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  • Capping Carbon Will Threaten National Security More Than Bolster It

    Proponents of global warming legislation or an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions argue that climate change could affect the safety, not only in the United States, but in other countries as more natural disasters will lead to increased global conflict. But the claim that warming causes increased tension and causes wars is misleading according to recent testimony from Heritage analyst James Carafano:

    The global climate has always been changing. Adapting to these changes and human efforts to manage their surrounding environment is a permanent feature of human competition. The environment does not cause wars–it is how humans respond to their environment that causes conflicts.

    Climate change does not necessarily ensure that there will be more or less conflict. For example, as the Arctic ice melts and the environment becomes more benign, Arctic waters will become more available for fishing, mineral and energy exploitation, and maritime transport. Nations will compete over these resources, but it is how they choose to compete–not the change in the weather–that will determine whether war breaks out.

    Furthermore, any changes in the climate, for better or for worse, will occur gradually over decades. Thus, there will be ample time to adjust national security and humanitarian assistance instruments to accommodate future demands. Those adjustments can and should be made with the most appropriate instruments, which might comprise any or all of the elements of national power including diplomatic, economic, political, and informational tools as well as the armed forces.”

    Cap and trade bills and climate treaties will do much more economic harm than environmental good and would limit the resources available to effectively prepare and respond to natural disasters or national security threats. The truth is the climate has been changing on its own for centuries and more scientific dissent exists disputing how much warming is human-induced or even caused by carbon dioxide. The Heritage Foundation estimates that between 2012 and 2035, $9.4 trillion in gross domestic product would be lost because of cap and trade. It would reduce our resources not only to cope with natural disasters but also our military preparedness and overall economic well-being. As energy prices soar, production will decrease, resources will become scarcer and innovation and entrepreneurial activity will fall, and innovation and entrepreneurial activity are the two things that will help to effectively adapt to climate change, if necessary.

    Carafano’s full testimony is available here.

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    15 Responses to Capping Carbon Will Threaten National Security More Than Bolster It

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Great article Nick.

      Mr. Carafano's testimony notwithstanding, this multi-pronged attack on everything the administration can think of is about much more than capping carbon.

      All of these program proposals are going to enlarge and consolidate big government in a way that may take decades to fix – if we can.

      This is so audacious that millions of Americans will not believe what the leftists' end game is and what it will REALLY mean for them. These Alinskyites are COUNTING ON THAT.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The environmentalists' argument is typical of leftist illogical thinking. Such as the belief that guns are the cause of malicious acts. Today's high-tech liberal is nothing more than a data overloaded bamboozled zombie looking for a cause. Why worry about facts when you can create your own reality? It's about letting their well intentioned feel good fingers do all the walking. Facing an actual threat, quick draw the cell-phone. This is why leftist take national security for granted. This type of thinking is well demonstrated by the current Congressional leadership and administration's grossly misdirected priorities.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      any war of government called, "man-made" global warming is the result of government promotion of a push to prevent what doesn't exist and their continuance of threats and deceit to the people and the government's demand of money, jobs and livelihoods.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      …to combat a non-existence.

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    6. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Cap And Trade was designed by the enemy, pointed to reduce the American military and stifle American Energy, probably drive it down so Obama and his pals can buy it all up with Federal Reserve dollars. I don't know what kind of Infamy you want to call it, Treason is a valid Charge since the Cold War Infiltraitors still follow the dictates of a Foreign Power, namely the Soviet Union.

      Don't call it Energy Policy, this is dis-energy. So, now everybody else gets to develop the Polar resources except U.S. That's Treason, and interference with our Constitutional Rights to make a living. It is Unconstitutional for Government to use markets to destroy markets.

      There is No Global Warming. Al Gore LIED TO CONGRESS. Greenland is not going to melt, there is no Scientific consensus on Man Caused Climate Change. That is Junk Science, used in the service of Environmentalists gone mad (under the complete control of these Plutocrats in Democratic clothing). Nothing Democrats do makes any sense until you realize they were usurped by Communists, yes the RED part of the Rainbow Coalition took over. And, criminally, just like Joe Stalin ordered.

