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  • More Evidence of Iran Nuclear Duplicity

    The Guardian reports today that the International Atomic Energy Agency has asked Iran to explain evidence that Iranian scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, but Tehran continues to stonewall requests for relevant information and drag its feet at the sputtering talks over its illicit nuclear weapons program. According to a dossier prepared by the IAEA, Iranian scientists may have tested high-explosive components of a “two-point implosion” device that could enable Iran to eventually install small nuclear warheads on its ballistic missiles. One European official said that “It is breathtaking that Iran could be working on this sort of material.” The article reported on speculation that the Pakistani nuclear proliferator A.Q. Khan or a Russian weapons expert may have helped the Iranians to master the synchronized high explosive detonations necessary to build the warhead.

    This revelation is one more reason, if any more were needed, to doubt the validity of the controversial 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that assessed that Iran had stopped its nuclear weaponization efforts in 2003. If Tehran already had perfected such a sophisticated technology, then it could afford to suspend further experiments while it amassed the necessary quantities of high-enriched uranium, long regarded as the “long pole in the tent” and the most challenging aspect of building a nuclear weapon.

    The news about warhead experiments provides further evidence that the 2007 NIE needs to reviewed and updated. Representative Pete Hoekstra has called for an independent “red team” to examine recent revelations about Iran’s nuclear program and reevaluate the NIE assessment. Such a review is long overdue.

    Meanwhile the nuclear talks with Iran, which were hailed not long ago as a potential breakthrough, are in danger of collapsing. The Washington Post today reported that Iran is balking at further talks and now insists that it must receive a full supply of nuclear reactor fuel for its Tehran research reactor before it gives up any of its low-enriched uranium stocks. This is further evidence that Tehran is backtracking on its on-again-off-again “agreement in principle” to send about 70 percent of its LEU supplies out of the country. Buried in last paragraph of the article is the fact that Iran has refused to put its uranium enrichment activities – the principal focus of the nuclear talks – on the agenda!

    For more on Iran, see: Iran Briefing Room

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    9 Responses to More Evidence of Iran Nuclear Duplicity

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      There is no sense in worrying any longer about Iran obtaining a nuc. They will obtain one, if they have not already. The world waited too long. The UN did nothing but talk. Russia, China, and others cared more about economic factors than global security. It's over.

      Who is going to be the first to blame Israel?

      Who is going to be the first to aid Israel?

      No matter what happens the US will now be blamed. The UN will blame Israel and the US just like Obama blames Bush.

      If the US would have "unilaterally" fixed the Axis of Evil problem, we would be universally condemned by the world and our democrat leftists.

      Now the world and the leftist democrats will try to blame Bush if something does happen.

      Sounds kind of like the partisian health care bill doesn't it?

    2. Tim Az says:

      If you want something done right don't leave it to a world government agency. Do it yourself and save lives in the process.

    3. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Those who have gained their international diplomatic skills through thirty or forty years of experience in public service on the national level have come to understand how Middle Eastern diplomacy works. Threats, negotiations and stalling, each of these tactics are consistently repeated in a never ending loop.

      Mr. Obama doesn't have any of the necessary diplomatic skills, because he hasn't put in his time and learned from experience. He is either too proud or too stupid to follow the advice of those who have developed these skills. The same can be said for his lack of military experience, business experience and economic experience, or lack thereof.

      This President has jeopardized our economic future and that of our children and grandchildren.

      He has jeopardized our Constitutional form of government. He has jeopardized our national security for us and future generations.

    4. Susan, Detroit says:

      The U.N. is useless. It gives members of this organization a place to dress up and give speeches and nothing more.

    5. philip says:

      The blame game is the only one they can stand on. They have nothing to show except shame, and digrace on how they are running our goverment. All they have is assanation of our carecter for those of us who stand for the right things for our country. GOD HELP US WE NEED A CHANGE NOW

    6. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Obama said he didn't know if he could protect us or not. He's going to throw us under the bus, along with Israel.

      He has cut our missile defense. Plans to take some of our nuclear missiles out.

      What side is he on, the UN's side, with the corrupt dictators,he's just waiting for us to get blown up , to take over with his Czars!

    7. John Roane Sarasota says:

      What happens to American Veterans under this bill? We can't get answers for the US Congress can anyone help?

    8. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Dear John Roane Sarasota FL,

      Didn't hear much about the impact on VETS did you?

      Well, you will. They are not going to let millions of vets off the hook. This budget buster will result in everyone's taxes going up and everyone's premiums being raised. It may take a few years to "phase this in on vets" but it will happen. The more people get added the more money they will need. Taxing the so-called rich won't be enough. It's that simple.

      Better start working on your Florida Senators!

      Good luck.

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