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  • Pelosi's Procedural Plan to Pass Health Care

    Today at 2pm the House Rules Committee will meet to consider the rule for H.R. 3962 , the Affordable Health Care for America Act. As of this morning 104 amendments had been filed with the Rules Committee for consideration. Republican’s have filed 87 amendments and Democrats have filed 17. The debate in the Rules Committee and a final vote could continue well into this evening.

    The rule being debated today will not only cover HR 3962 but will also apply to HR 3961, the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act, also known as the Doc Fix. This is a procedural gimmick that allows the costly Doc Fix bill to be combined with H.R. 3962 after the bill passes the House. This allows Congressional Leaders to avoid a stand alone vote on Doc Fix in the Senate. A few weeks ago, a $247 billion dollar Doc Fix bill failed in the Senate with 13 Democrats opposing ending debate on the bill.

    Also included in the amendments filed with the Rules Committee is an Amendment by Congressman Brad Ellsworth (D-IN) in an attempt to provide a compromise so that no federal funding would be allowed for abortion services and all Americans would have access to at least one plan that does not cover abortions. This language is not strong enough for many pro-life groups, yet it may allow for enough of the democrats in the House Pro-Life Caucus to support the compromise. If a compromise is reached that allows Pelosi to satisfy pro-life Democrats it will be included in the Rule and not receive additional floor debate or a stand alone vote by Members not on the Rules Committee.

    The House will convene at 9am tomorrow morning and begin debate on the rule. It is anticipated that it will be a closed rule, meaning no additional amendments can be offered on the House floor. If the rule passes then Members will immediately begin 3 hours of debate on the health care bill.

    Both Leader Hoyer and Speaker Pelosi have indicated that a vote on the “doc fix” will not occur before Veterans Day.

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    11 Responses to Pelosi's Procedural Plan to Pass Health Care

    1. Michelle Carruth says:

      Should this go through we are one step closer to bankrupting our country…

    2. Bob B. Zion, IL says:

      How can the supposed media not point out that HR 3962's cost is based on 3961 not existing. Our large media outlets have failed the American people on this issue.

    3. Ron Thompson, Albuqu says:

      In the true fashion of a "snake oil salesman", Ms Pelosi will violate even her own promises to sacrifice the country to a horrible plan,bankrupting the nation, and citizens of the the nation. All for what? An Unconstitutional bill! This why she is being so sneaky about the whole thing!

    4. Steven Cariati Sling says:

      The "trickery", lack of forthrightness,legislative subterfuge more than clearly shows that the Democratic leadership knows the bill is unpopoular but the people be damned! Some of the provisions in this bill favoring minorities and the "underserved" found in only the first 3-5 pages shows clearly the redistribution tone of this very dangerous-for-our-country legislation. This bill also shows the danger of having one party in power in both houses of Congress and the White House who happen to be controlled by their far left.

      And lastly the leftist Columbia University journalism types in our media have done their profession of Journalism a slam by not reporting the farce of the "Doc" fix that hides $207B in expense from the oxymoron named "The Affordable Healthcare Act for America." The politicians on the left and the Media must think the people are fools. Let's see how foolish the people are in November 2010-I cannot wait.

    5. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Business as usual. They just don't get it.

      They are incapable of acting any other way.

      Americans want transparency. They want change in the way congresspeople do business.

      Enough of this attachments to legislation to sneak something through. Vote on a single bill for that single bill's purpose!! Quit playing games. Both parties need to re-invent themselves and pass house and senate procedural guidelines that will stop the same garbage.

    6. John, Dubuque says:

      Bob, the main stream media haven't failed the American people…because they don't care about the American people. They care about their liberal agenda and appeasing the Democrats in Washington

    7. B. Johnson, USA says:

      I wish that more Constitution-defending patriots would start emphasizing the following MAJOR constitutional problem with federal healthcare. Simply put, Speaker Pelosi doesn't know what she's talking about when she claims that the Commerce clause gives the federal government constitutional authority to regulate healthcare. This is evidenced by the following four constitutional experts who have clearly indicated that the states, not the federal government, have the constitutional authority to regulate healthcare.

      To begin with, Thomas Jefferson, while discussing the Founder's division of federal and state government powers, had clearly indicated that the Founders had trusted the states, not the feds, with the care of the people.

