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  • The Spending and Tax Increases of the House Health Bill in Pictures

    The key to this chart is the second graph showing the spending “cuts” in the H.R. 3962. Nobody in world believes those cuts will happen. Which is why the true cost of the House health Bill is $1.5 trillion.

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    16 Responses to The Spending and Tax Increases of the House Health Bill in Pictures

    1. Galeigh Ocala Florid says:

      Glad I will have left the planet by the time all these forecasts take place.

    2. Normca says:

      While still on this planet, you know before the after life, be sure to vote against the democrats in Florida, NY and Illinois and I will vote and work for Conservative candidates in the home of Boxer.

    3. Dennis Idaho says:

      I probably will be dead and gone also, but this is not what I want to leave to my children and grandchildren.

    4. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      Because the structure of the health care that is proposed only favors care for "productive citizens", I will be encouraged by the government to die. So will the disabled and the other elderly like me. My self-avowed Marxist economics professor taught me how the system would work. So, I will not be alive to see the horror that is coming.

      What is so saddening for me is that I fought for over 40 years to leave something better for future generations. I have been a politically active conservative since the 1960's. Future generations are now at risk to live like paupers with no relief. I guess that too many people didn't care about anyone but themselves.

    5. Tim Az says:

      Behold the cruelty of liberalism.

    6. josey Maryland says:

      This is the most horrible piece of crap bill that i have ever read or seen proposed. . This Prez. .agenda is to make this total control of all Americans. . .to take their freedom of choice away from all of us. .I am a senior and we have our own health insurance through our retirement. .and they are sayng our premiums will rise 40% forcing people into the Govt. plan of death panels. .rationing. .and inferior treatment. .and we will have a influx of foreign Drs. . from England because this Govt. will pay them more.. but of course congress is exempt. .I'v been faxing all week voicing my opinion. .and I am disappointed that this man is in office and this congress is full of corruption and cronies..and has continued to lie to the American people in townhall meetings.. and even in their replies to our letters of saying NO.. they are getting away with murder and what is going to be next. We have a president that travels overseas and continues to apologize for the American people like we are bad . . and never has said anything good about the great people of America and our Country. .To serve this country you first must love America and Her People. .this president does not. . it is his agenda. .of complete take over and we have a congress that jumps to his drum beating. God Bless America One other thing. . .Obama was in his glory because the AMA is backing up this healthcare take over which is not reform. .well only 17% of Drs. belong to the AMA.. isn't that telling you something. ..so he is misleading the public.. .as usual. .and AARP. . they are in the pockets of ACORN. .and get big kick backs from insurance companies that AARP endorses. .and our Drs. .we go to have been protesting. .signing petitions. . even paying for road signs condeming this take over. Let me tell you why the AMA is backing him. . They own the rights. .like a patent to the codes of all procedures done medically. . from office visits to surgerys .Insurance companies pay to have the use of these codes and it gives AMA plenty of money. .and with this so called communist take over of health care. .they will be rewarded with billions because they THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT also must pay AMA to use these codes in their procedures and billing.. it is all about MONEY. . not people..and not professional care. ..THEY CAN STICK THIS BILL WHERE THE SUN DOESN'T SHINE. .AND I PRAY THEY ALL GET VOTED OUT. .AND THAT TIME ISN'T SOON ENOUGH. . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH>

    7. Lisa, Indiana says:

      There is still hope for the future. We still have an elective process, and we can VOTE THEM OUT!I am working long and hard for a candidate who is seeking to unseat our Democrat Senator from this state. We need to do this in every state to save our great republic from this Communist regime, sometimes referred to as "the Administration."

    8. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      So, Ken Jarvis from Las Vegas – your thoughts? Remember the above is from the CBO and NOT the HF. Isn't it amazing how the huge increase in spending and taxation is programed AFTER Obama's bid for reelection.

    9. Gary, OH says:

      Everyone who has commented on this blog understands and cares. Why? Because they are taxpayers. Forty percent of this country's households pay no taxes. They have no "skin in the game". Politicians have bought their vote. This is how Chavez and other solialists gain and keep power. It won't change without some kind of revolution. Time to start waking up America.

