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  • 10,000 Rally Against Obamacare


    U.S. CAPITOL WEST STEPS – Last Thursday a call went out from talk radio to conservatives to gather today, at noon, for a press conference on Obamacare.

    Over 10,000 people have shown up so far to raise their concerns about the health care discussions currently under way. We are halfway in the middle of the crowd and can barely see podium with all the signs, people, and flags. These protesters are fired up.

    Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) opened the event. Followed by an opening prayer, the pledge of allegiance and the anthem. Actors Jon Voight and John Ratzenberger (Cliff from Cheers) have also spoke. Best selling author Mark Levin detailed the problems with the current health care bill, telling the crowd, “Freedom is only one generation from extinction.”

    Again, that’s 10,000 people in just seven days.

    Read about The Pelosi Blueprint for Government Run Health Care, here.

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    59 Responses to 10,000 Rally Against Obamacare

    1. RebeccaH says:

      Of course they're all bitter, bible-thumping, gun-clinging raaaaacists, and well dressed/poorly dressed astroturfing agitators. And raaaaacist.


    2. JIMV says:

      I just came from a local rally in Meridian Idaho at the office of Blue Dog Walt Minnick. His staff got the Congressman on the phone to talk to the 40 of us. In that call he said very clearly that he would not vote for either the Pelosi bill or any public plan as currently written or any bill that did not pay for itself.

    3. rtw,dc says:

      10,000 is about right. My guess was 8,000 to 15,000.

    4. David Becker, Michig says:

      The Democrats are going to ram this down our throats, and would do so if 10,000,000 people showed up on the Mall. They simply want to control our lives. The next question is, how to mount a widespread, massive Ghandi like civil disobedience campaign to bring the hated program to its knees. Is it possible? How?

    5. carol, new orleans l says:

      We must stay united..prayers and action and

      determination will prevail because we are on the side of right and freedom…I was in East Germany

      on reunification day in 1990..I saw with my own eyes the end result of socialism,marxism,communism.

      Our country's children are not even taught about some of the most recent events in history that

      marked the end of oppression..This present administration and its minions are attempting to destroy our constitutional freedoms with organizing the ignorant and selfish and the weakminded followers who would settle for anything

      handed to them as long as it is paid for by the labor and resources of another..Total equality

      under communism, men and women dressed in uniforms

      pulling logs with chains through streets in North

      Korea..bowing to the fear and tyranny of the likes of Castro and Chavez…take away the incentive of freedom loving people and no one

      prospers and civlizations fall into ruin and deline.

      What a paradox as the leader of Germany addressed

      a joint session of congress with such grace and humility as she spoke of growing up in a communist

      East Germany and hailed freedom and its worth.

      Behind her stood, a woman of privilege and power,

      Nancy Pelosi, who is blind and deaf to the voices of those gathered in Washington today..she is the

      most blatant example of power, greed, and hypocisy,she would never have passed the same

      test of character as the brave leader, Mrs. Merkel

      who represents the German people who are now

      one country once again since November 9,1989, when

      hundreds of thousands took to the streets, holding

      candles, singing and peacefully marching for freedom. I have seen the people and the soot-filled streets and slum dwellings of East Germany

      of nineteen years ago, the memory is like yesterday and the stark reminder of what despair

      and hopelessness bring once freedoms are lost.

      Freedom is always worth taking a stand on the right side of history…This is no time to grow weary, but if we don't stand up now, soon there will be no freedom to stand united and voice our

      concerns and intents to vote out of office all of those who have become mired in this marxist ideology that would lead us to the darkest possible future..Americans are being robbed

      under the guise of intended "health", "energy",

      "financial restructuring" and any other doublespeak that can possibly be used to disguise

      what it really means. This is anti-American and

      a mandate to buy insurance under penalty of the

      law is a only a forced tax. This has gone too far

      and is insulting to the intelligence of the American citizens who are the backbone of this nation.

    6. Army of Davids, Cali says:

      Pelosi and the leftists ALL IN on this.

      Right now she is short votes. This is the time huge amounts of money start showing up in off shore accounts William Jefferson style. I'm dead serious on this.

      This is a power grab.

