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  • Where Is Reid’s Obamacare Bill?

    It has been one week since the Senate Majority Leader announced he sent his health care bill to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the American people are still not allowed to see Sen. Reid’s (D-NV) version of Obamacare. Late last week, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) authored a letter to Reid demanding that Senators be given the opportunity to read the same bill that Reid sent to CBO. The American people have a constitutional right pursuant to the First Amendment to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” In the name of transparency and participatory democracy, Senator Reid should release his bill to the American public.

    All 40 Republican Senators signed the following letter last week:

    On Monday, you announced that you had sent health care legislation to the Congressional Budget Office. As you know, this legislation will have a profound impact on the lives of every American, including the next generation who will be forced to pay for it. Our national debt stands at nearly $12 trillion, with a deficit of nearly $1.4 trillion. The health care bill will likely be more than 1,000 pages and is the single most important legislation we will consider and debate this year in Congress.

    With an issue this large and complex, we need full transparency at every stage in the legislative process. President Obama was elected, in part, on his promise to bring greater transparency to the workings of the federal government. The American people and every member of Congress should be allowed to read the bill that was sent to CBO. The bill should be made available for taxpayers to read and learn how the federal government is spending their money. We are writing to request that you immediately make all materials sent to CBO publicly available on the internet.

    The debate will commence this week in the House of Representatives, yet in the Senate the debate can’t even start until Senators, and the American public, are provided a detailed text of the bill being prepared in secret for debate on the Senate floor as early as next week.

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    30 Responses to Where Is Reid’s Obamacare Bill?

    1. Silvia - New Jersey says:

      Below is the solemn oath done by our president:

      "I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of president of the United States faithfully, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

      "So help me God"

      I can not understand how this administration can survive impeachment when it is very clear that they are not following, protecting, and defending the Constitution of the United States!

      Can somebody explain to me WHY???

    2. Sally Wheeler-Valine says:

      Please stop this process. This has become Key Legislation for this Administration's Socialist agenda. It must be stopped. Health care can be provided in "government run" community clinics without affecting the provision of health care to insured individuals. HIPPA legislation already mandates provision of "health care" to anyone that needs it regardless of their ability to pay. If the issue was indeed health care and covering uninsured individuals, then clearly community clinics would work, but it is clear that is not the issue. The issue is control and an obfuscation of the fact that not only is Social Security Broke, but Medicare is broke as well. The Medicare trust funds (never to be touched for anything other than Medicare) has been corrupted by this Administration having purchased its own Bonds from the open market, when the International Community would not buy them. This is smoke and mirrors to keep this information from the American public. A ponzi scheme, no different than that Mr. Madoff perpetrated, but on a far greater scheme with hundreds of billions of dollars of useless bonds that replaced the cash in the Medicare Trust Fund. Mediare cash was used for the "Bail Outs" to bring private business under the control of this Administration, AND TO FUND THIS ADMINISTRATION'S "PROJECTS" SUCH AS A DOMESTIC SECURITY FORCE. That is why the original July MUST PASS DATE was so important. The only money available to Medicare now, is that being collected monthly from payrolls across the country. Medicare is going Billions of dollars into debt every month, just as Social Security.


    3. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Better yet, challenge the constitutionality of this congressional overreach and reckless legislation in the Supreme Court. The individual states should have the final word on the irresponsible and misguided federal intrusion into people's healthcare decisions. The unnecessary and improper actions of the current congress and administration have been camouflaged under the mantra "reform".

    4. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      In answer to this article's title, please sing along with me… somewhere over the rainbow…

    5. Gary, CA says:

      I find the process which is being used by the current leadership of the senate to develop “health care reform” extremely disturbing. As I understand the structure and purpose of our Constitutional Republic, the representatives which we elect are charged with defining, debating and formulating responsible and appropriate responses to the issues which trouble our nation that are beyond the ability of individuals and their associations to resolve and are within the enumerated powers given to our government which grant it control in those areas. The senate was envisioned and created to be a moderating force to balance the populism of the house. Concerning this domestic legislation which is the most momentous in probably more than a generation, majority leader Reid has summarily dismissed the work of the finance and health committees and embarked upon writing it himself in consultation with the leadership from the house and white house. This kind of work has been traditionally reserved for and done by conference committee after the respective bills have each passed their chambers. To me, this is a shocking act of defiant disregard to both the customs and spirit of our Republic. However, what is much more troubling is the almost completely muted response of the membership of the senate, the public in general and the press in particular. What does this say about the health of our Republic and the direction that it is heading? Is it being “transformed”?

