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  • Morning Bell: The Cap and Trade Threat to Our National Security

    In poll, after poll, after poll, the American people have clearly expressed their preference for prioritizing economic growth over global warming. This is a major problem for those on the left who want to reorganize our entire economy under the guise of cap and trade climate change legislation. Tacitly admitting they have lost this argument, the left has shifted gears and is trying a new tack: global warming is a threat to national security. So Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) recently blogged at the Center for American Progress:

    [C]limate change injects a major new source of chaos, tension, and human insecurity into an already volatile world. It threatens to bring more famine and drought, worse pandemics, more natural disasters, more resource scarcity, and human displacement on a staggering scale. We risk fanning the flames of failed-statism, and offering glaring opportunities to the worst actors in our international system. In an interconnected world, that endangers all of us.

    Kerry is 100% wrong. Heritage fellow Lieutenant Colonel James Jay Carafano (Ret.) explained why in his testimony before the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee yesterday:

    Climate Change is a Permanent Feature of Human Reality: While it might feel intuitively appropriate to directly connect the dots between the changing global environment and the human response to global warming, an appropriate complex system analysis would warn against such an approach. Indeed, there are many variables other than the climate that affect how humans respond to climate change and, in turn, alter their behaviors to try to impact climate change and its consequences. For example, while the emission of greenhouse gases has been increasing across the globe for the last decade, political violence has been in decline. Furthermore, any changes in the climate, for better or for worse, will occur gradually over decades. Thus, there will be ample time to adjust national security and humanitarian assistance instruments to accommodate future demands. The global climate has always been changing. Adapting to these changes and human efforts to manage their surrounding environment is a permanent feature of human competition. The environment does not cause wars; it is how humans respond to their environment that causes conflicts.

    Cap and Trade Would Do Nothing to Stop Climate Change: Even if you assume climate change is a threat to national security, proponents of cap and trade must first show that their solution would actually solve the problem. They can’t. According to climatologist Chip Knappenberger, similar legislation proposed in the House would moderate temperatures by only hundredths of a degree after being in effect for the next 40 years and no more than two-tenths of a degree at the end of the century. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson concurred, recently saying, “US action alone will not impact world CO2 levels.”

    Cap and Trade Would Cripple the U.S. Economy: While there is no evidence that cap and trade legislation will halt climate change, there is strong evidence it will hurt the U.S. economy. A study by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis on a similar companion bill proposed in the House finds that the law would make the United States about $9.4 trillion poorer by 2035. Much of this decline would be from reduced economic productivity and job loss. In particular, under the House legislation there would be 1.15 million fewer jobs on average than without a cap-and-trade bill. A collapse in U.S. economic growth would result in even more draconian cuts to the defense budget, leaving America with a military much less prepared to deal with future threats. Indeed, if America’s military power declines, there would probably be more wars, not fewer.

    Inflicting cap and trade on the U.S. economy may well create the world we want to avoid. The law would ensure a steep decline in U.S. economic competitiveness and military preparedness. The consequences of a weak America would inevitably lead to a string of national security crises and an undermining of the nation’s capacity to deal with natural disasters here and abroad. At yesterday’s hearing, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) told Carafano she appreciated his testimony but that it was “misguided” since her cap and trade bill would create jobs, not cost them. Senator Boxer may want to read the testimony of Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorff who told Congress earlier this month that cap and trade would cause “significant” job loss and slow the U.S. economy. Our national security depends on it.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to analysis by USA Today, more than 40% of President Obama’s top-level fundraisers have secured posts in his administration, from key executive branch jobs to diplomatic postings in countries such as France, Spain and the Bahamas.
    • The White House says their policy of giving Obama $300,000+ donors access to administrative officials is normal “donor maintenance” and is not nearly as bad as President Bill Clinton selling the Lincoln Bedroom.
    • Despite pledging not to award stimulus dollars to troubled contractors, President Obama’s failed stimulus has awarded more than $1.2 billion in stimulus contracts to at least 30 companies that are ranked by one watchdog group as among the most egregious offenders of state and federal laws.
    • According to the New York Times, this winter’s shortage of the flu virus is threatening to undermine public confidence in government, creating a very public test of Mr. Obama’s competence.
    • Militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan punctuated Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s arrival with a car bomb in a congested market in the northwest city of Peshawar that killed 101 people.
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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: The Cap and Trade Threat to Our National Security

    1. LeRoy Reed says:

      We must stop This whole administration from ruining our country, Peope must wake up!!