      "Our citizens have wisely formed themselves into one nation as to others and several States as among themselves. To the united nation belong our external and mutual relations; to each State, severally, *the care of our persons* (emphasis added), our property, our reputation and religious freedom." –Thomas Jefferson: To Rhode Island Assembly, 1801. ME 10:262 http://tinyurl.com/onx4j

      Next, Justice Marshall had likewise clearly indicated that government power to regulate health issues belongs to the states, not the feds.

      "State inspection laws, *health laws* (emphasis added), and laws for regulating the internal commerce of a State, and those which respect turnpike roads, ferries, &c. are not within the power granted to Congress." –Chief Justice Marshall, GIBBONS V. OGDEN (1824). http://supreme.justia.com/us/22/1/case.html

      Next, Chief Justice C.J. Fuller had likewise officially noted that the states, not the federal government, have the power to address health issues.

      "It cannot be denied that the power of a State to protect the lives, *health* (emphasis added), and property of its citizens, and to preserve good order and the public morals, "the power to govern men and things within the limits of its dominion," is a power originally and always belonging to the States, not surrendered by them to the general government nor directly restrained by the Constitution of the United States, and essentially exclusive." –Chief Justice C.J. Fuller, United States v. E. C. Knight Company (1895) http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/U

      Finally, Judge Andrew Napolitano has indicated that public healthcare is not mentioned in the Constitution, particularly not in any of the clauses of Article I, Section 8, meaning the federal government has no constitutional authority to regulate healthcare.


      The bottom line is that Constitution-defending patriots need to quit giving Constitution-ignoring "leaders" like Pelosi the opportunity to sidestep major constitutional problems with illegal Obamacare by asking questions like, "Is federal public healthcare constitutional?" Instead, they need to make the following point followed with a blunt question.

      They first need to point out that, given the Constitution's silence about public healthcare, the 10th A. automatically reserves government power to regulate healthcare to the states, not the Oval Office and Congress. On that basis, "leaders" like Pelosi then need to be asked why they shouldn't be charged with treason for promoting federal legislation based on constitutionally nonexistent federal government powers, powers wrongly usurped from the states by corrupt federal lawmakers.

    8. B. Johnson, USA says:

      Pelosi ignores her oath to defend the Constitution, essentially using magic glasses to find public healthcare in the Commerce clause. But based on notes about the Commerce clause by a constitutional expert, the USSC was wrong to blur the distinction between intrastate and interstate commerce when it examined related cases.

      "For the power given to Congress by the Constitution does not extend to the internal regulation of the commerce of a State, (that is to say of the commerce between citizen and citizen,) which remain exclusively with its own legislature; but to its external commerce only, that is to say, its commerce with another State, or with foreign nations, or with the Indian tribes." –Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson's Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank : 1791. http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/bank-tj.a

      Note that Jefferson is not referenced in either Wickard v. Filburn or US v. Wrightwood Dairy Co., pivotal cases where FDR's pro-big federal government, outcome-driven justices perverted the Commerce clause. Also, state sovereignty is treated as a mere rumor in Wickard v. Filburn, and not mentioned at all in US v. Wrightwood.

      The bottom line is that, where constitutionally unauthorized federal healthcare is concerned, the corrupt, Democratic-controlled Congress is wrongly ignoring the following. Congress is ignoring its Article V requirement to request new powers from the states, the power to regulate healthcare in this example.

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    10. Dale Cord says:

      Remember this all of you State Attorney Generals as if you already don't know, LOL. Filing appeals on an unconstitutional Health Bill or any other charges against a corrupt government like this one, is like the Germans or Italians during the 2nd World War filing charges against Hitler and Musellni. When you have a stacked deck for the house in card games, you lose. What were the people thinking when they allowed each president to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court. We now have 9 Liberal minded people sitting in the highest court in our land making unconstitutional laws and undermining our individual freedoms. These people in your state that are acting like they are out raged by this violation and act of treason, are doing so,to appease their constiuance,so they can be re-elected after their term has elapsed.

    11. Obamas big govement says:

      Nancy Pelosi,plain and simple you just make, America sick!!! Now that you just turned 70 years old, here are a few ideas RETIRE, learn how to tell the TRUTH,stop being plastic that means fake.learn how to listen to what people are saying. And then maybe people wont insult you so much behind your back.Smug,arrogant and a liar are noway to go through life.

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