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  • Nomination Shows Obama Will Weaken Missile Defense

    President Obama recently nominated one of the biggest missile defense critics, Philip Coyle, to a high-level advisory position- the Associate Director for the National Security and International Affairs, Office of Science and Technology Policy. In this role, Coyle will be advising the President on national security issues. Coyle told Reuters last year:

    Missile defense is the most difficult development the Pentagon has ever attempted and if it (the threat) were real, the proposed missile defense systems couldn’t deal with it anyway.

    This soon-to-be-adviser will be whispering misleading conclusions like this in the president’s ear, contradicting experts such as General Henry “Trey” Obering, former Director of the Missile Defense Agency.

    As Obering stated when speaking about missile defense testing in The Heritage Foundation’s 33 Minutes documentary, “Our testing has shown not only can we hit a bullet with a bullet; we can hit a spot on a bullet with a bullet.”

    President Obama has made his approach towards national security and missile defense very clear: he wants to lessen the defense against long-range ballistic missiles and concentrate on defenses against short to medium range missiles, and now he is appointing people who will help support this trend shifting away from comprehensive missile defense.

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    18 Responses to Nomination Shows Obama Will Weaken Missile Defense

    1. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      When are the people goint to realize and understand that Obama want's to distroy this country. He will do away with every aspect of our security and defence to achive his goal. Whether it missiles, guns, or intelligence. He wants us

      under his Marxist, socialist form of government

      with no way to defend ourselves.

    2. Tommy..........Alaba says:

      i believe that obama hates America and Her way of like……He want's to change this country for the worst……..He (obama) is making the USA weaker everyday,with some of the tax cheats and some of the crooks he is put in office…..The people he is putting in hates our good way of life

    3. Bill, Little Rock says:

      Who is threatening us with medium and short range missiles? Cuba? Naw, they're our new buds. I know! Alaska, home of that major threat to our security, Sarah Palin.

    4. Normca says:

      Obama wants to make America more like France and is proceeding down that path. Our only escape is to elect a majority of real Republicans [with a spine] next year at this time. Stop the breaking down of our country. I think he would eliminate any missile defense if he thought he could get away with it. Lets put adults in charge of our defense; people who can make decisions without waiting for all parameters to fold their way [like the Afghan re-election]. If Talibaun [as Obama says their name] and Al Qaeda take back that country we will need long – range missile defense with Pakistan and its Nukes next door.

    5. Don, Michigan says:

      Should this surprise anyone?????

    6. Tim Az says:

      We all know Mao-Bama appoints people who are a mirror image of himself. Mao-Bama will attempt to pull a David Copperfield when questioned about his presidency and blame those he appointed for his own evil endeavors against America. I doubt he has ever in his life owned anything he has done except maybe fathering two kids.

    7. NEAL RASMUSSEN says:


    8. Dale Winchell says:

      How is that HOPE and CHANGE doing for our Nation now. May GOD Help us.

    9. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      At this rate of every week or month one more piece is dismounted in our edifices whether financial, defensive or moral, it could be very difficult to get everything back which bring to the question ARE WE GOING TO CONTINUE SWALLOWING IT AND BE ONLY TALKERS WITHOUT ACTION? The dog bark, the caravane passes IZNOGOOD. The sleepy GIANT Must Awaken NOW.

    10. DiAnne, MN says:

      We can no longer afford to be silent. Obama and his cronies are in the process of destroying this great country and what she stands for. Stand up and be counted…NOW!!! God Bless America and God bless all of you!

    11. Jerry from Chicago says:

      What do you mean, "will" weaken missle defense? He already has weakened our defense, whether it be missle defense or any other form of defense.

      He has allowed Iran to continue its development of a nuclear weapon.

      He has pulled defensive missles out of Poland and the Czech republic.

      He has invited the Russians to come in and inspect our nuclear facilities.

      He wants to put U.S. forces under U.N. control.

      He wants soldiers who take prisoners of war in the field to read them their "Miranda" rights.

      He wants to prosecute former CIA operatives who acted in accordance with methods approved by Justice Dept. legal counsel when interogating prisonerss following 9/11.

      He won't listen to appeals from his generals in the field for more troops in Afghanistan.

      And he sends Hillary out to negotiate with the heads of foreign nations. The same Hillary who bristled when she thought someone was asking her what her husband thought, stating the SHE was the Secretary of State, not her husband. I guess that's the only way someone would know.

      And you think that another one of his dumb-bunny advisors is going to weaken our defense?

    12. Jody, Colorado says:

      Hi everyone take a look at http://www.webcommentary.com to see how else this administration is trying to destroy this country.

    13. Conservatives United says:

      Normca writes:

      Obama wants to make America more like France and is proceeding down that path. Our only escape is to elect a majority of real Republicans [with a spine] next year at this time.

      I agree with what you have posted in general. Unforunatly France is trying to go in the opposite direction that Obama is taking this nation (Socialism, Commununism and the like).

      Elect Republicans? We need to vote all incumbants out of office (both Parties),and put people in that represent "We the People"

    14. Tucano Fulano, Calif says:

      Mr Obama has again got his big mouth yapping – this time it's the 'BIG' lie regarding the so-called stimulus money. Regarding his "Hamlet-like" indecision concerning 1) mission statement 2) asset selection for Afghanistan Mr Obama is just as clueless concerning matters military as he has proved himself to be clueless concerning banking, brokerages, auto industry, health insurance, amnesty, dog selection, and everything else. Colin Powell's doctrine is correct, Obama's has been and is dead wrong.

    15. philip says:

      Obama a communist supporter weakening our defence system he is a coward not willing to back our allies, but surenders to our enimes like russia china and iran both sides of isle Dem. and Rep. when are you going stand up again Obama and stand up for the defence of america and our allies Obama he won't talk to our generals about troops and the middlle east he dose not even support our troops he is not a leader he is all talk and surender of our defence and cutting our defence spending

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    17. T MAN DETROIT says:

      The US will be attacked with 1-10 missiles in the next 5 years, all will hit major cities, US forces will hit back at probably 3 attackers but it will not matter, damage done, Super Power Status done. The US will now become a country in the North American Hemisphere of the NEW WORLD order, the UN will broaker a peace and Americans will rebuild a loose confederation of smaller state groups. Why did we let this happen will start with this Administration and the liberal idiots surrounding it. Trusting Russia and China is stupid and will end the United States of America. China and Russia have both been building locations for their citizens for the last 20 years to continue their way of life post nuclear exchange.

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