    2. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      I remain distrustful of Congress because money is needed to feed the programs it wants to use for constituents' votes. Cap and Trade is another obvious tax that will create a cash cow to pay for yesterday's programs and to make it easier to borrow for today's programs.

      I am reminded every election by candidates seeking my vote that only they will cut the fat and not raise taxes, yet every session we spend more and expand the fat.

      It's not enough to tax labor, goods and services. Congress is reaching deeper in the realm of taxation for revenue from air and sunshine.

    3. ActinUp, Richardson, says:

      Could someone please find some back issues of "The Old Farmers Almanac" for these nut bags and read it to them.

      I've looked in my wallet and I have nothing left to give them!

    4. Bill, CO says:

      We can't allow Kerry to scare people into supporting cap and trade. Cap and trade will not make positive changes for the environment and will cost Americans millions of jobs and thousands of dollars each year in increased energy costs. Write your representatives at http://dontcapandtradeourjobs.net/?tr16.

    5. Earl, Queens, NY says:

      To all Republicans: Just say NO to the environmentalist wackos!! IMO this one area in which the GOP is still weak. Many are wising up to the fact that they need to get back to conservative principles to win back control and save America in 2010 and 2012 – i.e., stop profligate spending and earmarks, and cut taxes and regulations to cure the recession and grow the economy. But many in the GOP are wimps when it comes to the greatest threat to America and its liberty and economy – the enviro-statists. And in some cases they go along with this fringe group. It’s not about clean air or water. It’s about protecting kangaroo rats, cutting off water to protect fish; not to mention the high price of Cap & Trade (the biggest tax hike ever with no benefits!!) to deal with the global warming hoax!! Republicans need to stand up, and expose the radical anti-American and anti-capitalist agenda of this fringe group, and hopefully flush out this fringe movement.

    6. maggieu, MA says:

      Yesterday, I received an email from the President and CEO of the US Humane Society asking me to "Support Strong Climate Change Legislation". I live in MA, and the email ended with the following: "Please call Senator Kerry's office today at (202) 224-2742. Thank him for his great leadership on climate change legislation. Remember to leave your name and address so it is clear that you are a constituent.

      Thank you for helping send a strong message of praise for Senator Kerry, and for all you do for animals."

      I cannot believe that the HSUS is essentially asking me to "praise" John Kerry on a bill that will increase energy costs across the board. I am one of HSUS's largest donors – I am now ceasing all donations to the HSUS and removing them from my will.

    7. Don, Michigan says:


    8. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Well, THIS strict constructionist of the Constitution offers, for your consideration, the following analysis of the constitutionality of the proposed "climate change" treaty due to be signed in Copenhagen this December.


      What do you think?

    9. Steve California says:

      This is a scary situation. If Al Gore can get a Nobel prize for a fabricated film, "veterans" like John Kerry can get a platform for more baloney,and Obama people prepared to scare the heck out of people, we have a long way to go to stop the lies and mis information. Obama claims conservatives are putting out incorrect information, yet will not name who or what, nor identify them. Global warming is a farce, not to mention never a threat to any world order.

    10. JZ, Chesapeak VA says:

      Can someone tell Congress to look out west and see that Colorado is in the process of receiving their third snow of the year. This current storm is dumping up to 3 feet of snow on the state along with bone chilling temperatures. Parts of Idaho had their earliest school closing in decades because of the snow and cold earlier this month. This madness has got to stop.

    11. Robert Reilly Virg says:

      Does anyone still have any doubt about the goal of Obama and his administration? This is equal to his stimulus bill to create jobs, which it hasn't. This is all about total control to bring complete socialism to America. This cap and tax bill is right in line with the Global Warming treaty being pushed by these same democrats. IF this treaty is ever signed and ratified it will place an even heavier debt load on American taxpayers to spread our earned income to 3rd world countries and the people of America will have absolutely no say in the matter. This treaty, if radified, will supercede our our Constitution.

    12. Patricia Najhawan, H says:

      Everything this 'govt.' is doing, is destroying us. How DO WE Fix it? We cant lose america!

