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  • Guest Blogger: Senator David Vitter (R-LA) on Cap and Trade


    This week, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee began debate on comprehensive climate change legislation, S. 1733, otherwise known as cap-and-trade. This legislation represents a new tax in the order of more than $1,700 per American household annually, and, if it’s passed, American families can expect to see considerable increases in the cost of electricity, gas, food and utilities. It is clear that most Americans families’ standard of living will be reduced if this cap-and-trade bill is approved by Congress.

    Every legitimate economic analysis says that this bill is a bad idea ? the Energy Information Administration, the Congressional Budget Office, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Brookings Institute and the Heritage Foundation are all in agreement on that point. The impact of these new regulations on American jobs and energy prices cannot be marginalized or ignored.

    The CBO has stated that mining and refining jobs will be among the industries most impacted by the proposed cap-and-trade program. However, nearly every product manufactured requires some derivative from oil and natural gas or other minerals. How can it be a strategically sound idea for the United States to become more dependent on mined and refined products from foreign countries?

    A critical point in this whole debate is that China, India and Russia have made it unequivocally clear that they have no intention of agreeing to a cap on carbon emissions, and all three are aggressively pursuing natural resource assets around the world and increasing energy production from fossil fuels. It would be naïve for us to think that U.S. businesses will be able to effectively compete on the international level when they are subject to carbon caps and regulation, increased energy costs and an easily manipulated market scheme. Secretary Chu mentions in his testimony that China is spending $9 billion a month on clean energy. They are also building two coal fired power plants a week, increasing nuclear power generation and securing oil and other mineral resources across the globe.

    Despite my concerns with the idea of a cap-and-trade program, I do support investment and research in renewable technologies. And I do believe that a robust plan for investment should be in place, but to do so should not borrow money from China or steal money from American families under the guise of global warming.

    The greatest opportunity for investment in new technologies is revenue generated from increased domestic energy production. Recent analysis suggests that increased domestic resource production could generate $8 trillion in GDP, $2.2 trillion in incremental tax receipts and perhaps two million jobs or more ? all without borrowing a dime or increasing taxes even a penny.

    The views expressed by guest bloggers on the Foundry do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heritage Foundation.

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    18 Responses to Guest Blogger: Senator David Vitter (R-LA) on Cap and Trade

    1. A L Black, MONROE, L says:


    2. Randall H Eslick Pho says:

      As a 25 year army veteran also as a disable vet it is really sad on how much we fought for just to give it up. Please do what you can to stop this. Thanks

    3. Angie Malone Sulphur says:

      Here, we have a Senator who is actually "representing" our interests. We, being the working class. Not sure how long I can keep carrying everyone, it is becoming very burdensome. Thanks for all you are doing.

    4. SFC MATT CHIPMAN says:

      What is so hard about utilizing the resources we have until the laws of supply and demand kick in and force us to a new energy source. WHY FORCE THE CHANGE. FORCING means TAKING FREEDOM AWAY. Which is un-American. Forcing people to buy health care. hmm that sounds like taking more freedom also. What am I allow to do w/o supervision…oh yea make mistakes and have the gov't pay for my abortions and unemployment. Oh OK that makes up for it all. Since I'm not responsible for my actions, I probably won't live that long anyway, maybe this will work out well. Yea right in your dreams…WAKE UP AMERICA. VOTE WITH YOUR PRINCIPLES, VALUES and BRAINS. NOT WITH YOUR EMOTIONS and ignorance as shown in the last election.

    5. Susan , Detroit Mich says:

      the cap and trade bill is forced suicide on america by the democratics. is dr. kavorcian ( may be misspelled) leading the democratic party?

    6. Sondra Green Wichita says:

      Keep fighting the good firght. Thank you

    7. Lin Hodges - Chesape says:

      Cap and Trade (tax) is a very poor idea. At a time when our Economy is in the tank,and unenmployment is almost 10%, it would be a serious hardship on all citizens. Tell Mr. Obama and the liberal Congress and Senate, that "It's the Economy Stupid," not Government run health care nor Cap and Trade. Lets get back to electing people with some common sense. Keep up your good work and informing the public Senator Vitter!