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      "…will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution…"

      "what he really meant to say," "… and will to the best of my ability, destroy the preservation, eliminate protection and defend my righteous wrong doing."

    7. Steven, Texas says:

      We need to get the Bill to the Senate floor, and have any ammendments attached. Also the Democrats must put pressure on Senator Lieberman to vote for cloture. If he votes to Fillabuster with the Republicans, then Senator Reid must strip Senator Lieberman from his Committee Chairmanship, and then use Reconciliation to allow the legislation to be voted upon. A clear majority in the Senate are poised to pass Healthcare Reform with a Public Option. The Bill should be signed into law by President Obama, sometime before Christmas.

    8. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Never thought I'd hear a fellow Texan calling for a politburo. But then again, it doesn't surprise me as we've got our share of lost souls here in Lone Star state.

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Steven, Texas – Spoken like a true Democrat. Destroy anyone that disagrees with this administration. Take away his Chairmanship because he agrees with the overwhelming majorty of the people of this country (and his constitutents). Just shove it down our throats.

      That's the Democrat way. The 2010 elections are fast approaching. Reid and his coharts don't have much time left.

    10. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      IMO, this should be our #1 priority – to fight back and defeat any national health care bills. Hopefully the GOP will get its act together (getting back to conservative principles) and we can win back the White House and Congress by 2012. In that case, we can easily cut taxes, roll back much of the trillions of BHO’s profligate spending, sell GM and banks back to the private sector, and reverse a lot of the damage caused by BHO. But if ‘National Hell Care’ passes – once in effect it will be very hard to reverse. Just look at England . Tea parties are great – i.e., using tea bag boxes and “Taxed Enough Already” signs as symbols. What we really need now are anti-NHC rallies, such as we saw in the 1990s against ‘Hillary-Care’. As I remember a scene from Rush Limbaugh’s TV show, I can think of great symbols to use in rallies against NHC – bathroom tissue rolls attached to signs saying something like: “Here’s Pelosi’s/Reid’s 1000+ page bills”!!

    11. duelles, santa fe says:

      ….."swear that I will execute the office of president of the United States….." There is a difference between 'kill' and 'execute'. A nuanced difference the seems to escape the astounding mind of our new POTUS.

      These congressional sychopants are churning out paper work to look important. Hiding it from us because it is important. I have a mind to hide from them. I will create a false identity with no paperwork showing that I am an undocumented, illegal alien.

    12. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Steven, I do not know where you learned about the constitution, It gives US the citizens unalienable rights, The states have the power to say when and what insurance you have not Congress. I as a decendent form our early settlers in Plymouth, do not want my rights trampled on. When my 12th gr-grandfather(Richard Warren) stepped on the shores of what is now Mass. he was leading about a hundred souls who left England for Holland and then here so that we could have FREEDOM. I again do not want the Gov't. deciding if I am worth having medical care. States need to step up as most have done with medicare and others who want Ins. PAY FOR IT. It's simple you sign up and pay the premium, too bad you then can't get your new TV or car, it's called priorities and PAYING YOUR OWN WAy.

    13. philip says:

      Silvia be cause the congress is controled buy the socilist demicratic party who support our communist president and are need to vote for impeachment we can thank those who voted for him and the demicratic majority that make it impossible for impeachment so those who voted for obama and the dem. majority voted against our consitution and a free america don't vote party vote for america look at the man or woman and what they stand for remember that nothing is free there is a price tag some where

    14. Paul Terry Stone says:

      Failure to keep the Presidential oath of Allegiance to the Constitution does seem to be grounds for impeachment but given that most of this Congress hasn't kept their oaths of office as well, any further action in this regard is extremely unlikely.

    15. Jules Battlefield, M says:

      Apparently, Steven of Texas, does not understand that this nation is a Constitutional Republic not a dictatorship, yet. What he does not seem to understand is that he is not immune from the effects of any socialist legislation which the democrats push through congress. Eventually, after this administration is finished screwing the perceived "rich", they will come for him and his assets to pay for the socialist agenda. That's a guarantee, Steven. Study history and learn from it, if you are not so drunk on the rhetoric of the "one".

    16. Michael W. says:

      When will Obama and his minions just go away. Who will be the first to go forward with impeachment hearings. I am starting to hear this kind of talk from the pulse of Americans. HOW did he get elected? It wasn't me. He lied to the American people on the left and the right. Elections have consequences. MeCain would have been so much better AND the media needs to report (journalism) NOT editorialize. This gives them great power and I only hope the radio waves can overpower this wrong media. It's sickening. Just tell the truth. I'll stop my rambling. America is angry with what is going on. Obama's administration is NOT American.

