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  • U.S. House Votes in Favor of Obamacare

    The health care bill passed by the House tonight took another step towards transferring power over personal health care decisions from individuals to bureaucrats in Washington. The Republican alternative was a good strong first step of targeted reforms that are necessary to improve health care financing and delivery.

    If it were to become law, the House bill would put the government in control of over half of all health care spending and would dramatically shift America’s health care system from one that is largely private to one that is subordinated to government control.

    The bill engineers a massive expansion of the Medicaid, a welfare program that provides substandard care to lower-income and poor Americans and threatens state budgets. The addition of the public plan, a new federal health care entitlement, would add to the crushing tax burden Americans already face from exiting entitlements. Even worse, millions of Americans would be pushed out of their existing health care coverage, notwithstanding the promises of the President.

    The bill would create massive bureaucracy. Under the bill, the new health care commissioner would in fact become a health care czar. This bureaucrat would exercise unprecedented power over the kinds of benefits and medical services available to individuals and families.

    The bill also creates new inequities. While it would extent lavish subsidies to certain individuals, it would exclude those with employer-based coverage and would guarantee that others would be confined to substandard care in the Medicaid program.

    Contrary to the promises of the President, the House bill would impose new taxes on all Americans regardless of class or income. The employer mandate and the individual mandate would tax the middle class. While the country is trying to recover from a deep and dangerous recession, it is ironic that the day after the jobless rate officially reached 10.2% that Congress would insist on imposing more taxes on individuals and businesses.

    The President has insisted that reform should bend the curve on health care spending. This legislation makes a mockery of that goal. The true cost of the bill is in excess of the President’s $900 billion spending target — the full costs will run in the trillions.

    The good news is the battle is not over. There is consensus in the U.S. for serious reform of the health care system. But, there is no consensus for a federal government takeover of 1/6th of the US economy.

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    31 Responses to U.S. House Votes in Favor of Obamacare

    1. Derek, Seattle says:

      Over the first 10 years, it adds $1,200,000,000,000.00 in debt.

      Did you see that? Look behind you. Your liberty just got stolen!

    2. DENNIS, NEW YORK says:


    3. MARK LABIB, SYOSSET, says:



    4. TIM SCHOENEMAN says:


    5. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Thank you to the 39 BlueDog Democrats who voted what is best for America. It took great moral courage and soul searching for these congressmen and women to to set aside politics.

      There is no doubt the DNC and other left-wing organizations will target these people in the 2010 elections. If they continue to show the same courage, I for one, will stand by them.

      This is not about political party affiliation. It is only about saving America from utter financial destruction.

      How any congress person could vote for a bill that will further punish state budgets through medicaid or assess a $250,000 fine/5 year jail sentence for not getting mandated coverage is the worst omen yet on what these left wing leaders really want – a total takeover with this bill as the first step.

      There is NO WAY this mandate is Constitutional. Those who voted for this will live in infamy.

      Those BlueDogs who caved in because they did not have the courage to stand up to the Chicago Hardball Machine will have an interesting time explaining their vote back home.

      God Bless America as We Know It

    6. william nowlin says:

      This in short is the destruction of middle class America. We now have (should this bill pass the Senate and hopefully it will not) the creation of common class America. This stinks, period. My employer in short probably will not offer coverage just based on bussiness overhead cost, a real no brainer. It will become a bussiness decision based on it will be cheaper to pay the 8% penalty for not offering the insurance and force my family onto the public option.

      The double standard to this should I continue to receive the "Cadillac of insurance" I would be eligible to pay a tax for this benefit.

    7. Jay says:

      Step down Mr. President- you are constitutionally flawed. You are in violation. Remove yourself.

      "the constitution is fundamentally flawed?" No, the people that distort the constitution is fundamentally flawed, mr ignorance.

      It is a document designed for the freedom of all human life, that you, MR. PRESIDENT, REFUSE TO ACCEPT. And continue to violate. Its not a document that recognizes people by race, creed or culture because it's designed for ALL EQUALLY! Yet, you Mr. President have been pointing fingers to build resentment amongst men. Not the governments job to create resentment amongst men. Only the weak would make change to fit the weak. Instead of building their individual, personal strength respecting the constitution.

      People of limited mentality would only see flaws as their weakness and lack of intelligence does not have the strength to respect what it means!

      This is a direct violation to the freedomS of the people. Nobody has EVER BEEN LEFT BEHIND ACCEPT BY THEIR OWN CHOICE OR GOVERNMENT INSISTENCE.


    8. Bill Oldenhuis, Omah says:

      Nancy Pelosi and in fact those who follow her insanity should by all intents and purposes be tried and convicted for treasonous crimes against the United States. The Congress has no regard for the will of the people who elected them and only act in their own self interests using whatever means to justify their ends.