    7. Tim Az says:

      The tensions and wars socialists like to attribute to climate change is an intentional misdirection from the true cause. The true cause lays at the feet of liberalism using climate change to force socialism on the worlds freedom loving people. It's that simple.

    8. David Lunt New Glouc says:

      It's intertesting that the prophets of doom are now preaching "global warming". I remember that years ago we supposed to be terrified of "global cooling". In fact,I believe that "Earth Day" was instituted to ward off the catastrophe of a world-wide winter. Hmm–I guess my memory is failing me in my old age.

    9. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      This Cap & Tax, has more to do with signing treaties with the corrupt UN dictators, then anything.

      They don't care about climate change, this is the same thing Hitler did. It has everything to do with controlling the masses, US.

    10. fran campbell says:

      we are now ruled by a marxist dictator whose policies will destroy the usa. if we have no energy or it becomes prohibitively expensive through taxation–we will have no economy, no jobs, agriculture will become unproductive and we will witness something far worse than any depression we can imagine. if he signs the usa on to the pact coming up in copenhagen–it is not about CO2 EMISSIONS, it is about signing us up for one world government and huge reparations to the third world countries to punish us for using energy. this man does not represent the usa to the rest of the world. he hates the usa.

    11. Rmond Hill Kansas Ci says:

      Dose Al Gore know the word was in a Little Ice Age from 1400 AD up to 1980 or so. If not its time to tell him

    12. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      The President is given "emergency" powers if the co2 level goes over a certain threshold in the Global Warming legislation. So this is the Reichstag Fire that I thought was in the works! Never mind that even Al Gort said that co2 was something like a 3rd of the problem just recently. Never mind that in areas of the world ice fields are growing. It is not about Global Warming but rather, CONTROL.

      Obama and his sycophants realize they only have so much time before the American Sheeple raise their heads from perpetual grazing and stop the madness, stop their Marxist agenda, stop their seizing control. Emergency Powers once set into place will lead to either submission by the Sheeple or Revolution against the Tyrannical STATE. We are at the precarious edge of falling into that Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole.

    13. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      What is the cost if you are all wrong and the earth does accelerate Global climate changes.

      The Ice packs melts

      Western US does not get sufficient snow pact to cover there water needs

      50% of the us that lives within 50 miles of the coast have to be relocated

      Hurricanes become more powerful

      Desertification takes hold of Americas bread basket

      You guys say things without backing any of it up with scientific data. There are indeed ice pacts growing in certain coastal locations around the world yet the overall % of ice has decreased dramatically over the past 100 years.

      2009 was the lowest record level of ice ever recorded in the Artic. Yeah this is better than last year but far below what we should expect or want our planet to be storing for us.

      Solid Information on Global Ice Pacts.

      All I ask is that you really take a look at the global impacts of climate change before you back anything.

      You can site as many resources for increased ice in certain areas but if you look at the whole picture the outlook is grim.

    14. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Correction 2009

      2009 global ice pact was 3rd lowest*

    15. Bobbie Jay says:

      Please Nicolai, are you a Godless man? If the "ice packs melt" I guess we drowned. You're science is backed by government. A special interest to fear the population into the arms of government & it's corruption.

      God will destroy this earth in time.

      Mankind can take care of it, as we are, but cannot control nature. The natural resources are for the survival of man. As long as natural resources exist upon the earth, they're usage is no part of claimed destruction to the earth. God gave man brains to figure things out. Including the reduction of pollution. And so man did. Every time I step into a warm shower, I thank God and for the brains behind it.

      Hurricanes have always been. So, please Nicolai, quit thinking of your bottom dollar. Wind is not upon this earth, but comes upon this earth. Same with sun. These ideas will never be efficient as those natural resources upon this earth.

      Your ideas can be ready for use, as the efficient natural resources are closer to their non-existence. In about 600 years or so…

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