, Texas. That, Mr. President, is extremism. Opposing policies through democratic means is not.

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    48 Responses to Morning Bell: Who is the President Calling "Extremist?"

    1. tony,bessemer mi. says:

      extremist are historically usually the first to quickly call extremism accuations on others to detract from their own mistakes or miscalculations in their endeavors.sadly for the next few years ,and till republicans and independents somehow find sanity and appreciation of that republic the founders sacrificed much for us,and those many patriotic citizens,military service, and loyal citizenry since,one can see many dark days on the future of this once proud land.the simplicity and the honesty of the constitution requires just those simple and honest tendency's.and those simple attributes from we citizens for this good nation to survive the many onslaughts from inward and outward enemys of freedom loving peoples…god bless

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The – Rest of us – don't expect anything but NO from the GOP.

      The GOP Doesn't do

      anything to fix the problem,

      so – the Rest of us – KNOW that.

      But, the 39 Demo Traitors should have to pay. They were elected to

      HELP EVERYONE, and they didn't.

    3. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      This disguised legislation to improve health care and to make it affordable to all citizens and illegal residents proves that this administration is driving the big bus for Socialism.

      Those in Congress who support, and tout this legislation, have identified themselves as Socialists in their action.

      Now it is up to the voters to absorb the simplicity of words and actions by those they have voted for and to decide if they too, are Socialists.

    4. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      This is not the first time the President has insulted those who oppose him. He is becoming more and more like a dictator. "Stand with me and live or oppose me and perish" is not far off! As I have said time and time again, America better look back to the years of 1935 to 1944 and see that parallels that this Administration and Congress are following.

    5. Mark, NJ says:

      I don't know what to do. I do not have the resources but want to do all I can to RECALL the representatives who voted against our wishes to pass the death-care bill.

      You have the resources to mobilize a lot of us, foot soldiers, who can go door to door and collect signatures on recall petitions. Please help us, to recall these representatives who do not represent us.

      The following are the 18 states where state representatives can be recalled: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. The District of Columbia also allows recalls.


      Let's go – get 'em! Let's vote them out – even before the next elections.

    6. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The House took a major leap backwards for America when they passed their so called healthcare reform bill. Lets "HOPE" the Senate doesn't do the same. If they do pass similar legislation, then it's the beginning of the end for the United States. Rather than encouraging innovative reform carried out by individual states, this congress and administration are expanding the disenfranchisement of states by federal authority. Any proposed legislation leading to nationalized healthcare is a damned sham! Congress' fabricated need to takeover healthcare is totally unnecessary and improper. This unconstitutional power grab must absolutely be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court.

    7. LeRoy Reed says:

      Obama is a fool! He hates this country and everything it stands for, as do all of those who voted for this health bill! Where is the fight for what is right for all??????

    8. Terry Lorman, Sparks says:

      In sixty years I have never seen a president, disrepect, insult and degrade the American People the way this person ( Obama) has done in just a few short months. May God save us all.

    9. Voice of Reason, Suw says:

      "Teabag, anti-government…extremists". I would bet that King George III said much the same thing following the Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773 in describing the first patriots.

      On the one hand we have a group of people who believe in freedom, personal and governmental accountability, people who respect the constitution and would not run roughshod over it. People who assemble in broad daylight, bringing their little kids to their cause. People not cussing nor swearing, nor angry, just principled in their beliefs.

      On the other hand we have a group of people who coerce their fellow members to fall lockstep into their cause, people who vote in the dead of night, people who care little for the constitution since it limits their abilities to remake the nation in their nation.

      So who are the true anti-government people? Who are the real extremists?

      One side embraces Sam Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Henry, Lee, Madison, Jay, John Adams, Franklin, Adam Smith, Ricardo, Hayek and Mises.

      The other side embraces Marx, Engels, Keynes, Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Castro.

      Who's side do you want to be on?

      Freedom is an extremist viewpoint when one seeks to control others.

    10. Tamara Brase Owatonn says:

      This health care is only re-distributing the funds of the people. I heard a question this morning which asked"will we have to pay for this health care?" Da! It only can come from one place. The government doesnt have any money, so that leaves the people. Some dont have any money, and no intension of having or getting any insurance except from the gov. That leaves the middle income, higher income, small, medium, and large businesses. Although the businesses, may have to let people go because they cant afford the mandatory insurance, and the higher cost of insurance. Some businesses will not hire people at all. People thinking of opening a business wont.

      To bad the government people dont think this stuff all the way through. Push it through so they can leave a legacy!

