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  • Berlin Wall Anniversary: Remembering the Victims of Communism


    Lee Edwards, Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought at Heritage’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies and Chairman of The Victim of Communism Memorial Foundation discusses the anniversary of the Berlin Wall, the fall of Communism and the Gulag painting collection, currently being exhibited at The Heritage Foundation with ReasonTV.

    Visit the new Global Museum on Communism here.

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    17 Responses to Berlin Wall Anniversary: Remembering the Victims of Communism

    1. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      We are beset by thousands of Master Criminals, who thought they would take over our Nation. I can see it in Plain Sight, I am Victim-Witness. I heard the White House spokeswoman tell 6th Graders they 'took over,' and look! Nothing but Communist Sympathizers in the White House. They are doing unlawful Communist things, all against the Constitution. The Supreme Court fails their prime Constitutional function, does not strike down thousands of Unconstitutional Laws.

      Who took over? Not the Blue Dog Democrats. Y'all 'loyal' demo-crats voted for Communists (Obama and his ilk) who were appointed to Run by Plutocrats. I call them Demolition Plutocrats, or Demo-crats. They are not Loyal Americans these Party Favorites, because the Communists continued to infiltrate and destroy American Institutions including the Democratic Party.

      If you are infiltrating and destroying America in the service of Foreign Interests even 'legal' things are crimes. Sure, it is legal to write Unconstitutional Bills. But if you serve Foreign Interests the endless offering of Communist Legislation is a crime, Constitutionally.

    2. Kelli, Maryland says:

      Thank you. I hope I will someday visit your the museum and see those painting live. We must not forget!

    3. Kelli, Maryland says:

      Thank you. I hope I will someday visit your the museum and see those paintings live. We must not forget!

    4. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      And, before you visit the museum, try a little exercise.

      Write the word communist 25,000,000 times (in lieu of a Russian name). That is the approximate number of Soviet Socialists that STALIN had tortured and killed – his OWN people!

      You will be shocked at how long it will take to write the word "Communist" just 1,000 times.

      The magnitude of what the fascists and communists did (both came from the left side) – is beyond comprehension.

    5. Debbie, Texas says:

      Unfortunately, this is still happening around the world! Look at Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, China. And our government is well on it's way to the same communist rule! This is why our founders came to America and started a new nation so that we might be free. look around, we are losing more and more of our freedoms daily and the majority of the people just sit back and figure the government will take care of us. Well that comes at a price! Are you willing to pay it? Not me!!!


    7. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      The victoms of communism, were made up of citizens who just didn't quite get in line with the leaders ideas.

      China, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe in general.

      Remember, during these times, these governments were at war with their own citizens.

      Kind of feels like that here now.

    8. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      Stand up for freedom NOW. While you still can.

    9. Tim Az says:

      When the wall fell in Russia it was a time of great celibration for freedom loving Americans excluding liberals of course. For the liberals it was like the grim reaper stopping by to rip their soul's from the flesh. That is why Mao-Bama attempted to turn this anniversary into something about him through his lame speach and God like reverberation. He refused to mention anyone associated with this triumph of freedom. What empty souls these people have in the White House.

    10. C. Adli,NV says:

      I hope we never ask ourselves;are we there yet?

    11. philip says:

      The wall came down and Germany became a free nation no longer run by a ruthless goverment of tearny. They became one country with the help of the U.S.A. and the U.K. leadership HAVE A GREAT DAY GERMANY. While our COMMUNIST PRESEDENT is preparing to in prison. The american people if they refuse to buy ito his so called health plan,and take away free speach, freedom of the press, and the consitution of the united states ect. With the support of the communist liberal demicrat party.We the people of america don't let this happen to us lets stand and defend our freedoms We are those that went to washington dc and our states in demistrations to tell or polictal leaders that we Do not want a communist takeover of our country and all we got was OBAMA CALLIN US ANTI GOVERMENT RABBLE ROUSERS just because we oppose his liberial poltics BRING DOWN THE WALL!

    12. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Yes, that was a great moment during the Reagan/Bush era. Whoever dreamed back then that today we would have the antithesis – a leftwing radical Marxist in The White House? It's amazing to think of how so much of the world has rejected communism and moved away from it. But thanks to some 63,000,000 stupid voters on 11/4/2008, we are going in the direction of what Russia and East Germany used to be. If we don't get rid of this leftwing Congress and administration in 2010 and 2012, we may have a big wall to tear down in our future!!

    13. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Earl, Queens NY,

      You are more right than you know.

      The wall be in the form of economic and financial strangulation for those who do not bend and join the "new party". The wall will become a living, breathing, document called "1984".

      This HAS HAPPENED numerous times all over the globe. For those of you that still snicker and laugh that it cannot happen here – you are dead wrong. It's already happening.

    14. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Living in America today is like being in a James Bond film. Somehow, Ernst Stavro Blofeld has been reincarnated under the unlikely name Barack Hussein Obama. Even the name has conjures the image of something foreign and intriguing.

      The unlikely, intriguing one has somehow intoxicated the masses with 'hopium', a powerful mind altering drug that induces a hypnotic state of euphoria, even during situations that would normally bring about feeings of loss, despairation and depression.

      When the unaffected try to wake their fellow Americans from their catatonic stupors, they are met with repeated chants of "Yes, we can" from the vacant-eyed masses. Further attempts by the unaffected to awaken the hypnotized masses only result in rebuke and angry criticism.

      Like zombies on a sinking ship the masses are determined to follow their course into oblivion, firing their guns in full fury on their rescuers.

    15. RJM, Chicago says:

      What an important thing to remember! It's heartbreaking to see how little people in my generation (the under 30 crowd) know about events like this that happened while many of us were alive. I wrote an essay on the importance of History, of the wisdom of the ages, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for posting this!


    16. Betty Hanicke, Kansa says:

      Some of us were fighting communism as far back as the 50's. Their plan was two steps forward and one step backward. During the anti-vietnam was demonstrations in the 60's, the communists infiltrated the demonstrations. The anti-war young people could avoid the draft as long as they were in school. Many of these kids were from middle and upper class families. They went to school on their fathers checkbook, took a few courses and had plenty of time to demonstrate. We called them professional students and most of them went into education, colleges in particular. Our kids has been brainwashed even in universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and many others. I pray that it isn't too late to take our country back as it seems that they have taken over the White House, many in Congress and the bureaucracy.

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