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  • Video: The Truth About The Public Option

    Over the course of the health care debate, the bloggers at Verum Serum have done a true service to the cause of honesty in public discourse by posting video after video of liberal politicians and intellectuals all admitting that, despite his claims otherwise, President Barack Obama’s public option is designed to be a Trojan Horse for government-run single payer health care. You can watch VS’s most popular video here. The leftist publication American Prospect corroborated the story here. Now that the public option is enjoying an apparent comeback, Verum Serum has posted a new video highlighting the public option double-speak on the part of the White House and other ObamaCare proponents. Watch:


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    25 Responses to Video: The Truth About The Public Option

    1. Mia says:

      Please explain why a single payer health care system is so very important to liberals. I do believe they want it – and badly…I just don't know why.

    2. iamse7en says:

      Why didn't they highlight the most important comment of Obama several years ago, saying "I happen to be a proponent of a single payer system!"


    3. herseyk,maine says:

      I understand that some states, such as Maine =, when they run have costly patients in medicaid (or as in maine their MaineCare program), they take out and PAY for an Anthem BC/BS policy in order to save money. And in effect make the rest of us pay more for our health insurance !!

    4. herseyk,maine says:

      Maybe you folks have the resources to find out if this is common practise (and I bet it is) and make it known !!

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      This is treason. The people voice loud and clear they don't want it.

      The 45 million can take care of themselves like the rest of us learned how to do.


      Not even the majority in this COUNTRY! This is CORRUPT and will be a HEAVY WEIGHT DRAGGING THIS COUNTRY DOWN!

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    7. John, Memphis, TN says:

      Obama did lie and he continues to lie. I have not heard any apology from him or his crowd of socialists.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      It's easy to talk the talk, walking the walk is different. There is nothing wrong with our basic health care, Insurance companies are getting greedy, they use the policy holders to promote these greeds. We do need reform, stopping nuisence suits, making sure premiums are used for health care and not for the lavish conferences and meetings and STOP the so called golden parachutes. I agree we should be able to buy our health Insurance like we do Life and auto, it then should go where we go. I do not agree with insuring those with pre-existing cond. at the same rate for others, you pay more if you are a dangerous driver, you pay more if you have high BP for life or if you are a diabetic, if your home has a lot of claims against your HOP, then why not higher premiums for health care if you wait until you need it to buy it. As for the uninsured, there are those who opt not to buy it early,they should pay more,just a you do with life Ins. and then we have illegals, they should pay out of pocket, no credit, this does not go for true emergencies, covered by law already, The poorest already have medicaid, and Shiff?, I do not want the Gov't. overseeing my life anymore than they do now. J.S. LPN

    9. Maria in Pennsylvani says:

      If this bill passes how many more will come over the Border?

    10. Joe - Greenport, NY says:

      Its all about more control, the more things the government controls, the more control they have over our lives. That's the real reason liberals want the Public option so badly. Also, I noted that the profits of Health Companies are pretty nominal compared to many other businesses, not like some of the financial institutions or drug companies.

      Lets vote all the conservatives in that we can, and then try to eliminate political correctness from our lives.

    11. MargaretMcF says:

      THIS should be run as a commercial on national television.

    12. Tim Az says:

      My dear Mia The reason they must have single payer health care is the same reason they must have cap and trade before the 2010 election. 1. Both of these plans will force all americans to comply with gvt. demands in every facet of your life. 2. together these plans will destroy between 3 to 3.5 million jobs and raise the cost of living to an unsustainable level for an overwhelming majority of Americans. This they hope will bring the masses to their knees to beg the liberals fore mercy. 3. This will destroy the free market system that America was founded on. Allowing the Liberals to replace the free market with socialism. Of course they will need help to do this so they will claim ownership of all private land and minerals to use as collateral to entice China and other foreign govts. to help rebuild America into a communist country under a one world govt. possibly the UN. This is the hope and change Mao-Bama holds near and dear to his heart for the American people. Now take that fear and use it to win this fight for Americas freedom. Many have died in the past for a free America all you have to do at this point is get politically active and stand up and be counted.