    11. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      I guess I am one of those, obama is so far out in left field that he has lost any form of sanity. The dems and obama are just wrong in this approach to helath crae and in the ecocnomy. We as a nation can not keep spending money we do not have, these blls will come due in due course. I wonder how much longer obama will let the "red, white and blue" fly, as it is a souce of extreme iritation to him. I think we will end up flying the fla upside down, roll over and give up this great country. The voters in 2010 must do what it takes to put these so called Americans out in the street. The conservatives must take controll of the Congress and get this country back to the basics, freedom of work and enterprise.These things built this country and can build it again.

    12. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The "Health Care" bill that the Liberal Socialits are trying to shove down our throats is NOT about health care! !t is about CONTROLLING our lives and all aspects related to that control. They plan to dictate what we will do, what we will eat, etc.under the guise of 'health care'.

      It is a major building block in their Socialist 'WALL' to separate us from a free and democratic America. We will be on the side of a despotic government that has been working hard, right under people's noses, to replace Constitutional America with Marxist Socialism.

      America will be no more. The traitors will have won. They must not be allowed to pass any legislation; they must be stopped; they must all be kicked out of office; and the minions who serve them in their socialist programs must all be discharged and put out to pasture.

      These people are not needed nor wanted in a free America. Let them go to Venezuela or Cuba where they can live under a system they think is so wonderful.

    13. John Gibson Splendor says:

      If we want to cover all uninsured all we have to do is allow a tax credit of 125% of insurance costs and for those who cant afford it allow those credits to be assignable. Any policy that costs less than the median would be allowed the credit for the median. This would light a fire under the insurance industry and new bussinesses would develop to identify and cover the uninsured.It would also induce states to write more insurance freindly regulations.After everyone who wants to be covered is covered the tax credit could be reduced to 115% or so and it might be better to use average cost instead of median.

    14. Keith Gray, Maitlan says:

      I think I speak for most working Americans that our health care system does need some changes. I do not believe that the overly-large bill that emerged from the House of Representatives embodies the changes that are needed. The biggest issue that must be addressed is the cost of health care. What must happen to reduce cost without hurting the current quality of our health care delivery system?

      1. Place restraints on lawyers

      2. Allow Americans to purchase individual insurance across state lines

      3. Allow smaller businesses to join cooperatives that can enjoy the benefits of negotiating on a level field with large corporations

      4. Let government issue rules that stop insurance companies from cherry picking risk. The only way this can be done is by giving insurance companies a larger base of insured to insure. This means that every worker needs to pay into the health care system. I reject the position of my fellow conservatives that it is not Constitutional to force people into purchasing health care. Our federal income tax isn't constitutional either but I have not seen anyone stop paying it without being brought to task by the government.

      5. Work on insurance companies to provide policies where the consumer can select the types of coverage they want and have a much broader range of deductibles and co-shares.

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Ken Jarvis – remember when the Clintons labeled the Republicans the "Party of Corruption"? And remember when the Democrat from Louisiana got caught with money in his freezer? Becareful with the label you use to describe a poltical party. It can easily be said the Democrats are the Party of NO given the Democrats have said NO to every effort to make health care reform a joint effort.

    16. James Perkins- Los A says:

      What I will never understand, in the face of such important legislation for the American people, rather than gather polls which will not be totally accurate, why couldn't we simply put healthcare on the ballot at the beginning of November and let all Americans vote and let their voice truly be heard…that keeps the corrupt politicians out of the process!

    17. Bill-William, Housto says:

      Sadly, President Obama and the Democratic Leadership does not understand the American people. Most of us still believe strongly in the Constitutional principles on which our forefathers founded this country. As an active member of the "teabag anti-government people", as he refers to us, we will remember those who voted for the irresponsible House Bill and remove them in 2010. We are not Anti-Health Care Reform, we are against the irresponsible and untimely solution proposed by the House Democrats.

    18. Denny in Illinois says:

      I agree with much that has been said, but I'm wondering just how many of us have been pro-active to honestly and, with conviction, convey our shared values and views to others we know (even casually?) via the Internet?

      Let's face it, folks! Obligating & requiring our children and grandchildren to pay billions – if not trillions – of dollars towards this program is potentially both (1)financially irresponsible and (2) largely detrimental toward their abilities to provide both short- and medium-range financial in support of support regarding the provision of both short- and long-term medical care at affordable prices.

      I urge you to contact your elected Senatorial officials via whatever means necessary & encourage them to vote AGAINST casting vote against "socialized" health care.

    19. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      A real 100% extremist, Obama, is calling normal, intelligent and freedom loving people such. Does that not tell you that this person, President of the United States, should be committed to a mental facility post haste? The man is a true 'nut case'. Wake up America.

