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  • Why Should Michael Moore Lie About Hugo Chavez?

    In a recent article in the New York Times, supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, or “Chavistas,” claim that Michael Moore, the documentary and filmmaker, acted cowardly during an appearance on the late-night program “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” During the show, Mr. Moore claimed to have shared a bottle-and-a-half of tequila at the Venice film festival in September with Mr. Chavez and helped him with his recent United Nations speech.

    Eva Golinger, a professional Chavez apologist, went ballistic calling Moore a vulgar liar and egomaniac. Ms. Golinger counts Chavez as one of the world’s most “brilliant” speakers, who speaks from the heart, not from texts written by others. Ms. Golinger praised Mr. Chavez as one of Latin America’s “greatest and most influential leaders,” and rejected assertions made by Mr. Moore as “fairy-tale” lies and altogether insulting towards a head of state.

    Like all good apologists, Ms. Golinger wants people to look at the good things her idol has accomplished in the same way people praised Joseph Stalin for the Moscow subway or Benito Mussolini for making Italian trains run on time.

    Of course, Ms. Golinger doesn’t like to talk about Chavez’s strong relationship with Iran, about his backing of terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, and Hezbollah, his anti-Semitism, and or his stance on helping Iran’s nuclear ambitions. She ignores how Mr. Chavez has violated human rights in Venezuela through means such as limiting freedom of expression and his unfulfilled promises to eradicate corruption. She doesn’t often mention soaring crime and violence rates or Chavez’s relations with Colombian terrorist organization the FARC.

    Yet, for these reasons, and many more, President Chavez’s popularity among the Venezuelan population has declined.

    When Michael Moore libels the U.S. and its basic beliefs and institutions in his pseudo-documentaries it’s just fine with the Ms. Golingers of the world. But when Moore leads us to believe that Hugo Chavez may not be the embodiment of all that is good, noble, and true in humanity, the likes of Ms. Golinger cry foul.

    Yet, for one who was not there in Venice, the image of the populist, narcissistic, egotistical Chavez partying it up at the expense of the Venezuelan people while celebrating Oliver Stone’s adulatory movie about his career actually fits the character.

    Kristen Grimsland currently is a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. Her views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    14 Responses to Why Should Michael Moore Lie About Hugo Chavez?

    1. Kate Sullivan, New P says:

      Ms. Grimsland explains the Venezualan situation very well. It seems to me the world's sences of right and wrong is turned upside down. How can Michael Moore really believe that Hugo Chavez is good for any body. When pepple are afraid to voice opposition to the government for fear of being killed then the government needs to be replaced. Michael Moore should go live as part of the population, leave the millions of dollars he has made in the big bad USA behind, and just try to live in Venezuela without his money. We'll see how long he keeps his socialist views in tact.

    2. Loyd Reddig, Weather says:

      Isn't it amazing it takes someone like Hugo Chavez to point out the truth about Michael Moore? Bet he doesn't go back to Venezuela. Any takers?

    3. Susan , Detroit Mich says:

      Michael Moore will say any thing to get attention. He lied his way into millions. All his movies are lies. He lives in Michigan so do I. The state is in a depression because the Michigan political leaders think like Moore.

    4. Mark, Cincinnati, Oh says:

      Does Michael Moore have any responsibilities; is he a parent? Does he do charity work? Has he any humility? Does Michael Moore engage in positive dialogue? Does he promote good deeds and good people? Most of my hero's are virtually anonymous and conduct their good deeds in that fashion.

      I pity Mr. Moore.

    5. Violet Pa. says:

      Hugo Chavez is one of the worst dictators, (tho Robert Magabe of zimbabwe was given that honor in 2008).

      Iwonder if everybody knows the head of the Black Panthers(who recently threatened voters along with another Black Panther) is not an American,but is Hugo Chavez`s right hand man?

      so what is he doing here?I wonder

      I listen to Glenn Beck on Fox news at 5-6 p.m.

      He showed a film of the Diversity Czar saying how they could take over this country "just liked this administration helped Chavez".

      These Czars, who are not appointed but are advisors to our president,carry too much weight in these things,if you want my opinion..

    6. Mike Winsauer, Kings says:

      Mr Moore is a dishonest, sad human being who has self esteem issues (with good reason) and trades on lies, exaggerations, and half truths in order to garner the attention he didn't get as a child.

      When young, he learned that negative attention is better than none and as an adult his belief was borne out when he looked at evil dictators like Chavez, Castro and Noriega.

      Moore is a pathetic wretch who has struck it rich by defaming his country and its values.

      Let me invite him to leave the country he hates and move into a house next to Chavez. Perhaps, he would take Geraldo with him. They should have a lot to talk about.

    7. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Does anyone believe a thing Michael Moore says ? I urge everyone to rent "Michael Moore Hates America". It is a REAL documentary that looks at several of his films and all the lies, deceit, and editing that he uses to change the facts of his topic.

      He is a disgrace to Michigan.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Hey, he made a fortune telling his lies, the liberals love him. First thing I noticed was his girth, seem he got fat off this country he tries to bring down, he's what you call a blowhard, I hope he likes what he's getting as result of his vetting.

    9. Tim Az says:

      Michael Moore is a product of the UAW. I think that explains it all. He the poster boy of the union mentality.

    10. Bobbie Jay says:

      What a treacherous hypocrite. He puts down capitalism, yet he makes millions being a capitalist without union backing but supporting union for EVERYBODY ELSE! What a waste of money and human dignity! Michael Moore, unions. etc.

    11. Foggy Too, New Jerse says:

      Michael Moore will lie or twist anything that adds dollars to his bank account. End of story.

    12. Harry Snyder Mich. says:

      Moore seems to be just a self-centered slob who makes his millions by running down the private enterprise system which created the $$$$ he enjoys No one moniker will fit such a person.

    13. Terr Wise says:

      …former Marxist SDS radical Tom Hayden, leader of "Progressives for Obama," has written about the Obama-Chavez relationship. Based on his own inside sources of information, Hayden said that he thinks Obama and Chavez are working together on Honduras and have an "understanding," which he even describes as "collaboration." The call Chavez made to Shannon suggests that Chavez is calling the shots.

      Ultimately, according to a very detailed report by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, part of the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center, this would benefit Iran, a terrorist state developing nuclear weapons which is developing a vast network throughout Latin America. A recent report from the organization examines the deep Iranian connections to Venezuela as well as Bolivia.

      If the Obama Administration is, in effect, acting as an agent of Venezuela (and Iran) in Honduras, such a foreign policy could be described not only as anti-American but potentially treasonous, considering that the outcome could be the loss of another country in Latin America to the Chavez brand of communism.

      It is time for some investigative reporting into the nature of the Chavez-Obama axis.

      Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of Accuracy in Media

    14. Alek Boyd says:

      …supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez…

      Supporters sound like a lot of people to me, when, in fact, it was only Eva Golinger, who is not a supporter but an employee of Hugo Chavez, who protested about Moore's statements.

      For more on the credentials of Eva Golinger, and whether or not her protesting should be taken seriously in light of an impressive record of lies and deceits including soliciting and accepting public donations claiming false IRS status, do visit:


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