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  • Boxer’s Procedural Gambit Pushed Bill Out of Committee

    According to the Politico, “Barbara Boxer plans to bypass Republicans on climate vote.” Committee Republicans have refused to a markup of the Kerry-Boxer (S.1733) global warming bill because EPA has not conducted a full analysis of the legislation. Committee rules prevent Boxer (D-CA), who chairs the committee, from moving forward with a markup if at least two minority Senators are present. Committee precedent also prevents her from reporting a bill out off committee.

    At 8:30 this morning, the EPW website announced the committee would indeed meet this morning, which indicated Boxer may be ready to ignore decades of committee precedent and report out the Kerry-Boxer bill. The procedural gambit gets complicated though, because committee rules prevent amendments from being considered without minority participation. According to E&E News PM (subs. req’d.), Senator Whitehouse (D-RI) acknowledged this difficulty:

    Let me put it this way, I don’t know a way to take up an amendment without two Republicans present. That’s been the problem.”

    That means that Democrats on the committee who expressed serious concerns over the 925-page chairman’s mark would not have an opportunity to debate and vote on their amendments. During last week’s hearings, Senator Baucus (D-MT) expressed his concerns, saying:

    I have some concerns about the overall direction of the bill before us today, and whether it will lead us closer to or further away from passing climate change legislation. For example, I have serious reservations with the depth of the mid-term reduction target in the bill and the lack of preemption of the Clean Air Act’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.”

    Baucus submitted 11 amendments to the chairman’s mark, including six of which dealt with the bill’s stringency or the role of the EPA. Despite such concerns, Senator Boxer did indeed move forward, reporting the bill out of committee. None of the Republicans were present, and Baucus was the only one to vote against the bill.

    Boxer’s actions appear to have violated decades of precedent and despite the “success” of reporting a bill out of committee, the path forward seems very uncertain.

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    25 Responses to Boxer’s Procedural Gambit Pushed Bill Out of Committee

    1. Louis Faulkner Daven says:

      I think it is wrong to push this bill out of committee without having the proper number of people present from each side as it has been done over the years.

      This is another example of the Democrats doing what they want to do regardless of procedures or laws of our Nation.

    2. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Barbara Boxer needs to be voted out. This climate bill has nothing to do with climate. It is just another tax on business in the United States and the people.What is she trying to pull here. My question is. How can she put this tax on the American people? The minority party should stand up to her and force their rights!This bill has to be stopped. No one can afford this!

    3. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Don't forget this is the same woman who berated a General for calling her mAam, a correct title, insisted she be called Senator, doesn't this show how power has gone to her head. Let's get ready to clean house 2010.

    4. Perry OK says:

      It is by far a sad tale of the abuse of power so rampant in these times. One day it may come to those who banter about with the lives of so many in the balance. It is not fear that they are spreading, but contempt. CHANGE is on the horizon, and we get to keep our guns and money too!

    5. Dan Shamrock, Knoxvi says:

      She is totally out of touch with the citizens of this country, which is not unusual in D.C. today. Why do you think She doesn't want to wait for the EPA to conduct a full analysis of the bill they would have charge over? Why do you think that might be? Because even the wild eyed know the sun is setting on the far left causes.

    6. Conservatives United says:

      Clean House, and not a second to soon. We need to have people that represent "We The People" and not there SELFISH INTERESTS. We need people tha know what it means to follow the Constitution and the laws of the land. The liberal socialist marxist left wing morons, seem to think that they can make up laws and rules as they go a long to fit their selfish needs, and be dammed the American people. They seem to think we are the dumb idiots, but we can change that, by voting everyone of these sleazy incubumbent scumb bags out of office. We have the power to do this if we will just execute that power at the ballot box.

    7. Tim Az says:

      All we can do is hope that the people of California will hold a Boxer rebellion and lance these boils like Pelosi and Boxer from America's backside.