    20. Shane says:

      Obama needs out of office and should of never been in office.

    21. Chris, New York says:

      Seems that the only American the President is unwilling to label an "extremist" is the one who shot fifty people on a Texas military base. When it comes to a psycho terrorist, Obama states that "We should not rush to judgment." In my opinion, if the current leadership in our federal government wants to push their radical, left wing agenda, they should probably stop marginalizing a very large segment of the U.S. population. The yoke of tyranny will be thrown off in the next election. Pray that it is not too late.

    22. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      On FBook – I have been accused of "Tarnishing" what Rush Says.

      HOW can anyone "tarnish" GARBAGE?

    23. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      It is time we quit complaining about an uncaring government officials and start taking the steps needed to remove them.

      We only have 11 months until the 2010 election.

      This can only go one way. If all these encumbents do not get removed at the ballot box, it will be pretty solid evidence that the people are no longer in control of their government.

    24. Bob R Geologist, Tuc says:

      Gee, I never realized I was an extremist. I guess it takes one to know one. The whole trouble is Obama is flying our airplane and his left foot is so heavy he has us entering a death spiral. This is where we are with a novice pilot at the controlls of Air Force One. How did he get there? If you voted for this bunch of squirrels, look in the nearest mirror.

    25. Bill, Little Rock says:

      It takes some creative thinking to imagine Obama attacking Venezuela. It is more likely that Obama would send military help to Chavez to overthrow the Columbian government.

    26. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      I just read that "indexing" of the income tax brackets is being partially repealed:

      "The under-30 crowd that clamored for Barack Obama last year needs to brace for a change they won’t believe in: The return of income tax “bracket creep,” according to The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.

      “Buried in Nancy Pelosi's health-care bill is a provision that will partially repeal tax indexing for inflation, meaning that as their earnings rise over a lifetime these youngsters can look forward to paying higher rates even if their income gains aren't real,” the editors write."

      Got to pay for socialized health care somehow!

    27. Da Dog says:

      This group of despicable self-serving elitists have yet to see "extremists". But, if they continue ignoring the will of the American people, insist on their march to facism and continue their non-productive enterprise of ambition, they may very well get that chance.

    28. William Downey NC says:

      I have great respect for the Office of the President. It is a shame that the occupant of that office does not share that respect for the people whom he represents.

      This is an elected offical who promised to civilize the debate on national issues. Calling those who object on fiscal and constitutional grounds to the present formualtion of the health care reform, as well as other initiatives extremists is hardly civilizing debate.

      A president who has unelected czars running many of our spending/stimulus programs that are more extreme by supporting Chavez and others like him, should not throw stones at glass windows.

    29. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      In your piece you state "Everybody listed above acknowledges we desperately need to fix health care policy".

      If this is true they are out of step with the 85% of the people who are happy with their healthcare.

      I have one question. If 85% of the people are happy with their healthcare why are we going to screw that up to cater to the other 15%?

    30. Graydog, Mpls, MN says:

      So, let's see if I have this correct.. Obama is calling 56% of Americans anti-American "extremists" – 56% of America is against socialized medicine and the havoc it would cause to our economy. He hasn't been able to get his own Democrats to agree..do they fall into the "extremest" category? Yup, and a lot more than just the Democrat lawmakers. If 56% of America were Republicans, he wouldn't be in office. Incompetent and an "empty suit" Saul Alinsky Marxist.

      Heaven help us all!

    31. AWM- Indiana says:

      The Department of Labor announced today that a grant of $394,617.00 is being provided, in order to assist 60 workers affected by layoffs from "a leading producer of pleasure boats and yatchs"…. in the state of Maine.

      These monies "..are part of the secretary of labor's discretionary fund.."

      Of course we can be confident that Ms. Snow and Ms. Collins, those bastions of Republican principles, cannot be bought so cheaply…..can they???

    32. Danny/Fla says:

      Dear Morning Bell: If you don't believe in America Leave! If there is a problem With The country We have More than enough to fix, and repair what is wrong. Beureaucratic bog downs, are just that. Don't let a few people who would put you into poverty, but use the principals, that work with the Constitution, and get back to principals- that will give us prosperity, that the land is supposed to provide, and it will.Who brain-washed the people, in the first place, and who stole the wealth- from the nation? Put it into reverse. We Have More Oil, We have More tecnology that is being given, away than other places know how to assemble!. We Are Based On Freedom, and if you are nor moral- be assured it would behove you to start looking-no-one is supposed to die young, and no- one is to have disease fostered upon them. Use Common Sense Our Forefathers did, and they kept us going well over- your lifespan.