    17. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      It does not matter if a clear majority of the House, the Senate or even the people want one of these health care reform bills. The Constitution spells out what is exempt from majority rule. For instance, it doesn't matter how unpopular any political speech is; it cannot be silenced by the force of law.

      In addition, where the Consitution is silent on an issue, as it is on health care, the majority cannot touch it either. If they want to do so or if the people want them to do so, the people can amend the Constitution as they did with the income tax. Until then, federal government, keep your hands off the health care systems of the states and the health care of the people.

    18. Walt, Antioch IL says:

      All smoke and mirrors, the destruction of the US will be from the top down: in about 35 days Obama is going to sign the Global Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen…kiss your freedoms goodbye and celebrate the new Marxist's World Government (Kruchev said he would bury us). We will all be paying heavily as our incomes get distributed out of country. Wake up America…it is not too late, yet.

    19. Cheri, California says:

      Keep talking here and to your friends and neighbors. Don't get caught up in a "details debate", reject the premise of Healthcare as a right. Even for children. Parents need to be responsible for their children first, then turn to the community. Health Insurance is different from healthcare. Affordable access to DRs is not the same as coverage for the major or catestrophic. Most of the debates are designed to overwhelm the people and get them to agree that it is too complicated to be handled by the local municipalities, counties and states. Don't fall for the false arguement that children are dying from lack of insurance enmass. Ask who these children are and why they don't qualify for ALL the other programs already in place, Medical,Schip, student insurance etc. If the number of "people dying" were true, the problem would be shrinking.

    20. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      If 2010 elections are honest and people VOTE, I did today, we can impeach or at least bring charges against Obama, today will be thye begining, if Jersey and Va. elect Rep. you cam bet the rest will follow in 2010. These guys are afraid of losing thier jobs, and they should, most of all they should be afraid of facing their God on Judgement day. Pelosi and Reid are already down in the polls and the ones rising up to oppose them are rising. Any Dems left should have treason charges brought against them.

    21. Susan, Detroit says:

      The Dems in the house and senate do not care what americans want. they are stealing American's hard earned income in the name in health care. They will reduce health care services but, increase their power over the public. As the dem represenative said the republicans want the average american not to get sick and if you do, die. That particular Dem was talking about his own party (DEMS) not the republican party. The Dems want the average citizen to die.

    22. Dr. Francis Kendrick says:

      Health Care Reform

      Routine health care is the only life essential that Americans have come to expect a public or private insurer to pay for. This expectation is both costly and unnecessary except for major medical events. Rarely if ever are claims filed for insurance other than health care. Almost every visit to a doctor generates an insurance claim, each of which carries with it additional overhead costs. Another reason for excessive cost of health care is defensive medicine, prescription of additional procedures employed to guard against frivolous malpractice claims.

      Major reasons for excessive cost of health care insurance include:


      Tort reform is effective in several states and needs to be adopted widely.

      OVERUTILIZATION of the health care system:

      Many primary care physicians claim that approximately thirty percent of their patient visits do not require professional attention. This degree of overutilization occurs largely because it is being reimbursed by insurance. High deductibles would reduce the level of overutilization because patients would be using their own funds for fees within the deductible amount.


      The cost of processing a claim is relatively independent of the size of the claim. High deductibles would reduce the number of small claims.


      Fraud detection and its penalties require costly efforts at protection. Fraud is most likely to occur when there is a third party payer. Fraud is unlikely when a transaction involves only a physician and a patient.


      Overhead incurred by the physician is increased when a third party payer is involved and must be reflected in the fee schedule. The overhead and profit of the third party payer must be added to this.


      When a third party payer assumes the risk of a need for health care, incentive is lacking for the insured to remain healthy and avoid the need for care.

      Consumer driven health care avoids or minimizes all of these reasons for high cost of health care and health insurance. This approach has proved to be effective, and is being adopted by growing numbers of individuals, families, and businesses that offer health care benefits. It is popular because it is economical, and avoids insurer intervention in medical decisions by doctor and patient, including denial of claims.

      Consumer driven health care enjoys advantages of:

      Reduction in number of insurance claims,

      Use of pretax funding authorized by HSA legislation

      Low insurance premiums resulting from high deductibles,

      No need for new legislation or costly new bureaucracy,

      No increase in national debt or federal deficit,

      No loss of personal freedom,

      Reduced cost of health care.