    7. Ann Geniusz Grass says:

      It makes me livid to think that the people who work for us are paying no attention at all to what we want. They continue to try to shove this down our throats. They,on the other hand are not obligated to have the same health care that they insist we have. Only the best for their families, while our families get to wait in long lines, have our coverage rationed, and let some bureaucrat in washington decide who gets treated and who gets to take a pill and wait for death! Boy, what a difference from the country I was raised in. I must be having a nightmare! Please God, let me wake up and find that it was all just a bad dream! Ann Geniusz

    8. paulasue odegaard m says:

      i pray daily this willl not pass! we all need to stand up to this socialistic agenda that is being pushed by obama and pelosi!!! god help us!!

    9. Marilyn, Charleston says:

      Mark Levin is RIGHT! “Freedom is only one generation from extinction.”

    10. Boston Patriot says:

      If the far left Liberals, who think that they have no Employer(US)ever under handidly sneak through the votes this Saturday for Health Care approval and the same with the Cap & Trade, (what a joke),these 10,000 American's seen today, will swell to Millions over night who will return to Washington DC with great ANGER!! Then these under handed Liberals better be permanently out of town as they will NEVER BE INVITED BACK!!!!!!!!!

      The Virginia and New Jersey election results will become common place in all 50 states.Pray for the United States of America, one Nation, under God,with Liberty and Justice for all!! We the People will Never Give up!!

    11. Jeff, NH says:

      The author fails to mention Rep Michelle Bachmann, who initiated and organized this whole shebang. Credit where credit.

    12. http://bunkerville.w says:

      Enough of this madness. Have they not heard us yet?

    13. thinkingabovemypaygr says:

      If they force this bill through, watch for rationing (eventually…).

      And if you are too loud a political opponent, will the later ration boards treat you as fairly as their political friends?

      I am sure the bill has no such unfair provision…but these people seem to have only one rule—their rule, and whatever serves it.

    14. Rob says:

      You ask how we could mount a Ghandi-Like Civil Disobedience Campaign if Democrats ram this down our throats? Here's how… Withold Our Taxes! Everyone!!!

      Next, We VOTE! Remove every one of these Crypto-Marxists from Office!

    15. Rob says:

      You ask how we could mount a Ghandi-Like Civil Disobedience Campaign if Democrats ram this down our throats? Here’s how… Withold Our Taxes! Everyone!!!

      Next, We VOTE! Remove every one of these Crypto-Marxists from Office!

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    21. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      We will soon see what kind of moral courage the Blue Dogs and other moderate democrats have. There comes a point when they have to do what is best for the majority of the American people and not Pelosi and crowd.

      Stay positive. Stay focused. Keep blogging. Keep contacting politicians.

      We cannot just shut up or give up.

    22. Roger S., Ma. says:

      They need the money, desperately!

      (No "pork" if you don't first feed the pigs.)

      (Without "pork", no "dinner". )

      (No "dinner", no "guests". )

      (No "guests", your "party" bombs. )

      (Your "party" bombs, you're "history". )

      (Once "history", you're forgotten. )

      They need YOUR money, THAT desperately!

      (What's really in the bill doesn't matter a bit. )

      (What's in the bill is NOT what it's really about.)

      Or, their "party" won't fly!

      And, that's all it was ever about,

      having THEIR party with YOUR booze!

      To be remembered in 2010: that's NEXT YEAR !

      (And every year thereafter.)

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    24. Boonian, North Carol says:

      Thank you Carol of New Orleans. You testimony should be heard by all. Proclaim it every chance you get. I have seen both Germanys, East and West and STILL the difference is like night and day.

      David, yes, civil disobedience if they actually put this into law. It is in the best liberal tradition after all, isn't it? So how could they complain?

    25. Verna, Wisconsin says:

      I have emailed and written all 3 of my members of Congress. It does no good unless you agree with their opinion, which I don't.

      Thank you all who were able to attend the rally. Both the healthcare and cap and trade bills are the final nails in our great country's coffin if passed.

      God bless the people who love our country and fear for it's future if the present govenment prevails. There is much to be fixed but not with these abominations.

    26. PAM BAUMGARDNER, ORE says:


    27. G-Man, Chesapeake, V says:

      Like the 9/12 march on DC it was good to be a part of history instead of sitting behind the TV set and watching other people make history! What a great country!


      Chesapeake, VA

    28. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      While they were in DC, the rest of us were calling, faxing and e-mailing. Anyone who knows what this health care bill is, doesn't want it. This is a take over of our life. This is more big government, that we have to pay for. I talked to my family last night, we all agree this may put us over the edge finacially. We cannot afford more debt. Washington has lost their minds!

    29. Grace, Florida says:

      Amazing and no one paid them to show up – in fact they spent their own money. God bless them.