    8. Jerry- Canal Winche says:

      I am sick and tired of these social legislators pushing far reaching tax increases through without complete and transparent cost analysis from both sides of the aisle. Health Care, Cap & Trade, Climate Change, and this bill do nothing but add gigantic tax burdens on the American people at a time where the jobless rate has just hit 10.2%, and the American taxpayer clearly does not want these bills to pass. They lie at every opportunity to hide the real details inclosed in these bills. That is why they are pushing things so fast because if we see what really is included in these bills there would hundreds of thousands of taxpayers on their doorsteps tomorrow. TERM LIMITS, Vote these people out of office in 2010!!!

    9. John - Mesa, Arizona says:

      Tim – EXCELLENT!

    10. Tricia, Arizona says:

      Barbara Boxer is approved by only 2% of California voters. Seems to me they'll be calling her home in 2010. She's not the only one.

    11. Marie Tulsa says:

      Tell me why any one would believe someone from Calif. They drove their STATE into HELL!

    12. Steve Hampton, Tn says:

      I don't understand how anyone Democrat or Republican could support this piece of garbage. It will cost hard working americans money and jobs. It's time for a voter revolution.

    13. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      It is pretty obvious Congress doesn't have a clue about what influences climate. Sen Carl Levin (D MI) has stated that it is a "setteled science." I sent him a letter refuting his statement that any third grader could understand. I doubt he read it and even if he did he will discount it. After all, you can't tax the sun.

    14. jlw indiana says:

      Everyone whines now regarding voting these people out. Why are you complaining now? Where were you in all the past elections? Couldn't you see this coming? The liberal, socialist politicians haven't changed. They've just become more emboldened. Remember all elections are local and these people are voted back in election after election. There are a few good democrats, but I haven't voted for any democrat since they lost in 1994 and began to show how mean and ruthless they are as a party. They don't try to defeat their "enemies". They destroy them. They are the Democrat Party. There is nothing democratic about them. If they continue in power the day will come when they call themselves, with pride, the Socialist Democratic Party!!

    15. Maureen-San Diego, C says:

      California, start looking at Chuck DeVore. He is running against Boxer in 2010. Check out his website: http://www.chuckdevore.com

      He is just what we need for California!

    16. Susan, Detroit says:

      jlw indiana is right. stop voting these dems in to office. their goal is to destroy any one who disagrees with them. they are evil. How many souls have they destroyed? I wonder how God will treat them when they leave this earth and have their final judgement. Oh ya they do not believe that their is a God. What a big surprise they are in for.

    17. Randy , CA says:

      Unfortunately most voters in California are very self centered and believe the liberal agenda of all services and entitlements being a right. They don't understand that someone has to pay for the entitlements. They have been brainwashed by the left and will never vote in a politician with a conservative agenda.

    18. Paul Agostino Wilmi says:

      What a shame that most people in this wonderful land appear tobe blind to what obamam and his gang of social mis fits are doing to this land . If they want us to kiss their rings, then let them kiss my back side. The democrats in congress are power hungry disgraces who should be thrown out of office next election and without their same pay pensions. I never thought we would be screwed into the ground by our representitives, Thank God and the founding fathers for the second amendment

    19. Roger S., Ma. says:

      "Ben C": I like your remark "After all, you can't tax the sun."

      I think that about covers it:

      Entitlements for the "peons" (soon "global peons"), so they'll vote for you.

      "Pork" for the "big shots" (some self-styled "global big shots"), so they'll fund your campaigns.

      To do both, you need to be creative. No problem. The sun will be a "taxable entity" quite soon. They'll tax it via the solar panels for which they're now taxing the air we exhale. On the day they start taxing the air we inhale –via a reforestation tax– we'll know we've arrived! Mark my words, that day will come! Oh, oh, did I give them ideas?

      Peelyasee and Boxcar gotta go, and a few others, or we'll be "peeled and boxed". (That's worse than "tarred and feathered"!)