      I hear talk shows on the radio, I am so amazed that so much can go wrong, and I think that the elections are going to be fixed…

      It has to be done quickly…

    13. James Frazee, Arkans says:

      Is everyone in Congress just stupid? In the last 450,000 years the earth has experienced 4 major temperature swings (ice ages). The last about 100,000 years ago put an ice sheet over 29% of the land area, down as far as Washington DC. The planets climatic processes are very complex with multiple factors includeing mutiple naturally occurring causes. CO2 is essential for life on this planet & only contributes about 4% to global warming, i.e., retaining the Sun's heat energy, also necessary for life on this planet. Man's activities only contributes about 0.3% of all CO2 release in the atmosphere. Man has essentially no contribution to the planets climate cycles!

    14. Freedom of Speech TX says:

      There was a time when a politically correct rebuttal would be to say, "These politicians are well-meaning or misguided".

      Those excuses no longer exist.

      While we borrow, print, and spend trillions on debt we ALREADY can never pay off – to say Cap N' Trade will not cost jobs is a sorry argument.

      The truth is, Cap N' Trade is just another excuse to squeeze more money – permanently – from businesses and taxpayers. It will not help the "Global Climate" but further oppress ALL Americans.

      Politicians cannot function without spending money. We understand that. We also understand that when you do not have any money you cut costs and streamline…

      For decades we have spent too much. The purpose in all too many cases was to buy votes. Now this government is going to push us over the edge.

      Glenn Beck's Arguments for Idiots displays great examples of the inefficiencies and waste that bloated porky government contributes.

      The leftists DO NOT CARE what anything costs.

      They already have control over how much money you are allowed to keep.

    15. 1 BIG KIDD says:

      We'll all wake up when it's too late and then we'll all spend even more $$ and time reeducating the populas about the evil doings of this backward a** administration and the clowns in OUR government.

    16. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      I think that in an "intelligent" society, of the possible future, 90% plus of the people now in authority would be in an asylum for the criminally insane. To see how self assured and giddy these people are in getting their Socialist/Totalitarian policies into law is disconcerting. They are happily destroying a system which is directly responsible for the greatest in the quality of life in human history, and replacing it with a proven nightmare. They know not what they do.

    17. 1 BIG KIDD, CO says:

      We’ll all wake up when it’s too late and then we’ll all spend even more $$ and time reeducating the populas about the evil doings of this backward a$$ administration and the clowns in OUR government.

    18. Christopher Popham S says:

      And so finally, your 'voices' get louder and sound

      even angrier than ever before. It's about time.

      Since December of 2007, I have been trying to warn

      my fellow Americans of the dangerous path upon which Congress and this new Administration would

      position this once great nation.

      You see the hackneyed phrases such as:

      "Wake up America" and "We are doomed".

      We could be on the brink of the

      21st Century American Revolution, in which case

      those phrases are most applicable.

      Never before in our history, except for 1776, have

      we come this close to revolt. In a spanse of just

      10 short months, this new Administration and Congress have dragged this country down to where

      our fiscal health is on life support, all the while expending their time and energy on perpetrating legislation(s) upon us, that only serve to harm the American people. How in the world can they be contemplating harsh (more & higher taxes) new mandates at a time of severe economic recession? This is irresponsible. It is insanity.

      It is politically motivated, not for the benefit of the average citizen, but for power and money,

      supported by lobbyists and special interests.

      Yes, raise your voices and get angry, for if we do

      not act now, then in all likelihood we shall be

      doomed. Notwithstanding, I am still optimistic for America, but in difficult times like this it is indeed hard to find…hope, change and transparency.

    19. Jacob, Auburn, AL says:

      After subscribing to their emails for a year, I've come to the conclusion that The Heritage Foundation is a joke. They already have an answer to every question posed to them, and only seek evidence to support the opinions they already have. A credible research organization wouldn't use the fact that "political violence has decreased" while "greenhouse gases have been steadily increasing" as evidence that the two aren't related. Perhaps increasing greenhouse gases has a depressing effect on world politically stability, however, increasing global trade has has a stabilizing effect that outweighs that of greenhouse gas emissions. I'm not taking one side or the other in the argument. Only stating that the Heritage Foundation is not a credible source for unbiased, true research. They are similar to the expert witness, econo"magician" who manipulates statistics to give the desired results of the lawyers who hire him/her.

    20. Ron Derry NH says:

      The beast has turned upon himself and is devouring his own flesh….they are like mad dogs now.

      Sad to see grown men trap themselves in an economic disaster by deception and lying but it is to be expected when one tangles a web of deception and false promises as campaign rhetoric.

