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  • The House Health Bill: Federal Control Over Americans' Insurance

    The House health bill (H.R. 3962) creates a new minimum federal standard benefit package that will eventually apply to nearly all health plans, and establishes a new “Health Benefits Advisory Committee”. The Committee, housed within HHS, will make detailed recommendations, which the Secretary of HHS would then impose on all private insurers and employers through regulation.

    HHS would have broad, permanent authority to continually update and expand the federal benefit requirements for all private health insurance and could regulate not only specific items and services than must be covered but also the minimum frequency or duration of a required covered service and the maximum allowable patient cost sharing.

    All existing employment-based health insurance coverage would have to be modified or replaced to meet the new federal benefit package by 2018. Starting in 2013, all new individual or employment-based coverage would have to conform to the federal minimum benefit rules.

    Limits age rating of premiums to no more than a two to one difference between highest and lowest. Thus, a 64 year old could not be charged more than twice the premium of an 18 year old. In contrast, there is about a five to one natural difference in the consumption of medical care between a 64 year old and an 18 year old. Thus, the effect will be to significantly increase the cost of health insurance for younger adults (those in their twenties and thirties).

    Gives HHS extremely vague orders to “establish a process for the annual review of increases in premiums for health insurance coverage,” and further specifies that, “the process shall require health insurers to submit a justification for any premium increases prior to implementation of the increase.” This is an open invitation to politicized federal insurance rate regulation that could result in insurers being prevented from raising rates to cover increased claims costs, potentially forcing insurers into insolvency and leaving policyholders liable for provider claims.

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    6 Responses to The House Health Bill: Federal Control Over Americans' Insurance

    1. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      "Thus, the effect will be to significantly increase the cost of health insurance for younger adults (those in their twenties and thirties)."

      It's going to be YOUR country. You people are the future. You can either get caught up in the emotion and listen to lies in political campaigns or use your brains to analyize what candidate has the most all-around experience and sound judgement to represent you.

      Who do THEY surround themselves with? What are their core beliefs? How will this affect America's freedom, national security, and YOUR "opportunities"?

      It really is up to you.

    2. mackp says:

      Congresswomen Michele Bachmann from Minnesota whats (WE THE PEOPLE) to meet at the Capital steps this Thursday the 5th of Nov at 12:00 noon. To gather againest the Health Care Bill. Semper Fi It Is Time

    3. Kate, Watkinsville says:

      Ronald Reagan had it right: If the government elite want to "change the very foundation of a free enterprise system (to socialist), all they have to do is take control of the health care of the citizens – everything else will fall under the 'control' unbrella." Beware – they hope you won't learn what they are doing and it will happen because we are not listening – not paying attention. That's what happened in Germany. More power to the TEA Party folks.

    4. Harry, Illinois says:

      I've been retired for 2 years now and am presently under Medicare. I've along with millions of others have contributed to S.S and Medicare for all of our working lives. One of the concerns that I have, is that any one who "does not have medical coverage" for whatever reason, will have to buy into a government approved health care plan or be fined. I find this sort of ironic. By having deductions taken from your paycheck for these programs, you basically do have coverage. It's just that you have to wait for 40+ years before you can become a part of the plan. Now that's what I call a PONZI SCHEME.

      Why can't Medicare provide emergency assistance during your working years? I mean after all, you do have some money in the program. Why do we have to have another government run program for new so called entitlements?

      Also; why do they call Social Security, Medicare and Medicad "entitlement programs" when most hard working Americans have contributed to these programs all of our working lives, not to mention having to pay pay taxes for these programs as well as pay a deductible every year?

      I think we're being hoodwinked again by Obama, Speakers Pelosi/Reed and comnpany. I encourage all voters to go to the polls next year and vote with your pocket book, that is if we have one by then.

      Also; lets start working together as citizens from across this nation to impose what I like to call Voter Mandated Term Limits. 2 Terms and their OUT. Remember, if it can happen to your neighbor, it can happen to you. Lets not wait until we are all in the poor house.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      Government "Insurance" is nothing but an added cost and expense and like government health care, an unfair, unlimited, advantage OVER the private sector AND THE TAX PAYER!

      Competition is not right with GOVERNMENT against the people they serve. , , It defeats the purpose of freedom. Government mandate on insurance is dictate and one more freedom taken away. Competition between government and the private sector should be deemed highly unethical and while government continues little focus on more important issues.

    6. Thomas Guzman, Monte says:

      Nov. 7, 2009 the house just passed the so called Health Bill. Remember when Marie A. told the French people, when they wanted bread, said,"Let them eat cake!"

      If this bill is so wonderful, then Congress should discard the over 200 private insurances they receive, and should be fined if they don't take the new Health Plan.

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