    20. Patriot Cat, Texas says:

      The object of the game that is being played out has nothing whatsoever to do with "We the People," and everything with power. Cap and Trade and Health Care, Card Check (which gives control of all workers to the Fed, and the 2 stimulus bills (not to mention the next one)are meant to ruin our currency, make us dependent on Euto/Asia for currency and would allow Obama to capture for the forseeable future the White House as a surrogate dictator and perhaps allow him to sit on a Global Government table that would control workers globally. To think that Obama cares about anyone except himself is a ludicrous concept.

    21. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      Time to remove this administration!

      We simply make the assertions we do not accept his presidency as legally valid. Let anyone prove us wrong!

      Using the same logic and authority as our founders. In fact under the current circumstances we have an obligation to do so:

      Declaration of Independence

      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

      Well I don't know about you but I am really not happy. Are you?

      Declaration of Independence (continued)

      That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

      Well maybe I am out in left field but no one consulted me on the radical changes taking place. How about you?

      Declaration of Independence (continued)

      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government. laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      Obama's actions seem destructive to me? Am I alone in this view? Anyone disagree on this?

      Our instructions seem to be very clear; including the lawful authority to act! Am I wrong about this?

    22. Gus Berg says:

      Well Randy I agree there are a bunch of brain washed drones in CA who get out to support the libs. I am born and bred here in good ol CA and we keep getting fooled just like ol RRNOLD who is a HUGE turn coat disapointment to most conservatives I know. We are kind of stuck being next to Mexico. we have all the Unions and the Hollywood cereal type people, and all the STATE EMPLOYEE, and TEACHER UNIONS that have gORWN like a fUNGUS and have used their "community organizing" to THUG their LIB candidates into the ASSEMBLY and the other positions of power. I am really frustrated. I can't believe I live in such a screwed up STATE! It used to be good for most of my life but the UNIONS HAVE DESTROYED ALL OF THAT! So I guess the future is up to those who are willing to stand up up for INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS and STOP TRAMPLING ON MY LEGAL RIGHTS TO DEFEND THE ILLEGAL RIGHTS OF CRIMINALS AND ILLEGALS and UNION THUGS! TEACHERS in CA better wake up. They make over $100,000 year and married they are knocking down 200 year and don't forget this is for only 9 months work–the 100 is an annualized number to make it understandable and comparable. These people have lost all reponsibility for teaching our children. They believe they are ENTITLED TO LUCIOUS RETIREMENTS, MEDICAL, at the ages of 55 and 60 JUST FOR SHOWING UP EVERY DAY! THEY ARE SUCKING THE GOLDEN GOOSE DRY–I HOPE THEY ALL LOOSE THEIR JOBS! CA TEACHERS have turned into the most unconscienable group of people in CA. They NEVER NEVER NEVER have ENOUGH money to do the job. Ironically parocial SCHOOLS turn out students who are 100's of times better and more go to university with about one fifth thats 1/5 the amount of money spent per pupil as the public schools spend. the CA Teachers are a DISGRACE. They keep MULTIPLYING like ANTS, and paying their FEE TO THEIR UNION THUGS TO DEMAND EVER INCREASING ONEROUS BENEFITS, WAGES, RETIREMENTS, THEY ARE BREAKING THE SYSTEM, AND THEY DON'GET IT THEY ARE SO SELFISH AND SELF CENTERED! THEY USE "THE KIDS" like shiels to couch every one oftheir phony ARGUMENTS why they need more of this or more of that. They are all on a GRAVY TRAIN AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL ALL STOP ONE OF THESE DAYS.

    23. Laurie, Hudson Wi says:

      Who are the republicans on this committee? They should be commended for not participating.

    24. JAB says:

      Tim I love You. That is better than my nickname for Nancy "H.pylori" Pelosi. Look it up.

    25. JAB, Spring Lake, MI says:

      Tim i love you. That is better than my nickname for Nancy "H.pylori" (look it up)Pelosi.

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