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  • Morning Bell: The State of Conservatism is Strong

    Last night, elections were held in several states across the nation, and by most independent observations, the results served as a warning to liberals. Whether it was Republican victories in Virginia, New Jersey or even in typical liberal bastions like Westchester County, New York, the post-analysis was framed on what does this mean on Capitol Hill, and more importantly, what does this mean for the conservative movement. However, last night did not represent a new day for conservatives. On Monday, the same could have been said: the state of conservatism is strong.

    The state of conservatism can be measured through its popularity, its policies and its people. Most observers would say Election Day 2008 was not a good day for conservatives. However, putting election results aside, President Obama campaigned as a centrist. Obama promised to address jobs, the economy, our national security and even hold teachers accountable for our children’s education. Obama promised that most of America would receive a tax cut. He promised to win a “necessary” war in Afghanistan. These are conservative principles.

    While many Americans knew he would skew left on health care, the environment and diplomacy, they also took him at his word on his conservative window dressing. Matching reality to rhetoric, President Obama has made Jimmy Carter look conservative, promoting job killing policy after job killing policy. He has taken over nine months and counting to make a basic strategic decision on troop levels in Afghanistan, endangering our troops and our mission. This reality versus rhetoric is reminding the nation that conservatism is not merely a talking point but a first principle.

    The Pew Research Center released a poll in May 2009 that was conducted in March and April when President Obama was still hugely popular.  The poll showed that the overwhelming trend is toward conservatism, and not merely among Republicans. The number of Independents calling themselves conservative was increasing to 33%, up from 26% in 2005.  The number of Democrats calling themselves conservative was up to 8%. In this poll 37% described themselves as politically conservative; almost double the number identifying as liberal (19%).  The values of these respondents demonstrated an increasing trend away from big government as the solution and towards local and community based approaches.

    These results were in line with a Gallup poll in June that showed Conservatives were the single largest ideological group (40%) and more recently on October 26, when Gallup showed that Conservatives maintain a two to one advantage over liberals (40%-20%).  Conservatism wasn’t grounded in any one party or candidate.  It was election neutral.  In fact it was the only tri-partisan issue or philosophy overwhelming numbers of Americans seemed to agree on.  The state of conservative popularity is strong.

    This overwhelming conservative philosophy in America is the reason why failed liberal policies of the past are failing once again in 2009.  President Obama promised jobs, but quickly learned that he can’t create 7 million jobs in government alone, although he tried.  As of now, President Obama is 7.6 million jobs short of his promise to the American people, and that number is unfortunately growing.  Obama’s response has been to support and liberal Cap and Trade bill that would kill millions of jobs.  Obama signed a stimulus that not only hasn’t created jobs, but actually slowed down economic activity.  Obama supports a health care plan that imposes mandates on employers to help fund it.  Employer mandates would put 5.2 million low wage workers at risk of unemployment, and put another 10.2 million at risk of lower wages or reduced benefits.

    Conservatives have been offering alternatives throughout.  Conservatives support a health care plan that eliminates imaginary barriers from true competition by allowing insurance to compete across state lines, by allowing consumers to take their insurance from job to job, by giving them the same tax breaks the federal government gives big corporations.  Conservatives understand that states are the best incubators for this reform.  Conservatives have argued for reforming Medicare and other entitlements rather than growing their membership while cutting their benefits. Conservatives have proposed real energy solutions for America that include zero-emissions nuclear energy. Conservatives have proposed job creation through small business incentives and tax cuts.  Conservatives have argued for a strong missile defense, rather than a raw deal for our eastern European allies, and a strong national security strategy that supports our troops and America’s leadership around the world.  The state of conservative policies is strong.

    And Conservatives have been seen and heard in 2009.  They went to tea parties in April, town hall meetings in August, and to the U.S. Capitol in September.  Pictures of multi-generational families spending the day together protesting big government expansion, increasing debt and deficits, and an apologetic footing by our President on the world stage.  Conservatives have been re-energized to participate in the public policy process demanding transparency, dividing up 2,000 page bills among their friends and reading them, and pointing out where government has gone too far.  The White House spent September 12 denying hundreds of thousands of conservatives were in their backyard.  And last night, the White House promised again that they were paying no attention to the voices of the people.  But conservatives are not universally being ignored, especially on Capitol Hill where conservative Republicans, Democrats and Independents are demanding bills be modified to represent the will of the people.  The state of conservative people is strong.