      Medicare beneficiaries could enjoy reduced Medicare premiums as a result of cost savings in areas described above if given the option to select one of several levels of deductible. The higher the deductible, the greater would be the reduction of Medicare premium. This would achieve savings for both beneficiaries and for the Medicare program. The Congress should authorize this option.

      By Dr. Francis Kendrick; Venice, FL

      November 3, 2009

    23. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Democrats such as Reid seem to believe that this Nation would be better as a Democracy than a Republic. Right or wrong, it is not his job, nor Obama's nor anyone else on Capital hill's job to change this Nation from a Republic to anything!

      These people have gone way beyond the bounds of the Laws, set forth in the Constitution and its Amendments to contain their power.

      The Federal Government now owns around forty five percent of the private business in America. That is not provided for in the Constitution.

      Now the Federal Government wants to control the Medical industry in American, and that too is not provided for in our Constitution.

      The only answer seemingly available to the Citizens of the United States, is for each and every State to become Sovereign, and thereby only answerable to the Constituion and its Amendments. Then each State can call forth a Continental Meetings and Amend the Constitution to close the hole Politicians have been using for years, create an amendment requiring audits of the Complete Federal Reserve. Stronger language as to just what constitutes Treason from the offices of both houses and the Presidency.

      If we are to survive as a Nation, we must as States, take back the Power granted to the States under the Constitution, and our citizens must vote out of office each and every person who has the slightest taint of envolvement with these past decades of the Great American Destruction.

    24. Jerry from Chicago says:

      If we leave it to Obama, Pelosi and Reid, we will get to see the Health Care Reform bill about 18 months after it's passed into law. After all, Mr. Obama did promise a transparent administration.

      To Steve in TX, I don't know about you pardner, but I have enough trouble supporting my own family. I can feel sorry for people with financial problems, but they are THEIR problems.

    25. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Steven of Texas,

      Even Texas has been infected with people with extreme liberal views that do not represent the majority of Americans or Texans. The very ones who champion the ALCU will see their own liberties curtailed. They are blind.

      How anyone can be for a process that circumvents proper senate procedure only shows how desperate and brainwashed people are. They cannot see what is happening. They are camp followers.

    26. ChuckL, NV says:

      Sylvia, New Jersey,

      The Constitution requires that impeachment of the president be charged by the House and tried in the Senate. These houses of congress are headed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid respectively.

      Do you really expect these puppets to act against the string puller?

    27. Publius, Texas says:

      This is great to see, that out of 23 comments or so, that only one "sheep", oh sorry, liberal has commented in favor of the "health scare" legislation. Reid and the rest of his coronies know that there time is limited. The new American Revolution is underway and if we keep to the Constitution we will surely overcome. God Bless America!!

    28. John says:

      You voted for liberal Democrat Obama. Now you whine and complain… You say 2010 is coming…I say what happened in 2008?

    29. Jay says:

      I HATE the Obamacare Legislation as much as anybody, Let's not forget that while all this (needed) debate is going on, the SEIU, Akorn and its new organizations and etc Obama community organizatons are continuing to organize for the November 2010 vote….getting people (?) registered to vote across the land, their minions trained to turn out the vote and etc. Scary and cocky of Obama to say recently "That's what elections are for!"

      Unless the TeaPartyites and similar-minded do likewise, we could all be eating crow come November when, horror of horrors, Obamcare legislators, having passed Obamacare legislation, get themselves voted back into office; Ditto for the 2012 elections an beyond; they are working below the radar and are not giving up…WE MUST BE AS DETERMINED TO FINISH STRONG (ER) THAN THOSE GUYS.

    30. Jay, Louisiana says:

      I HATE the Obamacare Legislation as much as anybody, Let’s not forget that while all this (needed) debate is going on, the

      the SEIU, Akorn and its new organizations and etc Obama community organizatons are continuing to organize for the November 2010 vote….getting people (?) registered to vote across the land, their minions trained to turn out the vote and etc. Scary and cocky of Obama to say recently “That’s what elections are for!”

      Unless the TeaPartyites and similar-minded do likewise, we could all be eating crow come November when, horror of horrors, Obamcare legislators, having passed Obamacare legislation, get themselves voted back into office; Ditto for the 2012 elections an beyond; they are working below the radar and are not giving up…WE MUST BE AS DETERMINED TO FINISH STRONG (ER) THAN THOSE GUYS.

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