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  • Gore Vidal Wishes He Had "Murdered" President Bush


    The supposed assassination of a U.S. president is no laughing matter.  All Americans of all political persuasions hold sacred the safety of our elected leaders.  When baby boomers remember where they were on November 22, 1963, they don’t associate that remorse with a particular Kennedy policy, they merely know the despair and emptiness they felt.   This is why it is so ghastly when a figurehead of any political movement advocates for the assassination of a U.S. President and even more revealing when the media excuses it.  Liberal icon Gore Vidal, while on the CNN Headline News Show, “The Joy Behar Show” on October 22 said of President Bush: “But I couldn’t jump into the screen fast enough to kill him off. That’s one murder that I missed not committing.” Did host Joy Behar ask him to clarify why he wished he had murdered a U.S. president, or tell him how deplorable that statement was? No.  She laughed and said: “Well, it’s too late anyway.” Wow.

    For background, Gore Vidal is a 9/11 truther who believes America attacked herself on September 11, 2001. He ran for Congress in New York as a Democrat and lost.  He ran for Senate in California as a member of the People’s Party, and lost.  He was verbally and intellectually outmatched by conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr. for decades and waited until after Buckley’s death to cowardly wish him an eternity in hell. 

    What gives liberals like Gore Vidal and Joy Behar the ability to say and excuse such distasteful rhetoric without even a whiff of remorse?  It is simply their world view.  Earlier in the same clip from CNN Headline News, Gore Vidal states: “We have the worst educated population of any first world country.  And I hope you’re listening, and I hope you know that your lack of education is the joke of the world.  And it’s not a very nice joke.”  Behar responds: “You’re talking to the Americans now?”  Vidal says: “Americans, yes.”  Behar further explores if Europeans make fun of Americans, and finishes off this exchange by saying: “I think you have a point, he’s [Obama] a little too smart for the country, in a certain way.”  See, the problem isn’t that Vidal or Behar are contemptable, but merely that America is stupid.

    This theme among elite East Coast liberals like Joy Behar and Gore Vidal, that America is simply dumb, is what feeds their ideology.  It is what drives them to think that Washington should control your health care, your use of energy, your education and your paycheck.  Nevermind that George W. Bush was a graduate of Yale with an MBA from Harvard.  That certificate means nothing to them when you are from of all places, Texas.  Those certificates only matter when they distinguish your urban liberal credentials in Chicago, Boston, Washington or New York.

    Here we have a video of two liberals simply chatting about “murdering” an ex-President of the United States, and it is high-comedy.  President Bush was also the target of a liberal film called “Death of a President” depicting his assasination while he was still in office shortly after Air America radio host Randi Rhodes said he should be killed off like Fredo in “Godfather Part II.”  Cindy Sheehan regularly called him a terrorist.

    But it is now, when Americans want to genuinely read a health care bill that could transform America as we know it, when they want Washington to at least acknowledge that debts and deficits matter, when they want to keep their taxes low and their jobs safe in a struggling economy; it is now that the rhetoric of the “right” is examined and analyzed as hateful, racist or ignorant.

    Gore Vidal wishes he had killed President Bush.  Many Americans wish William F. Buckley had socked Vidal in the face when he had the chance.

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    14 Responses to Gore Vidal Wishes He Had "Murdered" President Bush

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I remember my college literature professor assigning me a project – and smiling.

      You see, he knew I was an active duty Marine.

      The topic he picked for me had to bring him great joy (no pun intended Behar).

      It was a term paper on – Gore Vidal.

      Now, that was "torture".

    2. Evan, Washington says:

      Regardless of credentials and accomplishments, George W. Bush was our elected leader – I don't care if you voted for him or not (after all, I didn't). It is appalling that Mr. Vidal would make such a needlessly inflammatory jab.

      A lot of the excessive rhetorical escalation that has dominated over the last year is downright offensive, on both sides of the political spectrum. I realize that it's foolish to expect Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow to put down their respective absurdities – but usually I can turn to CNN for relatively balanced coverage in contrast to the bizarre punditry masquerading as news on FOX News or MSNBC.

      It's a shame that being informed these days carries such strong emotional appeals (comedy, laughter, spite, or anger). One day people will refuse to respond to such condescension, and the exteremists of all parties and perspectives will remain in the margins where they belong.

    3. Pingback: robert reed daly (rrdenigma47) 's status on Friday, 30-Oct-09 19:04:51 UTC - Identi.ca

    4. Spiritof76 says:

      Anybody that watches CNN for a balanced view must be hanging upside down! What garbage. Our First Amendment (Obama administration hates it) protects your views and opinions.

      Remember, CNN fact checked Saturday Night Live skit making fun of Obama.

      As far Glenn Beck, prove his points wrong. His provides data. He even has a telephone on the set for the White House to call out his errors. They can't. The White House czars are mostly communists.