    Conservatives have a destiny.  Conservatives can strengthen our economic and national security.  Conservatives can offer real solutions to the nation’s challenges, without robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Conservatives can continue to learn about the issues that affect their families, their communities, their businesses, and with this knowledge, they can affect real change.  The Heritage Foundation has never been stronger, with over a half million members and growing.  We thank you, and we invite those still waiting, to sign up to become a member now.  Your conservative destiny starts here.

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    49 Responses to Morning Bell: The State of Conservatism is Strong

    1. Andrew, New York says:

      "Conservatism…In fact it was the only tri-partisan."

      Thank you for all your work at Heritage, everyone. Well stated and clear article of the "Conservative" stance. The real hope for change is that we as conservative "little guys," continue to support those on the front lines. May we continue to rally for the sake of our children that follow in our wake.

    2. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      We have spoken, Connolly look out, if you don't listen to us you WILL BE OUT, so far you've put your head in the sand. New Jersey has spoken too,I believe that the tide is turning, let us keep it that way.

    3. Daniel G. Somers, Ha says:


    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      But they LOST in NY.

      Doesn't THAT count?

      Probable NOT to the HF.

    5. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      As a champion for conservative thought, I propose that the conservative movement, especially here in Virginia, is trending with a noticeable libertarian bent.

      This direction precludes a republican re-birthing and portends badly for democrats. Many Virginia voters are suspicious of liberal programs and liberal politicians and are exceedingly uncomfortable with many conservative's moral posturing in the political arena as demonstrated in republican circles.

      How much more do liberals want us to give? (More, more, more.)

      Who gives conservatives the authority to dictate morality? (Self assumed.)

      Governor-Elect McDonnell understands the libertarian in his state's voters and positioned himself perfectly, appealing to those of us who expect the government to be thrifty and prudent with money, and to provide the expected safety net for citizens along with the services government is suppose to

      provide for all citizens. It's called inclusion.


      Last nights victories were not only a breath of fresh air,it might be a sign of the hurricane thats coming. However, lets all be on guard for there are those who will say and do anything to keep getting re-elected. It will be interesting to see who,all of a sudden,becomes more conservative especially the RINO's. People are starting to wake up to the fact that liberal ideas and programs are going to cost them dearly,not just in dollars but also in the freedoms that make this country the greatest on earth. Of course, there will be the fruitcakes that will continue to bow down before the altar of King Barry the Wonderful but for most folks with half a brain, they are realizing he's not all that wonderful,in fact,he is a clueless failure.

    7. Jim Sullivan, Palm D says:

      We saw it coming at the tea parties and town hall meetings throughout the country.

      What happened in Virginia and New Jersey is certainly another indication of how the American voter's feel about our democratic leadership in the White House, Senate and Congress.

      The American voters will vote for conservative leadership.

    8. Dennis says:

      Outstanding. Once again The Heritage Foundation has simply stated the complicated. Thanks.

    9. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      People are awakening to the understanding that 'Conservatism' means government under the Constitution and a reverence for the Bill of Rights. The sacredness of the 'Individual' is paramount!

      Liberal/Left means the opposite today. It stands for replacing the Constitution with a Marxist Collectivism which is the antithesis of the all that has made America great.

      Obama is on record saying that he wants to make "fundamental changes"

      in our Government and Country. Think: Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela. These are examples of what America will become if Obama and the radical, socialist, anti-Americans are not stopped.

      All Americans must forget Party affiliations when voting and look at the person's 'history' of what he has said and done prior to the the rhetoric spewed forth during a campaign.

      Obama conned his way into the White House. People were 'blinded by his 'Hollywood image' and did not look beneath it. He and his Chicago gang speak lie after lie to the public to undermine our basis of Government.

