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  • In the Green Room: Rep. Paul Ryan on the 'Paternalism' of the House Health Bill


    “The most outrageous detail in the current House bill is the philosophy on which it is premised. It is premised on the philosophy that the government knows best how to organize 1/6th of our economy,” said Rep. Ryan (R-WI) today before visiting Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing. Ryan was speaking about the current House health bill, a behemoth piece of legislation weighing in at 1,990 pages and costing $1.5 trillion.

    The Wisconsin Congressman does not lack health care solutions of his own. “With more market-based, patient-centered, consumer-directed reforms,” lawmakers could lower costs, expand coverage, cover pre-existing conditions and not add to the deficit, he said. ”But because of the ideological commitment and fixations of this administration and this Congress they are going down [the wrong] path.”

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    13 Responses to In the Green Room: Rep. Paul Ryan on the 'Paternalism' of the House Health Bill

    1. mike milwaukee says:

      you tell them Paul!!!!

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    3. philip says:


    4. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Paul Ryan's comments are no surprise to any of use that have any interest in what's going on in Washington. But we all must understand that this

      Pelosi bill is what Obama wants. Obama, and the Dems will never accept any Republican advice. They will never stop trying to destroy this country until we stop them by whatever means it takes.

    5. Tim Az says:

      If there is a Paternalism aspect to this hellcare bill it can only be rooted in the veiw that we the people are the red headed step child. I can give them no more credit then that. How's that hope and change working out for Virginia?

    6. C. Adli,NV says:

      Can you name me a program run by the government which is sucsessful and makes money?Please!what makes the politicians in Washington think The H.C.will be helping to the poor.

    7. Jerry from Chicago says:

      We can't blame all Democrats for what Obama, Pelosi and Reid are trying to do. Believe it or not, there are some Democrats who believe that we can't spend our way out of debt, that government should not takeover private enterprise and that government is not the answer to everyones problems. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough of these Democrats to in positions of power and control.

      No, the real problem is two-fold. First, there are those who feel empathy for the plight of the poor and have decided that "government" should "do something" about it. These folks don't stop to think that they are advocating spending other people's money, without asking them for their approval. Then there are those who cynically feign concern with the plight of the poor to consolidate their own power and control. These people would have everyone dependent on the government for all of their needs, and just like they did with the executives at GM, Chrysler and the financial firms that took government money, they would dictate who will have jobs and how much they will make.

      It would be similar to a dog/master relationship. When the mastersays "sit", "heel", or "roll over", you better be a good dog and do what you're told, or find yourself out in the cold with no dog food.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      No where in the "Bill of Rights" or the Constitution does it say that the gov't. shall provide for the PEOPLE, Our forefathers said we worked for our needs. I know there are some who do not and cannot earn much, for them there is Welfare and there are laws about rendering ER care, I pay for my supplement and I worked for a long time paying into Soc. Sec; etc. If you chose not to carry Ins. because you want luxuries instead, then you need to pay for your health care not expect the rest of us to do it. There are too many wanting the rest of us to pay while they play' On Election day '08 I heard one woman say, "Good now I don't have to pay any more for my house and car, the Gov't will" This is the way BHO and Co. want it, distribute the wealth, Fooey

    9. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      On any Government estimate, historically, you can double it, and be comfortable with the results. So already that is 2.4 Trillion, only for the first year!

      There is absolutely no way America can afford the stupidity of National Health Care! Especially for millions of Illegals, millions of those who choose not to have insurance, millions more who choose not to work, but to live on Social Programs,"Welfare Mamas" and the scum who move in with them and live off the Tax Payer Dollars, because the lazy good for nothing, hang around bums won't get a job!

      The Federal Government must give back all control of Private Industry to Private Industry. The Federal Government must stay within the boundaries set for in the Constitution and its Amendments as Laws to contain the Power of the Federal Government.

      Unless these things and more are to happen and soon, America as we know it, will be no more.

    10. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Sure Jerry from Chicago, you can blame Demo-crats (that's Plutocrats who Demolish America). Where have you been the last 100 years while Socialists usurped every single American thing? So, it is obvious isn't it who the power behind the Democratic Party is? Soros, the Gimmie Gang who have been in power since FDR, the Federal Reserve. I have followed the News for fifty years, since the days of Sen Joe McCarthy.

      You want me to believe that these Democrats who have their personal fingerprints all over the current crisis (Obama won't waste it), are not in the service of Foreign Interests. They just finished Joe Stalin's whole Agenda.

      I hear the words "Obama's Agenda" and I cringe, knowing full well it is Unconstitutional.

    11. Tim Az says:

      Too many people misunderstand the purpose of hellcare. It is simply a tool to the free market system in America including personal wealth. This is the only way to bring the American people to their knees and submit to socialism that invariably becomes communism. whats the difference between the two? Socialism asks that you conform with the threat of slave labor. Communism kills you if you refuse to conform period.

    12. Tim Az says:

      Hellcare is the tool to destroy personal wealth and the free market system.

    13. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Leon, Durango, CO. — What I was trying to say, and apparently not doing a good job of it, was that NOT ALL Democrats are irresponsible socialists. Let's face it, if it weren't for the blue dog Democrats, we would already have had this obnoxious national health care plan shoved down our throats.

      Borrowing a phrase from Mr. Obama, "let me be clear", I am 100% AGAINST socialism and the programs espoused by the very plutocrats you mention, including Obama, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Diane Finestein, Charlie Rangle, John Conyers, Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton, anyone left in the Kennedy family and every other politician who wants who advocates more government welfare programs, blanket amnesty to illegal aliens, bail outs, and giving government "loans" to people and businesses who can't possibly repay them.

      Most people don't know who George Soros is, or how wealthy he is, or how he got his money. Most people don't know that he supported the Nazi party in Germany in his youth and that he subsequently changed his name to Soros. Is it that strange that someone who supported the National Socialist (Nazi) party in Germany is supporting socialism in the U.S. today?

      You may have a few years on me Leon, but I'm no spring chicken either, and I have also followed the news. I didn't know Joe Stalin or Roosevelt personally. But I've followed the news pretty closely since my stint in Vietnam. Back then, I didn't really care if the guy in my foxhole was a Democrat or Republican, as long as he wore the same uniform.

      Keep this in mind, not every Democrat is bad and not every Republican is good.

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