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  • In the Green Room: Helen Evans on How Government-Run Health Care Works


    In 1948 the United Kingdom sent a leaflet to every home in the country stating that the newly created National Health Service would provide everyone with “all medical, dental and nursing care. Everyone – rich or poor, man, woman or child – can use it or any part of it.” Today’s NHS, however, has created a far different reality.

    “We are seeing a healthcare system that is rationing people’s care by waiting lists, that is relying on people dying on waiting lists so that they don’t have to have their care funded,” said Helen Evans, President of Nurses for Reform, a pan-European network of nurses dedicated to consumer-led reform of British, European and other healthcare systems around the world. “We have a government who are allegedly trying to work down our waiting lists and they think it is good that somebody will be seen within 18 weeks of referral to a specialist.”

    Rationing care is the only way that nationalized health systems like the NHS can keep the growth of costs at a manageable rate. Heritage’s Ted Bromund:

    A centralized system incentivizes people to be more concerned with managing the system than with managing their jobs. And when their job is making life and death decisions, that’s a recipe not just for failure, or even for expensive failure. It’s a recipe for inhumanity.

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    2 Responses to In the Green Room: Helen Evans on How Government-Run Health Care Works

    1. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      What about the statistic that 80% of human illness is caused by doctors "iatrogenic"? Now see, mandatory Health Insurance puts everybody in this meat grinder. 80%! Sure, it is a hostile figure, developed by a biased and doctor hating group, but it stands up. Just look at the side effects of drugs and surgery. I don't like the no fat diets, the body goes into starvation mode and people get fatter. I don't like the Cancer strategy of destroying the immune system in an immuno deficient disease. 40,000 unnecessary Chemo 'treatments'. I don't like the Cholesterol baloney either, different people have different need/tolerance for Cholesterol. The statistics lie for all exceptional cases. That is all HARM, so the joy goes out of the practice of medicine.

      I'm not picking on the medical doctors, Psychiatry is even worse. They want Parity for Mental Health 'medicine' when all they really want is to get Insurance Money for their Junk Science. They think belief in God is symptomatic of mental disease. They have frozen scientific knowledge for political expedience; we have to be soulless to assuage their bad conscience. They are destroying people and calling it mental health. Psychiatry is rife with junk science. They went after L. Ron Hubbard (remember?) and Scientology, that was the American competition who actually believed in spiritual beings and used that in their practice of mental health.

      Why? The American Psychiatric Assn. was cram packed full of Socialists Plutocrats usurpers. They destroyed any other practice, illegally, of course. They sent the government to do their illegal business, anti competitive by fiat. For God's sakes don't give Parity to Psychiatry, but now they sneak it into this Obamabus Bill!

    2. Bobbie Jay says:


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