    10. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I believe the AMA membership is below 15%, Drs. I know either never belonged or quit after the first fiasco. If all the doctors quit practiciing medicine, as threatened, who will be doling out care. Nurses will quit as well, thank God I am retired, if I wasn't I would be quiting over the abortion and rationing of care. The MD's on AMA do not practice medicine, they are business men and sit and make judgements and voice opinions. Obama has a desire to rule the universe, it's called Napolian complex, he never misses a chance to pose for the camera with his smug face and preform for the camera on TV. He said to judge him by his friends, well I did, they are Chicago thugs and power seekers, they think like he does, Marxism, Communism, Not the Liberty our forefathers set out, IMPEACH HIM!!

    11. Ray Z, Tampa says:

      The one question that I keep asking is:

      "How can these politicians, who are voting for these health bills, knowing that are destructive and that the only reason they are being pushed so hard is, to consolidate/hold onto power (and thus, big bucks in their pockets)




      I abbreviated my comments. However, there are many questions created by the anxiety displayed by The White House and the rest of the political hacks in power to get these abominations passed like there is no tomorrow.

      In closing, when I refer to these political hacks in Washington, the other burning question I keep asking:

      "With some of the things that they pull or say, how did they ever get out of high school, let alone college?

      THANK YOU !!!!!!

    12. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Somehow that figures doesn't it? I mean if the Government spends more, it has to tax more, as it produces nothing to sell and make a profit!

    13. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Just for fun I dashed off Articles for Obama's Impeachment, appropriate to release it here as House 111 wrecks American Health Care by essentially a Communist take over of Cold War proportions. Come on Ann Coulter, flesh it out.

      ARTICLE 1 : Acts of Treason, against the Constitution, False Swearing a Senate Oath, and Conspiracy to serve a Foreign Interest in Congress.

      ARTICLE 2 : Acts of Treason, against the Constitution, Fixing Elections, Buying Elections, Creating Organizations for the purpose of Election Fraud (ACORN), Fixing Elections by Intimidation, unlawful attacks on opponents of election, fixing the electoral process while infiltrating the United States Government in the Interest of Foreign Powers.

      ARTICLE 3 : Abuse Of Power, against the Constitution, the establishment of Foreign Interest mandated but unlawful and not republican and representative government styles: of Communism, Socialism, Humanism (Czars), in abrogation of lawful Constitutional mandated government. Creating abusive and Unconstitutional Laws, crafting criminality into Law.

      ARTICLE 4 : Conspiracy, against the Constitution and the People of the United States, unlawful infiltration, cause of unlawful Communism to arise, Nationalization of means, unlawful Socialism and totalitarian government, and fulfill the Plans Of A Foreign Interest.

      ARTICLE 5 : Conspiracy, Racketeering, Influence and corruption, unlawful payments, unlawful favors, vote buying; Conspiracy to change America by intimidation, coercion, usurping, re-writing Laws, Texts, Curriculum, against the Constitution in conspiracy and collusion with Foreign Interests, Long Standing Enmity against the Constitution. False Oath Taking.

      ARTICLE 6 : Treason, infiltrating and operating in public office, including President, against the Constitution, against the Interest of the People and in the Interest Of Foreign Powers of long standing enmity.

    14. Will Crites says:

      I am amazed at the great insult to our system that has been accomplished in only 10-months. Health Care is only part of it; Cap and Trade, then an Amnisty Bill are on the agenda. I fear that by the end of the President's term our Country may be far different than the one we knew.

    15. Don McNary says:

      When I was a kid, my father vehemently and sincerely advocated the impeachment of FDR.,

    16. Will Crites, Walnut says:

      am amazed at the great insult to our system that has been accomplished in only 10-months. Health Care is only part of it; Cap and Trade, then an Amnisty Bill are on the agenda. I fear that by the end of the President’s term our Country may be far different than the one we knew.

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