    33. Graydog, Mpls, MN says:

      Hey Ken of Las Vegas.. you following your Pied Piper of Socialism and have drunk waaay too much Obama Kool-Aid. The Dems came up with the spin "GOP, the no party", however, the GOP DOES have an alternative health care plan, but you will never see it due to the lib mainstream media. Try watching/listening to Fox – the ONLY source of what is REALLY going on. Also, FYI, the Dems have been locking the GOP out of the meetings… wonderful! Hell of a democracy! Hopefully, the morons who voted for the Marxist/Socialist/Communist will awake from their zombie state of intoxication with this phony and we can impeach this monster before our beloved free society is enslaved in a government-controlled socialist/communist state.

    34. Graydog, Mpls, MN says:

      First of all, the estimate of 40 million Americans without healthcare INCLUDES the 30 Million illegal aliens in this country. If we back out the illegals, and put the rest on total welfare for healthcare, it wouldn't come NEAR the 2+ TRILLION $ this fiasco is going to cost. Socialized medicine has such a fine history of working – like the 6mos wait to get an MRI in Canada. Or the fact that Canadians stream across the U.S. border to get healthcare here. Wake up America!!!

    35. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      This administration and congress is extremist.

      For Obama to say that anyone who disagrees with him is an extremist shows what little regard he has for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American people. This comment is disgraceful and beneath the Office of the President.

      This is almost as ludicrous as Charley Rangel talking about House Minority Leader Boehner possibly being out of line on a ETHICS violation!

      ETHICS! These people are insufferable and incorrigable.

    36. c.c.WestVirginia says:

      I am so tired of the disrespect that not only do I feel as an American but the disrespect for our Vets and everyone else that has worked hard to make this country what it was before Obamah, his czars and people like Polosi, Reid,Franks and the rest of the Crooks we have in Washington. All I can say is that there needs to be some major house cleaning in the next election including the Rep. from La that voted in the House this past weekend for the house version of the healthcare bill that none had a chance or took the time to read. It is unconstitutional and they don't care.. Why do we even have a constitution if it is scrapped and not followed (most probably didn't take the time to read that either). The people in all of these offices took an oath to uphold our constitution they made covenant with the American People of the United States when they took office. Why do they think that that covenant can be broken. You are only as good as your word and we can see who is as good as their word in Washington.

    37. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      I am against this health care bill.The democrats need to wake up all of them and look at what is good for all of us.It seems like we are already being controlled by obama and his team.Lets donot give up people.

    38. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      I am an extremist, domestic terriorist, an American Citizen, mom, grandmother!Who do they think they are?

      They work for us, we don't work for them. We will teach them a leason in 2010!How dare them pass the Health Reform! We the American people work and pay our own way. We do not want big government running all aspects of our life. We don't live in Russia!

    39. Earl Johnson Fresno, says:

      Has any one thought of a USA wide recall of Government? I think if we start with the our state reps and filter up to state capital I think the government will hear us then!

    40. Judith in Michigan says:

      Why is congress disconnected from the US citizens? One reason: the number of millionaires in congress. 1% of the general population is in the millionaire bracket. In congress, it is 44%.

      That's right, there are 237 members of congress who are multi-millionaires. Of the 25 wealthiest, 14 are Dem and 11 are Rep. So, it seems congress is an equal opportunity employer.

      The ultra-wealthy tend also to be the best wheeler-dealers and power brokers, so what better place to be than congress? And with this kind of money and power, it is hard to imagine there is much empathy for the poor and middle class.

      Now, since this proposed health care bill is one more giant step toward the transfer of wealth in this country, will these millionaires be subject to the same level of taxation and penalties as the "common folk" to foot the bill for this?

      Will their "Cadillac" insurance plans, compliments of US taxpayers, also be levied the 5.4% surcharge that we will have if we are lucky enough to have similar gold-plated plans?

      With this kind of personal wealth, why are they against having the same plans they want the rest of us to have? Would it really hurt their bottom line? Are they cheap-skates?

      Or are we dealing with plain old "elitism" here?

    41. Martin- GA says:

      I am proud to be a TEA BAG person and a Right Wing Extremist.

      I sleep good at night.

      So what is the traitor's point?

    42. Bobbie Jay says:

      Gosh, Mr. President, what do you call a person in the military yelling out ala akbar and shooting up a military base? A terrorist?

      Making sense is "extreme?" No wonder congress and the president make none.