    13. Dave B; Stillwater, says:

      The improvement of "A" health care system should be done in smaller steps. But, this can not happen with the Democrats because they are simply looking for control of the people, healthcare is merely front for the main intention of control of the voters. With the control, you can inject any health care policy you wish! If any or all of these bills, including healthcare, cap & trade and the like are passed. It will devastate the American economy. Along with the devastation, the obvious control advantages will be passed along to the Federal Government which will thereby destroy our freedoms and private property ownership rights.

      Unfortunately, we should have seen this problem growing since the 1963-64 Johnson "War on Poverty"! We have encouraged our people to benefit from the resources of this country without taking responsibility for their own needs. And the Climate Control bill is absolutely stupid!

    14. Susan , Detroit Mich says:

      How many more people do the liberals want to murder? Health care reform can be done by tort reform and interstate insurance competition. fortune magazine published profit margines for different industries. Insurance companies profit margines are between 2% and 3%. tell me who is greedy the insurance companies or the liberals?

    15. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      They want it as all induced into tyranny (here it might be in good faith, without fully realizing it)long for: Exclusive Control Over People for the sake of Power. But they were themselves pushed, submitted to Subtle Suggestions from Our Enemy who want by multiples means to bring this country down as almost done in with Europe.

      So you know what must be done to prevent this Huge already visible Mess. The double language, the Obstination, all point to a single aim.

    16. DAN MOFFATT says:


      WHAT WE NEED IS TO MAKE WHAT WE HAVE IN PLACE BETTER.WE NEED PLAN PORTABILITY,your plan from state to state,we need tort reform we need to cap and curb lawsuit payouts.not one person is turned down at any facility now,because the government pays from state funds to pay the difference,why not fund the states on a yearly basis,for this purpose through medicare.we are a nation of ideas,not takeovers.send your politicians a message."lets start over and get it right".

    17. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The video shows just how much trouble we're in

      with these Obama lackeys in Washington. How much more do the American people have to hear to understand with all must shout from the roof tops

      just what this socialist government is attempting.

      We MUST sotp them NOW! Contact everyone you can

      to give them the bad news and ask for their help

      to take our country back.

    18. elle says:

      This is a disgusting set of people. I strongly believe that we cannot wait until 2010 (I think the elections will be rigged). We need a RECALL vote ASAP of the majority of Congress. I will do everything in my power to take them OUT of power.

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    20. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      A forcast!! If we do not take back OUR COUNTRY in 2010, we will not be able to in 2016 as Obama will be a supreme ruler with Pelosi on one side and Reid on the other. Democracy as we know it today will disappear and he, BHO, will be like Chavez, and Fox will be shut down as will Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, rush Limbough, Mike Church and all the others. We will be jailed if we utter a complaint, maybe killed. Sound weird, it can happen if WE don't take care, first we start with local elections this year, 2009, then we rid congress of these liberals in 2010 and that will lead to 2012, when hopefully we can get a sane person in the WH. Obama has a problem, he loves to see himself on TV and hear himself talk, he must love to fly as he seems to be in AF one almost everyday. He's been campaigning since before he was sworn in for re-election, who's running the country?? My guess is all those czars we don't know anything about. We have treason going on everyday right in our Capital, not only Obama, but Reid and Pelosi, as well as Frank, and others. If this bill passes as well as Cap and Trade someone needs to go to the Supreme court and file that these acts are unconstitional.

    21. Kate, Watkinsville says:

      To Mia: For CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL My Dear – for the votes it will commit to the Democratic Party for the foreseable future and FOREVER. If that happens, America will have a 1-Party system and the freedom to vote will then die – no need to vote. Everything that Conservatives stand for will disappear – as Biden says, culture changes and people change. This is the "change" that Oboama promised – and we were fooled into thinking it was change that was for the good of individuals and our beloved country. What fools we have been to not see this coming.

    22. Harry Snyder Mich. says:

      Harry, MI I cannot but agree with the other folks. A suggestion: We should call these Obama underlings "Commissars" not "Czars." There were seldom more than one Czar, but Lenin had many commissars. Think about it, and PASS IT ON.

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    24. Kim L. Short says:

      Human life is cheap, but openly admitting it by equating a citizen's access to healthcare with his economic net worth only makes it easy for criminals and terrorists to rationalize that what they do isn't so bad. Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul covers the topic nicely.

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