    30. Grace, Florida says:

      Does the number really matter? The point is people are still very upset over this bill and huge power grab by the Liberals and they are absolutely ignoring us. I can't wait to receive the information on who voted yea for this bill – then We The People will mount up again and put an all out effort to get them out of office in the next year. They will be gone and we will turn this thing around.

    31. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      Why so much ado over health care? We have no health care crisis!! The problem is the cost of, not the availability of, health care!! We have a failing economy, with unemployment near 10%, despite all this hot air from Obama about how great that phony $787 billion stimulus is. I hope there will be many more rallies in Washington and elsewhere against this proposed health care raw deal. IMO, this should be our #1 priority – to fight back and defeat any national health care bills. Hopefully the GOP will get its act together (getting back to conservative principles) and we can win back the White House and Congress by 2012. In that case, we can easily cut taxes, roll back much of the trillions of BHO’s profligate spending, sell GM and banks back to the private sector, and reverse a lot of the damage caused by BHO. But if ‘National Hell Care’ passes – once in effect it will be very hard to reverse. Just look at England. Tea parties are great – i.e., using tea bag boxes and “Taxed Enough Already” signs as symbols. What we really need now are anti-NHC rallies, such as we saw in the 1990s against ‘Hillary-Care’. As I remember a scene from Rush Limbaugh’s TV show, I can think of great symbols to use in rallies against NHC – bathroom tissue rolls attached to signs saying something like: “Here’s Pelosi’s/Reid’s 1000+ page bills”!!

    32. Beverly, Ohio says:

      Oh my, I feel sorry for Rebecca, she just doesn't get it. This has nothing to do with race, when are you going to wake up to the fact that Congress is putting us back into slavery. Is that what you want? You are the true raaaacist! Just look at all the labels your wrote. I don't care what color you are, or what background you came from, letting the government take over our health care is unconstitutional and wrong. They need to fix Medicare first, which is going broke by the way. They can't balance the budget, they give away our hard earned money and give themselves pay raises, please. When was the last time you went to your boss and told him that you were giving yourself a $5,400 annual pay raise, and still have your job? I truly live in a country I don't understand. We need to stop the madness now. All our problems start with the government, and I just don't understand how we can continue to let these people get voted in. There should be a Constitutional amendment to limit terms to Congress. The arrogance that is in Washington these days is embarrassing and Congress seems to forget that they are employed by the American people. We elected them (sorry to say)and they work for us. Big question, Will Congress also be under this new health care bill? Of course not, they have a wonderful plan paid for by the American people. Only costs them a small amount every month, (which we really pay for)think about it, we pay their salaries with our hard earned taxes.

      I commend the people to attended the rally, they are standing up for our Rights as FREE AMERICANS. I was with them in spirit.

      God Bless America, land of the free…..

    33. Mary, Ohio says:

      I question the 10,000 figure. I was at our rally in Columbus, Ohio a few months ago and that had 10,000 at it. I know what 10,000 looks like. This rally in D.C. on Thursday HAD to have been at least 50,000—I know, I was there!

    34. Margaret, Virginia says:

      If you remember, the leaders in Iran totally ignored the thousands of protesters in the streets after their fraudulent election not long ago. I'm sure that Obama, Pelosi and this administration figure they can also ignore us (the 10,000 yesterday, the tea parties, whatever we do)– just ignoring us as the leaders did in Iran. You know, if they got away with it, so can we. I think the time has come for another "Boston Tea Party" – i.e., those Bostonians didn't just protest, they actually got rid of the tea! They got rid of the problem! It looks like showing up and protesting isn't working — isn't stopping them. Somehow we've got to show them that they can't MAKE us "knuckle under" whatever they want to do. Is what they're doing Constitutional? Could they be impeached? We've got to come up with some kind of plan or we're goners!

    35. Tony, Boston, MA says:

      Anyone who has not read the bill (H.R. 3692) or found someone to translate the legislative legalize best do so pronto!

      Obama and his boys from Chicago want to run the health care industry. While the rhetoric may be about providing health care, the truth of the matter is the effort being made by this administration with the assistance of a shortsighted Congress is to socialize another sector of the United States' economy.

      Those sitting in seats in both Houses will soon see that there will be backlash for ignoring the will of "We the People." The first evidence of the backlash is the results of the recent elections for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey.

      This concerned citizen was so surprised at the "Marxist" like content of the first bill out of Congress, H.R. 3200, he started a blog to address the absence of critical thinking applied in its creation. H.R. 3692 is also loaded with empty and ambiguous language.