      A trillion dollar deficit that grows meaner and more virile each dollar wasted bribing another constituent with some one elses worth, has no place but to go but deeper into the productive ones pockets.

      This is a government in hot pursuit of some one able to bail them out and the method is now aggressive and at "The People".

      We are under financial attack at one end with our monetary worth and on the other end our ability to make that worth have value.

      Washington has declared all out war on its citizens for its own mismanagement of social aims and the capitalistic financing of that Utopian idealism.

      Washington will render self earned worth obsolete because it is willing to destroy the freedom of the people to chose how to make themselves have value and their desire to attack those earnings.

      To forcibly take or steal the value and the monetary gains of civilized people working within the law has shown they will stop at nothing to take away individual self worth to save their political agenda, even at the risk of losing their political positions.

      We are now under fascist rule and are no Longer a constitutional Republic for the people, get used to the disappointment. If they are so willing to take our worth for their cause we are sunk as a nation.

      This is a terrifying scenario of government oppression that is unraveling our country while the henchmen of debt keep the pressure of financial ruin on us all. I suspect that when Americans do wake up, a lot of these henchmen will lash out at us and blame us for their arrogant miscalculation of trillions of dollars wasted to enslave a people to socialism curse.

      Who thought Americans were so silly as to allow a Marxist inspire congress to fund its take over of a free people through their own wallets and then stand by and watch as more and more businesses get sacrificed for the good of the system the Socialist's want in place.

    21. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      Half the people I know (age range 65-85) just sit on their duffs and watch the boob tube. The other half are mad as can be, but only 1/4 at least try at to do something like write a letter ,make phone calls to make their complaints. The others sit about and talk and talk but don't think they can do anything. In the mean time the nuts with big mouths and the lazy asses are out and pushing their agenda. We are giving are country away, to people who should be tried for treson.

    22. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I think we are getting very close to the LORD's Return

      Then all this will be moot

    23. chris naples fl says:

      Comander in deceit. Obama has some kind of nerve going to Dover to bare witness over our fallen heroes. It war a disgracful political move to show he cares about our military but as president he should give them the support by giving his commanders on the ground what they need. We should all mourn the loss of the men and women who gave their lives for the U.S. But obama give me a break.

    24. Earl_E says:

      First of all I am a Ron Paul campaign donor, 4 times. I also wish to stop importing all mideast oil for national security reasons. I also want to stop providing military cover for a couple of supertanker corporations like Exxon and Chevron.

      You have quoted a Lt Col in a branch of the service, someone whom I suspect will be in favor of continued military assauts for his own job security.

      Kerry isn't 100% wrong.

      If a man tosses a cigarette out a window and starts a forest fire, and later a monsoon rain washes away the hillside taking a small town with it, a change made by man has changed an outcome of normal climate.

      If man chops down all the forest to build cities, and the stumpland becomes desert, that desert impacts the way water and CO2 are absorbed. This changes rainfall patterns.

      If man dumps pollution into the clouds, and the clouds retain more water due to excessive droplet formation, then rainfall patterns are changed.

      It is complex, so quit trying to say that because it is so complex that you cannot know anything for sure.

      George Bush's response to 911 nearly thrust America into bankruptcy. We didn't ask to wait and see if he could prove invading 2 countries would work, we just vomited depleted uranium tipped rounds into the heartland of Iraq.

      Now our troops are having stillborn children.

      Its time we let healing the world replace raping the planet for natural resources.

      I guess if I said it sure is cold outside today, and look at the snow in Colorodo…where is my global warming.. you'd print that kind of stupidity and be proud.

    25. joan, connecticut says:

      Anyone, who believes in the Global Warming Farce, which has been proven time and again, to be a figment of Gore type thinkers and their desire to fill their pocketbooks.They expect to cash in using global warming as a fear factor. The only fear we Americans should heed is the money flying out of our pockets into Gore and his cronies wallets! I wonder how Al can keep a straight face while flying the world in his jet, and at the same time cautioning us to save energy. What a bunko scheme is being played on us.

    26. Earl_E says:


      I find your commentary inflamitory and actually doing more harm to your dwindling Church of the Denialistic Profiteers.

      It's ok you want to maximize your investment in oil infrastructure by using our children in the Armed Services, but your days are numbered.

      At some point you will see a gallon of gas as a symbol of the blood that has been shed to put it in your tank.

      Right now, conservation will save lives and defund the regional militant groups across the mideast.