      People who live in Marxist/Socialist countries are not free. They exist for, and are slaves to, their governments!

      We must vote out of office ALL who want to do this to us. We must always control government and never allow government to control us!

    10. Jim says:


      MESSAGE 'SIR'?????? GOODBYE !!!!!!

    11. DIANE, ROCHESTER, MN says:

      Speaking for my husband and myself we don't think the elections of yesterday should embolden ANY Republicans, Conservatives or Democrats. We are sick to death of almost every last one of them. Each party is so smug in their own way and we feel that 90% of them will do and say ANYTHING to get elected or re-elected. That's not what we want in our public "servants!" We just keep watching the TV screen and wondering outloud

      "when are all of them going to get a clue!" We need a monumental house-cleaning!

    12. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      If we can get the un-American fraud against the sanctity of our elections STOPPED, absolutely, then we can protect our Economy, our U. S. Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the future of freedom. All recent elections should be examined for evidence of fraud against the vote.

    13. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      This nation has always been a nation of conservatives and independent minded people that lean more right than left. Progressives have always been in the minority as they are now.

      It is not American liberals that vote liberals and progressives into power. It is 'We the p.o'd . . .' that feel betrayed when a certain group that promise change for the better get into power and then betray us.

      The GOP had a chance to show what that party represents while they were in power, but fatally dropped the ball. It is only because Marxist Democrats are trying to fundamentally change the nation for the worse that we are all circling the wagons and taking aim. Ten little nine little eight little Marxists. Because we are of the rigged individualist frontier spirit our aim is true.

      Ducks in a barrel should describe next years KEY election election year. Some of those ducks will be progressive Washington establishment Republicans. It is up to the traditional American conservatives that participated or cheered on the Tea Party participants that will determine the direction we want this country to go. Washington! The founders are cheering us on.

      The Turban Torpedo

    14. Charles, The Republi says:

      First, Congradulation's to Governor's elect Christie & McDonnell. Conservatism is rising, it's time to get the RINO's out. Going along to get along has gotten the country into a fine mess. Are you listening McCain & Graham? Obama's bullying & poor management has brought "Change you can believe in". American's are finding their voice & it's about time. They work for US! Are the "Blue Dogs" listening? No matter how the media or the RNC spins it, Doug Hoffman is a winner. He stood up! Are you there Newt, VP Cheney? (Dede & Kay Bailey? Really?)And while conservatives can take heart in these victories, there is still a long way to go the get the country back on a prosperous course. It's gonna get interesting!

    15. Evan, Anchorage says:

      The only conservative principal I care about is fiscal conservative. If the country is broke–nothing else good can happen. We need to go country by country and get fair trade with each. Tell them the way it is, they do not need to agree with it. Bring our military bases back to the US to save money.

    16. jim toledo says:

      Yesterday was some really good news for everybody, but, I sense that the administration is still going to push full steam ahead to do whatever they can before the other shoe falls. The worst thing for the Republicans is to misread the results and think this isn't about them as well; the guys like M. Steele or the 'moderates' in Congress better take heed. Now is not the time to be siding with the democrats on healthcare, cap and trade or even immigration. While they, the democrats, still have the majority, they will push harder than ever to get whatever they can passed. They are sealing their own fate, we just need them to go off the cliff by themselves.

    17. Pamela J Col says:

      This is a good day for Americans. Don't let down your guard and keep fighting back.

      The saddest thing to me is that Obama and Pelosi and all the rest of he Con's is that they are NOT IN OFFICE for the good of the AMERICAN PEOPLE but for their own power. For the votes of those that should NOT BE HERE, for those that want to make issues–like the gay community–hollywood–that pretends for a living–not a REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS JOB–and that they aren't even thankful for what they make off their movies and shows and keep their mouths shut. It's about the vote for Obama and all his goons and the politicans that want to stay in office and LIVE OFF OF ALL OF US and DO NOTHING WHILE THERE.

