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  • A Sad Day For Democracy And Liberty And A Sad Day For Europe

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus has signed the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty proclaiming, “the Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state.” He’s right. The Lisbon Treaty contains the building blocks of a United States of Europe and will shift power from the member states of the EU to Brussels in crit­ical areas of policymaking, including defense, secu­rity, and energy–areas in which the United States finds more traction on a bilateral basis. The treaty is a blueprint for restricting the sovereign right of EU member states to determine their own foreign poli­cies, and above all, the treaty underscores the EU’s ambi­tions to become a global power and challenge Ameri­can leadership on the world stage.

    It contains all the essential components of an EU super­state including a President, a Foreign Minister, a single legal personality, a diplomatic corps and a public prosecutor. Majority voting replaces unanimity voting in at least 40 new areas, including foreign policy, immigration, energy, humanitarian aid, sport and investment.

    The Treaty states that henceforth, “Before undertaking any action on the international scene or entering into any commitment which could affect the Union’s interests, each Member State shall consult the others within the European Council or the Council.” Members will now subject their foreign policies to the judgment and wisdom of an EU body over which their peoples have no democratic controls. This is worse than liberal idealism; it is simply anti-democratic.

    The EU has connived, bullied and finagled to bring the re-birthed European Constitution into force, despite being rejected in referenda by France, Holland and Ireland. If referenda were held across EU member states (as was favored by public opinion right across Europe), it would undoubtedly have been rejected several more times. Ireland’s EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy went as far as claiming that up to 95% of EU member states would have voted No to Lisbon if they’d been asked.

    Under Lisbon, the EU will have a self-aggrandizing mechanism where it can accrue further powers without explicitly seeking national consent. Yesterday was a sad day for democracy and liberty and a sad day for Europe.

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    10 Responses to A Sad Day For Democracy And Liberty And A Sad Day For Europe

    1. DTOM2, Chicago says:

      Just watched Time Life's World At War, the Hitlers Germany chapter. Just like Austria and Czechoslovakia simply rescinded sovereignty, the Czech Republic does it in modern day. The suppression of opposition thought of the Nazi (socialist) party is extremely disturbing given current political tactics being used.

    2. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      We do live in a global economic community. We have for some time now.

      When the United States of America prostrates itself and becomes subservient to, or part of, a European or Global Government – I hope I am dead.

      For then, it will mean that the Constitution has been overthrown or altered unrecognizable and the our "Republic" has ceased to exist.

    3. Jeff Brodhead, WA (s says:

      Would the EU have become the EU, if the USA handed Afganistan into their 'capable' hands?

    4. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The United States of America was supposedly made up of sovereign states. It's even written in our Texas constitution. But you'd never know this especially given today's federal power grab. All I can say to Czechoslovakia is, enjoy! Hope y'all don't face similar transgressions as what our nation's current congressional leadership and administration are attempting to force onto the backs of Texans and other states' residents.

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Correction: Czech Republic. Shows my age.

    6. Andrew, New York says:

      Dangerous coup, no shots fired, yet.

    7. EA, EU ( Denmark ) says:

      No greater Empire has ever been created on earth and with not a drop of blood spilled it shatters the legacy from thousands of years of lost conquests as it is not only the union of sovereign states but the convergence of ideals and common beliefs shared by Europeans. Today Europeans can have hope as there was no other way but to be united and there had to be a unification. Do these means not justify the achieved goal before us giving lasting peace and prosperity.

    8. Charles, The Republi says:

      The Fourth Reich is born. Who's going to save them this time? Obama? Pelosi? When will Europeans learn?

    9. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Dear EA, EU Denmark,

      You don't really believe this propoganda?

      The main purpose of the EU is economic – fine.

      As for peace and prosperity, you are not out of the woods by a long shot. The EU consists of countries with vastly different cultures, although I grant you there has been a tremendous drive toward socialism since WWII.

      Please don't tell me that tens of millions of Europeans do not want or support the EU, just because tens of millions do. I lived there and I heard BOTH sides.

      Lastly, I hope everyone has peace and prosperity. The reality is that the EU members, with their relatively small land size, had better start fighting the Islamic Jihadists with combat troops and money.

      We took on this global threat because most of the rest of the world would rather talk in the UN and accomplish nothing. This threat is a mortal danger to you, as well.

      We may be the target now, but don't believe you are safe from this monsters.

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