    43. F. Dan Conia, Libert says:

      In the article was the following:

      "Conservatives have our own, patient centered, vision for health care reform."

      The left wing has won. Apparently the Consevatives have accepted the premise that the government has the authority and responsibility to regulate and provide health care. The argument has never been about money or need or anything noble. It's always been about POWER.

      Now let me get this straight: the government uses brute physical force (IRS) to steal the fruits of our labor, intellectual and other property, then they take their cut, and give the rest out to others THEY deem more worthy. And then THEY CLAIM THE MORAL HIGH-GROUND?

      Has anyone read the Constitution and other supporting documents? It was written by real libertarians and it needs the continuing support and protection of real libertarians. It it morally and intellectually difficult to be a real libertarian but it is the only way to save our country, our freedom and liberty.

      For the past 100+ years we have allowed the left to steal our education system, (btw, where in the enumerated powers is the Federal Government allowed to be involved in education?),the court system and others and corrupted most of the Constitution including the ammendments.

      By accepting the premises of the left and arguing about the details is like accepting slavery and arguing about the specific conditions. What are the Conservatives trying to conserve. If you want to know what protecting and defending the Constitution looks like, try reading the opinions of Thomas and Scalia.

    44. Christopher Popham S says:

      One thing is certain. Those in Congress, who secured

      the passage of this health care reform bill, have

      also secured and guaranteed that their constituents

      will take a long, hard look at them during the elections of 2010, and in many cases vote them out

      of office.

    45. Roy C. Wv. says:

      If obama wants to CHANGE something and make the healthcare better why don't he kick out all the illegals that are having baby anchors and taking the GOV for a ride with hospital bills and EBIT cards for grocerys and rent money through welfare is our GOV so gulable that they don't know how to start saving money hell I will go help if they would let me FREE OF CHARGE and I will furnish my own coffee. Our Gov is letting our defensives down it would not take much for other country's to see how low we are and try to make a move on us,our childern will be paying the debt now for the next 10 generations, all we need to do is stop taking care of every moocher that wants in the U.S.A. and close the gates and only open it up to sweep out the dirt that has been piled up.Some people here in the U.S.A. have fought and died to oppose other countrys and keep this country FREE but the deaths of all that were taken should not go in vain in should be upheld to the highest 4 of us in my family are vets we are proud to have served, Dad is gone now but if he knew how or country is being run he would turn over in his grave but the rest is still here to stand up for him and what he did in WW11.

    46. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Is there any doubt left in anyone's mind as to just what Obama thinks of anyone who dares disagree with him?

      You don't want the government controlling health care? You're a Nazi extremist.

      You are sick and tired of having to bail out banks, Wall Street firms, car companies, and insurance companies? You're a capitalist extremist.

      You want to enforce immigration laws? You're a biggoted, racist extremist.

      You object to more and more taxes? You're a stingy, 'tea-bagger' extremist.

      You support the Second Amendment to the Constitution You're gun-nut extremist.

      Yet, we have a militant Islamic officer, in the U.S. Army, who corresponds with an anti-American Muslim mullah and encourages all Muslims to rise up against American aggression. This same Army officer goes out and buys an assault rifle, jumps up and yells 'allah hu akbar' and shoots 30 or so fellow soldiers, killing 13 and wounding the rest. Mr. Obama's reaction — "We need to gather all the facts before making any judgements." No, we dare not say this is an act of terrorism, because that would mean we were attacked under Mr. Obama's watch. No, we need to decide what the meaning of "is" is.

      Well, if Mr. Obama is so concerned about getting all the facts before making any judgement, he better do so quickly because they will be burying 13 of those facts very soon now.

    47. Doug Gerbing Seattle says:

      I looked over the other comments and did not see anything about what I am about to say. I believe there were 39 Democrates who voted against the health care plan and I heard that some of them would not say ahead of time which way they were voting. I believe the reason for this is because they did not know exactly how many votes they would need to pass the plan, but they had negotiated with those that are running for office in 2010 that if their vote was not needed they could vote against the plan so they could say that when running next year. So I am curious of how many of the famous 39 are up for election next year and if that is the case then I think we should make it very clear to the voters that their vote against is very questionable. I believe this just continues to show how contriving the Democrates are and why we need to vote them out of office in 2010.

    48. Darlene, PA says:

      We just had an election in my county and only 20% of the people turned out to vote. Well if you ask me, if the people in the country don't start doing better we are just asking to have our freedoms tromped on. Get out and vote next primary, and November election and throw the bums out. Get informed and vote, or we will lose our country to the left wing liberals. Vote, Vote, Vote, get involved and vote.

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