    18. Dean, Placentia, CA says:

      I am glad to see the that the folks in Virginia and New Jersey (who knew) came to their senses. Personally I am very tired of the rRepublican Party trotting out rino after rino (republican in name only). I will not ever vote for conservative lite candidate again. Get the message Republican Party! Beck is right the Republican Party is mostly run by Democrats in Republican clothing. I personally am ready to jump off the Republcan ship and be part of a new Conservative party. People will vote for candidates that take a conservative approach both fiscally and morally. The Dems won the last election because Republicans turned into spend-a-holics during the Bush terms.

    19. Dennis Walker, Fulto says:

      The NY-23 race should be a stern warning to both parties to run candidates that are in are in tune with their party’s platforms. It is better to loose NY-23 to a Democrat than to win with a Republican that acts and votes more like a Democrat than her opponent. Republicans have been tarnished by this type of behavior in the past and it must stop if trust in the Grand Old Party is to be restored.

    20. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      We the voters must insist that all people who want us to vote for them, must promise to give up the special health care and all other perks they get. That they can not give themseves raises whenever they want. We want a different system put in. They are not regal people sitting on a throne. Most of what we have now are no better then the crooks in jail.

    21. Kenneth E. MacAliste says:

      I agree totally with Dennis from Fulton, MO. The GOP lost the NY-23 special election, not Doug Hoffman & they proved they cannot be trusted to listen to their constituents & promote a conservative platform. It's now, "take the RINOs we've offered up or go away." I took their advice & went away. The only way to restore the conservative roots the RINOs running the GOP have discarded from the Party is to contribute directly to proven conservative candidates like Doug Hoffman, thereby bypassing the GOP "leadership". Unless you want more Arlen Specters & Olympia Snowes don't send the RNC, NRCC, or NRSC a solitary cent!

    22. Dianne in Scottsdale says:

      I am so honored to think that I belong to a group that can express themselves so well. I also think this is the time for Libertarians and forget all the Repubs. and Demos. They are all part of the mess we find ourselves in today. We can stand together and fix this mess our great country finds itself in but we have to find a way to vote that does not split the ticket. I think Hoffman might have won if a Rep. had not been on the ticket and thereby split his ticket. And we all have to stand together, forever until we get this job done.

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    24. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      The liberals need to see that we the people will not put with their junk. In 2010 we need to turn out in record numbers to vote, 90% sounds about right. The dems, pelosi, reid, obama and company need to be in the street in three years. Call me a racist if you want, this has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the future of this country and the people in it.

    25. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Ken Jarvis Las Vegas,

      The "loss" in New York means nothing because it sent a message.

      First, it took a liberal disguised as a Republican to quit and endorse a Democrat for the Democrat to win. She can stay with the liberals.

      Second, it does not matter that an independent (accountant by profession) lost a close election no one thought he would win when he began.

      What it did do is warn the RNC and other liberals who masquerade as Republicans. We will lose a seat before we put any more trojan horses in a "Conservative Party"; more Americans identify themselves as conservatives than as liberals (new name is progressives).

      We are not going to accept people who run as a Republican/Conservative when they are liberals who cannot win the Democratic Seat!

      You are lucky. You will get to see another liberal Senate Majority Leader get kicked out next year. I may even fly to Vegas to enjoy the moment.

    26. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Bravo. The skies are bluer in Virginia today and we're celebrating, before we go back to reclaiming our America for Americans. Thank you Morning Bell.

    27. John, Arizona says:

      Only the likes of Ken Jarvis would find a silver lining in a thunder cloud of a statement by conservatives. District 23 ran a conservative candidate who a.) did not live in the district, b.) had no experience in a campaign, and c.) entered the race late, and still nearly beat the Democratic Pelosi rubber stamp – or will he be? Not if he plans to be around after the next election.

      Ken! The conserevatives have spoken – get your head out of your behind and look around you to see what the likes of Obama, Pelosi and Reid are trying to do to this country!!