      This entire health care issue and all that surrounds it as purposed by Pelosi is merely one giant step closer to the Orwellian state of 1984. How long will it be before the government dictates what we eat, where and who we see for our health care, what oversight determines our medical care and of course not to mention what drugs we take according to the expense and weather treatment is justified…

    9. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Now that they have won in the House, those Blue Dogs will encourage the Senate to blow off this Unconstitutional Obamanation.

      Do y'all mind? I have to repeat my solution for this problem.

      Just for fun I dashed off Articles for Obama’s Impeachment, appropriate to release it here as House 111 wrecks American Health Care by essentially a Communist take over of Cold War proportions. Come on Ann Coulter, flesh it out.

      ARTICLE 1 : Acts of Treason, against the Constitution, False Swearing a Senate Oath, and Conspiracy to serve a Foreign Interest in Congress.

      ARTICLE 2 : Acts of Treason, against the Constitution, Fixing Elections, Buying Elections, Creating Organizations for the purpose of Election Fraud (ACORN), Fixing Elections by Intimidation, unlawful attacks on opponents of election, fixing the electoral process while infiltrating the United States Government in the Interest of Foreign Powers.

      ARTICLE 3 : Abuse Of Power, against the Constitution, the establishment of Foreign Interest mandated but unlawful and not republican and representative government styles: of Communism, Socialism, Humanism (Czars), in abrogation of lawful Constitutional mandated government. Creating abusive and Unconstitutional Laws, crafting criminality into Law.

      ARTICLE 4 : Conspiracy, against the Constitution and the People of the United States, unlawful infiltration, cause of unlawful Communism to arise, Nationalization of means, unlawful Socialism and totalitarian government, and fulfill the Plans Of A Foreign Interest.

      ARTICLE 5 : Conspiracy, Racketeering, Influence and corruption, unlawful payments, unlawful favors, vote buying; Conspiracy to change America by intimidation, coercion, usurping, re-writing Laws, Texts, Curriculum, against the Constitution in conspiracy and collusion with Foreign Interests, Long Standing Enmity against the Constitution. False Oath Taking.

      ARTICLE 6 : Treason, infiltrating and operating in public office, including President, against the Constitution, against the Interest of the People and in the Interest Of Foreign Powers of long standing enmity.

      Come On Guys! Tell me how you like it? It is so true, I laughed myself silly!

    10. Bobbie Jay says:

      "for years THIS couldn't be done?" Mr. President. what's "THIS' "couldn't be done for generations," Mr. President? the take over of freedoms, liberties and EQUAL rights? The take over of this country?

      Your pastor admits GOVERNMENT GREED and insists you are enslaving us? Why do you deny equal opportunity and then convince people not to take that opportunity? Only to blame those that did take that opportunity and call them greedy?

      Keeping people poor and indigent, unable to think for themselves as your leadership continually lies about private citizens, fabricate, distort, deceive, exaggerate, manipulate the purpose and meaning of this country.

      What any decent, honest, living, breathing human being would do, is inspire people to provide for their personal existence and responsibilities to that existence and take on the freedom of choice of the opportunities and work towards that which makes them wealthy if they choose, that existed before you.

      You see, Mr. President, a person has a freedom to be as greedy as they may in a country of freedom. That's really none of your concern and You're a perfect example. Only your greed is unacceptable as your riches grew by taking from the people that worked for their own wealth. Taking from no one!

    11. MrShorty, Arizona says:

      I think the Republicans missed an opportunity to "snooker" the Dems, but instead got "snookered" themselves. Had they not included the "abortion issue" as an amendment, I believe the bill would have been voted down.

      Now the Dems can easily remove the restrictive language in the "spirit" of bipartisan negotitations with the Senate and…voila, all bases of the Dems party will be happy and satisfied.

      I am very fearful that this bill will lead to the collapse of the US economy due to debt issues unless the people elect a new Congress that can reverse this action. When an absolute majority of American voters are dependent upon the Federal Government for their subsistance and/or medical care, the threshold will have been reached to ever elect a majority to correct the situation.

    12. Maggie Hansen, New Y says:

      Maybe our reps need hearing aids….but wait, are hearing aids covered under this health care plan? By the time congress gets them we will have voted them all out of office!

    13. George H. Rowe IV, W says:

      Is THIS why my grandfather fought as a combat engineer (the guys who crawled out into no-man's land to cut the barbed wire before a charge) in WWI? Is THIS why my uncle fought as a Marine rifleman in the island hopping campaign in WWII? (My father volunteered for every branch of the service, but was rejected for being blind in his left eye) Is THIS why I volunteered for 3 years active duty in the U.S.Army in 1969? Is THIS why 58,000 of my generation died in a "land so far away"? Is THIS why my two younger brothers volunteered for the Army and the Navy in the 70's? Is THIS why? So that urine, feces and obscenity hurling liberals could denigrate the sacrifices of all of our veterans, and once again spit in their faces just before Veteran's Day, by passing a bill which would change this country into a Socialist/Communist dictatorship of liberal elites. I am sickened by the vote of the US House of mis-Representatives. B. Hussein Obama and his liberal hacks ALL need to be thrown out of office forever, and replaced by true American conservatives.

