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  • Guest Blogger: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on 'We Still Hold These Truths'


    I’m looking forward to Heritage’s celebration on Thursday, November 5, of Matthew Spalding’s new book, “We Still Hold These Truths.”

    Our most underappreciated President, Cal Coolidge, wrote: “We live in an age of science and of abounding accumulation of material things. They did not create our Declaration [of Independence]. Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first.”

    Our material prosperity and our freedom both seem to be diminishing. Dr. Spalding’s book reminds us that the “things of the spirit” must be our priority. Americans sometimes take for granted the ageless principles that form the foundation of the freest, most prosperous, and generous society in human history. We cherish these great results, but they cannot continue if we forget the natural God-given rights and obligations which are their cause.

    In clear, nonacademic, and moving language, Dr. Spalding explains the importance of primary truths such as liberty, equality, and private property, as well as the assault of “progressivism” on these truths. This book helps us understand and defend these truths, not as abstractions but as the ongoing mission of a political system which the Founders designed to help fulfill the best potential in all human beings. Moral relativism now pervades Washington, mindlessly seeking “change” for the sake of “change.” But we disregard changeless truths at our peril. By refocusing our attention on the roots of individual freedom and prosperity, Dr. Spalding performs the invaluable public service of inspiring a rebirth of the American idea at a time of great need.

    But “We Still Hold These Truths” is not for America alone. Enduring principles are universal, belonging to every human being in every land. By carrying these ideas to peoples living under tyranny and poverty on every continent, this book can help fulfill the Founders’ vision of a world transformed and ennobled by human freedom.

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    6 Responses to Guest Blogger: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) on 'We Still Hold These Truths'

    1. secure the blessings says:

      "Secure the blessings of liberty" is a forgotten phrase of our premble to our Constution.Let this phrase begin with ourselves and create a movement that reaches the heart of every American.

    2. Daniel Crandall, Sea says:

      Dr. Spaulding's book may very well be "clear, nonacademic, and moving," but it is still an academic explaining "the importance of primary truths such as liberty, equality, and private property." Unfortunately, by itself it will not going to move America, or any other nation for that matter, as long as it remains a lecture.

      What will? One word: Story.

      Stories spark the moral imagination, not lectures. Here – http://stkarnick.com/blog2/2009/11/monsters_in_th… – I compare Dr. Spaulding's work to a work of popular fiction. The latter will reach far more people than Dr. Spaulding's book and will do far more to resist the utopian impulse than will work explaining why utopias are bad.

    3. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Ours is a Christian Nation, and the Christian Religion is at its root the Freedom of Religion. I think part of the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy was to impose a secular religion, Humanism as our official government religion (yes, the illegal establishment of a State religion).

      "Under God" is the phrase which united our Country, and our "Sovereignty" comes from God. So the Left Wing wants to undermine our Rights at their source, our belief in God. We don't care what words people use to define God, but now the Communists in our government are at war with the spirit in America. It is a serious concern when government cuts its own foundation. Doesn't that prove Obamagangers are serving Foreign Interests?

      Oh, it seems cute, taking God and Spirit out of the public square. But actually it is the Vast undermining of American liberties, where they have been defined (speaking of what "is" is). The ruination of every good American thing has been done on orders from the Kremlin by Left Wing conspirators who only serve the Foreign Interest.

    4. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Hey! She's right. Republicans have the honor bound duty to secure the blessings of Liberty. So hang a few Infiltraitors who have been serving the foreign interests.

    5. Jerry from Chicago says:

      There are any number of great people, with great minds, writing lots of great books, including Matthew Spalding's "We Still Hold These Truths", which explain the importantce of the principals upon which our Constitution was founded, life, liberty, the persuit of happiness and limited government. But then, as now, these terms mean different things to different people. But more importantly, fewer and fewer people are getting those messages.

      Compared to our total population, there are very few people who read books in this country. To reach the masses, those with something to say today use the medium of TV or the movies. Arthur Haley, the author of Roots, graphically depicted the history and cruelty of slavery in America. Although his book was excellent, his story really didn't reach that many people until it was made into a mini-series and put on TV. Then it became electrifying, reaching millions and that generated book sales in the millions.

      I was more moved about the Holocaust by watching Schindler's List than I ever was from a history book or from reading The Diary of Ann Frank.

      Dan Crandall in Seattle, WA. was correct in his above remarks. To quote Newton Minnow, "the media is the message". If Steven Spielberg, or another competent Hollywood producer/director were to take the ideas in Mr. Spaldings "We Still Hold These Truths" and craft them into a modern day drama with a competent cast, that story would not only be compelling, it would reach the masses in terms to which they could relate.

    6. Richard Selje- Janes says:

      Paul, You've got it right, on virtually all issues, and we folks back home know it. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated. We'll be making a lot of noise (victory 2010) next Nov. Keep us together until then.

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