    28. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      The second American Revolution is now fully underway and the American Patriots have just won two significant victories! What we witnessed yesterday as the outcomes of the three elections that caught national attention was the continuously growing movement of conservatism. Sometime between last November’s presidential election and Obama’s inauguration those Americans who regardless of political inclination started understanding the absolutely precarious consequences that election inherently has. The slobbering did nothing (journalistic) [during the campaign] “drive by” media couldn’t get enough of plastering Obama’s video image from the campaign right up to the moment of those synthetic press conferences that were covered during the those two months between election and inauguration; and those who may not have been as alert concerning the ramifications were now joining those who already did understand them, and they got sick of constantly seeing this arrogant, self centered, categorically inexperienced man child on their TV. The unconscionable and constant insistence by Obama that this or that situation (that was caused by former President Bush) is far more worse than we knew, and as such we need to pass this bill (that nobody in the House or Senate) has even read yet is still needs to be passed and signed into law right now solidified the resolve of those conservative patriots who then started building momentum through a series of actions including Project 912 and the numerous Tea Parties across the country and made themselves heard as individuals at town hall meetings in August has now had positive election results. Just think what probably would have happened if the false Republican candidate in New York’s 23rd Congressional District would have given her support to Hoffman, the Independent albeit solidly conservative candidate? After all, he was only five percentage points behind the winner in what became a two person race the day or so before. Conservatism is strong and now on the move! Lets maintain the momentum and defeat the progressive/liberal/socialist/communist/statists coming up for re-election regardless which party they are in from now until we have all the seats in both houses of congress and the presidency back to having conservative Americans serving the people with a pro American agenda.

    29. Eddie MacIsaac, San says:

      The established parties ignore conservatives at their own peril. Both parties have been stuck in the tar pits for years. Citizens have had enough of the double dealing cretins that buy their way into office, then represent only themselves.

      This applies to State and Federal levels.


    30. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Ken…LVegas: The silver lining in your cloud will soon go the way of — the "Silver Certificate" which the government once issued. Ken, you are — soon to be — history. Believe it!

      NY-23 counts! Does it ever count! Better think how, Ken.

      Better think twice!

    31. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      Ken move into the white house with obama, you would be right at home the way you believe.

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    33. Darvin Dowdy, Housto says:

      This was a victory for establishment Republicans not the Conservative Movement which remains off target and out of phase. Darvin Dowdy

    34. Shelly Monroe, FL says:

      Keep the Tea Parties going, Fox News and radio talk shows to educate. The truth will set us free has never been more true.

      I've never been as involved in Politics as I am today writing emails and making it a point to express my views. It does make a difference. If the Conservatives don't educate the liberals will.

    35. Prevailer76AZ says:

      We must not become complacent. This is only the beginning of a thorough house cleaning on both sides of the aisle. Bring the Constitution back in favor as the guidebook to the American Way.

    36. Randy, New Orleans says:

      A Conservitave Revolution is the key in defeating Obamunism = Communism. I truly feel the Conservitave Winds of Change are in the air, and they are strong Winds! I am so energized, and am doing what I can to defeat this Horrific Beast that is destroying our Country. The victories in NJ and Va. are just a beginning. Watch out you Liberal Communists HERE WE COME!

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    39. Bobbie Jay says:

      The State of Conservatism is Strong and only the weakened ignorant would say otherwise.

    40. Bobbie Jay says:

      The State of Conservatism is Strong as the weakened ignorant are desperately ignoring the truth behind all the obvious deceit while falling into believing their own distortions.

      Stay Strong America! We were meant to be or we never would've been!?

      God Bless America with a special Blessing to Heritage!

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    43. Lynn Carroll North C says:

      We've heard that Obama was watching a basketball game and didn't even watch the election returns, then we see Pelosi smile into the camera and say she doesn't see the results of NJ and Va. as a loss, in fact, she sees the NY 23rd district as a big victory for the Democrats. Talk about Alice in Wonderland, Pelosi is typical of all liberal's inability to face reality and their ability to create their own reality.

    44. Jsmith says:

      Richard Cancemi, Arlington, Tx writes:

      "People are awakening to the understanding that ‘Conservatism’ means government under the Constitution and a reverence for the Bill of Rights."