      Gore Vidal can not make any cogent argument based on any facts. The only despicable thing he can say was that he wished he had killed former President George Bush.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      that joy behar is a narrow minded ninny who only has a mind to think the way it was told. "we have the worst educated population in a 1st world country?" No doubt there. Another failure of government… HEY, that certainly lowers the "intelligence" level.

    6. myrtle says:

      it certainly was in poor taste. just need to qualify, i have very bad arthritis, so be not offended that i do not dot the i's and cross the t's. but isn't that along the same rhetoric that's happening now with those who bring guns to an event where the potus appears. we really need to respect the office the the potus, no matter who we are. but you can bet, there are those out there that will defend such bad behavior displayed by vidal and those nuts who disrespect this potus. there have been those that have been questioned for such.

    7. Robert, Seattle says:

      Randi Rhodes never suggested anyone kill Bush. She played a bit that compared him to Fredo from the Godfather. She even called the Secret Service to make sure she wasn't under investigation, they told her "no". Stop being so disingenuous with your gullible readers.

      And, Evan, MSNBC doesn't brand itself "news" like Fox does, they call themselves "the place for politics." There is no masquerade on MSNBC's part. Fox calls itself news, but it is simply right-wing propaganda

    8. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Evan Washington,

      This Gore Vidal style rhetoric was constant throughout the Bush Administration in one form or another. This is absolutely no surprise to those who follow politics.

      One point, which show are you citing on CNN who gives relatively balanced coverage? The only one that comes close is Lou Dobbs and the leftists are trying to get him fired for rightfully asking the tough questions on illegal immigrants.

      I can only wonder what the outrage would be if Gore Vidal or anyone said the same sick garbage about Obama as they did and continue to do about Bush.

      I think everyone knows that answer. The outrage would be deafening and continuous without let up.

      People and the news media should be outraged when anyone speaks as Gore Vidal did about ANY president.

      Lastly, the left coast has to understand that THEY are out of step with most Americans who are conservative (not extremist). There is no way the majority of the American people are going to sit by, stay quiet, and let this country morph into a marxist/european-style socialist state. These far left radicals who hold up Chavez should disgust anyone concerned with keeping American a "Republic".

    9. Michael, Atlanta says:

      Advocating for the murder of anyone is unacceptable. I wish he had used the word impeached instead. If only for the fact that the U.S. Military first advocated in favor of faking an attack on our own soil in order to gain support for an invasion of Cuba in the early sixties, by flying a plane into an American landmark (ref. "Ultimate Sacrifice" by Lamar Waldron). The gulf of Tonkin incident was a complete myth used to lead 58,000 boys to their deaths in Viet Nam, admitted Robert McNamara in his own words in a video everyone should see("The Fog of War"). I have no doubt whatsoever that what we have been told about 9/11 is preposterous. But my words are probably wasted here. Go back to watching "Dancing With The Stars." It's what you are expected to do.

    10. Dexter, San Francisc says:

      Gore Vidal is a boil on the butt of literature, who can care what he says or even does.

      Assassination may well be the only alternative if the ballot has been subverted and impeachment is blocked — as Franklin would have put it, these are the protections on the lives of leadership, and nothing more.

      What is pathetic is the belief that the President is a ruler and not just the titular head and thus that problems can be solved by attacking the person.

      As it stands, we are to the point where in the next step all the kings horses and all the kings men won't put Humpty Dumpty together again and we can all get back to just living our lives more cheaply in the wreckage of a wayward government that flushed its future.

      Reconstruction shall provide at last some much needed education.

      Perhaps ex-government 'workers' will swell the ranks of farmworkers or the other jobs 'Americans refuse to take.'

    11. Track-A-'Crat, says:

      Rory, thanks for the trackback and for the background on Vidal – what an repellent little coward he is.

      Would you like to see Newsweek's and TIME's cover shrines to Obama? I think you do…



      Be careful to shield your eyes, though, as looking directly at that much Obama was not a task meant for mere mortals.

    12. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Dear Robert Seattle,

      I noticed you did not speak to the subject of this article – a left wing favorite – Gore Vidal.

      So what do you think about Gore Vidal?

    13. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Dear Michael Atlanta,

      Your words "are not wasted here".

      Your opinion is your right.

      You obviously know nothing about American Heroism or you would have balanced your argument.

      As for a 9-11 conspiracy, at least you have company with Van Jones.

    14. Jody dixon says:

      You obviously have no idea of who Gore Vidal is. He is the American man of letters and he is famously known for his wit. Killing someone off while watching TV means to turn the TV off. What you are trying to do is to distort reality to convey the misleading message that liberals such as Mr. Vidal are violent and terrorist minded. You are an American disgrace and it is a shame that you consider yourself an American.

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