      The language that is clear indicates a government take-over of the health care industry. Additional clear language showcases a ton of "pork" which is how Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Rangell, from Michigan, have BOUGHT the silence of Congress.

      This concerned citizen subscribes to twenty-five news feeds in order to garner an insight into the activities on both sides of this highly important issue.

      Congratulations to my fellow Americans who made it to Washington yesterday to make their voice heard. They can pretend to ignore "We the People" for just so long.

      While this patriot could not be in the nations capitol yesterday, be assured that research and blog posts will continue daily. Check it out:

    36. Dennis Idaho says:

      This was a peaceful gathering of "The People" and we can be thankful that our objection has remained peaceful. BUT, remember that when our founding Fathers had exhausted every effort to peacefully address the King, they were willing to take up arms and fight for their belief in freedom. There are many of us who are willing to stand "IN ARMS" to protect our Heritage.

      "Give me Liberty or give me death"

    37. Stephen Ohio says:

      Congresswoman bachmann,Mark Levin,and John Voight are true patriots.

    38. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      We need to continue to fight this bill and all of the others that will be thrown at us. We cannot be disobedient and cause problems for law enforcement. We are held to a higher standard than the Left because we are not lawbreakers. We just want to have our country and our lives back.

      Keep fighting. Those who believe in something higher than man, pray. Look up in the sky and remember who is really in charge of the world. There is our hope. Our hope is not in government nor in man.

    39. David, NY state says:

      Congresswoman Bachman speaks for me and my country

    40. just another RWE, GA says:

      I heard on the Bill Bennett show this morning that there were 45,000 strong on the steps of the Capitol, and then the moonbat queen locked out access to OUR public buildings. Despicable, these meer mortals who think that they somehow reign over us. Molon Labe.

    41. David, 23rd Congress says:

      Many so-called "Moderate" Republicans are simply wishy-washy, confused cowards accepting "Far-Left Liberal Democrat principles" as being reasonable. A fragmented weak GOP endangers America.

    42. Carol, AZ says:

      Thank You Hert. Foundation for reporting this!

      I was unaware of this protest, not reported by the Mainstream media.

      Also, Thank You to "all who showed -up" in protest for this insanity .

      You represent me and millions of other Americans who could not be there .

      You are calling for action in a grass roots forum, against this crazy idea, of a Gov't control health care program with no regards for "all the fraud" that is currently riddled within the current system in all aspect of entitlement pay-outs.

      Americans do get it.

      Loss of free chioce on all levels.Total control over our pocket books if this program is passed.

    43. tim lee pittsburgh p says:

      the "house call" rally on thursday was teriffic !!!

      while i was walking around the capitol building i felt a sense of not being welcomed by the people that work for us in washington d.c.

      i know that i now have to vote against the nancy pelosi lap dogs in all up coming elections.

      i also know that on my next visit to washington d.c. that i will feel more like i am welcomed and the people who represent me are delighted to see me on the capitol lawn.

    44. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Until our "Watchdog Media" falls out of love – any numbers of opposition will be downplayed.

      The Politicians KNOW and that is all that matters.

      They KNOW this is representative of millions of people.

      They ignore reality at their political peril.

    45. Susan, Detroit says:

      Good Job Rep.Michelle Bachmann!! We have to fight the leftest who are stealing our future. My parent taught me how to live I do not need or want government controlling my or my children life.

    46. Barb, Indiana says:

      I was so pleased to see and hear this peaceful gathering at OUR capital. We are not being heard (or seen) on the fact that we do not want this health care bill or our tax dollars bailing out companies that should silently disappear into the night. We are one step, one vote and one bill from Socialism. This is America, a country that our founding fathers fought for and died for, while writing the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Articles of the Federation. This administration walks daily on the principles on which this great country was founded.

      It is our job, through election of our State Senators and Representatives to get our Country back from the Socialists trying to take it from us. Congratulations to those of who met on the steps yesterday and questioned the Representatives they met in their offices on the health care bill and the other bills they are contemplating for OUR future. Wish I could have been there.

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    48. Gwinf Ohio says:

      They better listen! Next time I'm bringing my tent and sleeping bag!

    49. Bill S., Kihei, Maui says:

      Remember, folks, they believe they are right. On many an occasion in our recent history, thousands of libs have showed up to protest against Reagan, Nixon and the Bush's. And when they did, we said that we were the silent majority. Now they believe the last election has given them the majority.