      These people need to be left alone and compensated for the war crimes your previous President enacted in Cheney's delusion of world domination and ownership of the oil supply.

      Talking about Al Gore is so 20th Century. But then if you are a regular commentor on the Foundry, you're probably at least 105 years old.

    27. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      My dear Mr. Whicket Williams of Kingsbury, Texas:

      You said: "I think we are getting very close to the LORD’s Return Then all this will be moot."

      I respectfully suggest that it was the Christian Church's RETREAT from the world which allowed the secular humanist statists to take over this land. The statists have been very busy implementing their agenda.

      Meanwhile, far too many Christians have been sitting on their hands waiting to be rescued from the mess which resulted from their own inactivity, passivity, even cowardace.

      Our Lord told us that we are to be the Salt and The Light to the world. We are supposed to change the world, not turn it over to evil people.

      Bad theology – false eschatology – has neutralized far too many Christians in this Land. Weak, passive, timid, lazy Christians will be our downfall.

      The nancy pelosi's of this land wouldn't have a chance if our majority "christian" population had any spine.

      Sorry to seem to be so hard on you, my Brother. But I find that the first place to look to find one's enemy is….in the mirror! PH

    28. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      About the Cap and Trade threat to Our National Security, the fact is that not only do the economic, environmental, security, real science (as opposed to junk/pop science), and other facts of the matter all expose the so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" government elitist claims and efforts supposedly "for the environment" as the unproven, beyond any real scientific and reasonable doubt, and patently false, misleading, and hypocritical government power and money-grabbing claims and efforts they are, but the facts, results, and evidence all also expose how destructive of freedoms, economies, and environment, such elitist regimes have been and are, as already repeatedly found in evidence where government elitist (including Leftist) regimes and "administrations" have ruled or are ruling in countries around the world.

      It is also noticeable how such government elitist claims and efforts for "Cap and Trade" by so-called "Progressives (Leftists)" in America also “just happen” to fit and be so conducive to the claims and efforts of those in favor of a “One World (Leftist government elitist) government”, which are thus also so hostile to and destructive of our freedoms, economy, security, and so also our sovereignty, as individuals, and as the United States of America.

      The bottom line is that we, the people of the United States, certainly should wake up, realize what we are up against, and expose and defeat the misleading government elitist claims and efforts by such so-called "Progressive (Leftist)" government elitists as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Kerry, and their Comrades and accomplices in government, academia, the news media, Hollywood, and elsewhere.

    29. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Cap and Trade has only one purpose, TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN MILITARY BY DESTROYING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY. It is the solution to a 'runaway America' in the European Socialist's plan. It is treason because it is in the service of a Foreign Power. One thing to say to the CIA "FLUNK!"

    30. mindy from chattanoo says:

      obama is pushing the final thing that is going to break our country…and he knows it! once he breaks our country with cap and trade he'll be ready to become our first communist leader!

      obama lied to Americans when running for office…he is not drilling for oil which we have alot of and would immediately create thousands of jobs (without costing the taxpayer a penny…imagine that!)… and why not? because if he allowed drilling the country might succeed which is not what he wants!

      the final straw is that disrepectful ad on the democrats website….disrepectful to our flag and the same day he welcomes home our dead military! until he gets that piece of trash off of the internet i don't want him near one member of our military! obama is not good enough to be near our miliary! i have had it!

    31. jim smith says:

      Senator Boxer gleefully maintains her role as the Senate's Number One useful idiot. The reality of her allergic reaction to fact checking and truth telling is stunning. Clowns like her invite experts to testify at various hearings and when her "position" is at odds with theirs, she discredits their testimony, breaks for lunch and sets up the next expert for the afternoon session.

    32. Corky says:

      The more people that are out of work the more the nation will "lean" on the government to help them. It's the Administrations way of getting the people to "bend over." With "cap and trade" and the "obamacare" bills were to pass don't you think we would be pretty much S%$#@$^&D. It does not take a rocket scientist to see what is going on here. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

    33. Freedom of Speech says:

      Dear Earl E,

      I am glad you are expressing your opinion in support of the Global Warming "Catastrophy" and Cap N' Trade (which will not fix it because it does not exist).

      Keep blogging at the HF, my friend.

      You may yet learn how misguided your belief in this gigantic hoax is.

      To paraphrase The First Lady trying to sell the Olympic Committee on Chicago, "Then you will be blessed".