      While I agree wholeheartedly, I am not convinced the Republican Party has identified that yet. They certainly should have learned that lesson in NY-23. Conservatives have loosed the shackles that tied us to the Republicans. I was pretty blunt with a McDonnell caller a week or so ago when she called wanting my support: I am not a Republican, I am a conservative. If you run a conservative, I may vote for him/her. If you don't, I'll cast my vote for someone else. She certainly wasn't expecting that. We need to keep hammering Mr Cancemi's point through to them, over and over and over until they understand.

    45. Catherine S., Michig says:

      I could not believe with all the corruption in NJ that the Repulican won. Actually I'm a little worried about that. Was Christee's group more corrupt than the Corzine group? No really how did that happen? Do not be fooled, keep an eye on all who seek office. Look what that woman in NY did. It looked like a spoiled child who didn't get their way so they hurt their parents anyway possible. Our leadership need to prove good citizenship, ethics, morals. Can they keep their emotions under control? Do they call citizens who oppose their ideas names? (I wonder if I can bring a "hate crime" agianst the speeker, their is no doubt in my mind that she "hates" me.) It all starts at the top baby!

    46. Albert Campbellsvill says:

      I am encouraged I see posative signs everywhere.husseins approval is only 50% and diaapprove 43%,he is tanking.We just need to stick to our message and principles and we can make significant gains in 2010&2012.The left is imploding you gotta love it.

    47. Bobby, Cedar Hill, T says:

      Too many Americans have fallen into the trap of asking "What's in it for me?" before asking "What's best for the country?" Unfortunately, that includes almost every member of the professional political aristocracy that has arisen in this country.That sickens me to the core of my soul.

      WE THE PEOPLE should be outraged, loud, and out for blood (figuratively speaking). We need to develop an operations plan (OPPLAN) that focuses on opposing and defeating all incumbents in the primaries and then in the general elections for the next 5-6 election cycles. That includes every election from the local to the national.

      Once we have removed the association of careerism with political office, we need to "encourage" those political servants to call for a Constitutional Amendment to emplace term limits and prevent anyone from receiving a retirement for having served in the Congress or Senate.

      It would not hurt to encourage them to pass a law to tax the retirement of those who do receive Senate or Congressional retirements at the 90% rate, with all revenues applied to the social security trust fund or the national debt. Makes sense for those who raped and robbed the system to repay what they stole.

      It is imcumbent on WE THE PEOPLE to take back our country and make sure that we peacefully, surely, and inexorably remove professional politicians from American society.

    48. Dorothy, Murrysville says:

      All this Conservative/Republican talk matters not. When a "politician" sees what the people appear to want, they begin to spout forth what they begin to know the people want to hear. Then they get elected and BOOM! Forget the people. "I'll do what I want. I know what's best…FOR ME!"

      We had, in my opinion one truly, honest Conservative Republican who won the office of the President more years ago than I like to admit to. Funny thing…he was an Actor. But he was not "acting" when he put forth his ideas and views for America.

      We need some way to make politicians stand by what they say prior to being elected. They should not be able to promise one thing, get elected and do anything but what they had promised. If we could vote out the liars, this country wouldn't be in the critical shape it is in today.

      God Bless America. Pray, folks…and Trust ONLY in God.

    49. Walter Renniks says:

      Politics and Politicians have reached the point where they're more interested in perceived wants of their constituents. Along the way politicians lost sight of the fact that (a) their job is to protect & preserve the Constitution (their reputations and legacies be damned); (b) they represent the people rather than themselves; and (c) that if what the people want and/or what the politician wants goes against the Constitution, then the Constitution wins.

      Too, They've convinced themselves that the Constitution is a 'living' document. Were the Constitution to have been a 'living' document, the Founding Fathers would have left no doubt and made crystal clear their intent was to have a flexible document that was in a state of constant flux.

      The intended consequence of an in-flux Constitution is to radically alter these United States until it no longer resembles what the Founding Fathers established.

      We citizens must be ever vigilant to such modifications and rid Congress, other government agencies, and the White House of those traitorous, socialist-leaning vermin who dare to pretend to know what the Founding Fathers intended.

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