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  • Video Desecrating American Flag is Obama Team's Finalist

    We have regularly reported on President Obama’s perpetual campaign organization, Organizing for America (OFA), and the need for him to abandon this campaign and move on to leading the nation. OFA is an off shoot of the Democratic National Committee, operating under the website www.BarackObama.com, and it is explicitly designed to maintain the President’s 2008 campaign into 2012.  It is headed by some of the President’s closest political advisors, including David Plouffe and Mitch Stewart. In August, the Heritage Foundation uncovered an invitation to an OFA event which likened conservatives to “domestic terrorists” and the “heirs to Bin Laden.” Later, in September, OFA Maryland State Director, Jason Waskey, invited OFA members to a rally with the President himself, in which he referred to all conservatives as “swiftboaters” who are “spreading lies and stirring fear.” Not a very classy track record so far, for an organization directly tied to the President of the United States.

    Today, Politico reports that one of the twenty finalists in a health care video contest run by Organizing for America is film of an American flag being spray painted onto a building and then desecrated with graffiti before being “ultimately obliterate[d].” The video is produced by Daniel Lahoda and Saber, and is to be ultimately judged by Plouffe, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-PA), singer will.i.am and Hollywood stars Rosario Dawson and Dule Hill. The idea that the desecration of the American Flag is either entertaining or helps sell liberal health care reform should be universally admonished.

    In fact, an anonymous liberal entrant to the contest even told Politico that “a video ‘defacing the flag’ won’t do much to help President Barack Obama or the Democrats sell health care reform.” A truer statement could not be found. President Obama had come under previous ‘flag scrutiny’ for refusing to wear an American flag on his lapel which he explained by saying it “became a substitute for I think true patriotism.” He later began wearing a pin.

    We take the President at his word when he says, “I don’t want to pit Red America against Blue America. I want to be President of the United States of America.” The President’s campaign should immediately denounce this video, and remove it from its list of finalists.  Then, President Obama should again heed the call to reconsider this perpetual OFA campaign his organization is running. The President has too often been attached to hateful language and rhetoric emoting from Organizing for America and it’s time for him to lead the nation, not a campaign.

    (In fairness, we have included the video below so you may judge for yourself.)


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    10 Responses to Video Desecrating American Flag is Obama Team's Finalist

    1. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      Freedom of Speech and Expression notwithstanding, I will never understand those Americans who desecrate America's greatest symbol – Old Glory.

      Have these people no shame? Is this cute or something? Have they no decency or respect?

      Many Americans hide behind Freedom of Speech and whine about their civil rights, intentionally pushing the limits, like children trying to see what they can get away with. They never stop to think how they (the proposed compassionate ones) hurt millions of families, who have been given our Flag at a funeral service…

      These people consider themselves educated. They should watch the "Band of Brothers Series", "Saving Private Ryan", and footage of the Nazi and Japanese concentration camps. Then, they might finally understand that our Flag is MORE than just a piece of cloth…

      They should review images of the American Flag after Sep. 11, 2001. But, they won't. It is much easier to remain a blind follower.

      I expect terrorists and America-Haters to act like this.

      For Americans to conduct themselves in this manner is sick.

    2. Mike Power, Alabama says:

      This video is despicable. As a veteran who fought for our country and flag, I am so angry at people who feel free speech is using graffiti on an image of our flag. "America….Love it…..or Leave it."

    3. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      So the desecration of an image of the American Flag is so appealing to the Liberals that it becomes a finalist for a video contest? It doesn't surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone. Who is it that constantly stops the bills to Protect the American Flag? Who is it that keeps saying "It is your 1st Amendment Right to denounce and desecrate the Flag"? Nothing surprises me about the Liberals – nothing (anymore) at all!

    4. Dieter621, NJ says:

      These detestable morons don't even realize the revolution they promote will ultimately destroy them. The leaders they blindly follow will untimately execute them in the name of the revolution. History has demonstrated this but these fools are followers not leaders.

    5. Jill, California says:

      As offensive as this is, it could have been worse. I bet the version we DIDN'T see had the American flag obliterated not by graffiti but by the logo Obama used during his campaign. We all know that represents his true desire for America.

    6. Alex, Windsor ON says:

      There will come a day when these people will try to replace the national flag.

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    8. Ken -----Virginia says:

      As a combat veteran of VN, I find this

      despicable, offensive, un-American and

      those responsible should be charged

      under the liberals new "hate crimes"

      law! They've taken God out of America,

      now their taking America out of the

      United States!

    9. ElephantMan76, Calif says:

      Here's some new video from the same kid. Look at it for your self.

      Looks like he got one over everyone by selling more art because of this….

      check out this crap!!


    10. Charles Lindsey says:


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