      Those in Congress, both right and left and with few exceptions, are mostly harden individuals who want to impose their righteousness on everyone else. Congress will not respond to protestors – only to voting them all out.

    50. philip says:


    51. bobby says:

      Medicare is government health care. The Veterans administration provides government health care to men and women who served in the usa armed forces.

      State Medicaid programs are all government health care. In fact if you ever need to go live in a nursing home the only medical coverage you can get is through the government. we have had government health care for 40 years and it seems to me that government health care in America has inspired the incredible health care advances in American. thats my take on things.

    52. Nancy,MN says:

      I was on Bus 1 from MN (sitting behind Al). We left Eden Prairie MN 10:30 am Wed, and returned 6:00 pm tonight(Friday). Was dreading the bus ride w/"strangers", and now am grateful for the bond I share w/40 special patriots. So many shared personal stories! The press conference was energizing. Visited Collin Peterson's office and was told he plans to vote "NO". We need to stay vigilant and spread the word to keep the pressure on–(CALL YOUR REPS AND SENATORS). Socialized healthcare, Cap and Trade, freedom of the press–this will be a marathon, but thank God for the initial, exhilarating 50 yard dash we were blessed to experience over the past 60 hours! Thank you Representative Bachmann and Deanna!

    53. Gene, Kansas City says:

      I suppose it really doesn't matter, but the crowd was close to 100,000. I was there and I judge it by comparing it to a 100,000 capacity football stadium.

      I spoke personally to my Democrat United States Representive after the rally and he was defiant, saying he couldn't disagree with me more on all the important issues. He was right down the line supporting the "health care", Cap and Trade, government takeover of companies and all the other things that are Soviet and Marxist inspired. No regard for all of the freedoms that millions of Americans have died for on the battlefield.

    54. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Expect 50,000 this Friday and Saturday! Congress is even fighting among themselves now. The Black Caucus believes that abortion works just fine as a birth control, and the "Hispanic" Caucus says "No it don't"

      Coupled with the threats of losing their jobs, there is now a very good chance of Obama losing this one!

      Makes me proud!

    55. Duane, San Diego says:

      You all make me so proud to be an American! Its very heart warming to read these posts! My eyes well up with tears because I finally know from what I am reading here and from the passion I have seen in the eyes and faces of growing numbers of tea partyers all across our nation, that contrary to what the liberal media reports, patriotism in America is alive and well! and we are healthy! and we are indeed strong and speaking up! and we are defending what we cherish so much!…. Take heart my fellow Americans…The power hungry liberals/socialists in Washington have indeed awakened a sleeping giant!

    56. Kathy, Jacksonville says:

      When I arrived at the Capitol Thursday morning, the first thing I saw was 3 armed guards carrying assault rifles who were patrolling the steps of the capitol, guarding it against those who came to protest the bill. The entire lawn, all across from the Capitol Steps as far back as the Reflection pool, was packed with people who came at their own expense to protest the bill. Somewhere around 3:00 Thursday, after all the speeches, crowds of people walked over to the 3 office buildings & waited in lines for more than an hour to get in to the offices of their representatives to ask them not to vote for the bill. I saw no angry mobs and no disrespectful people, just people who were genuinely concerned that if passed, this bill will cost Americans loss of Freedom like they have never known before and they came to speak to their representatives, asking them not to vote for the bill.

      At MIDNIGHT Saturday, Democrats and 1 Republican voted to pass the bill in the House 220 – 215. We must remain focused and Never give up this fight. Remember the names of every person who who voted in favor of this bill and VOTE them out of office in 2010! They don't deserve to represent us!

    57. philip says:


    58. PensiveGadfly, Houst says:

      This is about freedom!!! Really? How. I'm serious, how? How does changing how health insurance is collected and paid affect freedom? How does any of this have anything at all to do with the Constitution? Again, I'm serious, can anyone on the right over a coherent explanation?

    59. deborah, north dakot says:

      i can not believe how fast this country is becoming socialist! did not the "independent voters" listen to what obama was saying during the campagin? he told us exactly what he believed and what he wanted to do, just ask joe the plumber. people please open your eyes and ears. they are trying to take our freedoms away. it is time to FIGHT, FIGHT, FOR THIS GREAT GOD GIVEN COUNTRY!!! too many boys have died for our freedom!! i am so angry and am doing all i can to take our country back,PLEASE JOIN ME. deborah, in north dakota

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