    34. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Ron Derry, NH moved me with your summation. It has come to this pass. The Supreme Court MUST MOVE! These pseudo-democrats criminally predate on the People. What choice do we have if the Court fails?

      Perhaps Opting Out by States could be taken to its logical conclusion. There is quite a large succession movement that says the answer is for the States to begin Legislation to OPT OUT of the UNION.

      In Southern Utah you can't get the permit to drill. That's the CAP part, the DemocraZtzsies have CAPPED AMERICAN OIL. Ask Sarah Palin. Cap it, raise the price then trade rights. They are Marketizing the theft like they Monetize the Debt.

      No joke. Our Democratic Representatives are serving the foreign interests.

    35. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Ooooh! Publius, you would like my book. I agree completely but it reminds me how American Power is being unwound by the same trickery Christianity was brought down. This is a Christian Country, God was used to unite the United States, and used to define the power of its citizens.

      Leon Lamar, Amazon.com, Power Of An Urban Shaman

      The Power of Christianity was surgically removed and one of the tricks was to make Christians sit on their hands and wait for redemption.

    36. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Leon Lamar!

      WHAT!? An ally? I bet you are not a pastor. If you were, you'd be mad at me. I'll check out your book. Check out my web site. I wrote on the TRUTH about "Separation of Church & State".

      And to keep this on topic, it is an insult to God and it is blasphemy to say that God couldn't figure out the "animals exhaling carbon dioxide" + "plants using carbon dioxide to make oxygen for animals to breathe" formula.

      But Congress, The U.N., and The Statist-in-Chief can? Oh my. PH

    37. James Green, NM says:

      HF: Once again I will reiterate my concern. There are 445 Coal Fired Power plants in the US. Each (I have heard) have scrubbers in the stacks that take out 90% of the particles to the air. So – there is real no problem here.

      Global warming, according to the satellite that Heartland Institute plugs into indicates the atmosphere is cooling; International Climate Expo 2009, climatologists, scientists and metrologists have stated: as an concensus "We do not believe and has not proven that man has nothing to do with changing the temps.

      This Copenhagen meeting for climate change is a ploy for the wealthy nations to be taxed to give to the poorer nations, instead of investing in them to better their populations, like better farming, medicine, education. NO – this jerk of president has to subside with the socialists to attempt to control the world and make everyone the same.

      Is their something we can do, except take up arms, then our creditability goes away???

      If our Sen & Reps do not listen to their constitutents, what is next? We need a compelling voice at the top of our lungs!!!!

    38. Patriot Cat, Texas says:

      Does anyone know if the "United We Stand" slogan has been usurped by the AFLCIO and is worn as a button by its members? This is the button given to an employee who had been wearing for over a year at The Home Depot "One nation under God, indivisible" button for which he was fired.

      The argument is that the Home Depot is not a gov't owned business,yet, and they can make requirements at any time. The defendant says that the manager suddenly told him that any statements about religion is not tolerated by Home Depot. This happened in Florida which,if I'm not mistaken is like Texas a Right to Work state.I just want to know about the United We Stand slogan, please.

    39. Margaret says:

      Climate change is real. It not a fabrication. We have to act on it now. Why do you even make this a partisan issue? Is it all about the money and that you don't give a damn about what is happening to our planet? You are out of the loop on this major issue and how it impacts our economy, our security, and our children's futures.

      Please take off your partisan hats and really give this issue some thought. Don't listen to those who have an obvious agenda that benefits our current systems and puts you at their mercy. They are thinking of their pocket books. We are at a crossroads here, think horse and buggy versus a Ford car. Think about this, we are already competing for oil with other up and coming countries and that means more competition for the oil.

      We have waged wars to protect our oil supplies.

      We have been at the mercy of those who supply us with our oil and we have no control of the rising fuel costs.

      The carbons we send up into the atmosphere are taking a toll, making our weather patterns erratic. This effects our polar caps as well as our farmers.

      I realize for some people this seems like a complicated subject they don't want to take the time to understand- but it is important that you do. This is no joke and it should not be a partisan issue. It should be an issue that both parties address for the good of our country and the world.

      As for the suggestion that our government should just focus on the economy- I think that is short sited. Our economy was the first issue address by the new administration and we are beginning to see signs of improvement. Climate change is part of an overall package that will benefit our economy in small ways in the beginning and within years help to grow it and make us a more secure and independent nation.

    40. GLENN TEXAS says:


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