    14. Thomas, Northern NY says:

      The question is; will the military stand with the government, or with the people. Unfortunately, this appears to be headed for a test. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime of 59 years.

    15. Thomas, Northern NY says:

      Mike Arcuri, a so-called Blue Dog of the 24th district sold out to the unions who elected him. Mike, you will be retired next year, just like the other YELLOW DOGS that voted for this bill.

    16. Fritz Pfister Chatha says:

      Let me see if I have this right. Millions will be added to the demand side, with the same supply, and costs will go down while delivery of service is more efficient? Right.

      This could be a knock out punch to the economy, Obama and the Democrats live in the Land of Oz.

      Redistribution of the wealth, power, and control are the goals. This has nothing to do with health care.

      Pray God this can be stopped in the Senate or our freedoms lost forever. Democrats are socialist/marxist that will destroy our children's future.

    17. Jennifer, Jacksonvil says:

      I cannot believe what is happening to our country!

      See who voted for and against HR 3269 at this web address:

    18. Andrew Beyon, Scotts says:

      We cannot be idle. Time to regroup. Americans need to encourage Senators to trash this bill.

      Now is not the time for despair.

    19. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      I see we have some real jerks in Florida and I am sure they will be replaced in 2010.

      In Florida we have made sure that our Reps. knew that we did not want this to pass but they ignored us. We will be sure to ingnore them in 2010.

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    21. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Seeing these economic destroyers standing in front of a picture of George Washington is really galling. Might as well put up a life size picture of Obama in the background.

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    23. Tim Iowa says:

      We must keep educating the ignorant that think the democrats are trying to help them. This bill will hurt the poor in many ways, as well as bankrupt our country. You and I could see the fine-print and devious exclutions of info. on the 1300 page bill, now we have 1900 pages of toilet paper. This bill would have been real popular in the outhouse.

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    25. Kim, Anchorage, AK says:

      Today I thougt I could actually volunteer for a Revolution, the kind with guns. Is this how the Colonists felt in 1774 when they weren't being heard in England? I can feel their passion. Freedom is truely something to fight for!

    26. Roger C. Fike, Virgi says:

      I as well as other Americans feel that those who are elected to represent those who have elected them have been betrayed. Especially those who voted for the Health Care Bill.

      I have felt and shared that this President should have been impeached. First he has not lived up to his Oath of Office by defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foregin and domestic.

      It is time that the American people continue the fight against this socialist regime.

      Our forefathers over 200 yrs ago fought a revolution for their Freedom to live as they saw fit. Everyone to his abilities to provide for himself. They asked nothing from the government, except to be protected from having those God given Freedoms and rights taken from them by corrupt men whose soul purpose was to have power over others.

      Some 80 yrs later we had another war which was fought to free all men of this country. Abraham Linclon wrote an address after the battle of Gettysburg, which today expresses what this country stands for.

      Today we have politicans who have chosen not to stand and support or defend the Constitution they took an Oath to defend.

      Maybe it is time that we have another Revolution or a Civil War in order to regain those Freedoms that our Forefathers gave their lives for. This Revolution or Civil War does not have to be with guns and the sheding of blood. It should be done with the people exercising their constitutional right to Vote for those who will represent them. Not representing those corporations and their lobbyists who put money in their pockets.

      I appreciate the opportunity to express by thougths regarding where this current administration is taking this country.

      I am a retired Navy man of 13 yrs. after serving over 20 yrs. Again thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

    27. George H. Rowe IV, W says:

      What this country needs is for all the honest, overly-taxed citizens to get off of their big fat apathy and run for office (local, state and federal), to VOTE for honest people running for office and vote these parasites in the "body politic" OUT of office. Our system of government is designed to be run by honest, moral, rational people. As one of our founders said, (paraphrasing) "what we get for government is determined by the words and deeds of the men in government, not our paper documents." We are only one generation away from losing our freedom, and our next generation is being stolen from us. If you think B. Hussein Obama and his hacks are bad for America, consider what the National Education Association and other radical groups are spawning now.

    28. Nelson, Texas says:

      God help us all!

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    31. Mendel Potok says:

      Um……This is about getting healthcare for seniors and the underemployed. I’m not sure how this steps on your liberties, unless you enjoy the liberty of seeing these people continue to suffer by overpaying for health care. Are you willing to kill people for that “right”?

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