    8. A. Scott, El Paso, T says:

      Hopefully, SFC Chipman and his ilk will run for public offices in his home of residence for state positions or federal congressional positions. We will need persons with his set of ethics, standards and morals, enhanced by a strong sence of loyality to country to take up the challange! You are our future.

    9. Mark, Cincinnati, Oh says:

      As a brilliant acquaintance of mine has stated:

      The greenhouse gas/CO2 debacle will eventually be seen as one of the greatest swindles/mis-information campaigns/conspiracy? of all times. 'Real science tells us it will be very simple to completely offset ALL of human caused CO2 emissions. All we need do is nurture and restore the tidal swamps and mangrove flats as they permanently sequester the CO2 at extremely high rates–orders of magnitude faster and efficiently than forests, open ocean- or our 'CCS' fairy tale.

      Real world experience shows me it is relatively easy to obtain a temperature indication which has the form xx.yy F. However, it is orders of magnitude more difficult to establish with even 90% certainty the indicated temperature is accurate to within even 1 degree, of the 'true' temperature, much less the fractional degrees upon which unfathomably complex calculations and lengthy prognostications are made and taken as TRUTH .

    10. Annie Carroll, Austi says:

      President Obama,

      please get out of the American household, car, school, and healthcare. We are not responsible for cleaning up the world and you were not elected to take over our country. I think I remember from History class, that the three branches of Government are to govern by the will of the people. Elected officials, in this country, are to serve at the pleasure of the citizenry not the other way around.

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    12. Mike Winsauer, Kings says:

      Congrats on listening to your constituents and representing their interests. I wish Tennessee's senators would follow your lead on that.

    13. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      They talk about the ice melting in Greenland,I am Danish and Greenland belongs to Denmark, well how do you think it got it's name?? The Danish people went there to FARM, that was abadoned when the ice formed, I am 77YO and I remember years in the late 30's in the '40's, '50's etc where we had abnormal temps, I've seen jult 4th so hor you would think you would meld, I've also seen so cool we wrapped in blankets to see the fireworks. It's called cycles. When I went to school we saw how the world turned and how the sun was effected as well as temp. Now days we drain the kids brains out and fill their heads with crap. Point this summer has been unusually cool an wet, so far our fall has been both cool and warm, what will our winter be?? I need to go find a Farmers almanac, then I'll know maybe? Remember how we were told about the severe hurricanes we were going to have, well unless they come up where are they??

    14. Linda C, California says:

      I agree totally with Senator Vitter from my former home state of Louisiana. I am now represented by Senators Feinstein and Boxer (Worse and Worst).

      Common sense dictates we search for technology that will provide alternatives to energy independence. Rather than cap-and-trade shenanigans being put on the backs of ALL citizens, doesn't it make sense to leave the cost of research and development of energy alternatives to those willing to invest in free market companies?

      Rather than punish through overtaxing "all those rich people" so despised by anti-capitalists, why not encourage stock market investment by high- and middle-income earners. Both the public and those investing in successful companies enjoy a win-win situation as the needed technology comes to market. Investors willing to assume monetary risk would fund the search and would either make profit to reinvest or lose their investment, thereby protecting taxpayers from waste and fraud through government-sponsored programs; and none of us would be punished with higher costs we can ill afford because of mandated policies.

      We just need government to get out of the way and let investors front the money in free market companies. Capitalism is what made America successful in the past.

    15. Jerry- Canal Winche says:

      Angie Malone Sulphur from Louisiana-

      I don't know how long you've been standing at the gate, but people who are just now waking up thank you for tireless work. Don't give up now!!! You have lots of help and it grows every hour of the day.

      Stand strong, get re energized. I myself will be on the steps of the Capital building at noon, Thursday, 11/5/2009 to rally with congress woman Michelle Bachman.

      God bless our Founding Fathers and

      God Bless America!!!!

    16. George T US Virgin says:

      Thanks Sen. Vitter for trying to make some sense of it all. The U.S. shows Russia and China how to get gas and oil out of the ground. We have unknown reserves of oil and gas and yet they are being surpressed by Gov't. so that we can become even more (totally) dependent of foreign oil. Makes no sense, unless U.S. is for sale and the spoils go to the highest bidder. Say NO to one global gov't. Stand strong against those who don't love this country. They can LEAVE!

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